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Tbx1 functions as a tumor activator in prostate cancer by promoting ribosome rna gene transcription

In the present study, we investigated the clinical impact of TBX1 expression in human PCa samples and the biological role and underlying mechanisms of TBX1 in PCa. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expression of TBX1 and ki-67 with anti-TBX1 and anti-ki67 polyclonal antibodies.

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Identification and validation of efficacy of immunological therapy for lung cancer from histopathological images based on deep learning

It included four steps: annotate the tumor region in the image; standardize the color images; classify the samples; and identify the potential biomarkers in images. We calculated the noise ratio threshold, which is the ratio of the area of the blank and blurred areas in the H&E images to the total area.

Practical volcano-independent recognition of seismic events: project

Lack of robustness: observed seismicity patterns and event types, thus, the seismic features and volcano-seismic catalogs on which supervised VSR is based, vary according to the current state of the volcano, to the environmental noise and to the type and location of the stations. Starting with the simple task of classifying events already detected in →

Perceptions, experiences, and challenges of physicians involved in dementia care during the covid-19 lockdown in india: a qualitative study

Lack of cognitive stimulation, mobility restriction, isolation, worsening of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, enhanced confusional states, increased chances of delirium, reduced adherence to precautionary measures, increased risks of abuse and institutionalization are some of the many factors contributing to the worsening of their overall health and cognitive status, and thus the consequent frailty. →

Sex–gender disparities in cardiovascular diseases: the effects of estrogen on enos, lipid profile, and nfats during catecholamine stress

This review from a pathomechanical perspective aims at illustrating the roles of E2 in the modulation of stimuli signaling in the heart during CCS and also highlights its implication in causing the obvious sex gender differences in CVD patients. The prior discussions were then reconciled to explain the following: first, how E2 deficiency contributes to →

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The economic outlook of the fisheries sector economics essay

About 60% of fish consumed in the EU are from outside EU waters to meet the demands of its market both in terms of canned tuna and tuna loins. The seafood hub of Mauritius is a cornerstone of the seafood and fishing business in the Indian Ocean.

Functional constipation and the gut microbiome in children: preclinical and clinical evidence

Therefore, this state-of-the-art review aims to explore and summarize the possible mechanisms of interaction between the gut microbiome and FC in children, based on data from preclinical and clinical studies. The true prevalence of FC in children is difficult to determine due to the important limitations of study methodologies, such as population sampling, study setting, →

Fetal origin of sensorimotor behavior

The emergence of GMs happens at the same age at which the motoneurons of the spinal cord are connected to the subplate, a transient brain structure underneath the cortical plate before it develops. Isolated movements allow the fetus to touch different parts of the body, with the back or with the palm of the hand, →

Population genomic analysis of listeria monocytogenes from food reveals substrate-specific genome variation

Additionally, infants, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals are at an increased risk of severe cases of listeriosis, which can result in symptoms such as meningitis and septicemia.L.monocytogenes infections can also threaten pregnant women because the pathogen possesses the unique ability to permeate the placental wall and infect the fetus which can lead to miscarriage or →

History of timber in construction construction essay

If the moisture content is lower than 30%, the shrinkage of timber is perpendicular to the grain, but the shrinkage experienced along the grain is negligible. The whole procedure is also determined by the type of wood being bent in addition to the dryness of the wood and its thickness.

Mechanisms of antibiotic failure during staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis treatment is complicated by a number of factors, including: widespread antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic tolerance as a result of metabolic changes and/or biofilm formation, the inability of antibiotics to penetrate infected and damaged bone, and the colonization of potentially antibiotic-protected reservoirs within the substructure of bone. As such, the contribution of the diffusion barrier to →

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Mind wandering and education: from the classroom to online learning

The primary purpose of the present article is to provide a focused review and discussion of recent research, as well as some lesser known older studies that examine the occurrence and consequences of mind wandering during both classroom and online lectures. The authors found that initial breaks in attention occurred after approximately 10 18 min →

Speech and transform ii computer science

In the analysis of a given signal the time domain component can be used in the analysis of the frequency component of that signal, this concept is the Fourier transform, where a signal component is translated to the frequency domain from a time domain function, the analysis of the signal for its frequency component can →

Study protocol: social capital as a resource for the planning and design of socially sustainable and health promoting neighborhoods— a mixed method study

In order for social capital to become a gender equal resource in the planning and design of socially sustainable and health promoting neighborhoods, the gender differences in the effects of place-specific social capital and health needs further exploration. The specific objectives of this project are: to investigate the dynamics of social capital in local neighborhoods →

The agriculture sector in india economics essay

India thus adopted a similar model of extending credit to the poorest sector and took a number of steps to promote micro-financing in the country. Microfinance is the provision of financial services for poor and low income people and covers the lower ends of both rural and agriculture finance as seen in the diagram below.

Is personality profile a relevant determinant of fatigue in multiple sclerosis?

In the proportion of MS patients that are fatigued, depression and anxiety may be the " interface" between a vulnerable personality structure facilitating maladaptive disease coping behavior, and fatigue. Personality dimensions in the chronic fatigue syndrome: a comparison with multiple sclerosis and depression.

Transient global amnesia: an electrophysiological disorder based on cortical spreading depression—transient global amnesia model

In the original findings of Leao, there is a latency between depression in the CSD-targeted region and the detectable electrical activities of the corresponding site on the contralateral hemisphere. It may not be due to the actual crossing of the original CSD as Leao proposed, since CSD is not able to spread along the white →

Lrl-left right left ff essay

Rajveer is unaware about the presence of Pooja and Naina. What should he do to prevent Pooja and Naina's going in the office.

Effects of smartphones essay sample

In the current childhood and adulthood, they make ways to communicate frequently with a variety of important people in their lives such as their friends and peers, teachers, coaches, bosses, a myriad of other adults and institution and most specially the parents. The study consists of the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartphone which →

Edexcel gcse

Complete the sentence by putting a cross in the box next to your answer. Complete the sentence by putting a cross in the box next to your answer.

What is the non tariff measures economics essay

The classification covers three categories of measures: sanitary and phytosanitary measures, non technical measures and new NTM categories, including export measures. The effects of price control measures are relatively simple to measure, especially anti-dumping and safeguards.

A counterfactual quantile regression analysis for co2 emissions economics essay

Additionally, the Machado and Mata decomposition method shows that the statistically significant OECD-Non-OECD emissions gap contracts as we ascend the emissions distribution and that had the Non-OECD group the incomes of the OECD group the former would pollute 26 to 40 percent more than the latter, ceteris paribus. To separate the effects of differences in →

Literary criticism

The " meaning of a literary work is not merely something put into the work by the writer: the " meaning is an interpretation created or constructed or produced by the reader and the writer.2. Freud is the founder of psychoanalysis which is a medical technique or a method of therapy for the treatment of →

Simulation and artificial intelligence assignment

19 EUPHONIA ": 19 Approches Of Artificial Intelligence20 Human Centered Approach: 20 Acting humanly: The Turing Test approach20 Thinking humanly: The cognitive modeling approach21 Thinking rationally: The laws of thought approach22 Acting rationally: The rational agent approach22 The State of the Art AI Innovations23 AI Purposes24 Acknowledgement In the name of Allah the most merciful →

Data collection in multiple sclerosis: the msds approach

The more stakeholders are involved and the more information is collected and processed, the more complex and costly the processes of neurorehabilitation become, which leads to the necessity of a measurable efficiency of rehabilitation. Due to the large amount of data to be processed, the large number of communicating persons, and the demands of the →

How boys and girls are socialized sociology

Children learn proper behaviour for misss and male childs through parents, the media, the school and other beginnings of socialisation Gender function socialisation may be define as a womb-to-tomb procedure whereby single learns to internalise the values, attitudes, motives, and behavior harmonizing to their sex which is acceptable and which is regarded to be fair →

All quiet on the western frontanalysis flashcard

One of the remarkable aspects of the book's success in England and America is that, unlike most other works dealing with World War I, All Quiet on the Western Front deals with the experiences of German soldiers detested enemies of the English and Americans during World War I and World War II. But after experiencing →

Fast food nation chapter summaries essay sample

Schlosser says the city's population has more than doubled in the last few decades and " the Rocky Mountain region as a whole has the fastest-growing economy in the United States, mixing high-tech and service industries in a way that may define America's workforce to come". The most significant problem lies with the rapid growth →

Critical assessment of arbitrators immunity law contract essay

It is a core analysis that needs to be dealt first as the nature of the relationship influences the attitude of the different jurisdictions in granting immunity to the arbitrator. The " Contractual" School of Thought views that arbitrator is appointed to perform a service to adjudicate and determine issues or disputes for a fee →

Demographic environment essay sample

Declining The birth rate falls below death rate The population size starts falling Some of east European countries like Germany and Hungary are in this phase Size of Population Population size and growth continue to be the paramount issues regarding sustainable development in India, notwithstanding the fact that the Indian economy has grown by a →

Physical exercise and immune system in the elderly: implications and importance in covid-19 pandemic period

The respiratory system undergoes a series of morphological and physiological changes, such as the accentuation of dorsal kyphosis, an increase in the anteroposterior diameter of the chest, a decrease in wall mobility, and atrophy of the respiratory muscles. And finally, the practice of physical activity also plays an essential role in mental health and cognitive →

The interplay between stress, inflammation, and emotional attention: relevance for depression

A multitude of basic research and clinical studies have been performed, with the aim of understanding the interaction between biological, psychological, and environmental factors involved in the etiology of depression. The aim of this mini-review is to summarize independent lines of inquiry focusing on the effects of stress on inflammation and emotional attention as well →

The floor vibration terminology health and social care essay

This chapter presents the background of the study, aim and scope, the research methodology, definitions and terms, significance of study and the layout of the project. Provide the natural frequency of the floor as well as the dynamic response of the floor using FEA.

The role of interest in the transmission of social values

For all these values, the amygdala seems to play an essential role in filtering what is relevant to the organism, and an event is relevant if it can " significantly influence the attainment of his or her goals, the satisfaction of his or her needs, the maintenance of his or her own well-being, and the →

The life and history of katheryn elizabeth hudson

Retrieved May 13, 2011.5.^ a b " Katy Perry Is MTV's Artist Of The Year! ".MTV. Retrieved Oct 25, 2010.28.^ a b De Leon, Kris." Katy Perry Guest Stars on ' The Young and the Restless'".buddytv.com.

Inflation is assumed

Corporate governance is the A.relationship and exercise of oversight by the board of directors of the company.B.relationship between the chief financial officer and institutional investors.C.operation of a company by the chief executive officer and other senior executives on the management team.D.governance of the company by the board of directors with a focus on socialresponsibility.45. Agency →

Historic development of the theories of evolution

From the work of Aristotle, the thought known as the " The Great Chain of Being " was developed." The Great Chain of Being " was a impression formulated by Aristotle to account for the possible relationship links between populating things. This debut of the possibility of life changing and developing contrasted to the widely →

Tata consultancy services essay sample

The success is mainly due to the dedication and commitment and performance of 238583 professionals who are the biggest asset of the company.* The company's' employee initiatives have helped increase the talent retention rate to about 87. KEY FACTORS INFLUENCING THE COMPANY'S PERFORMANCE During the financial year 2011-12, the volatility in the macroeconomic environment continued →

Meaning-making through creativity during covid-19

Therefore, the two chief aims of the present work are to connect different levels of creative behaviors with our attempts to make meaning of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and to suggest how engaging in creativity can be used to shield against the negative consequences of this outbreak. The significance of the creative economy and of →

The legalization of the prostitution industry sociology

In the visible radiation of the grounds and the statements available, it is evident that neither the criminalisation nor the legalisation of harlotry represents an appropriate and legal response to the state of affairs. The lives and illustration of such individuals are in ill will to the ' the thought of the household, as dwelling →

Issues of business ethics and social responsibility

Contents SOCIAL AUDIT The accomplishment of the purposes or set aims of the concern organisation requires the constitution of the direction construction that ensures proper definition of function and duties to supply the footing for the development of effectual choice systems that aid the enlisting and battle of suited forces to busy places created within →

The case of multionationals finance essay

The findings suggest that the degree of the boardroom globalisation reflects the level of the international expansion of the firm, measured by the Transnationality Index. The purpose of the research is to examine the relationship between the internationality of the board and corporate performance in the context of MNCs.

Science study essay

It is carefully designed to help you learn the most important material in your textbook, to improve your performance on quizzes and exams, and ltimately to help you achieve the highest grade possible in your first introduction to psychology course. This is a valuable part of active learning and the SQ4R method.

Toward an anti-inflammatory strategy for depression

Owing to the intimate relationship between stressor exposure and the onset of depression, virtually all-animal models of the disorder involve administration of some degree of stress. This is important in light of the fact that astrocytes are primary producers of the trophic factor, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which has also been reported to be reduced in →

Plastic waste and management methods environmental sciences essay

Often, criticizers of the strategy drive towards larger plastic recycling assert that the act of recycling could be in fact has less or no benefit to the environment, consuming extra energy in the collection and transportation of plastic waste to the recycling facilities than is saved by the procedure of recycling. The main objective of →

From phagocytes to immune defense: roles for coronin proteins in dictyostelium and mammalian immunity

Given the initial isolation of coronin A with actin/myosin, the roles for coronin A in the above-mentioned activities have been attributed to the capacity of Dictyostelium coronin A in modulating the F-actin cytoskeleton. Whether the motility and cytokinesis defects observed upon coronin A deletion are related to a possible function of coronin A in the →

Elizabethan era’s effects on shakespeare assignment

The Renaissance was a time of change and prosperity, a time of rebirth full of innovations and inspiration." Renaissance," which is actually French for " rebirth," describes the intellectual and economic changes that occurred in Europe from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries. One great innovation that strengthened the growth of the Renaissance was the →

The commercial islamic banking in pakistan business essay

To be a premier Islamic bank, offering a one-stop shop for innovative value added products and services to our customers within the bounds of Shariah, while optimizing the stakeholders value through an organizational culture based on learning, fairness, respect for individual enterprise and performance. It is a part of Meezan Bank service mission to focus →

Digital optics fibre current transformer

When the current in the primary exceeds the rated current, the relay coil is energized and these trip the circuit breaker. When a beam of light is sent through a material exhibiting the Faraday effect, the polarisation of the light will be rotated by the angle? in dependency of the magnetic field strength parallel to →

Gut–brain axis and mood disorder

In contrast, the fetal intestine is sterile, the initial bacterial colonization at birth comes from the maternal microbiota, and the intestinal microbiota of an adult is composed of ~1 kg of bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi and archaea. The authors proposed three possible mechanisms: potent infection activated the immune system and then induced mania; high bacterial →

Economic impact of flood in nepal economics essay

Questionnaire survey, interviews and case studies conducted with the flood affected migrant and non-migrant households, located in the Gauribas, Maisthan and Khyarmara VDCs of Mahottari have lead to some meaningful implications regarding the income of both type of HHs, their loss due to flood, their coping strategies like seasonal migration, alternative sources of income generation →

Test answers on psychology chapter 1

Random assignment minimizes any preexisting differences between the experimental group and the control group.experimental group: in an experiment, the group exposed to the treatment, that is, to one version of the independent variable.control group: in an experiment, the group not exposed to the treatment; the control group serves as a comparison with the experimental group →

Responsibility disclosure an islamic approach theology religion

The first 1 is tawhid, which is the really basic foundation of Islam; and the 2nd one in maqasid Al sharia law, which is the of import subject of sharia law and the major rational of why every Moslem has to follow sharia law Islamiyyah. From Kamali ' s survey that was summarized from the →

Marketing project – nikon p80 assignment

To boost the clarity of the image, Nikon adds in the VR technology into the camera to stabilize the camera even at 18 time's optical zoom. The grip of the camera is also designed in a way that you will not be able to drop the camera easily and it also adds as a stabilizing →

The corruption in films film studies essay

An example of a film in which people are not against the structure is The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. An example of a film in which people are sacrificed by the hero is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Soy-based infant formula: are phyto-oestrogens still in doubt?

In Canada in 2005 and in the USA in 2008, it was reported that SF accounted for nearly 20 and 25% of the formula market, respectively. However, it is likely that, together with poor compliance with expert recommendations, a significant role in this regard is played by the belief that the use of SF during →

Linking prenatal experience to the emerging musical mind

The effects of mothers' singing on full-term and preterm infants and maternal emotional responses.J. 1016/s0010-027700106-2 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Dunham, P." Temporal structure of stimulation maintains infant attention," in The Development of Attention: Research and Theory, ed J.

Understanding measurement in light of its origins

In contrast with representational theory, Michell has brought attention to what he refers to as the classical theory of measurement: " scientific measurement is properly defined as the estimation or discovery of the ratio of some magnitude of a quantitative attribute to a unit of the same attribute". As will be seen, the classical theory →

Strengths finder 2.0 by tom rath assignment

Talent * Investment = Strength * We cannot be anything we want to be-but we can be a lot more of who we already are! * * Your top 5 theme report, built around the new strengths insight descriptions * 50 Ideas for Action based on 1000s of best practice suggestions we reviewed * A →

Psychological mechanisms involved in radicalization and extremism. a rational emotive behavioral conceptualization

The extremist emotions and behaviors may be expressed both in non-violent pressure and coercion and in actions that deviate from the norm and show contempt for life, freedom, and human rights. The lowest level of the pyramid represents all the members of a community, the second targets the most vulnerable of these, the third level →

Visual working memory for faces and facial expressions as a useful “tool” for understanding social and affective cognition

613820 CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Baddeley, A, and Hitch, G." Working memory" in The psychology of learning and motivation.ed.G.H. 01297 PubMed Abstract CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar McKone, E, and Robbins, R." Are faces special?" in Oxford handbook of face perception.eds.A.J.

Overview of 12 old testament

If we take a expression at the Bible, it is interesting to observe that 40 % of the stuff in the bible consists of narrations, narratives and is really the most common type of authorship. The life of Jesus and the apostles impacted all of humanity and the church is the cogent evidence and presentation →

Effect of inflammation on the process of stroke rehabilitation and poststroke depression

As the inflammatory response may modulate neuroplasticity during stroke and altered neuroplasticity may be associated with the onset of PSD, the stroke-induced immune response in the brain can also affect the PSD process. In this review, we describe the two different types of stroke and respectively summarize the effects of inflammation on the process of →

Rurality in post industrial society

However, research has demonstrated that this pro-rural bias is based on nostalgic positive images of rural places, and a misunderstanding of the social and economic realities of rural life. We recommend that social science research further examine the multidimensional nature of rurality in order to enhance understanding of the extent of urban and rural settlement →

Environmental influences on maize- aspergillus flavus interactions and aflatoxin production

Economic losses due to the infection of grain crops such as maize by A.flavus is not primarily due to the expression of symptoms known as Aspergillus ear rot but, rather, is due to the subsequent contamination of the grain with the fungal metabolite aflatoxin. The same group also showed that silencing the expression of the →

Singapore airlines

The research involved: a review of available service quality literature; the identi? cation of causes of failure/errors within the host company; the development of key lessons and management guidelines. According to Gronroos the dimensions of service quality are diverse and relate to both the basic service package and augmented service offering.

Notching up neural stem cell homogeneity in homeostasis and disease

Neural stem cells remain neurogenic during postnatal life within two regions of the mammalian brain, the subgranular zone of the hippocampal dentate gyrus and the subventricular zone of the wall of the lateral ventricles. 016 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Kriegstein, A, and Alvarez-Buylla, A.

When motorbikes rule the streets assignment

People have to work to support themselves and their family; however, in order to work efficiently and earn some more money to meet their own and other family members' ever-increasing needs, they have to " renovate" their previous knowledge and skills to meet the demanding requirements of the labor market. If the teacher of a →

Humoral immune response to aav

In the past decade the discovery and development of new AAV types with dramatically improved in vivo performance and with unique seroreactivity and tissue tropisms has situated AAV in the forefront of vector development for gene therapy trials. Moreover, the high number of AAV particles/cell in addition to the full/empty AAV particle ratio of the →

Argument against the routine use of steroids for pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome

In general, there are three indications for which steroids may be considered for the patient with ARDS: treatment of a coexistent steroid-responsive disease, treatment of inflammation early in the course of ARDS to minimize lung damage, and treatment of maladaptive healing responses late in the course of ARDS to improve lung function. The most positive →

The growing use of social media assignment

Th? t i, the? ntent? f di? u? i? n? r? ther th? n h? w? rti? i? nt? u? e the te? hn? l? gy? nd their level? f te? hni? l ex? erti? e? e? t? the internet h? gr? wn? ub? t? nti? lly? nd the u? ge? f the internet in →

The national dress for omani men economics

Prior to the find of oil in the state, the wealthiest group was arguably made up of the merchandiser households, many of them Indian in beginning, linguistic communication, and civilization; a peculiar Omani community, chiefly of Hyderabadi beginning, besides accumulated some wealth through trade in groceries. Oman ' s IT market is merely approximately 10 →

Strategic information systems

Another important consideration in positioning is ' competitive scope', or the breadth of the enterprise's target markets within its industry, i.e.the range of product varieties it offers, the distribution channels it employs, the types of buyers it serves, the geographic areas in which it sells, and the array of related industries in which it competes. →

Distinctive nature of intellectual property law company business partnership essay

The regulation regarding the creative works which can be considered as a physical property or asset is the intellectual property law which established to provide protection to unique creativity ideas of human being. Intellectual property law is considered as the branch of the law which protects some of the greater manifestations of human achievements and →

Physical activity: the forgotten tool for type 2 diabetes management

Engaging in almost any type of physical activity facilitates glucose uptake, improves insulin sensitivity, and aids in glucose homeostasis by enhancing resting insulin action and lowering blood glucose levels for 2 72 h after the last bout of activity, depending on the exercise duration, intensity, and subsequent food intake. In a recent meta-analysis, aerobic, resistance, →

Chapter 21 hermione’s secret

Hermione, what - ?"" In here!" Hermione seized Harry's arm and dragged him across the hall to the door of a broom closet; she opened it, pushed him inside among the buckets and mops, then slammed the door behind them". He, Ron, and Hermione had gone.but the Harry and Hermione hidden in the trees could →

Understanding human behaviour

Individual Differences Behaviour is the result of interaction between individual characteristics and the characteristics of the environment in which the behaviour occurs. Some of the other definitions are " Personality is a vehicle to integrate perception, learning, values and attitudes and thus to understand the total person." " Personality is an individual's total sense of →

The role of magnetoencephalography in the early stages of alzheimer’s disease

To this aim, a myriad of different compounds have been tested in AD patients, to stop or slow the progression of the disease yielding negative results in all the studies. The aim of this work is to briefly summarize the state-of-the-art in the study of the preclinical and prodromal stages of AD with MEG.

Nation branding-best practices through sports, laws and science

This presents an insight in to the nation branding as a whole and in to the Sports domain as a measure of enhancing the brand nation.Mr. Laws The laws, regulations and policies of a nation drive the image of the nation to the entire world.

Challenges of clinical trial design for targeted agents against pediatric leukemias

The primary objective of phase I trials is to identify the maximum tolerated dose, which is the highest safe dose that is believed to be the most efficacious for eradication of malignant cells. The main advantage of the design over the 3 + 3 design is the reduction of the overall trial duration as it →

Global warming essay

This attribution is clearest for the most recent 50 years, for which the most detailed data are available. Contrasting with the scientific consensus, other hypotheses have been proposed to explain some of the observed increase in global temperatures, including: the warming is within the range of natural variation; the warming is a consequence of coming →

Examining the relationship between management accounting (ma) and operation management

In order to come up with the correct relationship between Management Accounting and Operation Management in footings of heightening the organisational public presentation which are stairss in a concatenation taking to increased house value, it should give some practical definitions to the both of the footings. Atkinson, Banker, Kaplan and →

Staff development and performance appraisal in a brazilian research centre

University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil Abstract Purpose The aim of this paper is to analyse the staff development and performance appraisal in a Brazilian research centre. Design/methodology/approach The key issues of thiscase studyare: the main organisational changes which have taken place over the last decades; the aspects of the organisational →

Keiretsu Тetwork chain management analysis

Today however my concerns are where the sales markets of power tools are concerned it is found that customers like to touch and feel what they buy, due to that fact online sales for power tools are not very equitable. However a company that provides a website to provide customer service for the products the →

Influence of culture in marketing

For example, bowing and the strong desire to avoid embarrassment are unified in their manifestation of the importance ofrespect Regarding its form, culture is sensible, dynamic and creative Culture is sensible because all the manifestations even the most spiritual is perceptible to the senses, aspoetryand music, it is dynamic since it is in →

How to analyze a case

You can expect to encounter the themes in the cases that are part of the modules and opportunities to put to work the analytical tools and best practices you have learned. A decision case is not likely to state criteria they have to be derived through careful study of the speci? cs of the case, →

Project on siemens

TABLE #2 Sex Group | | | Frequency | Percent | Valid Percent | Cumulative | | | | | | | Percent | | | Valid | Male | 42 | 70. TABLE #3 Family Income | | | Frequency | Percent | Valid Percent | Cumulative | | | | | | | →

Project editiing

Overall, the research shows that there is a correlation between drug use rates among students and the rates of school dropout. One of the recent studies conducted by Gasper revisits the relationship between drug use among students and the rates of school dropout with the aim not only to define the percentage of →

History of jute industries

Tariqur Rahman, Abdus Sobhan, is all about production and sales of jute mills, prospects of jute mills features and challenges faced by the jute mills of Bangladesh [1]. News published in ' Financial Express" is about the demand fulfilled by the jute industries, the ill management of jute industries and the present →

Sugar transporters as potential drug targets for malarial control biology essay

The other type of sodium dependent glucose transporter is SGLT2; this is found in the membranes of the convoluted tubules in the kidneys. The distribution of this particular transporter is primarily in the liver, but is also found in the beta cells of the pancreas, the kidney tubules and the small intestine.

Jp morgan& chase annual report

The increase in the tax burden due to the higher income in 2011 was definitely the result of the lower provision in credit loss in 2011. The provision in 2010 was about twice the provision in 2011, because of the lower interest revenue. Profitability in 2011 was better than the one in →

Project on bath soap

Factors likely to encourage soap marketing and consumption in developing countries in the future include: - More discriminating educated and aware consumers.- Growth of the media, especially TV - Improvements in transportation and communication networks.- Innovative R&D for raw materials and finished products.- Growth of supermarkets and retail outlets.- High speed packaging machines and attractive →

The roles of nigerian association of model islamic schools (namis)

3PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The main purpose of this study is to investigate and examine the contributions of Nigerian Association of Model Islamic schools to the development of education in Egbeda Local Government of Oyo State. The research work, precisely, has the following objectives: a) To evaluate the contributions of NAMIS in upgrading →

92-tricks of communication-leil lowndes

Take a bite and, with it ? mly between your teeth, let it swoop you to the peak of the big top. Let's hear it again! " The sweetest sound your conversation partner can hear from your lips when you are talking with a group of people is " Tell them about the time you..." →

Translating metaphores in the catcher in the rye

TRANSLATING COLLOQUIAL IDIOMS/METAPHORS IN THE CATCHER IN THE RYE: A COMPARISON OF METAPHORICAL MEANING RETENTION IN THE SPANISH AND CATALAN TEXTS MICHAEL O'MARA Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Martir Michael.[email protected]es 57 In spite of the novel's position among the American Library Association's list of the one hundred most frequently →