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Indian classical dance and music

Interestingly, the number of performances and that of the number of students joining in has been on a constant rise. One of the ways to " grow" an audience and make meaningful arts content is to invest in experimentation.

Reflection essay on purpose of education

Shorris believes that with education in the humanities the students in his class will begin to understand that learning is their best tool for survival, not guns or knives. With the ability to ask questions people are able to learn more from their educators because when people are first introduced to a new concept it →

Ra one- the extra-ordinary sales promotion by srk

The kind of size and magnitude that the film has requires it to be slowly introduced to the audience and that is the very purpose why we are starting the wholecommunicationso early." says Anubhav Sinha The film's first theatrical trailer was released three months later to the public. In addition to this, a jewelry line →

Structuring good and evil

The second of Saint Augustine's speculations as to the nature of evil is much less spatial. It arises from a contemplation of his youth, and, perhaps because of this, is hardly as universal a definition of sin or evil as the one which preceded it.

Toyota recall crisis

The aim of this report is to analyse how Toyota handled the crisis, identify the main issues in their crisis and risk management, and give recommendations/point out important aspects in their strategy that need to be improved.a) Why Toyota failed to identify the risk factors that led to the recall crisis? In order for Toyota →

Persepolis analysis essay

This is seen as a sign of evil in Satrapi's eyes because in one of the first slides you see a picture of the class and they all look the same due to all the girls having to wear this veil. She does and loves being home with her family but she comes back to →

Crocs incorporated case study analysis, vision and mission statement

Given the fact that the said footwear manufacturer and marketer is among the leading of the companies in the business today, this would as well make the improvements and changes that have taken place from the time Crocs Inc.started to produce slippers and footwear for the people around the world. A Brief Background of Crocs →

Milgrams studies on obedience and the ethical problems

Obedience and conformity can have the same type of outcome when it comes to and behaviour that it induces within certain individuals and but can be called stereotyping as social influences, even though not in every case that is the case, they are also different in that the social influences when it comes to conformity →

Comparison of different ecommerce retailers in the uk

Customers browse through the Argos catalogue, select items to purchase, pay for the items online, and then collect the items from the in-store collection desk or have the item delivered to their home. Rivalry tends to intensify as the number of the competitors increases and as they become more equal in the size and capacity, →

Neolithic bronze and iron age history essay

Europe is one region in the world that has its history deeply ingrained in the era of Stone Age when there were great and marked changes that took place in the lives of people alive around that period of time, who were at this time at the stage of evolution known as Homo sapiens. Among →

Economic analysis of sugar industry brazil and australia economics essay

2 The sugar equilibrium price analysis Equilibrium price Demand curve Supply curve Quantity Price Figure 2 The equilibrium price of sugar depends on many factors, the main two of which are the sugar demand quantity and the sugar supply quantity in the world market. As to the equilibrium price formation, the sugar industry has to →

Physical and socio economic characteristics of nigeria economics essay

However, after the Nigerian civil war in 1970, the yield of oil began to increase and the dominance of agriculture in the country's economy began to decline. As in the case of crude oil, over 60% of the confirmed reserve is within the east of the Niger Delta.

Chapter 32 flesh, blood, and bone

It was agony such as he had never felt in all his life; his wand slipped from his fingers as he put his hands over his face; his knees buckled; he was on the ground and he could see nothing at all; his head was about to split open. A swishing noise and a second →

Analysis of public health budgetary construction

Mandatory funding supports health service delivery programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid and represent 88% of the budget of the US Department of Health and Human Services. A study of health spending in Florida for the years 2005-2006 as dedicated to each essential public health service found that 69% of the aggregate budget was allocated →

Comparison of taxation in the uk and bangladesh

The role of governing for collecting tax is initiated by HMRC.' Officers of the Revenue and Customs' are made known in the tax law as the personnel of the HMRC. Abid is a resident of the country of United Kingdom, he is also entitled to pay Council Tax.

Financial benefits of hedging

Introduction In the financial sector financial hedging refers to the act of implementing market positioning strategies in offshore or other less riskier markets with an aim of avoiding or minimizing the effect of exposing the market deliverables to an impending financial risk. Here hedging has been used to avoid an impending financial distress for the →

Blindness in macbeth assignment

Macbeth is blind to his eager and growing interest in the prophecies of the witches, which like many of the other characters leads to his fatal fall. Showing that Duncan is actually blind to Macbeth's true character, he is blind to the aspiration he posses and the inner thoughts and plans he has brewing within →

Donne the cartographer: mapping, writing, and female agency in “the good morrow” and “a valediction of weeping”

The map is one of the most commented-on images in Donne's poetry; many of these varied interpretations of Donne's maps, however, share a common thread in that they look to tie Donne's maps, as Stanford does in her book, to the body. The map image in " The Good Morrow," is the subject of essays →

Relationship between double-consciousness and african american youth identity development in public schools

I will ensure the statement of problem focus on the problem, I will ensure the purpose of the study stress the intent of the study, I will ensure the research question address the purpose of the study, and I will ensure the hypothesis address the research question. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this →

Certified nursing assistant role

The CAN should not just be very skillful in the actual procedures but also be able to observe a condition of a client, patient and report to the nurse. Because a lot of responsibilities and duties, the nurse cannot spend a lot of time with the patient, that is why the nurse assistant is often →

Molecular basis of neurotransmission biology essay

The rise in local calcium concentration makes the exocytosis of the docked vesicles with the plasma membrane and release of transmitter into the synaptic cleft. There is large number of proteins present on the vesicular membrane and these are involved in the neurotransmitter release and in neurotransmission process.

Introduction the scale, as seen in raga

This texture that is prominent in raga music is very similar to the texture of rock and roll music. In raga music, the main instrument in a sitar and in rock music, a guitar.

Role of government assignment

In the long run a policy that does not have support of the people will never survive and be brought to the political agenda. Therefore, yes the executive office is very important, the President having the help of aides has more time to care to the peoples needs and at the same time the public →

The transformation of world economy due to technology

Perhaps, more importantly, how does one explain the even more astonishing reversal of fortune that, at the start of the 21st century, the world has returned to more or less the same ideology of free markets, small governments, and sound money that prevailed at the beginning of the 20th. Regardless of their source, progressive reforms →

Gainesboro mt essay

Capital Structure: Debt and equity Dividend Policy One of the misconceptions at Gainesboro is the belief that only by paying dividends will the company be able to make a strong public gesture that the company has? turned? the corner and is on track to levels of growth and profitability. The case gives three dividend alternatives →

History of religion in iran

To understand Iran's religious reality it is first and foremost important to know and understand who and what Iran was and is today demographically, ethnically, geographically and racially as they are a large part of the realities of the nation. The Persian empire was the name given to the people and the region by the →

Pulmonary rehabilitation and qol in lung cancer patients

PULMONARY REHABILITATION AND QUALITY OF LIFE IN LUNG CANCER PATIENTS: The quality of life in patients with lung cancer is determined both by factors related to the patient and the factors related to treatment. The most usedtools adapted for measuring the quality of life for lung cancer are the European Organization for Research and Treatment →

Economic status of the united states during president reagan’s period

President Reagan made his first task to deal with the effects of the Great Depression and the recession that had hit the country. The discussion of the paper revolves around the details of the incentives created by President Reagan and their effectiveness.

The cholinergic drug

It is a non-selective cholinergic parasympathomimetic agonist that binds to muscarinic-M3 receptors and results in contraction of smooth muscles and stimulation of various exocrine glands.[5] The drug is available in the form of eye drops, tablets, suspensions and gel. This is then subjected to oxidative elimination of selenoxide in the presence of cyclo-pentadiene and hydrogen →

Effects of advertising in hospitals

Such advertising should thus be done carefully in order to ensure that wrong or negative perceptions are not created in the minds of the public.[5] With the majority of people in the UK being expatriates, they are likely to be tolerant of hospital advertising, even as some of them may feel such advertising to be →

A fly essay

The story has elements found in many of Mansfield's other works, including the use of epiphany as the focal point of the narrative; greater concern with internal crisis than external crisis of plot; and use of symbolic patterning, with key ideas and images repeated to suggest the complexity of characters' motives and situations. Woodifield has →

Case study-james hardie essay

Executive summary: This report serves to analyze the external and internal environment of James Hardie and explain the important of managerial ethics and corporation social responsibility. Employee: raise the issue and ask for the compensation Government: investigate the issues Consumer/Public Pressures: push the government and James Hardie to face the issues by boycott and media.

Criminological theories – durkheim, beccaria, lombroso essay sample essay

The purpose of this paper is to depict the theories of offense and penalty harmonizing to the rationalists Emile Durkheim and Cesare Lombroso.and the classical criminologist Marcese de Beccaria. The criminological positions of offense and penalty will be discussed in a signifier of duologue between the three theoreticians researching the relevancy and relationship between the →

Disease processes and therapeutic interventions assignment

The registered nurse has a duty to provide safe and effective medicines management, to ensure that the patient gets the maximum benefit from the medicines required and minimizing potential harm. In the Code it states that the registered nurse must use professional Judgment, exert knowledge and kills, practice safely and within the law in all →

Nation building through an identity realisation sociology essay

As important is the acceptance that, in principle, all members of the nation are legally equal and that the rich and powerful are bound by the laws of the patria. The child learns, for example, to speak the language of his or her nation and what it means to be a member of that nation →

Relationship between doubt and knowledge philosophy essay

So, we followed a certain method and then we proved that our doubt, which was that the lower concentration of the sugar solution in the beaker the larger the mass of the potato will be, was justified. In both areas of knowledge we justify the fact that doubt is not always the key to knowledge.

Impacts of sun damage and benefits of sunscreen

Tanning is your skin's defense mechanism against the sun, and any change to your natural skin color is a sign of skin damage. Melanoma is a skin tumor that develops in the melanocytes- pigment producing cells in the skin-and has a very high tendency to spread to other parts of the body.

Nephron technology for lube oil

The TBN of a used oil can aid the user in determining how much reserve additive the oil has left to neutralize acids. The advantage to the multi-weight is that when starting the engine, the multi-viscosity oil, allows the engine to spin over more easily.

To the first people to develop a base

As aggression has such a vast amount of meaning, it is often questioned by psychologists what exactly causes people to experience these feelings, especially the debate of whether our scale of aggression is something that people are born with or is something that is manipulated and grown by the environment that different communities of people →

Social marketing assignment

Again, the target audience needs to believe they have the ability to follow the message recommendations, and that the behavioral strategy specified in the fear appeal can eliminate or at least reduce the threat. Framing the Fear Appeal What kind of threat is most motivating one that emphasizes the benefits of a certain safety or →


Anapest /Anapestic A poetic foot consisting of two unaccented and one accented syllables, as in: In the SKYAnaphoraThe purposeful repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a series of clauses, sentences, paragraphs, or versesAntagonistIn narrative, the character who provides the major impediment or obstacle to the main character's desireAsideA theatrical convention whereby →

Philosophies, pretenses, and styles of satire in barchester towers and the way of all flesh

The humor and ridicule of Barchester Towers gently yet clearly promotes the Victorian ideal of patriarchy and the maintenance of traditions above the chaos that is brought by change, and The Way of All Flesh uses pointed irony and shocking cruelty to expose, and break free from, the tyranny of the past, the traditional, the →

Developing a culture of learning and development in the workplace

During the entirety of this process, the executive team will be responsible for creating an Employee Training and Development policy that will apply to all future procedures and processes related to trainings and development opportunities. The initiative to create a strategic training and development program in and of itself can lead to more trust in →

Nursing essays – progressive urge incontinence

The study by Perry considered the intra-partum factors that influenced the eventual incidence of stress incontinence and concluded that factors such as a precipitate delivery increased the incidence of perineal floor damage which was a prime factor in the aetiology of stress incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises have been shown to exert a beneficial effect on →

Case study on chevron

Through the years, the researchers at Merck have helped to find new ways to treat and prevent illness from the discovery of vitamin 81, to the first measles vaccine, to cold remedies and antacids, to the first stating to treat high cholesterol. The primary purpose of the production function is to address allocation efficiency in →

Robert louis stevensons ”dr. jekyll and mr. hyde” essay sample

Because the story is seen through the eyes of Utterson, the reader feel what he feels, so when he gets scared, the reader feels the same. Utterson is saying that evil was bound to be a part of the mystery of Jekyll and his acquaintance with Hyde.

Food waste problem in hong kong essay sample

As mentioned by the Environmental Protection Department, " In recent years, the amount of food waste arising from the C&I sectors has increased steadily: from less than 400 tonnes per day in 2002 to over 800 tonnes per day in 2012." The Green Power also indicates " Among the annual 3, 500 tonnes of food →

The power of technology: comparing “rocket summer,” “there will come soft rains,” and fahrenheit 451

Bradbury uses the dramatic change in weather and the disregard of nature to warn against the negative effects technology has on the natural world. Throughout the novel, the enabling of fire's destruction is done by technology: " With the brass nozzle of the flame-gun in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene →

Relationship between rubber hand illusion and interoceptive awareness

When and artificial hand is placed in a position compatible with the participant's own posture, i.e.a position that is plausible anatomically with regard to the participant's body, then the combination of visual input from the rubber hand and tactile stimulation to the participant's hidden hand produces the feeling that the rubber hand is part of →

Should an mnc reduce its ethical standards?

Any business that goes international has to comply with the rules and regulation of that country in context to the norms of the business laws. Imperfect markets make the factors of production immobile and it is the main cause of encouragement for the countries to specialize.

Profiling and investigating serious crimes criminology essay

Crime pattern theory is based on the idea that an offender emphasizes the interaction of awareness of space or mental map of the spatial surroundings, and the distribution of suitable targets. The aim of geographic profiling is not to give the specific identity of the offender; instead the aim is to narrow the field of →

Thucydide vs plato on the good life essay sample

But, why is the Athenian conquest of Melos important to a discussion of what constitutes the Good Life? For example, in the Biblical New Testament, in The Gospel According to Matthew, a recounting of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount mentions that God's disciples who are mourning or in need will be " comforted" and " →

relativism and multiculturalism essay sample

Part Two: Provide a Brief Introduction to the Topic Your introduction must make clear to the reader exactly what ethical problem or question you are addressing within this topic, and what you consider to be the boundaries of the question. But even if it were, the claim is being stated as a universal truth that →

An analysis of the company gameloft marketing essay

Game theory attempts to capture the behavior of an individual in a strategic decision situation given that everyone involved in the situation acts rational and each of them is trying to anticipate the actions of the other. In this assignment, I attempt to relate the ideas of Game theory to the strategic decision made in →

The temperature sensors engineering essay

Because the output signal is dependant upon the difference in temperature between the sensing junction and the reference junction, thermocouples are not suitable for measuring or controlling temperatures close to ambient unless the system for measuring the reference junction is exceptionally good. The accuracy of thermocouples depends upon the quality of the element materials, and →

Modern audiences probably find it difficult to accept shylock essay

Due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth I was a Protestant, and religion in Elizabethan England was firmly in the hand of those adhering to the beliefs of the reigning monarch, anti-Semitism was common in Elizabethan England. Shylock, in this day and age, is seen as more of a victim than a gluttonous villain, the →

Kpone city planning

As far as the Florida Main Street project is concerned, one of the crucial issues for the Kpone city to consider is the determination of sufficient planning time that would ensure that the city stakeholders are involved completely in the development of renewed framework of the city development. Besides, Kpone leadership must also integrate the →

Relating philosophy to pedagogy – how my personal values influence my way of teaching

The image of the child is culturally constructed and linked to our time and place in history, the image I have as a teacher today of children is very different to that of which I was viewed as a child. Te Whariki presents the image of children as competent learners and communicators and I now →

Bp is one of the worlds leading management essay

The overall planning process begins with a mission statement and goals for the organization as a whole. These managers are held responsible to upper management to achieve financial targets that contribute to the overall profitability of the organization.

Water, xeriscape and plants

The fact that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Poweris the single largest municipal utility company in the US makes the point. Part of the measures adopted to curb the wasteful use of water in front yards is the restriction of sprinkler use to 2 days each week.

The role of civil society in democracy essay sample

Origins of Civil Society The origins of civil society date back to the Greek Empire and the thinking of great teachers such as Socrates, Plato, and ultimately Aristotle. To some degree, it is my assertion that without the core concept of civil society, the association of people from different stratum of society into groups working →

Synthesis of acetylsalicylic acid

1 The carboxyl group on the acetic acid reacts with the hydroxyl group on the salicylic acid to make an ester product of acetylsalicylic acid. 1 The crystals left in the funnel of the vacuum filter was the acetylsalicylic acid product.

Bohol destination analysis essay sample

To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and to the south, across the Bohol Sea is Mindanao. The Philippine Tarsier, considered the second-smallest primate in the world, is indigenous to the island.

Pluto telecommunications

Further investigations show that the three departments are different in term of what motivates the employees, the time span for achieving the goals, culture established within the departments and the structural forms within the departments. The behavior employee's exhibit in the organization is result of how the work is designed, how the organization is structured, →

The notion of self-concept

For teachers and parents, the establishment of a strong academic self-concept should be the first priority over the promotion of the longevity of academic achievement. However, the REM merging the two models and claimed that earlier academic achievement affects later academic self-concept, and in the same vein, prior academic self-concept affects subsequent academic achievement.

An eye for an eye: gazing and courtship in gaskell’s north and south

To be sure, while John finds erotic pleasure in seeing Margaret, his gaze upon her does not reduce her or render her passive; in fact, Margaret's attractive physical appearance and ability to appropriate the gaze endows her with authority over John, and leads to a constant and reciprocal exchange of power that culminates in their →

A story about a yo-yo: how catch-22 comes full circle without being circular

Even though Kraft and his crew died as a result of going over the target twice, Yossarian is uncertain about how he ought to feel: He stepped into the briefing room with mixed emotions, uncertain how he was supposed to feel about Kraft and the others, for they had all died in the distance of →

Building the best of us

By placing the desired DNA next to the space left by Cas9, the proteins in the cell will build it into the system. It makes sense that we should not subject a child to needless suffering when the technology exists to free them from the pain of disease.

Hamas: a conflict within assignment

Summary of the Research: This research is an attempt to analyze Hams in terms of its unity and a trial to observe and analyze the characteristics that shape the relations between individuals and different currents within the movement. 2012 " that the intention of the President of the Political Bureau of Hams to retire from →

International law assignment

Since the breach of the contract and the prosecution of the buyer, the case has been investigated by the English Court of Appeal. By showing the steps of a letter of credit, it is way easier to understand the essence of it: * The seller and the buyer agrees to use the letter of Credit →

The urinary system essay

The kidneys are the main organs of homeostasis because they maintain the acid base balance and the water salt balance of the blood. One of the major functions of the Urinary system is the process of excretion.

Anthills of the savana essay

Sam is the president; Chris is the minister of information, while Seem is the editor Of the national gazette. The language of the illiterate and literates is written in a way to reflect who they are.

Courage and aristotle’s doctrine of the mean

However, the worth of the theory of the mean is its recognition of man s moral autonomy, an independence that is made necessary by the incomplete and inconclusive nature of Aristotle s doctrine. Aristotle writes that what is intermediate is to feel the right pleasures and pains at the right times, with the right motive, →

Example of essay on perfection in ancient greece

To achieve their perfection in sculpture, the Greeks brought their ideological perfection of the " synthesis of the two poles of human behavior passion and reason" to bear on their artwork. It is the embodiment of the Greek's " discovery of the principle of weight shift, or contrapposto, in which the weight of the body →

Theory of the mind and mental disorders

In order to have a theory of mind, an intuitive understanding of a persons individual mind and their understanding regarding the mental states of others is a crucial factor to development. This essay aims to look in more detail at theory of mind; the benefits and processes of a fully functioning set of abilities in →

Development of hospitality housekeeping technology

Chapter-1 Introduction Housekeeping: Housekeeping refers to the management of duties and chores concerned within the running of a social unit.it's conjointly wont to talk to the money allotted for such use. A housekeeper is a person used to manage a social unit, and therefore the domestic employees.in step with Mrs Beeton's Book of social unit →

Professional development plan (pdp) for online faculty

Faculty should not be expected to learn on their own time or attend unpaid training seminars; they should have access to professional development that allows them to explore the functions of the LMS and education technologies so that they will learn to effectively use them in instruction. To get a clearer view of the type →

Hr strategies that google has implemented

Also the employees have a firm belief that they are working for the best company in the world and the work they are doing be it either organizing information or creating advertisements is for the betterment of the society. The motto of the company is " Do not be Evil" and encourages the employees to →

How successfully did the liberal governments of 1906-1914

For the elderly the Pension Act was introduced, and the national insurance act for the workforce. The parent's of these children were informed of the conditions and from then on it was the parent's responsibility to make the changes, but children that suffered were suffering because they were poor and were not able to afford →

Effectiveness of play therapy in enhancing social skills

The current study will help in understanding the use of play therapy to facilitate children with intellectual disability and it will bridge the gap between the mental health needs of exceptional children and the available services. According to them, social skills stand for the acceptable set of behavior and etiquettes to behave and interact in →

Prison dog training program by breakthrough buddies

At the end of the eight-week training, adopted dogs will be placed in new homes, arranged by Dixon Animal Shelter, or will go back to the shelter and await adoption, and the inmates will receive a new set of dogs to begin a new session. BB also hopes to stimulate a responsible attitude within the →

Behaviorism, criminology assignment

Watson criticizes the subjectivity and mentalist of the psychology of the time and advocated behaviorism as the basis for the objective study of behavior Watson emphasis on the importance of environmental events, his rejection of covert aspects of the individual, and his claim that all behavior could be understood as a result of learning became →

Love, sex, and the gods in world literature assignment

This paper will discuss how love, sex, and the gods are the driving forces of many of the characters in the works of historical literature. In Homer's The Iliad, the gods are the motivation of many of the characters.

Time limited psychodynamic psychotherapy treatment social work essay

My client needs to focus on the future and not the past, since she has to deal with the consequences of the pregnancy now. The research is helpful in the evaluation of the services that were provided to my client.

What is art? expressivism in art

Hence, Tolstoy maintains that the concept of beauty when looking to define art simply confuses matters, and in order to define art accurately, it is necessary to avoid considering it as a means of pleasure, but rather as one of the conditions of human life that we use to interact and to communicate emotion between →

Market analysis of that malaysian telecommunications industry

Research Objectives To investigate the overall of customer's perception on implementation of customer relationship management of Celcom based in Kuala Lumpur To investigate the overall of customer's satisfaction on implementation customer relationship management of Celcom based in Kuala Lumpur To investigate the effects of consumer loyalty based on implementation of customer relationship management of Celcom →

The people of the french revolution

The Estates General was a group of representatives from the three classes: the clergy, the nobility, and the third estate which was the middle and lower classes, though only the middle was represented here. Palmer, history professor and author of The World of the French Revolution about the immense significance of the Declaration.

What impact does tourism have in coastal areas in spain

According to Bramwell a third of the income of the Mediterranean comes from the tourism sector, as tourism is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas of Spain. Therefore, Bramwell maintains that international mass tourism began to develop in the coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean Europe in the decades of the late 1950s.

Neuropsychopharmacology concepts: overview and analysis

From the psilocybin administered subject trials, the researchers found that the oscillations were weaker than usual in the prestimulus phase and the subsequent reduction of strength was not observed in the poststimulus phase. Alternatively, further research could be done on ibogaine in order to develop a treatment that excludes the hallucinogenic effects of the drug.

Analysis of the federal communications committee (fcc) and net neutrality

It's but made in a sense that circumvents the text of the Net Neutrality principles while handing this middle finger to the meaning of the Net Neutrality regulations, the F.C. The problem of preserving the Canadian model of Neutrality comes up in the Canadian government looking for the best interests of the public in Canada." →

Wind turbine speed against distance from hoover

The variable I would vary is the distance of the fan to the hoover and the size of all the turbines. I will record the distance of the hoover and the fan and the time on the stopwatch every 30 cycles that will be recorded by the black mark on one of the turbines.

Reflective evaluation of the skills of counselling

This essay is a reflective evaluation of the skills of counselling applied to loss and grief in a student's process of learning how to travel the journey of the therapeutic relationship with the client. During the session I spent the majority of the time listening to Steven and reflecting as best I could the content →

Research on the wechsler intelligence scale for children

In the other hand, performance is measurable and it should be of critical importance to the test. Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure over time and across the content of the test, such as the item responses.

Harlem renaissance art style and history

Some common themes represented during the Harlem Renaissance were the influence of the experience of slavery and emerging African-American folk traditions on black identity, the effects of institutional racism, the dilemmas inherent in performing and writing for elite white audiences, and the question of how to convey the experience of modern black life in the →

Gandhi as an environmentalist assignment

To Gandhi, the main plank of the modern civilization is he insatiable and unending pursuit of material pleasure and prosperity. He was not an environmentalist who analyzed the causes and consequences of depletion in the ozone layer.