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What is success? a narrative review of research evaluating outcomes of antibiotics used for treatment of clinical mastitis

Like most bacterial diseases, the magnitude of the inflammatory response is dependent on virulence of the pathogen and is regulated by the ability of the host to mount a rapid and effective immune response. While there are some exceptions, it is difficult to justify the use of antimicrobial therapy for treatment of non-severe cases of →

Single-cell analysis reveals characterization of infiltrating t cells in moderately differentiated colorectal cancer

Based on scRNA-seq of T cells and T cell receptor tracking, Zhang et al.identified 20 T cell subsets in CRC and comprehensively dissected the T cell properties, uncovering the development and migration of T cells within tumors. Based on the average expression of each gene in cell clusters, the Pearson correlation coefficient between cell clusters →

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Identification of a gene signature for renal cell carcinoma–associated fibroblasts mediating cancer progression and affecting prognosis

In our study, we evaluated the infiltration status of the stroma and CAFs using previously identified gene signatures using the R packages: Estimation of STromal and Immune cells in MAlignant Tumor tissues with Expression data and Estimate the Proportion of Immune and Cancer cells. By verifying the single-cell and cell line sequencing data, we proved →

Deciphering the link between mental health and green space in shenzhen, china: the mediating impact of residents’ satisfaction

Given the unique associations between the government, green space, and residents, more specific and process-oriented research is needed to enrich our understanding of the complexities underlying associations between residents' satisfaction with green space and mental health. Shenzhen was a frontier city of China's reform and opening up and is an ideal setting in which to →

Omega 3 fatty acid and skin diseases

For apoptotic cells, the macrophage phagocytosis is enhanced by RvE1, PD1, and RvD1. IL-23 production by DCs, as well as the migration of DCs and IL-17 producing cells, is suppressed by RvE1.

Severe flooding in the atoll nations of tuvalu and kiribati triggered by a distant tropical cyclone pam

This divergence is at least partially attributable to the known tendency of the WaveWatch III model to overestimate energy of waves traveling in the oblique and opposing winds and; uncertainty in the radar altimeters estimation of H s in such extreme conditions: Ribal and Young limit their calibrations to values of H s H s →

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Dietary diversity and its contribution in the etiology of maternal anemia in conflict hit mount cameroon area: a cross-sectional study

Notwithstanding, in low- and middle-income countries many women living in under resourced environments, suffer from undernutrition and pregnancy presents an additional burden on the women's nutritional requirement to meet the needs of both mother and the developing fetus. Farming and business constitute the mainstay of the town.

A narrative review of stigma related to infectious disease outbreaks: what can be learned in the face of the covid-19 pandemic?

Self-stigma happens when the stigma is internalized, so it affects attitudes, emotions, and even beliefs of individuals and forms the behavior of the people who are stigmatized. Although there are arguments suggesting that the stigma related to the disease might have some evolutionary functions, that is, avoiding the source of infection, and staying safe by →

Airway clearance techniques: the right choice for the right patient

In addition, for many patients and/or categories of patients the goal might be to combine the best effect on clearance of the airways with the lowest possible incidence of side effects and of adverse events, such as exacerbation of the underlying pathophysiology. Therefore, it is essential always to take into account the patient's preferences, and →

Matching assets with demand in supply- chain management at ibm microelectronics assignment

A typical example of a product? w is the following: part of the wafer is made at location A, the wafer is completed and the device is created at location B, the device is tested at location C, the module is created at location D, the module is tested at location C, and then it →

Nestle history essay

In addition, to the increase in the size of the Nestle Company; Nestle also has increased the variety in the different products they offer. With the health kick of the many individuals around the world, it pushes the innovator and renovators of Nestle to reach new height in finding better and healthier products for their →

Novel hybrid chc from β-carboline and -hydroxyacrylamide overcomes drug-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma by promoting apoptosis, dna damage, and cell cycle arrest

The invasion and metastasis of tumors leads to 90% of the failures in chemotherapy. Bel7402/5-FU were placed in 6-well plates for the density of 2 3 100, 000 cells/well and allowed to adhere for 48 h, then cells were incubated with CHC, SAHA or medium in triplicate for another 72 h.

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Investments and the impact of the financial choice finance essay

Although, the operating cash flow is significant for the investments of the energy firms, it appears to be insignificant in the case when bank loans and earnings participate in the model. Although, the operating cash flow is significant for the investments of the energy firms, it appears to be insignificant in the case when bank →

Exploring musical activities and their relationship to emotional well-being in elderly people across europe: a study protocol

Specifically in the context of the elderly, participation in leisure activities seems to increase well-being and can reduce the risk of dementia. The study will explore the daily use of music among elderly people, and we expect to find a positive correlation between frequency of participation in musical activities and emotional well-being regardless of the →

Perspectives in the use of tannins as alternative to antimicrobial growth promoter factors in poultry

In this context and to preserve the effectiveness of important human drugs the FDA prohibited the use of fluoroquinolones in chickens and turkeys in the United States, based on evidence that use of these antimicrobials in poultry caused development of resistance of thermofilic Campylobacter species. 01492-10 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Longstaff, →

The mediating role of ems teamwork as it pertains to hr factors and perceived environmental performance

AN HR FACTORS MODEL OF PERCEIVED ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Management Support For The EMS Management support has been empirically studied and discussed in the quality management, general HR, and organizational behavior literatures as a key component to successful organizational performance and successful implementation of management initiated programs. In the case of the indirect effects of management →

Linking competitive strategies

The results of the Hay study suggest that the staffing practices of top management be tied to the nature of the business because different aspects of business demand different behaviors from the individuals running them. Similar results illustrating the power of performance appraisal and compensation to affect individual behavior have been reported in the areas →

Analysis of commercial bank operation and regulation-case study on dhaka bank limited

3 Loan Product The Dhaka bank is offering the following loan and advance product to the client for financing different purpose that fulfill the requirements of the bank and have good return to the investment as well as satisfy the client. The customer should be asked to draw the final cheque for the amount standing →

Storage and self purification environmental sciences essay

The quality standards required for health in the case of drinking water, or for reliability in the case of industrial process water, necessitate improved technologies for the treatment of the water before use, as well as before discharge. Stokes' equation may be usefully applied here as the velocity of deposition depends on the densities of →

Abstract to my project

Therefore, the method used and the influence of that method to the organisation and its financial statement is of great significance to the stakeholders of those organisations The document focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation of accounting standards to various stakeholders. The laws and regulations of accounting provide the guideline on the process →

Robotic urologic surgery in infants: results and complications

Therefore, the cost and value of robotic surgery for a pediatric hospital is complex and nuanced. Kutikov et al.had one of the earliest reports of robotic surgery in infants.

The standard phillips curve diagram economics essay

The following contains the detail of the Phillips Curve, as to the study made in the past pertaining to establishing a relation between unemployment and inflation rate: In 1958 AW Phillips plotted 95 years of data of UK wage inflation against unemployment. After the introduction of Phillips curve, Milton Friedman criticized the basis for the →

Toxic nightlife relationships, substance abuse, and mental health: is there a link? a qualitative case study of two patients

The psychiatrist that is the head of the service decided from the very beginning of the Unit, which was by the end of 2008, to overcome a medicalization approach in the mental care provided and to design all attention to the patients based on fostering the quality of peer relationships, and more specifically, the social →

What are the three levels at which a product can be seen?

The first economic use of the word was by Adam Smith, known as the father of modern economics.-Kotler et al For marketers, it is useful to divide the product into three main categories, being the Core Product, the Actual product and the Augmented Product. The Actual Product: This is the physical product into which the →

Leadership style of martin winterkorn flashcard

Basing on the analysis of Winterkorn's leadership style and the strategic goals of Volkswagen AG, the paper will outline the aspects with regard to Winterkorn's leadership style will facilitate the attainment of the outlined corporate goals, along with the aspects that can hinder reaching these goals. One advantage of such a type of leader is →

To be oats or not to be? an update on the ongoing debate on oats for patients with celiac disease

They observed a trend toward a higher Gastrointestinal Symptom Rating Scale in the oats group, and the symptoms of diarrhea were more severe in the oats group at the end of the study. Cooper et al.showed no change as well in the level of mucosal tTG and smooth muscle alpha actin expression in small bowel →

Migraine headaches essay

Treatment for childhood and adolescent migraine depends on the age of the child and the frequency and severity of the attacks. A migraine headache is the result of a disturbance in the neurochemistry of the central Nervous system.

Reflection essay on monetary economics

Learning outcomes On completion of this course and having completed the Essential reading and activities, you should be able to: explain and discuss why people hold money and why it is used in the trading process solve macroeconomic models and assess the role and efficacy of monetary policy for various types of models in both →

The medication and prescribing errors health and social care essay

Medication errors were found to be the second commonest cause of patient safety incidents, accounting for 11% of reported incidents, and prescribing errors were one of the most commonly found medication errors. Although higher frequency of administration errors was found when compared to prescribing errors, it is worth to be aware of that prescribing errors →

Intelligent campus using rfid

This is part of the transceiver unit, the component responsible for sending the reader signal to the surrounding environment and receiving tag responses back via the reader antennas. The access between the EEPROM and the CPU is described in the following, specifying the EEPROM Address Registers, the EEPROM Data Register, and the EEPROM Control Register.3.4.

Issues in the interpretation of “altmetrics” digital traces: a review

During this process from viewing to recommending, on the one hand, the level of interest in the research product increases, the engagement level of users increases, and the significance of individual acts increases; On the other hand, the number of counts associated with each product falls, and the coverage of these acts decreases. Similarly, the →

Identity formation, marijuana and “the self”: a study of cannabis normalization among university students

The normalization process, we will argue in particular, is facilitated by a fluid view of self in which the identity of " user" and " non-user" is not fixed, but rather more contingent on the situated context or social circumstances of marijuana use. I mean that is a big incentive and that meant I can →

The teaching profession in nigeria education essay

The province was located in the central part of the country, the geographical significance of the province is reflected in the fact that Zungeru village in the province had served as the initial headquarters of the Colonial Government from 1901-1907. The aim of this system is to have a close monitoring of the pupils activities →

Aiming accuracy in preferred and non-preferred limbs: implications for programing models of motor control

Therefore, the goal of the present paper is to explore the concept of motor equivalency by investigating the differences between preferred and non-preferred limbs within the context of throwing and aiming movements in keeping with the topic on manual asymmetries, handedness, and motor performance. The preferred limb was more accurate than the non-preferred limb, although →

Policies on the inventory performance finance essay

A project submitted in the partial fulfillment of Requirement for award of the degree in Master of Business AdministrationUnder the Esteemed Guidance of: Submitted By: This is to certify that the project titled " An Evaluation of Inventory Policies on the Inventory Performance of a Retail Store" carried out by Priti Kumari is a bona →

Involvement of t cell immunity in avian coccidiosis

In this article, we reviewed the historical progress of immunological studies on the host immune response to avian coccidiosis, with an emphasis on recent findings in the understanding of the complexity of T-cell immune responses in avian coccidiosis, especially those mediated by Th17 and T regulatory cells. These results indicate that regulation of the protective →

Importance of intercultural communication to ist assignment

The people of different civilizations have different views on the relations between God and man, the individual and the group, the citizen and the state, parents and children, husband and wife, as well as differing views of the relative importance of rights and responsibilities, liberty and authority, equality and hierarchy. Culture deals with the nature →

A logical and systematic review media essay

The T.V.news directly enter in the minds of the individual viewers from the tube, therefore according to the author, the average member of the T.V.public absorbs more information from the T.V.then from the newspapers. The main objective of the study was the preference and opinion of housewives in regarding to the T.V.programmes and the impact →

Administration administrative processes and hbo

The reporter discussed that values as an important and enduring beliefs or ideals shared by the member of thecultureabout what is good and what is not, while he defines that motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something, and as he describes conflicts as a serious disagreement and argument and states →

The social impact of musical engagement for young adults with learning difficulties: a qualitative study

One previous study considered the impacts of a community music program for adults with a range of disabilities, which provided participants with experiences of a wide range of musical genres and facilitated them in developing new rock music based on their own lives and ideas. As such, taking part in music has a strong potential →

Plate tectonics assignment

The movements of plates over millions of years resulted in the opening and closure of oceans and the formation and disassembly of continents. The orientation of Earth's magnetic field and the polarity of rocks of the ocean floor relative to the oceanic ridge.

Macro environment of sony

It is believed the purchase was made because the Phillip Morris Company actually wanted the Kraft brand rather than the company and its products BRAND: The American Marketing Association defines a brand as " a name, term, sign, symbol, or a design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of →

Abap data dictionary

When the table is activated, a physical table definition is created in the database for the table definition stored in the ABAP Dictionary. Tn Activation program and DB UTILITY DB Definition of the tables in the database T1 T2 T3 Tn A table definition in the ABAP Dictionary contains the following components: Table fields [Page →

Recent developments in hla b27 anterior uveitis

Evidence that HLA B27 is directly involved in the pathogenesis of this group of diseases is supported by the fact that HLA B27 is associated with AAU and SpA in many populations and ethnic groups, in the context of over 140 haplotypes. Despite the association of the ERAP1 gene with HLA B27 SpA and AAU →

Understanding the organizational compensation strategy roles

And this is frequently referred to developing the compensation systems by sing a figure of factors such as: the balance of direct and indirect wagess, the complexness and duty of a function and the campaigner or employee make fulling it, every bit good as company ' s focal point on internal versus external equity. Therefore, →

Trace mineral supplementation for the intestinal health of young monogastric animals

Carlson et al.and Case and Carlson determined that the feeding of pharmacological concentrations of Zn in the form of ZnO at a rate of 3, 000 mg/kg/d improves growth performance of newly weaned nursery pigs. In agreement, Conway and Chan et al.studying the concept of competitive exclusion of pathogenic Escherichia coli by lactobacilli in the →

Post-cold war realities 

In June 1995, the Speaker of the Majlis told the visiting Deputy Chairman of the Russian Duma, Alexander Vengerovsky, that the two strategic states of Iran and Russia should form an alliance to limit the expansion of U.S.hegemony in the region.[1] This proposal effectively sums up the entire history of the Russian-Islamic Republic ' strategic →

Nk cell subset redistribution during the course of viral infections

This report opened a new research topic in the field of NK cell biology and many groups, including ours, highlighted the great importance of CD56 neg NK cell in the physiopathology of HIV-1 infection. Characterization of the defective interaction between a subset of natural killer cells and dendritic cells in HIV-1 infection.

Matrilateral bias in human grandmothering

Where paternity is mistakable due to the crypticity of fertilization and the gap between conception and birth, the subjective value of a male relative's child should be discounted by the probability that the putative father is not the actual sire. The second is a psychological variable, responsive to cues of paternity probability including the timing →

A systems engineering perspective on homeostasis and disease

Given the high inter-dependence among the constituent parts of a living system and the non-intuitiveness of non-linear biological responses, the living organism may be viewed as a structure sharing the fundamental characteristics of " system of systems": autonomy, synergism, connectivity, diversity and resilience. The importance of the homeostasis hypothesis was the realization that " the →

Business plan

1 Current Status of the School Construction Surya Bhan Trust, an India-based nonprofit trust and the owner of the school, has spent over $138, 000 to acquire the land and to partially build the school. The school will engage in the following major activities:

Transformative art: art as means for long-term neurocognitive change

The engagement of executive functions such as working memory and attention, are at the grounds of many artistic experiences as being able to assemble the different pieces of the presented work and being able to avoid distractions to be captivated by the artwork, are an essential for experiencing it. Only a few studies examine the →

Strategic marketing management of oil and gas industry: aof literature assignment

These include the diversification and concentration of marketing activities and the need to apply the marketing mix elements such as price, place, product, and promotion to meet the needs and want of customers and also survive in intense competition within and outside the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Objectives of the Study The main focus →

Porsche changes tack

Although Porsche was traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, control of the company remained firmly in the hands of the founding families, the Porsche and Piech families. 5 This was in comparison to DaimlerChrysler's 142 billion in sales, and Volkswagen's The engine was, in fact, the only part of the Cayenne which was actually manufactured →

Setup team with broadcom nic assignment

When a port is selected to carry all the frames of a given socket, the unique MAC address of the physical adapter is included in the frame, and not the team MAC address. This is possible since the switch at the other end of the link is aware of the teaming mode and will handle →

Ethics in public administration

Despite the increasing number of studies that have focused on the importance of administrative ethics, there has been very little effort spent on identifying what exactly constitutes the crux of ethics in administration. The objective of this paper is to review the implications of the basic principles of ethics for public administration →

Operations management assignment

INTRODUCTION: Operations management is an area of business concerned with the production of goods and services, and involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as little resource as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements.[1] It is concerned with managing the process that converts inputs →

Human resource management and nestle

Mission, Vision and Goals of Nestle VISION OF NESTLE " Nestle's aim is to meet the various needs of the consumer everyday by marketing and selling foods of a consistently high quality." MISSION OF NESTLE 5 We strive to bring consumers foods that are safe, of high quality and provide optimal nutrient to meet physiological →

Buad 3010 text bank chp 1

A) Value reengineering B) Human resource management C) Financing D) Marketing E) Root cause analysis Answer: D Page Ref: 5 Difficulty: Easy Chapter LO: 1 Course LO: Discuss the fundamental concepts of marketing 2) The first step in the marketing process is ________. A) capturing value from customers to create profits and →

Microorganisms and fungi

Microorganisms and Fungi Bacteria and Viruses Viruses Vocabulary virus: A nonliving, infectious particle composed of a nucleic acid and a protein coat; it can invade and destroy a cell.pathogen: A virus, microorganism, or other substance that causes disease; an infectious agent.capsid: A protein sheath that surrounds the nucleic acid core in a virus.envelope: A →

The role of central bank in the development of capital market

The main institutions in the capital market include the Securities and Exchange Commission , which is the apex body and serves as the regulatory authority of the market; the Nigerian Stock Exchange ; the Issuing Houses; and the Stock Firms. 7 JUSTIFICATION FOR THE STUDY The project work must be able to →

Nintendo marketing plan

These new gadgets allow people to be 24-7 connected on the internet and the amount of games available online that can be play on a telephone or a tablet is huge. Therefore, mobile device gaming is a segment with a fast growth rate at the moment, though the world is in a →

Riding posture is determined english language essay

It is hard to easily describe how to ride a bike you need to be on the bike and have someone to teach you. Even before you even sit on the bike it is a good habit to put the front brake on, turn your head to the right and look over your shoulder to →

Project report on k.w.h. meters

Alternating current The first specimen of the AC kilowatt-hour meter produced on the basis of Hungarian Bath's patent and named after him was presented by the Ganz Works at the Frankfurt Fair in the autumn of 1889, and the first induction kilowatt-hour meter was already marketed by the factory at the end of →

Composition and cooking quality of rice biology essay

4Black RiceBlack rice is a type of un-milled rice and is considered to be the heirloom variety of rice cultivated in Asia. The rice bran which is rich in histidine is required in the maintenance of tissues in the body and for the synthesis of red and white blood cells.

The implementation of performance management system education essay

However, as mentioned above it is no longer functioning its intent due to its legion failings viz., it is a cosmopolitan one tantrum system for all public officers, there is no engagement of the appraised and he is non made aware of his strengths and failings, therefore doing the system unjust and inconsistent, it has →

Marketing of nokia

The new definition of marketing, as released by the American Marketing Association is:- Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders." Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals →

Final project report

Project Guide Signatur ABSTRACT " A study on the customer perception of mobile phone service providers with special reference to BSNL" is a project aimed at studying the competitive position of BSNL, the strength and weakness of BSNL's competitors, accessing the present level of service provided by BSNL and identifying the areas which →

Disease and thermal tolerance ability biology essay

In this study, we compared the effects of low temperature and high temperature on the immune responses and thermal induced responses in the 4 groups (two interbreeding populations and two inbreeding populations), total haemocyte count , respiratory burst, superoxide dismutase , acid phosphatase , alkaline phosphatase , →

Computer networking and management

Directory Services A directory service is a centralized database of resources available to the network. These issues are taken care for the user in the background. Users, clients, and processes consult the directory service to learn where a desired system of resource resides.

Myguide: potential entrance to the kasakhstan market essay

As such, this paper aims to explore the Personal Navigation System market in Kasakhstan particularly the market entry barriers. Statement of the ProblemWhat are the market entry barriers for the Personal Navigation System in Kasakhstan? The bracket has a set of contacts that mate to contacts on the bottom of the nav-u, making it easy →

Evaluation after curricular reform in schools

The paper reports a study of English-language teaching conducted in Delhi State of India that sought to examine the assumption that a change in an evaluation pattern can trigger curricular reform. Did concomitant changes take place in the teaching and testing of English at the upper-primary stage when the Central Board of →

Curricular reform in schools: the importance of

Did concomitant changes take place in the teaching and testing of English at the upper-primary stage when the Central Board of Secondary Education introduced changes in the courses of study and the examinations in English language at the end of class X , the occasion of the first high-stakes public examination in India? The →

Recruitment process of human

The specific objective of this report to survive in the competitive global arena, we have to change our recruitment and selection process and adopt the new tools and techniques and bring out the best recruitment system and its result for organizational success. 1 Objective of the study - To know the functions of HR in →

Competition and collaboration in e-commerce

Amazon.com and eBay.com are two examples of e-companies that also pay attention to increasing needs of protecting personal data of their costumers. TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract Table of Contents I. 2 Economic Potential of →

Personality biases of accounting students: some implications for learning style preferences

The importance of different individuals in thefamilyand at work in making career choices among these students is also to be explored. In addition, the study seeks to address the relationship of the cultural values of individualism-collectivism and the protean/conventional career orientations of MBA students from India, with factors as well as people →

Marketing plan for event management company

2 Objectives, research questions, limitations The main objective of this thesis is to fulfill the need of the Clubworks Company having a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to optimize the company's functions and to raise the company's wealth. The reference is not included in this table.→

Music is a moral law english literature essay

The church of Arnstadt was nearing completion and Bach was offered the post of violinist in the orchestra of Duke Johann Ernst the younger brother of the Duke of Weimar. His music was cheered and appreciated and the success gave Bach courage to propose for a complete renovation and improvement of the organ.

Mulberry group plc accounting

Mulberry Group's business mainly focused on the UK market, and the revenues of this company comprised retail and income of design, as the demand of its products increased strongly during the past financial year, the sales raise rapidly. In this part, we will try to analyze the core ratios of the company →

The effects parental involvement in the elementary school essay sample

Thus the perception by a teacher to the effect that a parent is either disinterested or is not able to aid in a child's schooling process would definitely in most instances result negatively. In certain instances the teacher may pay little or no attention to the educational needs on the student, the teacher may →

A difference between children and adults

In order to do so, sufferers of this phobia must try to establish positive associations. This can be a very long and painful process and is based on gradual exposure to the object, linked to the practice of a range of relaxation techniques. All of these longer phrases go at the beginning →

Economics test bank chapter 14 flashcard

A market is competitive if | | firms have the flexibility to price their own product.| | | each buyer is small compared to the market.| | | each seller is small compared to the market.| | a.| and only | | b.| and only | →

Teenage alcohol and drug abuse in america essay sample

It may well be that there is no single solution, and the answer may lie in a multi-tiered program, utilizing education and a formidable carrot-or-stick approach to the problem. Chapter One Causes of Teen Addiction The causes of teen addiction are myriad but peer pressure, seemingly the most innocuous, may well be →

Danish aid to africa: implication for civil society & democracy research paper

In this case, the international relations between the donor and the recipient play a great role. The Danish aid is predominantly used for policy implementation in developing nations." The dynamics of the aid relationship determines the extent to which a PRS process has effected, shifts in the social relations of governance and changes in the →

Hong kong style

In the second stage, we took the company's sourcing-agent strategy one step further and became a manager and deliverer of manufacturing programs. In the old model, the customer would say, " This is the item I want. We are starting down in South Africa and moving up to some of the equatorial →

Geology exam questions

The Hawaiian Island chain was formed by which one of the following processes? *C.movement of the Pacific plate over a stationary mantle plume causing the formation of a string of volcanoes 11. The floor of the Atlantic is widening: why then is there a ridge in the middle? *B.volcanism 14.

Tmnspn. rcs:a vol. 18a. no. 516. pi. 439153. printed m ths u.s.a.

The objective of this study is to explore the way in which a bus operator can use the old profile to determine whether the ride check method or the point check method is appropriate in collecting the new data. 43 E 0: 48 0.50 0.56 0.57 0.59 0.62 0.64 0.68 0.75 0.76 0.78 0.84 0.