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Relevance and reliability of eyewitness testimony in court

This has been demonstrated by Clifford and Scott in a study that involved participants watching a film of a violent attack and a control group that watched a less violent version of the film. A review of the literature undertaken by Deffenbacher, Bornstein, Penrod and McGorty undertook a review of studies that investigated the effects →

The world’s financial system

In order to analyse the effect of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, this paper discusses three institutions, how they operated during the crisis and how they have progressed after the crisis. In the first half of that year the company announced a loss of $13.

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Satisfaction for food and services provided by mcdonalds commerce essay

To increase the customer satisfaction when the customer dining in McDonald's To improve the quality of food and services in McDonald's The area that needs to improve by the staff of McDonald's is the attitude of politeness to the customers. How to improve the food and services in McDonald's?

How can alice end the marriage with james law family essay

Parties to marriage: Alice v JamesFor validity of a marriage we need to consider two elements1: Do parties to marriage have capacity to enter into marriage? Dexter is dependent child of james and Alice so court have to consider the needs of child.

The influential factors behind the growth of globalisation

In History, in a similar manner, the techniques of industrial manufacturing lead to create the process of industrialisation, now that process has linked with the globalisation and has created new environment of operating businesses. They always seek better opportunities in the market and as a result of globalisation their career path has extended even for →

Lobbying accounting standards

Lobbying patterns varies across nations and regions due to factors that impact responsible lobbying by shaping relation between the state and firms such as type of government, government intervention, lobbying system and factors that have indirect effects by shaping the degree to which stakeholders such as employees, consumers and non-governmental organizations push responsible lobbying In →

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In-depth analysis of the erm technique

Besides, the company will be able to establish a system of enterprise risk management in the wake of logistical, cultural and historical challenges. The strategic implications of enterprise risk management: A framework.

Needs of ifrs education in india

To broaden the pool of trained resources, it is important to incorporate IFRS training in colleges, universities, and the professional accounting syllabus of the ICAI. This paper throw lights on importance and need of IFRS education in India, the extent to which IFRS are recognized around the world and explore the possibilities of implementing IFRS →

Research report on edith wharton

Wharton's " frame" takes the form of a narrator who introduces the end of the story and then provides a " vision" of prior events that becomes the story proper. Edith Wharton's Letters from the Underworld: Fictions of Women and Writing.

The orient craft ltd export house

All the activities of Orient Craft are built around the needs and demands of the buyer and organized in such a way to produce profit. The decision is made at this point whether the garment will be accepted as a part of the new line and the final order is placed.

The dotcom bubble and the stock market fall in 2000-2001

In that testimony he tried to explain the causes of the recent financial and economic crisis to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, highlighting the vulnerabilities in different sectors of economics. To sum up, experts claim that flaws in evaluating the perspectives of new technologies in the 90ies caused the dotcom bubble burst in 2000, while →

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Amish rumspringa essay sample

Having had a sufficient experience of life outside church boundaries, the fear of being shunned by the society and a sense of responsibility regarding continuity of the Amish culture makes most Amish youth return home and to the Amish church after the Rumspringa period is over. One leading reason as to why most of the →

Limitations of qualitative research

Without the existence of this two data, the validity of a research is unacceptable because of there are no evidence to support the claims. The complexities of the human being has lead to the a new branch of science which is human science in order to study the behavior of human.

Juvenile crimeexample argumentative essay

There is a presumption in the law that a child 6 years old is not criminally responsible and cannot form the intent to kill that is necessary for criminal prosecutions. Juvenile crime, in law, is a term denoting various offenses committed by children or youths under the age of 18.

Kimberly peirce’s 1999 film, boy’s don’t cry – critical review

6 Cultural-feminists would argue that the female sex is superior and therefore, androgyny is not a desirable goal at all and Brandon's desire to live as a man is indicative of a heterosexual " false consciousness" under patriarchy. Disagreements among radical feminists as to the role and importance of biology become trivial in this context.

Swot analysis of apple

But as the pressure builds to cut costs further and to focus solely on core competencies, companies are turning to the growing trend of business process outsourcing, or total outsourcing of an entire function. As a result, one common approach outsourcing providers take is to hire as many of the former in-house trainers as possible, →

The somme as a turning point in world war one and warfare

One of the bloodiest battles to take place during World War One was the battle of the Somme, where at its end, the allies had lost 615, 000 men, and the Germans lost 650, 000 men. This battle would also mark a change in warfare, as the introduction of the tank would make its mark →

Amazon.com: the brink of bankruptcy assignment

The companybegan to sell music products and videos, and within two months of these additions, Amazon became the number-one seller of books, music, and videos on the web. Bezoscould be combined to create an effective mission statement, as follows: The mission of Amazon.com is to leverage technology and the expertise of our invaluable employees to →

Personality theories according to stolorow & atwood

According to Rogers, all the inherent potentialities of the human are in the service of maintenance and the enhancement of life. This is different from the actualising tendency in that the self is involved.the organized, consistent conceptual gestalt composed of perceptions of the characteristics of the " I" or " me" and the perceptions of →

The liberating dimension of human habit in addiction context

In the therapeutic-educative context, it is evident that one of the central consequences of addiction is the loss of habits that are necessary for personal and social realization and which are normally acquired over the course of a healthy life. The role of habits and motivation in human drug addiction: a reflection.

Editorial: epigenetic modifications associated with abiotic and biotic stresses in plants: an implication for understanding plant evolution

Editorial on the Research Topic Epigenetic Modifications Associated with Abiotic and Biotic Stresses in Plants: An Implication for Understanding Plant Evolution Epigenetics in modern definition refers to the heritable alterations in gene expression which may lead to a variation in the phenotype without a change in the DNA sequence. These findings are corroborated by the →

Europe versus america

The United States comes to the rescue of its own father countries to help bring a decisive victory to the bloody and vicious World Wars of the early 1900's. Cars dwindled from the roads, factories and plants became more efficient, and the masses started to do more in the way of conservation.

Me against the media

The few students who have actually done the reading chuckle because they know that today's class is about the pervasiveness of consumerism in popularcultureand in the schools. But this is no easy task, and activists would be well advised to work on the issue of Generation Y and consumerism.

Comparitive study between euripides’ alcestis and hippolytus

In the play Aphrodite the goddess of love, is angry with Hippolytus because of his devotion to Artemis, the goddess of chastity and hunting. In Alcestis The entry of the chorus, or the " parodos" sequence, follows: a chorus of fifteen men of Pherae, led by a " coryphaeus", enter the orchestra of the theatre.

Memorial hospital case study

When a hospital does not take health needs as the number one priority and focus on dollar and cents instead, one feasible result is poor service which leads to decrease of patients and revenue, increase of malpractice risk and damage the hospital profit at the end. The president appears to recognize that the hospital has →

Does it pay off

HSBC developed and delivered many value added products and services like launching mobile banking and secure net payments for merchants in 1999, the creation of Ibusinesscorporation.com and HSBC.com.HSBC.com which was designed to create a common presentation of all HSBC's services at any time anywhere to any of its customers was the crown jewel of the →

Allegory of american pie by do essay

The most important song in rocknroll history, " American Pie", is the song about the demise of rocknroll after Buddy Hollys death and the heathenism of rock that resulted. When the deeper story is found, the importance of the song is unearthed." American Pie" is not only a song, it is an epic poem about →

Do children with high functioning autism benefit from school inclusion?

The ideal ratio of children with autism and their typical peers will be 3: 12. The link between perceptions of self and social relationships in high-functioning children with autism.

Beta thalassemia: causes and treatments

Since the lifespan of the red blood cell for thalassemic patient is less than 120 days, the patient requires a regular blood transfusion. So, in conclusion, the main treatment for thalassemic patients is regular blood transfusion and iron chelation therapy as blood transfusion makes the iron stored in the body overloaded.

Laparoscopic hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases: the current state of the art

At this stage in the evolution of laparoscopic hepatectomy, evidence is still lacking on the safety of laparoscopic major hepatectomy for colorectal hepatic metastases and also on the feasibility of the laparoscopic approach for tumors in the right posterior sector and/or the segments close to the hepatic venous outflow. Ann Surg.doi: 10.

Language in the possibility for spontaneity, unpredictability, and

For example, this can be seen in the beginning of the narrative when the narrator begins her story with, " My father lost me to The Beast at cards" and then suddenly changes her focus to describe the setting in the North. This sudden change of focal point gives the reader a sense that the →

Steel fiber reinforced mechanisms

Steel fiber remains the most used fiber of al followed by polypropylene, glass and other fibers: Reinforcement Mechanisms: Concrete carries flaws and micro-cracks both in the material and at the interfaces even before an external load is applied. The efficiency of steel fibers as concrete macro-reinforcement is in proportion to increasing fiber content, fiber strength, →

Mass media advertising invasion influence media essay

The power that advertisement has is too much powerful, and may prejudice more than it helps.as many of the advertisements are not made with only the fact to inform and help people, if not most of the advertising channel uses time that stereotype, especially with the young people, because cause an imbalance in mind and →

Labour movement in the usa business essay

The addition in the brotherhood denseness in the early nineteenth century can be attributed to the addition and deepening of the labor jobs with the oncoming of the decennary long great depression of the 1930s. The diminution of brotherhoods continued in the 1990 's and the non brotherhood sector has continued to turn in the →

Evolution of the contemporary world system politics essay

This system came to an end together with the breakout of the World War I when the perception of balance of power was absent in the mind of state actors. The emergence of nonalignment movement creates the single and stronger voice for the weak and poor states to bargain with the rich and powerful states, →

The backlash of on muslims

The American global war on what they refer to terror has generally impacted the Muslim minorities in the Islamic world, and the entire globe to the various degrees of hardship and suffering and in the various areas of life. In essence, the promotion of Islamophobia, mistreatment of Muslims, and the actual war on terror that →

Stoma care reflection

I could sense that Tom was anxious, which reminded me that this was more difficult for him and thus I needed to be calm and confident in order to facilitate the learning process and relieve any of Tom's own stresses. On talking to Tom and seeing that he was keen to learn and become independent →

Theory comparison questions essay sample

During this stage of her development, Chrystell's parents provided a positive and supportive environment for her to explore her imaginative growth. This constructive act of letting Chrystell choose led her to a favorable resolution of this stage of psychosocial development, leading to a sense of pride, because the option to choose her play activities allowed →

How does shakespeare present ideas about order, rules, and authority in julius caesar essay sample

However, Julius Caesar is also referred to by the tribunes, and the audience is given the clear idea that Caesar may have, or be seeking to, move above his rank in the order of things, ' look to the stars', as Cassius puts it later on in the play. This is referred to several times →

Interaction of food with power and masculinity within “pariah” and “brokeback mountain”

Juxtaposed to this, Alike is aligned to the left of the shot while shown talking and similarly Audrey is pushed to the right side of the frame, which allows the viewer to focus on the entire rest of the frame. The most important part of the scene and the meal is the large turkey, which →

Glucose and diabetic studies essay

001Consequence of wortmannin on aqueous fraction of P.fulgens roots stimulated glucose consumption in L6 cells: To clear up the mechanism of the sweetening of glucose consumption by P.fulgens, we examined whether aqueous fraction of P.fulgens -induced glucose consumption was reversed by wortmannin, which is a specific inhibitor for PI-3-kinase that blocks the insulin-signaling tract. Consequence →

Launching the bmw z3 roadster

The success of the new Z3 roadster will be the measuring stick for this change and the careful implementation of this vehicle will be immeasurable to the success of the company in the future. For this reason we have analyzed what BMW was attempting to accomplish with their launching of the Z3 roadster, their position →

Human embryonic development: days 14 to 28

Development of the yolk sac and amnion which supply nutrients and support the growth of the embryo: The cavity of the blastocyst is lined with new cells to create the yolk sac. As cells proliferate, the mesoderm spreads within the middle layer from the caudal end to the cranial end of the embryo, the notochord →

The ‘lucifer effect’: how good people turn evil

Dr Zimbardo saw the SPE as the parallel to the controversial abuses in Abu Ghraib, which shaken the morality of the world in 2004. The soldiers in Abu Ghraib were just US Military Police Army Reservists without any preparation to run the prison, exactly like the students role- playing the guards in the prison-like stimulated →

Impacts of offsite and industrialized on professional roles

This report aimed to explore procurement and professional roles in offsite and industrialized construction project and in context analysed the impacts on professional roles and focus on how construction project management teams are formed. The offsite and industrialization construction involves the market examination, management, design and the selling of the finished modular, distribution, installation and →

Causes of failure at lehman business essay

It was apparent in the case of Lehman Brothers that they should adopt the practice of organisational resizing in response to the economic and environmental conditions8. Understanding Human Resource management in the context of organisation and their environments.

Introduction a series of events, including her

Among the changes realized at the time was the restoration of pope as the head of the church in England. The battle of Agincourt was a war fought between the English and the French in the year 1415.

Career autobiography and critical analysis psychology essay

The trait factor of Holland's theory fails to discuss the role of family as an influence in respect to career development, whereas, in Super's theory the family plays a critical role in the individuals formation of self-concept. The influences are said to affect attitudes of individuals in respect to that individual's purpose in life and →

Philosophy review

Empiricism the doctrine that all knowledge is derived from sense experienceSophism any false argument; fallacyPythagoreanism the doctrines of Pythagoras and his followers, esp.the belief that the universe is the manifestation of various combinations of mathematical ratiosScholasticism the system of theological and philosophical teaching predominant in the Middle Ages, based chiefly upon the authority of the →

United kingdom’s european withdrawal agreement bill challenges

Britain's exit of the European Union was the result of support for the Conservative party in the United Kingdom and the growing support for the United Kingdom Independence party during the early 2010s. 8% unemployment in the North East of the UK during 2016, was one of the largest factors as to why citizens voted →

Benefits of hiring either permanent or temporary staff

The need to meet demand is the driving force of the labor market, Every company needs to mea adequate preparations for the periods in time when the demand is expected to rise so as to meet the demands of the consumer while still keeping the prices of the product low. It is the ability of →

Appropriation and important postmodern strategy

There is also a possible death motif in reference to the Cold War and the anxiety of the Atomic age of the post-WW2 West. The tropes of the frilled glove and harlequin collar in Salle's work of the early nineties hints to his involvement with the performing arts.

Effects of water temperature on plant growth

In the form of glucose water and nutrients is conducted from the leaves to different parts of the plant. 80 to 90% of water is the growing tissue part of the plant, lower water percentage parts are the woody, between 45 and 60% by weight of the water.

Market analysis for starting businesses in the uae business essay

The process of business registration in the UAE involves the following stages; reservation of a company name, this is done by submitting by the persons intending to start the business, a request to the department of economic development. The documents in context are; the memorandum of association which is to submitted in duplicate, application forms →

The intersubjective nature of play development and its role in child psychoanalytic psychotherapy

The role of the analyst would be to interpret the fantasies and anxieties underlying the play or the inhibitions to play when they are present. It involves the symbolic transformation of the reality and it requires the presence of the other, and a view to the other's mind to occur.

Pseudo individualism

The argument implies that the rise of the popular music to mass status is a consequence of the symbolic strategies invested in it rather than the actual quality of the music. A principal factor in the understanding of Madonna messages is the language of cultural experiences and perceptions that she speaks to her audience with.

Unilever the nature of change you are proposing

The rationale of the decision will be based globally, as unilever has such a diverse workforce which refers that the members are classify and distinguishable on the basis of religion, gender, age group, and several other barriers in dealing with diversity with respecting the morale of the workforce. The industry is consist of consumer goods, →

Food waste management in the hotel industry

This essay explores the issue of food waste within the hotel industry focusing upon, the causes of this and how hospitality organisations have responded to this problem and the solutions that have been implemented so far to address it. Buzzy & Hyman also emphasise the three main reasons for food loss and waste: Global population →

Spect are a powerful nation with a large

The parents of the terrorists seem to be caring and are struggling with the loss of a child like the victims' parents. The dust most likely muffled the sparks of the dynamite for the west wing, and as a result, the spark never reached the dynamite to cause it to explode.

The history of types of forecasting methods business essay

Table of Contents Forecasting is the estimations made by the experts of a firm to make outline for market status in future what will be the status of market? Or it is as the services that a consumer will demand from the company in upcoming period the calculation for the unit sale of product in →

Tackling inactivity in disabled young people

Societal stereotypes negative attitudes, of disability and a lack of acceptance by others are also well recognised barriers to participation according to Jones, and Kang et al, as they inhibit interest in physical activity among children with a disability In addition, Sports and disability convey negative stereotypes that are often represented by the media, these →

Proposal on customer relationship management

This thesis also focuses on the different sectors of firm for innovation of new products to approach the needs of the customers. In most of the nations this process is considered as the government policy to the the mankind for improving the productivity status of the firm in the present market and hold the grip →

The great depression brought changes to art in many ways assignment

The other was the Regionalist and they were more focused of the positive side of things, hoping to drive America out of the depression. The plan was called the new deal and was simply a promise to the American people that this new plan would get America out of the economic depression.

Therapy for general anxiety disorder

I will provide a general overview of GAD, SFT and Group Therapy and go on to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods with regards to the treatment of GAD. The goal is to concentrate on creating the solution to the presenting problem in the? now? and thereby, in the future.

The great depression and past recessions of america’s history in comparison to today’s economic crisis. assignment

It makes and breaks governments at will." What McFadden was saying is that the crash and depression were brought on by the actions of the Fed, that through its greed it gained control of the central banking authority of the United States government, ran up huge debts to its international banking partners, bankrupted the country →

In primary schools. these tend to be ex-mathematic

The research found that the only useful style of leadership is " Architects" who tend to be History or Economic teachers that focus on resigning the school and transforming the community it serves. They take an overview of the school, its stake holders, the community and the role in society by combining the strongest parts →

Portrayed in daisy miller and the house of mirth essay sample

Daisy asks Winterbourne to take her out in a boat, late at night, and of course he agrees " for he had never yet enjoyed the sensation of guiding through the summer starlight a skiff freighted with a fresh and beautiful young girl". She had planned to go to church with him and the guests, →

Effectiveness of the lasallian values inventory (lvi)

Since the Lasallian values are the very core of being a Lasallian, it is only necessary that a valid instrument to measure the Lasallian values be utilized so as to check the effectiveness of the school in teaching the Lasallian values to the students. It is a values inventory especially developed for the use of →

Ethics of appropriation across traditional art and design fields

I previously agreed with this concept within my own limitations of that statement, however, after researching this essay, I have since had my limitations on this concept challenged and agree that the statement is ethical and fair, I hope to provide evidence to support this and you, the reader, will also consider that appropriation of →

The 2007 flood in tabasco mexico essay sample

The flood occurred in the Mexico in the states of Chiapas and Tabasco. According to several officials of NASA, they claimed that low pressure was the main cause of the continuous rain and the strong winds in the State of Tabasco.

Grand challenges in astronomical instrumentation

The power of these come from both the scope of the enlightened prejudice that formulated their observables, and the potential to change this prejudice over the working life of the instrument. The instrument Bob Dicke, Ken Libbrecht and I built in the 1980's to measure the shape of the Sun was " state-of-the-art" but barely →

Student success plan

No! I had to take control of the drama I was causing and eliminate it. I had to be aware of my whole body language and not just the words I was saying.

The process heat exchangers engineering essay

The limitations of the heat exchanger. 2: Diagram of shell and tube heat exchanger Table 3.

Corporate culture in relationship marketing assignment

This is seen in particular to the hotel directors of company A which have spent all their professional careers in A and have grown with the company. Conclusion and Propositions The researh paper is the first empirical study to present a corporate culture model for a relationship marketing oriented company.

Definition of organization culture cultural studies essay

Power Distance This refers to the degree of inequality that exists and is accepted among people with and without power. High MAS scores are found in countries where men are expected to be tough, to be the provider, to be assertive and to be strong.

Strategic management case study in the hotel industry essay sample

Furthermore.it will research the UK consumer tendencies.show the diverseness of backgrounds of investors and supply a future mentality along with a prognosis which has been developed to exemplify the industry and the factors impacting its development and hereafter. Harmonizing to the latest preliminary figures from the HotelBenchmark Survey by Deloitte.the UK hotel industry has proven →

History of cbt and its journey into mainstream psychotherapy

However for the purpose of this essay I will look at the history of CBT from the late fifties onwards, in particular looking at the theories of Behaviourism, Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy and how these have influenced the development of CBT. The work of Albert Ellis in Rational Emotive Therapy has also provided →

Temptation of eve essay sample

Satan is trying to peruse Eve that he has eaten from this tree and when he did he gained knowledge and the ability to speak. Satan at this point is good at perusing Eve because he is now talking to her about God and how if she eats from the tree God will realize that →

Bleuler’s psychopathological perspective on schizophrenia delusions: towards new tools in psychotherapy treatment

This tendency was generalized in the majority of the European countries and also in the United States of America, with the replacement of the old broader concept by a newer and narrower concept of delusion as a disorder of thought content. In this article, we intend to review the main aspects related to the theory →

Editorial: natural killer cells in tissue compartments

Editorial on the Research Topic Natural Killer Cells in Tissue Compartments Most of our current knowledge about human natural killer cells comes from studies on cells derived from peripheral blood, also known as " conventional" NK cells, but recently, interest in the characterization of NK cells within tissues has increased, and besides recirculating cells, different →

Challenges of marijuana use in australia

The weaknesses of controlling the quality and safety of marijuana, reduction in crime and economic and social costs will be outweighed and converted. This paper will clearly define and discuss terms such as marijuana as well as identifying the weaknesses and strengths of marijuana legalisation through the use of statistical research and data.

Review the boer war history essay

Then came a guerrilla phase when the Boer forces regrouped after the fall of Pretoria and carried on the conflict for two years before reluctantly accepting peace terms from the British in May 1902 in the Treaty of Pretoria. This forced the British government to order a full investigation by a committee of prominent women, →

Strategic alternatives and recommendation strategy

Pros z For the rivalry with existing customers, the brand loyalty and lower price sensitivity helps to insulate from the competitive rivalry.z The bargaining power of buyers would also be an advantage, as the lack of perceived acceptable alternatives with comparable combinations of features and cost increases the firm's power over customers.z The uniqueness of →

Drug trafficking is a common economics essay

The Mexican laws against drug trafficking pose a major threat to the US drug customers since the laws threaten to cut down the drug trafficking avenues. Market attractiveness of drug trafficking and the strategic positioning of Mexico enables it to engage in illicit drug trafficking.

Business case analysis of tnk-bp essay sample

In May 2008 the three oligarchs of AAR met with Tony Hayward, then CEO of BP, and insisted that Robert Dudley be removed as CEO of TNK- BP because he was showing favor to the BP side of the joint venture over the Russians, and the disputes would continue to this day. A term of →

Is ict creating unemployment?

For example, in 1983 the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research predicted the existence of 50, 000 to 100, 000 industrial robots in the United States by 1990, resulting in a net loss of some 100, 000 jobs, which means that the amount of advancing technology is directly related to the number of unemployment. Introduction The →

Commentary: a possible mechanism of zika virus associated microcephaly: imperative role of retinoic acid response element (rare) consensus sequence repeats in the viral genome

All this was the substance of our paper published last year which necessitates the possibility of integration of a positive strand RNA virus genome into the host genome as a starting premise. The current paradigm is that DNA transcribed from the RNA of these viruses does not exist in the host genome; and it requires →

Assessing the core ethics of wikileaks politics essay

Democracy in the United States is preserved by protections under the First Amendment, namely the right to free speech and freedom of the press. Daniel Ellsberg, one of their own, to the United States Congress and the press." The Pentagon Papers" would aggravate political opposition to the administration's actions in the Vietnam War.

Environmental impact assessment essay sample

The International Association for Impact Assessment defines an environmental impact assessment as " the process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of development proposals prior to major decisions being taken and commitments made".[1] EIAs are unique in that they do not require adherence to a predetermined environmental outcome, →

Assessment of mrs baker nursing essay

Again, it is necessary to explain the examination to the patient in order to reduce anxiety and to reassure the patient. Be aware of the length of time the tourniquet is applied to the patient, quality of the lab draw is also a factor in the values obtained.

A study on consumers behaviour for inflight travel marketing essay

Research Objectives This study aims to To determine passenger profiles of SIA To identify the marketing strategies applied by Kris Shop To establish the relationship between consumers' behaviour and inflight travel retail To suggest future marketing directives for inflight travel retail Research Scope The research scope specifies outbound passengers from Singapore who fly with SIA. →

Anorexia nervosa, case study

Provide a summary of the diagnosis and describe the course of the illness. With therapeutic optimism the nurse adopts a positive attitude towards the patient's recovery, instilling hope in the patient.' For people with mental health problems, hope lies at the heart of the individual's ability and willingness to take on the challenge of rebuilding →