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Summary by uma sekaran

Reflects the degree of accuracy or axactitude of the results on the basis of the sample to what really exist in the universe Confidence: the probability that our estimations are correct 6. Introduced with a good understanding of the problem and the important factors that influences it; good conceptual theoretical model The reason for following →

Tumor delivery of chemotherapy combined with inhibitors of angiogenesis and vascular targeting agents

These changes, that led Jain and coworkers to formulate the hypothesis of " vascular normalization," should lead to a transient increase in vascular patency, a drop in IFP and alleviation of hypoxia, providing a " window of opportunity" for the delivery of drugs, with better therapeutic outcome. According to the hypothesis of vessel " normalization," →

Library management system essay

Jones 2.of the House of Lords Library.depict how the diminution in the figure of clients of the shared services resulted in the determination by SLS to retreat this service. However.by the terminal of the 1990s the immense impact of the Internet and the World Wide Web meant that staff in libraries progressively were involved in →

Getting away with torture

Contrary to the efforts of the administration to pass this abuse off as the spontaneous misconduct of a few low-level soldiers, ample evidence demonstrates that it reflects policy decisions taken at the highest levels of the U.S.government. The creation of regulated exceptions to the absolute prohibition of torture and mistreatment, as suggested by several academics, →

Working capital management essay sample

DAYS ON CHAPTER: 2 OF 58 DAYS Answers to End-of-Chapter Questions 16-1The cash conversion cycle is the length of time funds are tied up in working capital, or the length of time between paying for working capital and collecting cash from the sale of the working capital. The DSO, or the average collection period, is →

Characterization of autozygosity in pigs in three-way crossbreeding

The G0 and G1 crossbred are plotted in the center of the MDS plot halfway between Duroc and PLW. Pietrain animals had the highest observed mean length of ROH in particular for SSC6, SSC8, and SSC15 compared to other groups.

Imperatives for electoral reform in nigeria essay sample

The shared characteristics of all elections in Nigeria, include massive electoral frauds, the conception and practice of politics as warfare, the lack of continuity in the political platforms used by members of the political class, high levels of opportunism and thus a low level of commitment to the different variants of right-wing political ideologies that →

Baicalin ameliorates pancreatic fibrosis by inhibiting the activation of pancreatic stellate cells in mice with chronic pancreatitis

Mice in the CP and baicalin groups were injected intraperitoneally with cerulein to induce CP, and the same volume of sterilized physiological saline was injected into the control mice. After dehydration, paraffin embedding, and sectioning of the pancreas, hematoxylin and eosin and Masson staining protocols were carried out according to the method in the manual →

Country notebook for south korea essay sample

I recommend continued expansion in South Korea and would target the city of Busan in the southern region of the country. In Confucian tradition, the father is the head of the family and it is his responsibility to provide food, clothing and shelter, and to approve the marriages of family members.

Physical activity, sports practice, and cognitive functioning: the current research status

A review of the effects of physical activity and exercise on cognitive and brain functions in older adults.J. The effect of acute and chronic exercise on cognitive function and academic performance in adolescents: a systematic review.J.Sci.Med.

Co-morbidities to vestibular impairments—some concomitant disorders in young and older adults

To be included the patients had to be adult, conceding to be a part of the study, being able to understand and communicate, and fill out the required questionnaires. The patients answered two questionnaires, the Dizziness Handicap Inventory questionnaire and a custom-made questionnaire detailing the properties of pain, dizziness, and occurrence of trauma/accident, considered by →

Not all perfectionists are as they are assessed: an investigation of the psychometric properties of the perfectionism inventory in the teaching profession

The main advantage of using the PI over the utilization of the existing scales was that it reduced the redundancy resulted from the overlapping concepts of these scales, while providing a comprehensive assessment of perfectionism. Therefore, the perfectionistic tendencies described above " come with the job" in the case of teachers, and this could have →

The impact of innovation activities, foreign direct investment on improved green productivity: evidence from developing countries

Under the requirements of green development, it is necessary to have a new evaluation and understanding of the role of FDI from the perspective of innovation activities, and it is necessary to explore whether the impact of FDI on green productivity is heterogeneous under the influence of innovation activities. Most of the literature focuses on →

Detrimental effects of chronic l-arginine rich food on aging kidney

The safety and efficiency of prolonged use of L-arginine supplementation in the kidney, particularly in old age, is not clear. Taken into account that high protein and high amino acid diet is a risk factor for renal function, the present study is aimed to clarify the effects of chronic dietary L-arginine supplementation in the kidney →

Engineering a synthetic pathway for gentisate in pseudomonas chlororaphis p3

Besides, hydroxybenzoic acids play essential roles in microbial metabolism by serving as intermediates of the degradation of the aromatic compounds and contributing to the synthesis of various valuable secondary metabolites. In consistent with the synthetic process, at the early logarithmic growth phase, different concentrations of 3-HBA and GA were supplemented into the medium at a →

Standard chartered bank nepal limited finance essay

Non securities market refers to the mobilization of the financial resource by the financial institutions in the form of deposits and loans. What is risk and return of the market NEPSE?

The structuring role of marine life in open ocean habitat: importance to international policy

Following 10 years of informal negotiations, in March 2016 delegates from 193 countries, and representatives from numerous intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, met at the United Nations in New York for the first of four meetings to negotiate the elements of an " international legally binding instrument" for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity beyond →

The salience of complex words and their parts: which comes first?

In this approach, the idea of morphological salience refers to the relative importance or prominence of a morpheme in a morphologically complex word, the underlying assumption being that the salience of morphological components drives the mechanisms underlying complex word processing as well as storage and lexical organization. Both sublexical and supralexical approaches to morphological processing →

The implication of compensation in indian hospitality industry essay

From the epochs of the various research findings, the employee compensation in the Indian hotel industry is dominated by various parameters and variables which seek to define the authenticity of the relationship. The imperative relevance into the instruments of compensation provided and applied by the hotels will be a basic tool of rationalizing into the →

Potential contributions of psychological capital to the research field of marketing

The context of psychological capital is being applied in various contexts within the realm of management operations in order to increase the reach of the business and market the products of the different firms and institutions in ways that will increase the cohort of people belonging to the target market of the firm and hence →

Computational anatomy for studying use-dependant brain plasticity

Building on pioneering studies in rodents based on post mortem assessment of experience-induced brain volume changes in rodents and non-human primates most recent in vivo works demonstrate at the cellular level the complex dynamics of use-dependant dendritic spine plasticity and at the systems level the extent of cortical reorganization after lost of peripheral input. In →

The effects of missing letters to the reading comprehension

Specifically, the study aimed to determine if there was a difference between the scores obtained in the Pre-test and the scores obtained in the Post- Test. Specifically, the study aimed to: 1.to determine the highest rating of the scores obtained in the Pre-test by the 2nd year BS IT students of Cavite State University.2.to determine →

Overseas education: opportunities, experience and quality

The results of the research highlighted four factors of service quality: recognition; quality of instruction and interaction with faculty; sufficiency of resources; and aspects of physical quality. Methodology Having reached a point of identifying from the literature the ingredients of and preliminary structure for service quality in higher education, the research strategy was developed to →

Benefits of hiring a maid agency in dubai law employment essay

How To Hire an Agency Maid in Dubaiagencies for maids in dubai, agency for maids in dubai, dubai maid agenciesAre you looking to hire an Agency maid in Dubai? Therefore, the maid agencies are able to influence and control the maids and nannies market as there is a shortage of maids in the UAE.

Levels and corresponding switch states engineering essay

Sarwar et al suggests that multi level system works by synthesizing the ac voltage from other voltage levels on the dc system and as the different voltage levels on the dc side rises, there is more steps added to the synthesized output waveform, thus generating a wave in the form of a staircase which move →

The historical and social background of mauritius education essay

It was during the period of the Gallic colonization that the island acquired the features of a society and the economical, educational and cultural constructions they established formed the base of development. In the 80 's this changed to the betterment of the quality and the effectivity of those schools.

Hphp6000 clinical decision making in contemporary paramedic practice

The portfolio is thus demonstrative of the development of skills and knowledge in making of clinical decisions are it relates to the care management and assessment of the patients during the practice, as well as the effectiveness in response towards the changing aspects of practice for the pre-hospital environment. Develop knowledge and critical understanding of →

Promotion mix of pepsi

Report 03 Fund Managers Report 08 Trustee Report to the Unit Holders 13 Income Statement 19 Statement of Compliance with the Code of Statement Of Comprehensive Income 20 Corporate Governance 14 Review Report to the Unit Holders on The Statement of Compliance with The Best Practices of The Code of Corporate Governance 16 Independent Auditor? →

Effects of using computers assignment

Hiltz added that one of the potential negative effects of using technology in the classroom is a loss of social relationships and a loss of the sense of community. Roblyer and Edwards noted that research results to date have not made a strong case for the impact of technology on the sense of community in →

Apples apple tv business, and its complementing itunes business essay

While iTunes is the content distribution site and store, Apple TV is the one product that amalgamates Apple's entire ecosystem of products and services. With the Apple TV and iTunes integration, a whole library of millions of movies and TV shows were now available in the living room at the click of a button.

Consultants or management teams engage construction essay

The research methodology employs to achieve the research objects through the complete literature Survey to eexplore type of variations and identify the causes for occurrence of variations & mitigation actions and Collect and Study data of Dubai based project that involved in variations work to identify causes to Project delays due to variations. Identify key →

Customer preference for telecom brands at point of purchase: a comparative analysis

6 Dendrogram46 Chapter 649Conclusion49 Annexure 152 Questionnaire52 Annexure 254 Differentiators among the top telecom service providers in India54 References56 List of Figures Fig 1: Classification of telecom regions in India Fig 2: Subscriber Trends in India Fig 3: Customer Market Share distribution Fig 4: Methodology followed for identification of factors of customer preference Fig 5: →

Jenkins narrative architecture

1) Consider some recent statements made on this issue: " Interactivity is almost the opposite of narrative; narrative flows under the direction of the author, while interactivity depends on the player for motive power" Ernest Adams " There is a direct, immediate conflict between the demands of a story and the demands of a game. →

Oedipus rex essay

To a PRIEST: You, there, since you are eldest in the company, Speak for them all, tell me what preys upon you, Whether you come in dread, or crave some blessing: Tell me, and never doubt that I will help you In every way I can; I should be heartless Were I not moved to →

Project brief on cold storage

800 to 1, 000 sq.m.inclusive of a 2 storey building in height Feasibility Study on Deepchill Ice Plant at the Fishport, Tambler, General Santos City by Frank Ll. 1 Organizational Chart Feasibility Study on Deepchill Ice Plant at the Fishport, Tambler, General Santos City by Frank Ll.

Performance of pse in india assignment

CONTENTS PREFACE BACKGROUND: PRE INDEPENDENCE STATUS AND POST INDEPENDENCE PHILOSOPHY THE GOVERNMENT INTERFACE Department of Heavy Industry Department of Public Enterprises BPRSE SCOPE EVOLUTION OF PUBLIC SECTOR POLICY IN INDIA 1947-1991: Growth of PSEs 1991 Onwards: Decline of Public Investment and Disinvestment Present Public Sector Policy of the Government Disinvestment PERFORMANCE OF STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES IN →

Blended portland cements and bottom ash engineering essay

Portland cement is a hydraulic binder which retains strength and stability by time and has the ability of bonding of other materials together, is produced from ground portland cement clinker and calcium sulfate. Type IP is an intimate and uniform blend of portland or portland blast-furnace slag cement and fine pozzolan in which the pozzolan →

Human profile

However, these stopgap measures address only the surface of problems that are rooted in the complex interactions of people and equipment within the larger system and the institutional and organizational structures and procedures that drive the planning, design, and management of these systems. FAA AND HUMAN FACTORS FAA Policy and Plans for Human Factors and →

History and culture of jamaica

The Spanish were forced to flee the island but not before freeing the slaves who took to the hills where they remained a constant thorn in the side of the English. The abolition of the slave trade in 1807, marked the beginning of the end of slavery and the economic power of the Jamaican planters.

Formula 1 constructor – choose a team – ferrari

The factors responsible for the success of the teams in their respective periods of dominance can be considered through analysis of the organisations core competencies, a form of competitive advantage which s usually a result of " collective learning processes" and are manifested in business and activities and processes. Ferrari's dominance in the mid 1970's →

Prompts sat

Prompt 5 Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below. June 2007 SAT Essay Prompts Prompt 1 Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.

Hero honda demerger

Since the objective of the project is to explore the strategic motivations behind the deal, various legal implications arising from the deal and how the legal issues were handled, the annual reports of Hero Honda Motor corp.and websites of various regulators who had a bearing on the deal was of great help. Brief introduction of →

Civil war – college

In the 1700's we fought with the British to stop the union of France and Spain. The new emerging technology made this war different from the War of 1812 and the Mexican War.

Relationship between stock prices and exchange rates finance essay

Globalization and the continuous deepening of financial integration among global economies coupled with the economic role that stock markets play in the allocation of resources to various productive sectors has increasingly generated a lot of research interest in the relationship between exchange rates and stock prices in the recent past. The objective of the research →

Online course registration and management system flashcard

The administrator will get easier way to determine the seat of the courses, keep track of the registration module, and generate report for the year to help them determine the development of the courses. The first chapter, Chapter 1 which is Introduction presents overview of the project, the problem statement of the study state the →

Cisco vs huawei study essay

The amount of time it is going to take to try to go through the logic of that is not worth it. 1-0001 was to become the backbone of Cisco's e-business.

Foreign exchange derivatives markets economics essay

Compared to the decline in the spot foreign exchange markets, the growth in the derivatives segment is very exciting. The market screen at any point of time provides complete information on total order depth in a security, the five best buys and sells available in the market, the quantity traded during the day in that →

Marketing strategy of gmg airlines. assignment

GMG Airlines also further benefited by the fact that the Managing Director and the Chairman were both trained and well qualified commercial pilots and played a vital role in the formulation of the business plan. The repeated failures of the national carrier and the even enhancing shares of foreign air carriers in Bangladesh market only →

Should chateau de vallois begin to produce a more-affordable wine? what are the potential consequences of adopting this strategy?

Cowper / THE MYTH OF THE MILITARY MODEL POLICE QUARTERLY THE MYTH OF THE " MILITARY MODEL" OF LEADERSHIP IN LAW ENFORCEMENT THOMAS J. Both do a grievous disservice to both the military and the police: Each in its own way makes the military a scapegoat for the ineptitude, structural absurdities, bad management, and outright →

Exams should be abolished assignment

Therefore, in this research paper, there will be the analysis of the pros and cons of exams from the teachers' point of view and the students' too, ultimately arriving at the conclusion of whether exams should be abolished. External pressure is also one of the main reasons why students buckle under the pressure of exam →

Profile of the company visage industries commerce

In order to supply the services to the clients in a timely, accurate and cost-efficient mode, the company had obtained the widely acclaimed International Quality Award-BM Trada Certification of ISO 9001 2000 in twelvemonth 2004 and at the same clip is besides under blessing list of the JKR as the functionary system supplier for Cold-Formed →

The burma road riot

They marched to Bay Street, the stage for some of the most significant events in the Bahamas' history and a social space that has continually been at the centre of cultural, economic and political life in the country. After allowing the rioters and looters almost free reign on Bay Street for most of the morning, →

Performance management programme of sia lee swee construction

As an illustration, the undertakings performed by a Gross saless Personal within the company are merely concentrating in doing gross revenues, and the duties for a Public Relationship Officer of the company are concentrating in constructing company ' s images or repute. SIA LEE SWEE CONSTRUCTION CO is the subordinate company of the SIA LEE →

Social and political factors that led national curriculum education

It became clear that instruction needed to that frontier of elite, and be more centrered towards the multitudes, In the 2nd half of the nineteenth century, non merely Britain ' s domination was in diminution, but offense, indigence and societal hurt increased every bit good, as a mark of deficiency of a developed instruction system, →

Renewable energy essay sample

Impulse turbines extract the energy from the momentum of the flowing water, as opposed to the weight of the water. The electricity produced is proportional to the product of the head and the rate of flow.

Project report on head&shoulders shampoo essay sample

The market penetration of hair gels/creams is very low, and is limited to a small section of the urban market. In the 1860s, the meaning of the word shifted from the sense of massage to that of applying soap to the hair.

Position of malaysia in privileged wills law land property essay

For the purposes of this section a privileged will means any declaration or disposition, oral or in writing, made by or at the directions of the testator which he desires to be carried or to the guardianship, custody and tuition of a child or to the exercise of a power of appointment. This includes directing →

A case study of employer branding at mcdonald’s: redefining mcjobs

Contents Decision Employment in the QuickServe Restaurant industry is categorized as low-benefit and no-future occupations that influenced many undergraduates and fresh alumnuss when make up one's minding their calling waies Low quality of employees due to hapless repute of Mc Job QSR industry is missing enlisting of future direction trainees will decelerate down planetary enlargement, →

What is a business strategy commerce

The procedure of Strategic Analysis can be assisted by a figure of tools, the value of utilizing these tools scheme doing procedure is that these tools normally considers the factors, events, influences that can potentially impact the public presentation and operations of the concern and helps in developing a much more diversified and flexible scheme →

Dss effectiveness in marketing resource allocation decisions: reality vs. perception assignment

The Impact of Model-Based DSS: Hypothesis Development To assess whether and how a DSS leads to different decision outcomes, we must distinguish the effects of a DSS on various impact measures and separate the effects of a DSS on the decision process from its effects on decision outcomes. Combining these two dimensions, we study the →

Association of human papillomavirus and breast tumours

HPV causes disruption and loss of some of the viral genes such as L1 and L2 genes and also increases the expression of the early genes. Figure 8 above shows the position of capillaries and arteries in and around the breast.

Cardiac pacemaker business essay sample

Many projects faiJed to produ ce product designs that could be launched competitively, and the features and functionality of most of the products the company was able to launch, lagged the competition. Programming units allaw ed physicians to tailor the firmware in the pacemaker 50 that the frequency of the pulses it generated and a →

Marketing and samsung

Read also about S amsung competitive advantage Three challenges are identified as being the most significant and pressing, that Samsung should address to maintain and improve upon its competitive advantage in the future: their relative weak brand preference as compared to the market leader; the inferior battery life of Samsung Galaxy Tab; and defeat Apple →

Case study of starbucks

One way this is ensured is by insisting that all managers and partners undergo 13 weeks of training - not just to learn how to make a coffee, but to understand the nuances of the Starbucks brand and how to deliver on its promise of a service experience. As opposed to their entry into the →

Provision of safe drinking water at an affordable price construction essay

Inadequate H2O and sanitation are primary causes of diseases associated with 1000000s of deceases each twelvemonth and go a major cause of poorness and the turning disparity between the rich and the hapless. The City of Awassa is presently enduring from a imbibing H2O shortage, quality, and other service bringing jobs.

Veet promotion campaign

Brandpersonality: Veet relates to the personality of elegant, sensual, graceful and beauty.* Brand equity: The 3 green leaves on the Veet logo and the use of floral graphics on the product elude a natural feel to users.2D. This is primarily due to the relative ease of conversions of ' The Bladers' into users of Veet →

Change management (ebay case study) essay sample

4 Company Culture Build on a platform of entrepreneurship which harness the spirit of creativity and innovation in a technical sense that transformed the world of commerce, due to the fact that eBay tries as much as possible to differentiate its business model through the creation of a form of an abode for the coming →

A profile of three success stories in using social media to increase customer engagement

Thus, videos can be spread very quickly.* It is easy and quick to use, the company does not inevitably need a specific employee to manage it.* YouTube belongs to Google, so the videos uploaded on YouTube are better referenced on the Google research results.* If the viewer likes the video, he's likely to go to →

Creating customer value: general concept questions

A company's ________ includes all the experiences the customer will have on the way to obtaining and using the offering.a.value proposition b.value delivery system c.customer-value analysis d.total customer benefit e.total customer cost Answer: bPage: 123Difficulty: EasyAACSB: Analytic Skills 11. This expansion of dealership sales offerings is an attempt to increase the value of the customer →

Molecular modelling of atp dependent mure ligase biology essay

The work of Pauling and Corey in 1951 revealed several units of secondary construction and among the most common are the alpha-helix and the beta-sheet. The rigidness of the lock-and-key theoretical account did non account for all discernible interactions and in 1958 the induced tantrum theory was proposed, saying that upon substrate adhering the enzyme →

Digital cinema

In the recent special ' digitaltechnology' issue of Screen, Sean Cubitt noted a ' common intuition among reviewers, critics and scholars that something has changed in the nature of cinema something to do with the decay of familiar narrative and performance values in favour of the qualities of the blockbuster'. 9 For Paul Arthur, developments →

Implications of gut microbiota modulation biology essay

The objective of investigation was to study the effect of altering the gut microbiota by oral administration of pH sensitive cefdinir microspheres to high-fructose fed rats. The extent of the impact on non-target microbial populations depends on the specific antibiotic used, its mode of action and the degree of resistance in the community.

An liquid crystalline system biology essay

The incorporation of the cationic polymer PEI into the MO-based systems was necessary for siRNA complexation, and the systems maintained the siRNA in a stable state. For the systems containing the cationic polymer, PEI was mixed with the MO in the following proportions: 12: 1, 6: 1 and 3: 1 ).

The oldest manufactured products soap biology essay

To analyze the pH, the foaming capacity and the degree of cleanliness of the soap. The nature and the properties of the oils and fats used in the manufacture of soap will determine the properties of the soap and also the cost of production.

Rapid growth and development of probiotics biology essay

The Bifidobacterium bacteria is gram positive, anaerobic and non motile bacteria, they are found in gut flora as one of the major genera that makes up the flora and are also found in the mouth and vagina [Sonenshein A et al 1993]. All the bacteria mentioned above are all of human origin and can be →

Water quality monitoring and analysis biology essay

The water temperature is a measure of the heat content of the water mass and influences the growth rate and survivability of aquatic life. Inputs from the air depend on the turbulence of the air-water interface, and the oxygen deficiency of the water.

Stability testing of pharmaceutical products biology essay

Other benefits of stability studies at the developmental stage or of the marketed products are to provide a database that may be of value in selection of adequate formulations, excipients and container closure systems for development of a new product, to determine shelf life and storage conditions for development of a new product, preparation of →

Mao tse tung’s cultural revolution in china

My gratitude also goes out to the staff and administration of HNLU for the infrastructure in the form of our library and IT Lab that was a source of great help for the completion of this project.* Ritu R Nichani Research methodology The objective of this project is to study democracy as a form of →

Table of content

Assessing the different reasons why the children are not able to succeed within the education system is important seen to the broader context presented above and something that caught our attention during our first stay in Village 3 of Nam Dich Commune. In the initiation of the interview we tried to start up with quite →

Environmental toxicology

The material covered will be useful for the consideration of two case studies on the impact of toxic chemicals in the Great Lakes of North America and the Baltic Sea in later lectures.[pic] Environmental Toxicology or Ecotoxicology? [pic] Introduction It was after World War II that increasing concern about the impact of toxic chemicals on →


What activities could you plan to support the social development of children? How do you contribute to the policies and procedures of your service?

Sony corporation: car navigation systems essay sample

The problem definition is the following: How can Sony boost sales and recapture lost market share in the highly competitive Japanese market and at the same time expand to Europe and the US in order to stay ahead of the growing competition and the technological development? Problem definition The problem definition we can conclude from →

Five examples of essays about overpopulation

The most popular explanation for the threat posed byoverpopulationof the planet is that in the event of a demographic crisis on Earth, resources will run out, and part of the population will face the fact of a lack offood, water or other vital means. It leads to the fact that the society that is not →

Women rights in islam – modernizing or outdated?

According to the Oxford dictionary, ' they are the rights, claimed for the women, equal to those of men, as regards to suffrage that right to vote, as regards to property, etc.' Modernizing according to the Oxford dictionary means, ' to make modern, to adapt to modern needs or habits And according to the Webster's →

Based data mining approach for quality control

572 8 0 0 0 0 0 0.84 0. 001 0 0 0 0.

Iron age historical power in ancient india – mauryan empire

The Empire was founded in 322 BC by Chandragupta Maurya, who had overthrown the Nanda Dynasty and rapidly expanded his power westwards across central and western India taking advantage of the disruptions of local powers in the wake of the withdrawal westward by Alexander the Great's Greek and Persian armies. The population of the empire →

Groupon case argumentative essay

Other terms included the voucher's ex e O xpiration date and, in som cases, lim on e me mits 3 This document is authorized for use only by Boshen Wang in MACC 402 - Groupon taught by William Forster from August 2011 to December 2011. One of these was Groupon Stores, which enabled merchants 10 →

Visual perception – painting

Visual perception of art vs Perception of Visual Art: The main difference between the visual perception of art and perception of visual arts is that in the visual perception of an art we explain how our vision sees an art and sends it whereas in the perception of visual arts we explain how our vision →

The problem and its background

Today, children represent the energy of the present and the hope of the future. This will also determine the performance of the school in meeting the needs and the effectivity of teachers, since academic needs and problems may arise in the classroom.

Report on mobile banking

Table of content Tropic Introduction Part Introduction of the Report Mobile Banking Background Challenges for a Mobile Banking Solution Basic Mobile Banking Technologies Objectives of the Study Methodology of the Report Literature Review Analysis Part History of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh History of Mobile Banking in Abroad Features/Mobile Banking Services Advantages of Mobile Banking disadvantages →

Political opportunity structures, democracy, and civil war-

We find irregular leader entry and transitions increase the risk of conflict onset, and that democracy has a negative effect on the risk of civil war, once we control for our new measures of state weakness. We argue that measures of to what extent institutions are democratic provide a poor indicator of state strength, and →

Report on tourism of bangladesh

1 Beginning of tourism industry in Bangladesh Promotion of tourism in Bangladesh under the aegis of the government started in 1972, following independence of the country. Introduction to the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

Tbx1 functions as a tumor activator in prostate cancer by promoting ribosome rna gene transcription

In the present study, we investigated the clinical impact of TBX1 expression in human PCa samples and the biological role and underlying mechanisms of TBX1 in PCa. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expression of TBX1 and ki-67 with anti-TBX1 and anti-ki67 polyclonal antibodies.

Identification and validation of efficacy of immunological therapy for lung cancer from histopathological images based on deep learning

It included four steps: annotate the tumor region in the image; standardize the color images; classify the samples; and identify the potential biomarkers in images. We calculated the noise ratio threshold, which is the ratio of the area of the blank and blurred areas in the H&E images to the total area.