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Personal letter of reference for scholarship

She embarked on her path to give back to society very early in life when at the age of 19 she began attending the University of Toronto both as a student and as a teacher of fitness classes there. Sahar lives her philosophy in her hard work to impact positively on the lives of everyone →

Modes of hiv transmission and prevention

Although the majority of sexually transmitted cases reported in the United States occur via male homosexual activity, heterosexual transmission is one of the fastest growing modes of transmission reported in the United States and is the primary mode of disease acquisition in many African countries, where male-to-female prevalence ratios are approximately 1.1: 1. In situations →

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The vroom expectancy theory of motivation

The Vroom Expectancy Theory ofMotivationThe Vroom Expectancy Theory is " based on the premise that telt needs cause human behavior" and that motivation strength depends on an Individual's degree of desire to perform a behavior. Assuming they really want the Job.the motivation strength.r desire would be calculated as their perception of the value of that →

Learning cognition and memory

Includes knowledge, skills, and experiencesdeclarative knowledgeknowledge related to " what is" that is, to the nature of how things are, were, or will be.procedural knowledgeknowledge of the necessary steps to complete a taskconcepta mental grouping of similar objects, events, ideas, or people.schemaan organized cluster of knowledge about a particular object or sequence of eventsscriptA schema →

In the process safety standard, osha placed new requirements on the prime/subcontractor relationship

Among these requirements, employers are required to: Create and maintain written safety information that includes the chemicals, equipment and technology used in each individual process Perform a workplace hazard estimation of potential disastrous consequences Keep employees up to date with the hazard evaluations Create a system of response to the hazard evaluations Occasionally go over →

Education for everyone

USA is the country of opportunities and one of the world's richest countries of the world. Although the book is concerned with Alabama tenant families of 1930s during the Roosevelt era, yet the similarities of the issue are visible even now when we see recent discriminatory laws of 2012 in some of the US states →

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Reflection on genesis 22

Then I would explain to him that I would like to just live the rest of my life under my own command and tell him how much I love and appreciate my son and that I would be hurt if I killed him. Then I would explain what the good God has done for him →

Nathaniel hawthorne

The themes of inherent evil and the human sins were common in the stories of the novelist. Conclusion Hawthorne tries to explore the humankind nature of sin, guilt, and legalism.

Supply chain management solution for hindustan unilever : case study

Finally, the system was not able to handle the dynamic nature of the company's source-destination network, and adversely affected the demand-fulfillment rates. The key objectives of the initiative were: Implementation of a Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Tool.

Memorial day concert

On the day of the concert, all of the classes that were playing in the concert met in the gym. The rest of the practice after that seemed to fly by, and soon, the rehearsal was done and we were all headed back to our classes until the end of the day.

Types of teamstheory application

Topic: Types of Teams: Theory Application Lecturer: Presentation: Effective operation of a restaurant requires a self-managing team whereby the leader establishes the general purpose of the team while allowing members of the team freedom to handle the tasks on their own. A grocery store requires a manager-led team whereby the owner of the store acts →

Paper #4

This soliloquy is there when Hamlet's father is dead and his mother marries Claudius, her husband's brother within a short span of time and Claudius takes the charge of the state as a King. This soliloquy and the feelings expressed in it are indicative of Hamlet's sorrow and depression that are there because of his →

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A persuasive paper

As opposed to the chief attribute of the submissive female counterparts whose role is well identified with nurturing and other delicate tasks that are domestic by nature, they behave in a fashion more accustomed to put mind setting on wouldoing' rather than 'feeling' in this order so that men tend to build on a dominating →

The influence of religion on people

Religion is defined as an organization of principles and customs by means of which a group of people strives with the crucial dilemmas of human life. The author of this paper presumed that such information gained would be vital in future interactions with a variety of individuals with regards to their religion, beliefs, and attitudes.

Literature review of marketing stategies flashcard

Therefore decisions about the scope of a marketing strategy involve specifying the target-market segment to be pursued and the product line to be offered. Within a given environment, marketing strategy deals essentially with the interplay of three forces known as the strategic 3 Co's: the Customer, the Competition and the Corporation.

Kenwood electronics business report flashcard

" To market ' Kenwood' Audio and communication products within the UK, Eire and certain specific overseas countries to enhance the reputation of the ' Kenwood' brand with target consumers while achieving local profitability within the UK" The Kenwood Triangle is Kenwood work hard to produce products with advanced technology. The Kenwood staff are also →

History extension proposal – salem witch trials

The play encapsulated the hysteria of the townsfolk and provided a general arc of the events, adding to my fascination surrounding the Salem witch trials and why they occurred. I intend to select, dissect and analyse three opposing theories surrounding the cause of the trials.

How is the transition to adulthood different for this generation

Young people fall into the period of life from the beginning of puberty to the attainment of adulthood. Settersten and Ray further explain that, these findings put together point to the need to strengthen the skills and capacities of young people on the path to adulthood and to improve the effectiveness of the institutions through →

Introduction not for the ethics that governed

The other five abuses according to Jefferson included the use of military force by the King on the colonies. In the new republic, the American constitution sought to prevent the occurrence of such acts by pursuing the doctrine of the separation of power.

Inconvenient truth assignment

In two words, what is the topic of this film? 2. What are your thoughts regarding the role humans and the burning of carbon-based fuels in global warming?


The radiation therapists are also bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring that safety procedures are adhered to in a bid to protect both the client and themselves from radiation overexposure. They also ensure radiation machines are working correctly, determine the actual area for irradiation, check for computer setup to ensure correct calibration for correct doses →

Sexism in the workplace essay

One of the other reality is linked to the fact that men have been considered to be the dominating sex at the place of work. To a larger extent, this is among the roots of sexism in the workplace.

Media in the arab world

Because of the strictcensorshipthat Arab governments have of the media, it has been pretty hard to come up with or relate an accurate and objective description of what's happening in the Middle East but fortunately, the network Al-Jazeera changed all that. People in the Middle East are as enthused now as we are when it →

Apple vs microsoft compare and comparison

Apple is most known for its computer design, the Macintosh, and other entertaining gadgets like the Macbook Air, the iPhone, and the Apple Watch. The examples of these are the iPhone, the Apple Watch, the GUI, the Multi-Touch, and iTunes.

Alcoa’s case study essay sample

Alcoa is committed to improve the quality of life within the communities their employees live and work. Alcoa is highly committed to the preservation of natural resources and environmental stewardship, they believe it is the right thing to do and a key factor to exceptional value to shareholders.2.

What does the term model minority refer to according to chan, how accurate is this perspective explain their argument. who is excluded from this perspective is it harmful

For instance, the claims about Asian Americans achieving a higher economic status than white Americans in some cases, does not take into account the fact that in most Asian American families, more than one person in the family was earning and contributing, which helped to account for the higher family income. The model minority thesis →

Boots entering china analysis

The company is dedicated to the provision of quality healthcare and pharmaceutical products to the local community. The company seeks to enter the Chinese market for diversification and the creation of new opportunities and pharmaceutical products.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Entry into the Saudi Arabian market has necessitated the need to provide products which meets the need of the residents of Saudi Arabia. All the operations of the company aim at meeting the unique needs of both the Western culture, and the Middle East or Arab culture.

Mintzberg’s ideas essay

Mintzberg's straightforward explanation of the flaws he sees in the classic view of management emphasise the logical sense of his argument-his ideas are easy to understand, and can easily be seen in examples of everyday management jobs. Taylor's theory, set out in, " The Principles of Scientific Management," articulates a view of management as a →

Faith and diplomacy

To be able to stay in contact more in a faster way when is impossible to see afamilymember. Technology is very important and useful, because it provides a lot of information, it makes businesses more efficient and it is a faster way to protect people in dangerous occasions.

Jour- chp. 10

Google T or F- Approximately 60 percent of all the people living on the African continent have access to the Internet. On a Web site, cookies are which of the following? files used to identify and track visitors at a Web sites Web sites use _____ to track users while they are on the site.small →

Macroeconomic questions

Macroeconomic Questions The MPC for an economy is A) the slope of the consumption schedule or line.2. The natural rate of unemployment is the B) full-employment employment rate.6.

Adsf college essay

Claire Beguin Bennett Module 3 The Formative Years of the New Nation, 1820-1860 The Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase was the largest land transaction for the United States, and the most important event of President Jefferson's presidency. The purchase of this land greatly increased the economic resources of the United States, and proved Jefferson had →

The life experiences of sir walter raleigh

The style of his writing is revealed in his poems " the lie", " sir Walter Raleigh to the queen", and " the nymph's reply to the shepherd. The last line in each stanza of the poem is actually a variant of the phrase " and give the world the lie".

“the tragedy of julius caesar” by william shakespeare

In the play " The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", Antony is viewed as loyal to Caesar and honors his life by giving a speech to all of Rome at his funeral. At the funeral, Antony is speaking to the citizens of Rome and reminding them of the good Caesar had accomplished before his death.

Buddhism asserts that when one opens his mind

According to Buddhism, salvation is the state of ' being' of a person obtained through the cleansing of one's being by meditation. The function of a koan is to make one to concentrate in Zen's practices in order to get certain meanings to situations that do not have natural explanation.

Thinking about the future

I refuse to struggle the same way when I have the opportunity to do something great. I feel life has equipped me to handle college by giving me a tremendous motivation to go to college, having strong academic ability and working just as hard outside of school as I do in school.


This is because it lies in the middle of the other two measures in the year 2000 and year 2009 hence it has got high chance of being equal to the true value. The range of GDHIP in the year 2009 is greater than the range of the year 2000.

Blood motif assignment

This is where the guilt that Macbeth faces through out the rest of the play starts, just before he kills the king. This follows the theme for tragedy in that Macbeth is destroyed internally and externally.

Collaborative goals

I and my partner went to different places to question them but in the end we did not get enough time to collaborate and this led to a abrupt presentation. Intelligence of a friend can also result in disputes because it would lead to jealousy amongst the friends.

A clockworkwork orange (1971 movie)

The problems portrayed in the film A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick Gangs: Alex's gang in future London, as portrayed by the director represents the global youngsters who are totally frustrated and aimless in the modern world. The formation of gangs is closely connected to psychiatric, social, political and economic problems faced by individuals in →

Humanities modern era

Violence has survived through all the ages in the history, yet it has become omnipresent in the present age because of the people's ease of access to the tools that can be used for violence. Islam and violence in the modern era.

A report on company job satisfaction management essay

When you compare companies like coca cola and big eight, it is evident that the employees in the coca cola company rarely live the company to go work somewhere else. The employees in Big Eight lack commitment to the organization whereas the employees in Coca Cola Company are fully committed to the company and they →

Dippin dots

Its method of production highly favours mass production and storage in volumes of the ice cream which, on one hand, serves as competitive advantage as they get to enjoy both economies of scale and economies of scope within the industry but on the other hand may be a threat as the majority of their clientele →

Kfc executive summary & introduction assignment

The new healthier menu that KFC Malaysia is going to introduce would not only be a new healthier alternative to its existing products, but also an addition to what it already has to offer. The pricing and promotion strategies would also be looked into as KFC Malaysia prepares to introduce its new healthier menu to →

Nell essay

It is only then everyone, including the police officer and the doctors who want to put her in a mental institution, understand that her being different not necessarily means not capable of taking care of herself. In the case of Nell it is obvious that she had no chance to " get out of her →

Why i want to study law

In order to be able to justify the worth of this field, I must be honest, passionate, have a sense of justice and service towards my country and be very insigtful. The Sense of Justice: Empathy in Law and Punishment.

Opposing views on columbus’ character

He got the reward." The reader can clearly feel a strong sense of anger from the author towards Columbus, for one thing this particular sentence was not crucial to the essay whatsoever, therefore the lack of necessity and the bluntness of the statement reveals a strong bias. Bashing Columbus was simply not the goal of →

Jacqueline kennedy

She was one of the only first ladies to leave such a mark on the country, and continues to be one of America's most memorable and important woman fgureheads OFK Museum). She overcame her stereotype of being the unnoticed president's wife, and made a huge impact on the voice of women in the end.

Library system for la consolacion college essay sample

The students will present the library card and the book, the librarian will give a request form to fill up and sign the book card and the library card of the students. The transaction done in the library of La Consolacion College of Valenzuela includes the borrowing and returning of books, the current system transactions →

Application to florida international university

I respect and admire the Florida International University, and that's why I seek to undertake my education through the university's school of law. The activities, I engaged in, can help me a lot if I am selected into the law school of this university.

Death and advance care planning essay

Explain the purpose of advance care planning in relation to end-of-life care? Advance care planning is to develop a better understanding and recording of their priorities, needs and preferences for the individual and those of their families/carers.

Benchmarking definition

Advantages of Benchmarking include: Provide a methodical tactic towards a valuation of practices. Bevan 2018 takes the inherent desire to take one step further and share good practices by signifying that some fragment of themotivationaimed at benchmarking should remain a good reputation.

Ecuador launching its national electronic money system

The Electronic Money System can thus bring these people under the umbrella of the banking system. The current plan is to use the US Dollar as the active currency in this system.

Marketing basic functionalities of the gadget and then

In this regard, a brief definition of the term qualitative research will be provided as well as an outline of the primary methods for conducting this type of market research. This type of interview would be very appropriate in conducting market research for the I-Pad because it will provide a general view of how individuals →

Inventory accounting for product lines

The automotive body plans and kits are expensive items and since they can be easily tracked by their serial numbers, a First In-First Out the inventory costing method would be the most suitable one for this scenario. Since the prices of items generally tend to increase and selling the latest bought items first is more →

Medical sciences have made significant contributions to improve human lives in our century

On the occasion of the World Blood Donation Day therefore, it is imperative and appropriate to evaluate the global theme, " Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood" so as to sensitize and motivate the less informed about the new lease of life that recipients will have through our donation. There may come in life →

Foundations of the u.s. federal government worksheet

The First Amendment of the Constitution regards which of the following: D: Freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, to assemble, and to petition g. What is the role of the judicial branch?

Human interest

The speaker's split feelings reflected in the broken form of the sonnet in " Human Interest" In " Human Interest" the speaker has split feelings about his dead girlfriend, which are reflected in the form of the poem. The break between those divided feelings is visible in the broken form of the sonnet.

City and country living

In contrast to all of the great things the city provides, the city can have a downside. Even though the country can be an awesome place to live and start a family there is, like the city a downside.

Obligation, tradition, and character in “spring moon”

At the beginning of the story, Bold Talent is found enjoying life in San Francisco, where he was sent by his father to study the sciences of the West. Lord portrays the awkwardness and discomfort of Bold Talent through his body language, for example by the way he's forcing a laugh and by how hard →

Compare and contrast of music and poetry

In both Jar of Heats, and The ways of love the authors write centrally around love, though they both share an experience of losing a loved one, the reaction and tone of both works are vastly different. Both the poem and the song express that the subject has lost a previous love, and they both →

Altruistic athlete

Terry received many awards for his efforts, among them are the Companion of the Order of Canada, The Order of the Dogwood award, the Lou Marsh Award for outstanding athletic accomplishment, and The Sword of Hope, given him by the American Cancer Society. The Terry Fox run became a Trust, totally independent of the Canadian →

Shaping an individual as a person and as a learner

Shaping An Individual As A Person And as A Learner In the education setups, curriculum designs play a crucial role in the lives of the students. As a matter of fact, such a disposition as reflected by the curriculum objectives was followed by my science teachers in my middle and high school.

Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable disease and premature death

Teenagers are more likly to smoke because they are influances from there peers and also if the teenagers parents smoke then they also are more likly to smoke. I also feel that parents are the biggest influance on teenages this is because if the parents smoke themself then the teenages are influanced.


The answer is: sometimes we think about something unnecessary without thinking about the result of them, and we do not know that this thought influence us and stand in front of us as an obstacle we cannot go through because something does not allow us to progress when we believe something is wrong or it →

Theories in sociology

Emile Durkheim Emile Durkheim presented the theory of collective conscience that states that the society exists in a collective form because of the collective thoughts, principles and objectives of its contributors. Sociology emerged as a discipline in the 18th century because of the works of Auguste Comte, Max Weber, Karl Marx and Herbert Spenser as →

I need a topic for my dissertation

Research Proposal: Human Resource Practices of Selected High-Tech Firms at the Birmingham Science Park Birmingham Science Park presents an impressive list of tenants and this impressive research oriented park has links with other clusters of innovation in the region. According to Ting-Hua the Human Resource Department of a firm involved with innovation does make a →

Walmart’s operations and management

Wal-Mart Stores is the company's largest segment and accounted for two-thirds of its total revenue in 2005. Walmart is now a top player in world economy, and is poised to take over even more of the market.

Analysis of image world by michael posner

Michael Posner has put forth a weighty argument in that all aspects that he has discussed in the argument are supported with examples e.g.he has shared his personal experience to emphasize that we prefer watching sports on television than on ground even if we are in the stadium, he has given the statistics of the →

Kit kat advert

His feelings of isolation and smallness in this chapter are shown in the description of his self's presence in a large scene: " At such a time I found out for certain that this bleak place overgrown with nettles was the churchyard.and that the small bundle of shivers growing afraid of it all and beginning →

Theory assignment 1 review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching training cycle

To examine the first part of the cycle, identifying the training/learning needs of the individual, one of these would be to ensure a skills match is carried out in the form of an initial assessment during the application process. In the next part of the cycle, planning and designing, there are a number of requirements →

Enhancement of closed-state inactivation by neutralization of s4 arginines in domain iv of a sodium channel

They inventively showed that sodium channel blockers TTX and -CTX, which bind to the outer pore in the selectivity filter region of the channel, affect the gating pore currents through domain IV, suggesting a coupling between conformational transitions in the selectivity filter and the movement of S4 in the voltage sensor of domain IV. Gating →

Tofu and soymilk production

Straining the curds When large white curds can be seen floating in a clear yellow liquid, called whey, the soymilk is completely curded and ready to be filtered through a clean cloth into a suitable mould. Alternatively, the loose curds can be scrambled in a pan with onion, tomatoes and salt and served on bread.

Banning cell phones while driving

Even though people are busy and claim to need the time in their car to work, talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous and ought to be banned. Talking on a cell phone, even while using a hands free device, distracts the driver and makes them a hazard to themselves and others on →

Personality studies: carl jung, sigmund freud and alfred adler

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler and Carl Jung were among the first to develop original personality theories and to study human consciousness in terms of behavior, though every theorists is famous for his own interpretation of personality. Nevertheless, the founder of personality study school is claimed to be Sigmund Freud because he was the first to →

Letter to the colonists

I would encourage you to leave behind that miserable life you have back in the Old World, and catch a boat here to the New World. You will notice a change in your pockets, and most of all, you will be able to breathe with all the space there is over here.

It cooperation among scientists and scientific establishments.

It was ready for commissioning by the middle of 1985 but a technical hitch and its creators' insistence of " ensuring 100 per cent safety" delayed the announcement of their hour of triumph by over a year. All in all, the commissioning of Kamini on the threshold of the new millennium, will serve as a →

Obstacles to healthy growth

Research studies indicate that the development of motor skills in children is dynamic. However, elementary school children lack enough time to develop their motor skills due to the long periods of time they spend sitting in class.

Czech republic country analysis

Using " Intercultural Business Communication" tool we compare the United States to the Czech Republic and discover the following: Czech has a slightly lower power distance index in comparison to the US. This attribute would make innovation difficult to support if the textile business is located in the Czech Republic.

Perceived vs. real traits.what would you do

Shared understanding is the understanding of the goal of the team and the role each individual is to play depending on their skills. In addition, it is necessary to ensure continual negotiation and consultation, that too with the entire team.

Critical reflection journal. teachers and activism

The first question illustrates the positive effects that activism activities had on the education sector; for instance, the development of vocationalism. Secondly, activism improves the relevance of education objectives and activities in the society.

Humility is attractive quality

In this essay I want to show two things: like I said in the beginning, that humility is really a high virtue of human been, and the second, that the church understanding of humility is not always the biblical understanding of humility. Why humility is seen like this It is because the world in which →

Experiencing the world’s religions ch.9-christianity

apocalypticismThe belief that the world will soon come to an end; this belief usually includes the notion of a great battle, final judgement, and reward of the goodapostleOne of Jesus's twelve disciples; also, any early preacher of ChristianitybaptismThe Christian rite of initiation, involving immersion in water or sprinkling with waterBible The scriptures sacred to Christians, →

Chronic offenders

The re-analysis of the facts proved that the ' Nothing works doctrine' was wrong, a claim which was further boosted by Martinson's proclamation of the same in his paper in 1979, acknowledging the errors in the earlier reviews. They should engage in understanding the criminal mind of the offenders and try to find alternatives other →

Business ethics – the enron scandal universal ethics point of view-

The Enron Scandal Affiliation: The Enron scandal remains a historic event in the world of business. The accounting fraud that would eventually come to be known as the Enron scandal was a creative, institutional, and systematic plan.

Fortified food product

The research indicates the nutrients of the fortified food. In terms of the vitamin fortifications, the milk product supplies a portion of the body's daily vitamin needs.

Gender roles in the hunger games

In general gender roles are the guidelines of how either a female or male is supposed to act, according to society. Another character that undermines gender roles in The Hunger Games is Peeta Mellark, the son of a couple who owns the bakery where they are are from.

5 much healthier drinks you should try for men’s health awareness month

Active guys like to drink and stay hydrated, for sure, but a lot of times, the beverages they choose are chemical and caffeine laden sports " enhancing" energy drinks...which may be good for giving the kidneys and liver a bit of a workout, but do not do much for the rest of the body. Increasingly, →

How their life influenced their poetry

Maya had gone through a lot in her in her life when she was young. For example Maya is very confident and she has done a lot of great things in her life.

Abrams and kipling

The article further clarifies how inclusion in the academic world brings about exclusion from renowned sect of the family and friends in the neighborhood. The article further highlights on the one on one analysis of higher education in relation to social exclusion.

Retention policy in accountancy essay sample

Warning A student who, in any given semester, obtains failing grades or a mark of " D" in 25 percent to 49 percent of the total number of academic units enrolled in, will be warned by the Dean to improve his grades and will be required to enroll and pass the failed subjects in the →

Multicultural psychology: a perception of minority groups

As a psychotherapist he is interested in the dynamics of society and personality and the mechanisms of interaction between the two. I would be extremely focused on the fifth stage named " Learning Identity vs Identity Diffusion", because this is the period when the minority versus the majority social factors play important role in the →

Creative novel

They could only afford to send Cristina to the local neighborhood school, which was run down and badly in need of repair, yet Cristina did not have any complaints at all. Because of this, Cristina's parents decided to pull her out of school for a while and watch over her.

The trade-off theory of capital structure

The announcement of a rise in dividend payout helps to solidify the prospects in the market and improves the image of the company in lieu of growth prospects and stability in the future. In finance to determine the present value of a firm, the present income is multiplied by five.