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Government used mainstream media to promote 1malaysia concept marketing essay

The Government of Malaysia wishes to spread the 1Malaysia Concept to its citizens in the most time-saving and effective way. For example, The Star coverage the news about the launching of 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2012 on 14 June 2012 to attract people to participate in the carnival in conjunction to promote the 1Malaysia concept.

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Writing sample

Should a court's application of the single-purpose container exception to the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement be based on the knowledge of a layperson because it satisfies the fundamental principles established by the U.S. ARGUMENT I.he single-purpose container exception to the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement should be based on the knowledge of a layperson because it β†’

Sigmund freud ideology

His other works, including The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, and Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, do not compel Freud to look into himself like in The Interpretation of Dreams, for " The Interpretation of Dreams is the primary documentation of Freud's self-analysis". As for the science within Freud's groundbreaking discoveries, " There was β†’

Gilgamesh vs. modern day hero. similar characters comparison

Many comics' fans understand that the idea of a true hero is not new and has a long history; still, not all of them know much about the roots of heroic characters, for example, about Gilgamesh and Enkidu from The Epic of Gilgamesh. The characters from The Epic of Gilgamesh help to realize a true β†’

Mobile database

Mobile database is the database that are connected to mobile devices like smart phones, PDA over their mobile network and the database, which is carried by the mobile device. An agent is link of communication between the database of the mobile and database of the server and also the link between the application and mobile β†’

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Historical context versus human behavior in “the scarlet letter”

" The Scarlet Letter" was set in Boston, Massachusetts in the mid 1600's and follows the backlash of the sinful act between Hester Prynne and Boston's own Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. This parallel can be defined even further as " throughout the story Hawthorne continually defines Hester in terms of motherhood...and in the very beginning of β†’

Leading and managing organisational resources

In the last data that was collected from the business organization, the annual turnover, the net profit of the financial year and the previous year the turnover profit was released. In accordance to the statement of Bryant, The roles of transformational leaders is to set mission, vision and goals for the organization and also inspire β†’

Korea’s view on women and gender essay sample

For example, " one of the tenets of Confucianism requires three obediences of women: to the father when young; to the husband when married, and to the son in old age". This statement clearly explains the inequality between the two genders and also emphasizes women's disadvantageous role in society." The influence of Confucian tradition helps β†’

Continuous development of outcomes anticipated commerce essay

The HR practitioner has a role and a contribution to offer to the HRM function in order to be an effective and efficient professional. In the performance and reward professional area band one and two deal with the team aspects; the first band explains the way to work effectively and how to deliver within a β†’

King of shaves unit marketing report assignment

This is to help you to look at and consider the external factors, opportunities, threats and to help identify where the key issues with the marketing of the product may come from.1. Benefits and costs of marketing The next thing to consider is the cost of advertising the marketing plan, and what the company think β†’

An analysis of huntingtons theories of democratisation politics essay

In other words, if elections were taken as the only, or the main sign of democracy and democratization, then a country like Lebanon would be one of the most democratic countries in the world. Dahl, for example, dates the process to the success known by the question of representation which brought about the Revolution and β†’

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Technological progress in science, arts and literature

For instance, special effects have affected the manner in which videos are exhibited through the creation of new motives for the audience due to the special effects that are provided by the CGI technology. The advancement in technology and science has also led to the development of modern literature.

Business fraud causes, detection and solutions

The consequences of this crisis were considerable: from the wrongful foreclosures of American housings, the devaluation of investments to a complete loss of shareholders' trust[1]. In a second part, it analyses the complex nature of the financial system and provides insights on the difficulty to identify a unique, single culprit in the financial sector.

The lexus and the olive tree

The main topics Friedman uses in his book are: The Golden Straight Jacket, globalization, the Lexus and the Olive tree, and the Golden Arch Theory. At the same time it is like a straight jacket because once it is put on, if the country wants to maintain it, the country must follow a series of β†’

The development of concept through the national curriculum

Piaget also discussed the theory of moral education and believed children make moral judgements by observing those around them, ' the child is someone who constructs his own moral world view, who forms ideas about right and wrong, and fair and unfair, that are not the direct product of adult teaching and that are often β†’

Statistically, other barriers that prevent people from

Additionally, the proposal for the " FLOURISH" campaignwill be assessed, approved, and tested by a consulting team of people livingwith mental health conditions and illnesses, and professional mental healthworkers before it will be released to the general public. Furthermore, we will also contact public figures andfamous people to request their endorsement and promotion of " β†’

What was hitler’s role in the holocaust

If one were to frame the Holocaust as beginning with the systematised, state-sanctioned persecution, alienation and subsequent dehumanisation of the Jewish population as initiated by Adolf Hitler's accession to the post of Reichskanzler on the 30 January 1933 and culminating in the liberation of the last of the death camps, Belsen on the 12 April β†’

Risk attitude, investments, and the taste for luxuries versus necessities

The other two measures were simply the mean responses to the difference items and the gamble items, where one indicates that the subject accepted the gamble or thought that the difference between the intermediate and high amounts was larger than the difference between the low and intermediate amounts. It is unlikely that this result is β†’

Human development index and the gross domestic product

The complexity of measuring and defining development for example is seen in the challenging of assumptions that view development as a strictly linear economic progression of a country. Comparison of the HDI and the GDP: The HDI: The Human Development Index that was introduced by the United Nations Development Program in 1990 has become the β†’

Experiences of pediatric cancer survivors

Hence, in order to delineate the characteristics and conduct an in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of survivorship, the descriptive exploratory design was employed for the study. Despite the fact that a non-probability sample is less likely to be a representative of each individual of the population, in order to develop a rich and holistic understanding β†’

Romanticism in les miserables

He famously writes, as a preface to his novel: " So long as there will exist, by reason of law and custom, a social condemnation which, in the midst of civilization, artificially creates a hell on earth, and complicates with human fatality a destiny that is divine; so long as the three problems of the β†’

Business intelligence in the company’s management practices

The success of the company has flourished from the hard work of team members and strong leadership throughout the company. Each region in their company has a regional trainer who is responsible for overseeing the orientation and training of all new and existing Whole Foods Market team members.

Anonymous sperm and egg donor privacy vs. the child’s right to know essay sample

These donors will remain in the shadows unless something or somebody changes the way our government views donor privacy."...behind the many successful outcomes there is a tissue of unresolved questions about the legal rights and obligations of the parties involved, from the clinics to donors to parents to the children themselves..". It should not have β†’

Summary of the seven habits of highly effective people

In the case of Prophet Muhammad, his final destination and the ultimate goal was to effectively spread the religion, Islam and to gain Allah's acceptance and blessings in the process. He had developed a sense of feeling for the suffering of his people and left the confines of his palace to sought out a solution β†’

Children’s care routines essay

This means that the child will not be socialising or interacting with others in the activities during the day, and that the child is likely to ignore the practitioner or other children that approach them. Social effects of this routine The practitioner would be able to have one-to-one interaction time between them and child that β†’

Editorial: innovative approaches in computational structural engineering

The Research Topic " Innovative Approaches in Computational Structural Engineering" aims to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of state-of-the-art innovative developments, concepts, methodologies, and approaches in scientific computation applied to structural engineering. The contributions come from 58 leading researchers and professionals from 10 countries around the world who are actively involved in β†’

Did about one out of ten who set

The Oregon Trail was not just one set path, there were several pathways and choosing the right one was the challenge for the pioneers. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the main pathway was the Oregon Trail.

The impact of the sugar and silver trade webs on the pertinent nations

In their books, The Origins of the Modern World and Captives as Commodities: The Transatlantic Slave trade, Robert Marks and Lisa Lindsay respectively explore how the world developed from the early 16th century onwards, and look at the way the world, and in particular the nations that were heavily involved in trade were affected. Through β†’

Holly farms

Since capital investment is not possible at this time, Gillian would need to hire more staff for ice-cream manufacturing if she plans to increase the number of flavors to ten, analysis and accurate forecasting of what quantities of flavors to produce would also be required if the number of flavors is to be increased. The β†’

A history of total quality management

Total quality management is the integration of all functions and processes within an organization in order to achieve continuous improvement of the quality of products and service. The need to performing this process was the reason that led to the emergence of a separate inspection department which resulted in the emergence of defect prevention concept β†’

Burger king: business communication processes

Restaurant manager Assistant manager Salary manager Hourly manager Team leader Crew The communication process in different station in Burger King: Front counter and order making: in this process, the front counter person take the order of customer and after that trough screen the order maker got message to make a customer order. Drive thru and β†’

International security and disarmament

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: International Security and Disarmament International security is a key issue in the study of international relations. This paper answers the question of how the international system has used disarmament to contain armed conflict and promote peace and security.

Social policy beveridge

Disease was a dominant issue as many citizens greatly suffered due to the lack and affordability of professional health services ' The National Health Service Act' was implemented in 1946 and insured that health care was free to all social classes and available in all areas. In 1944 the Education Act was brought forward by β†’

The importance of strategic performance management commerce essay

Keeping the public demand in head, the retail shop has done a entire redevelopment of the shop, and besides added to the services. In fact, Burton has besides accepted the duty of listening to the clients and turn toing to the demands as a civilization of the full house.

Is this an expository essay?

Thus, this thesis will be as follows: " the piece currently under analysis, and currently being read by the previously established readers, is, in fact, an expository essay as it was made to be an expository essay exploring itself not for the purpose of understanding but of meandering and wriggling around a writing prompt" or β†’

Change at whirlpool: an analysis essay

This report analyses the 2005 Harvard business Review case study ' Change at Whirlpool Corporation' using the Hayes and Hyde model of change, Higgin's 8-S model, Hayes Stakeholder management grid and Kotter's Model of leadership to examine how senior management were able to initiate and implement the new changes and steps they took to embed β†’

Is the family in decline

In fact the decline of the family has been linked to the changing social attitudes in society when compared to that of the past. Specifically, according to these theorists, the decline of the family is said to be down to the direct result of many factors, such as the ease and quickness of divorce, more β†’

Measurement of tangible non-current assets essay sample

This paper will focus on the main characteristics which are: relevance, faithful representation, comparability and the ability to understand the information, and will be applying these to the techniques used to reliably measure tangible non-current assets. The definition of a tangible non-current asset under the relevant standard IAS 16 ' Property, Plant and Equipment' is: β†’

The architecture of deceit cultural studies essay

It covers many of the topics I wish to address in relation to my dissertation; it examines virtual reality within the historical context which gives a greater understanding to how it has shaped the approach of the architect's design process, also outlining the concerns virtual reality has when representing ideas to clients and end-users. The β†’

Movie analysis of hotel rwanda

Hotel Rwanda, released in December of 2004, is based on the true story on the life of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager of Hotel des Mille Collines, who saved the lives of 1, 268 people in the face of genocide. This movie is based on the true events of the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 that β†’

Is personal interaction becoming extinct due to social media

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks Investopedia.com defined it as Internet-based software and interfaces that allow individuals to interact with one another, exchanging details about their lives such as biographical data, professional information, personal photos and β†’

Malta case study

The demolition contractor is required to bulldoze the warehouse and the other buildings within the allotted time span of 20 weeks. The demolition infrastructure needed for the project, including the plant and the machinery, must also be imported, adding more expenses and bureaucratic tangles to the contractor's effort.

The research methods in english language education essay

In the following paragraphs, I will review the methods sections of these comparable studies in chronical order, with an attempt to highlight the similarities and differences among similar studies, and summerise the characteristics of the methods adopted by these studies in Hong Kong context. The data in this study were collected from students from seven β†’

Teacher-coach role onflict essay sample

Perceptions and Performance of Dual Roles in Teaching-Coaching Teachers-coaches frequently perceive disparities when attempting to fulfill the duties of the two roles, that of the teacher, and the role of the coach. How politics influence teacher-coaches behavior As stated before, coaching can be considered a full-time job itself with the additional responsibilities that are associated β†’

Australian culture vs japanese culture management essay

The particular aspects that create noise between the Australian culture and the Japanese culture to be discussed are non-verbal behaviour including kinesic and para-language, and the context in which the communication takes place. Because of the cultural differences and the impact of cultural noise on effective communication, it is advised the Australian culture adjusts and β†’

Arguments for new models of governance

The red pen which represents the traditional form of government and the blue pen which represents a new model of government and whether or not, I agree or disagree that a NMG is needed. The Blue Pen One of the statements for this assignment is that the traditional form of government is not working.

Flood coping mechanisms

The action is intended to gather information related to the characteristic of flood, how the affected community survive with flood, and the coping strategies that have been done by the local government. General objective of this research is to identify the adaptive strategies of household to cope the flood event and local government actions in β†’

An examination of the extent to which globalization has influenced the upsurge of conflict in the international system. assignment

Many of the important differences are closely related to the increment in interconnectedness as a result of the information revolution, the liberalization and expansion of international trade, decreased role of governments in business and finance, and the ease with which technology has assisted the transfer of funds across borders. It is noteworthy also that the β†’

Uk risk reporting practices in telecommunications

Risk reporting entails all the matters related to distribution of the risks among the stakeholders to the industry, therefore firms in telecommunication industry in United Kingdom have developed clear ways of articulating information to their shareholders and other stakeholders to the industry. Literature review Importance of risk reporting According to McClelland Thatcher, risk reporting in β†’

Institution based view of business strategy | case study

Industry-based view and resource-based view are complementary because they settle the relationship between a organization's resources and capabilities and its positional advantage by arranging how resources and capabilities are coordinated with market situations, the suitability of planned resource and capability and the quality of strategy implementation. Formal and informal institutions are commonly recognized as the β†’

Background become one of the major challenges affecting

Therefore, the rationale for theuse of survey and cross sectional designs in this study will be to assess theopinions of the NHIS staff on the causes of staff turnover, the positive andnegative effects of staff turnover and to identify measures that can reduce thenegative effects of staff turnover on NHIS performance only once. Significance of β†’

History of disability in new zealand social work essay

The goal was to ' increase the elements of the mental, moral, and physical strength of the nation'. They provided lots of opportunities and support to the disabled people.

Evolution in the neanderthal period history essay

The bona fide question that ought to be responded to is " why the Neanderthals were deemed a distinct species from the Homo sapiens and what made them go extinct?" Neanderthal Man was the term given to bones discovered in 1856 in Germany. The kind of specimen, labeled Neanderthal, comprised of a skull cap, three β†’

Flat blade screw driver for electrical applications engineering essay

A dust mask must be worn during operation to protect the user from inhaling finer particles. Safety goggles must be worn to protect user's eyes during operation.

Intercontinental hotel group

The Holiday Inn Express is an established and well known brand name of IHG Holiday Inn Express is the newest and fastest growing hotel network in the UK which offers more than 100 hotels across the UK and Ireland and all hotels are located in towns and city centre, as well as close to major β†’

External analysis of hewlett packard

The Report concludes with the methods used by Hewlett Packard to analyse its external environment and it also explains about the Hewlett Packard laboratories, which mainly carries out the research works of the organisation. Micheal Porter, Professor of Harvard business school indicated that the type and size of the competition in the business depended on β†’

What is reality? philosophy essays

The definition of reality is the state or quality of being real but if we know what is real because of our perceptions and senses, how do we know our senses can be trusted to tell us the truth, and thus how do we know what is real? Every philosopher has searched within themselves for β†’

Environment and ethical issues marketing essay

The vehicles of Daimler and services are sold and provided in nearly all countries of the world. The market share of General motors is increasing in the Chinese market.

South korean multinational conglomerate company

In this process which involves the moving of resources which includes capital, technology, and people to gain the ability to understand better the consumers and competitive environment as well as providing a high degree of control in the operations. Greenfield investment is whereby the parent company operates a new venture in a foreign country by β†’

Periodic table assignment

For ions of the same charge the size ^ as moving down a group in the periodic table n ^ = size of both the parent atom and ion ^ 11 Audi Majdan? KLIUC Down a group Ionization energy v Reason? atomic size ^; the distance of electron from nucleus ^ the attraction between electrons β†’


The vision at Safeway talks about value and adding value to the chain of operations that the store is involved in. The different solutions that this paper has proposed comprise of a sound transparent system in overall operations, fair measurement of performance throughtechnologyusage and SAPs, improving upon the recruitment guidelines by involving pre-agreed upon contracts β†’

Siddhartha gautama

Enlightenment is a completely new outlook on life, and Siddhartha was able to find that, and keep it with him for the rest of his life on earth. His realization of suffering and the fact that he had been blind to it for his younger years gave him this change of heart.

Climate change, eco-terrorists and the world

As the times progress, the issue of climate change had been terribly felt in different parts of the world. Crichton, is a well known filmmaker and the writer in the world of Hollywood, he had been known to have written variety of scripts of for the movie Jurassic Park as well as the highly acclaimed β†’

Purpose of hydraulic fluids engineering essay

The reader is expected to understand these properties and its effect on health and the environment as well as the selection of proper type of fluid relevant to the application. In addition to the power transmission the hydraulic fluids work as lubricators to the hydraulic system to protect all hydraulic system components against friction and β†’

Ambulance response programme in the north of england

The development of a falls prevention pathway is a requirement of both the National Service Framework for Older People and NICE clinical guideline on the assessment and prevention of falls. The overall aim of the falls teams are to provide a timely and responsive service to help maintain people in the community and help prevent β†’

Reservations under the new york convention law international essay

The first reservation permits states to apply the Convention to disputes arising out of " commercial relationships" as defined by the relevant state.[4]The effect of this reservations on the effectiveness of arbitration is exemplified by the decision of the Tunisian Cour de casssation,[5]which affirmed the refusal by a lower court to recognize and enforce an β†’

Regional differences in english accents

Besides, some people see RP as the most correct form of English accents, while the others are just deviations and not correct English; however, Hughes, Trudgill and Watt explain that even if it is the most understood of all the accents, it has been losing the prestige it had, and RP is becoming an accent β†’

Early intervention of massage health and social care essay

Massage is described as the systametic and scientific use of the soft tissue of the organic structure for the intent of obtaining and keeping wellness harmonizing to massage therapy: rules and pattern by Susan G. The focal point of this is on whether massage therapy can assist with the betterment of musculus tone and motor β†’

Lufthansa international strategy

The Group uses a network cooperative strategy that allows them to form multiple partnerships with the members of Star Alliance, its partnerships from the different segments in the Lufthansa group, and from its subsidiaries and associated companies within its group. Lufthansa should continue to take steps in the investment of developing and training staff and β†’

Aptitude tests at an electronic corporation do you see any problems…

It is important to note these aptitude tests represent the multiple hurdle model, which shows the employees with highest test scores go on to the next level, thereby establishing inequity. In the case of this electronics company, the older people were being replaced in that while they had the experience, they failed the tests.

Why people should connect more with nature theology religion essay

However, the links that were ab initio at that place, could not merely vanish and there is a figure of of import grounds in favour of the statement that people should seek to acquire back to rudimentss and connect with nature more than they do today. Second, in the epoch of absolute informational pandemonium and β†’

Strategic plan of shangri-la hotel

Shangri La is a cooperation that has a lot of hotels and resorts in the whole wide world. Shangri La search for trendsetters and professionals to serve their customer and to achieve the goal, that is, to make sure every customer has great experience once they stay in the hotels and resorts.

Frontiers in invertebrate physiologyβ€”an update to the grand challenge

Environmental constraints and basic construction principles have led to an amazing variation of physiological solutions to breathe, to ingest and digest food, to reproduce and to communicate and all this on the basis of a wide range of anatomical construction principles. The goal of Frontiers in Invertebrate Physiology is to cover a wide range of β†’

Factors affecting hand washing compliance

The purpose of the study is to know the different factors that affect the compliance among healthcare workers in a long-term care facility in Los Angeles California and to assess the knowledge and attitude of the healthcare workers concerning the practice of hand washing. The hypothesis is that there are several factors affecting the compliance β†’

Refugee blues analysis essay sample

Interestingly, only the last line of the stanza is in present tense, Auden brilliantly changes the tense of the stanza to depict the suffering of the narrator and other German Jews. The third line if this stanza, gives the feeling of abandonment, that how, the country, the city they are living in, and the consul, β†’

Ch. 25 teaching and learning

A) Teach the patient's spouse B) Focus on knowledge the patient will need in a few weeks C) Provide only the information that the patient needs to go home D) Convince the patient that learning about her health is necessaryProvide only the information that the patient needs to go homeThe school nurse is about to β†’

Kfc customer survey

The main aim of this assignment is to carry out a customer survey both in the stores of the KFC and outside available food joints to find out whether the people are willing for the introduction of local flavored menu by KFC. This is done along with other questions which enquire about the position of β†’

Exploring the health benefits of tea

Frank Jordans, journalist of The Huffington Post also states that Japanese girls that are born in the year 2009 have a high chance of living to the year 2095, some may even stand the chance to explore the wonders of the next century. Although the effect does not occur to men, it is important to β†’

Biofilms and lichens on stone monuments: do they damage or protect?

The deterioration of the sandstone depended mainly on the nature of the sandstone itself, in particular on the dimension of the quartz grains: the larger the grains, the greater the porosity, water absorption, fragility, and de-cohesion of the sandstone. The measurements of the capillary water uptake and the surface hardness of colonized and non-colonized materials, β†’

Effect of artillery in ww1 essay

In many sources the artillery had not broken the barbed wire and when the soldiers had to go over the top they could not get past the barbed wire and the German machine guns cut them to ribbons. Returning to the front a month later some of Sassoon's desire for revenge had abated, and when β†’

Fordism and scientific management 18107

With Taylor attempting to prove to the world that there was a science to management and that the quickest way was the best way, he attacked the incompetence of managers for their inefficiencies in running the railroads and factories. The promise of massive increases in productivity led to the following of Fords and Taylor s β†’

Evaluation of the just war doctrine

There are definitions for the six conditions of the just war doctrine, and analysis of the war with respect to the six principles of a just war. A good understanding of the various viewpoints depends on analysis of the events leading to the war, the reason put forth to defend the action of waging of β†’

Child rights in the uk

In spite of the attempts of children welfare societies and other children care initiatives, children are loosing their basic rights even and are getting sunk into drugs, sex and other wrong activities. There is big difference between the ways and experiences of UK children and the children of other developed countries.

Bhopal gas tragedy assignment

Disasters: A case study of Papal Gas Leak Disaster Industrial One of the most disastrous events since the history of chemical industry occurred in Papal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, on the night of December 02, 1984, in the factory of Union Carbide of India Ltd.due to leakage of Methyl Iso Senate gas. The β†’

Team building and leadership self assessment paper

I work in the Research and Development center of the company and occupy the post of R & D laboratory engineer in the Electronic Laboratory. In the next table I have matched the leadership behavior levels and development levels of my team members: After studying acutely for few days the strengths and weaknesses of my β†’

Database security and encryption: a survey study

This survey was conducted to identify the issues and threats in database security, requirements of database security, and how encryption Is used at different levels to provide the security. Figure 1 below shows the properties of database security that are: confidentiality, integrity and availability As discussed previously confidentiality imposes limits while retrieving the secure data β†’

The emh, the financial crisis and the behavioral finance

The first insight of the EMH is related to the most profound insights of classical economics, that is, there is no excess profit in a complete market, which is due to the fierce competition in the market. As a matter of fact, the EMH is a natural result of the fierce competition in the market β†’

Distance learning: the new frontier in education assignment

Not all scholars believe that form information transferrence marked the beginning of distance learning." The history of distance education could be tracked back to the early 1700s in the form of correspondence education, but technology-based distance education might be best linked to the introduction of audiovisual devices into the schools in the early 1900s. According β†’

Impacts of european colonialism in africa history essay

Most of the first European explorers in Africa were the missionaries who came with the mission of ministering to pagan African tribes. In the beginning of 20th century, the French government halted to support the missionaries in colonies.

Factors influencing the supply of rice in the world market

Analysts attributed the price rises to a " perfect storm" of poor harvests in various parts of the world, increasing biofuel usage, lower food reserves, growing consumer demand in Asia, oil price rises, and changes to the world economy. High prices remove the incentive for firms to be more efficient in the use of the β†’

Treaty of utrecht essay

The Peace of Utrecht was significant in the course of state relations because it marked the start of the " balance of power" doctrine. In the war, England was almost a " cat's paw" according to Swift in The Conduct of the Allies: theUnited Provinces, escaping their own responsibilities of the war, expected England to β†’

Case study of kalon

Kalon's success can be put down to astute acquisitions, a series of well-judged strategic decisions regarding the future direction of the business and efficient management, not least in the area of logistics. Also central to the success and smooth running of any logistics operation is the warehouse management system.[1] Logistics refers to the systematic management β†’

Female sexual identity in gothic literature

Much like horror novels Gothic literature was created to evoke feelings of terror and in the words of Mary Shelley ' curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart' of audience who was predominantly female. In light of the knowledge that ' Percy Shelley laid a heavy editorial hand' on the first manuscript β†’