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Guggenheim museum bilbao

It received attending, the edifice overlooked the river, giving its prominent, and it ignores the big public topographic points, whether it is comfy, worst of all, it ignores the metropolis, it is merely to pull draw attending. Although Bilbao as a metropolis could be near to the tallness of civilisation, and Frank Gehry 's is →

How the theme of social progress is presented in ‘the time machine’

He had direct experience of the unfairness of the class system at the turn of the century. The pace in which the story happens is very fast; the story very quickly moves from the scene with the dinner guests to the year of the Morlocks and Eloi.

Three part paper on public policy concerning assignment

The support and leadership of elected officials, as well as the coordination of the police The recent shift to community policing provides ample evidence of law enforcement lying on the public for help. Community policing is a great way to involve the public with the actions of the police department and reduce the tensions that →

An analysis of succession planning as a strategy for organizational continuity

Manifestly, we are talking here of a substantial proportion of the British economy, and as will be shown in the examination of existing research presented here, there is a serious threat to the future prosperity of existing SMEs in terms of the lack of adequate succession planning. Concept of Manpower Planning As obtained in the →

Nutrition on academic performance

But the main issue that related to student's health is skipped meals and lack of exercise. ScienceDirect.Web.

Humanistic theory

I accept life and I am content with my life, but is that because I have what I desire What I have and am happy and grateful for another might not consider as being enough so therefore for them they haven? t reached that point of the pinnacle. In essence therein lies the danger and →

Impact of new media technology on international law

The digitalization of information and the development of new media technologies with the capacity to store the information and permitting the convergence of information have contributed in spreading a global agenda. News media and the globalization of the public sphere in in HJARVARD, S.

Ice cream nowadays case study

The customer's point of view, price is often used as a cue in their expectations of the product/service performance some of the customer perception is the more he or she the more quality or services they will get, they will get what they pay. Actually the company make the promotion to the customer do the →

Richard iii, explore the way shakespeare shapes

The fact that Shakespeare chose to begin the play with Richard speaking directly to the audience, and no-one else, proves how significant it is that the audience are the first to be able to react to Richard's actions and words. With Richard's ego boosted as a result of Anne's seduction, Shakespeare shapes the speech to →

Intracellular biosynthesis of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles

The size distribution of the nanoparticles was found to be 5 200nm followed by which the consequence of time, growth of the organism, pH, concentration of CdCl2 and Na2S on the synthesis of nanoparticles were checked. The optimum condition for synthesis of nanoparticles is temperature of 30 C and pH of 9.2.6.

Real estate finance: mortgage backed securities essay sample

Mortgage is defined as " the transfer of an interest in the specific immovable property for the purpose of securing the payment of money advanced or to be advanced by way of loan, an existing or future debt or the performance of an agreement which may give rise to the pecuniary liability" mortgage is a →

Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects

The contents aim to identify what is effective teaching of mathematics and to give specific examples drawn from my reflective journal, personal experiences and observations, which were thought to be particularly effective and characteristic of high quality and exemplary mathematical teaching. The contents of the assignment focus on the discussion of The purpose of mathematics →

Service encounter essay

If you make copies of the form and need more room to answer the questions, you may write on the back of the entry form or attach a page to the form. The service they provided was very good in the aspect that they catered to my needs and how I wanted the flowers to →

How to prevent workplace violence criminology essay

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the United States, the legal system began to ask " alienists," who are now called psychiatrists, to render opinions concerning the likelihood of identified individual to commit violence in the future. The next decision, based on the availability of the community emergency resources, may be whether →

Sociological concepts and the rise of extremism

This theoretical approach seeks to explain scientifically, the general delineations of conflict in society; that is, how conflict starts and varies, and the effect of conflict. The more ecological barriers exist to separate persons from others, the more the individuals will feel co-present; and the more individuals are engaged in common actions or tasks, the →

Psy paper schizophrenia assignment

During early childhood and adolescence, environmental factors can further damage the brain and increase the risk of schizophrenia, or lessen the manifestation of genetic or neurodevelopmental defects reducing the risk of schizophrenia. The duration of the symptoms and the severity of manifestation of one or more of symptoms of Criterion A are relative to the →

The greek worldview: sophocles and his tragedies

The plays of Sophocles was socially relevant and gives us a true picture of not only Sophocles's world-view but the world-view of the Athenians in particular and the Greek civilization in general. It is the oracle of Apollo that foretells the disasters of Laius and Oedipus in Oedipus Rex, and urges on Orestes to the →

Analysis paper on outliers

The best-selling book presents simple ideas and suggestions in relation to success, and makes it a relatable piece due to the use of interviews, and the author telling his own story of meeting success in life. Drain places emphasis on the importance of education and the proper application of the knowledge to lend to being →

The nuremburg trials: dominance and preconception

In December 1942, Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the leaders of the United States, had given the principal joint declaration authoritatively taking note of the massacres of European Jews and taking steps to indict those answerable for viciousness against populations. As the trials continued, a great part of →

Stigma in retirement

2 ) An employee may be retired before the age of 60 if he/she is found to be enduring from a chronic medical status, or is for good handicapped and, as a consequence, is unable to to the full or decently dispatch the undertakings, responsibilities and duties of his/her occupation, or comply with the footings →

Invisible kings

The Prince of Wales, Hal, clearly shows the positive impact of politics on one's private life; when the lazy and immature Hal is thrown into war, he rises to the occasion and proves himself honorable. His friend, Sir John Falstaff, however, fails to understand the larger significance of the war and instead of fighting valiantly, →

Cost effective strategies for meeting nutritional requirements

A common factor that has been mentioned in most of the studies was the perceived price and convenience of healthy foods compared to unhealthy foods. In spite of this knowledge, they find it hard to go according to the recommendations of eating healthy and, often, they consume foods that they perceive to be unhealthy.

Ipl marketing assignment

The timing of PILL has shown its strategic application by choosing the evening time for the matches, which makes the people to watch the game comfortably and with enjoyment. Thus the Indian players were in greater demand and a total of $ 38.

Application of malcolm knowles’ theories to teaching practice

The art of teaching is essentially the management of these two key variables in the learning process environment and interaction- which together define the substance of the basic unit of learning, a " learning experience"". In the late 1950s, Malcolm Knowles popularised the difference in " the art and science of teaching a child", referred →

Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of personal construct

Kelly's personal construct theory and Eysenck and Rathman's trait theory of personality will be outlined and then trait theory will be used to critique, and find the strengths and weaknesses of, personal construct theory to see how it contributes to our understanding of individual differences in personality. This essay will argue that the strength of →

Effect of paradigms on research methods

The use of the Interpretivist paradigm influences every aspect of this research from how the topic is viewed, the purpose, how the research problem is presented, the collection of materials, how the data is analysed and displayed as well as the ethical considerations of the research. Ultimately, it is important to emphasise that the way →

Pricing strategy used by tata motors

Penetration pricing is very helpful in market development, when organizations want to expand the market then there is always a need of a factor that can make the people use the product, and in economies like India, pricing is effective tool to play with, pricing can be used as a tool that can make the →

Hillier cases essay

However, to prepare for possible future Increases In demand beyond the current recasts, management now wants to also consider the option of enlarging the plans for the new refinery so that it would have the capacity to process 150 million barrels of crude oil annually. Since the operating cost per million barrels of crude oil →

Social distinction of urban and rural spheres of sociology

For example, the distinctive characteristics of an urban society is noted as being the ' substitution of secondary for primary contacts'; the weakening of kinship; decline in the role of the family; lack of neighbourhood and community; and an ' undermining of the traditional basis of social solidarity'. An introduction to the sociology of work →

Business law assignment

The question makes reference to issues with the concept of insurable interest, how we managed to get to this point, lessons to be learned, any solutions to the issues, although nothing seems new that there are issues with the concept of insurable interest, the definition Mitchell v Scottish Eagle Insurance Co Limited[1], and the call →

E-mail business 13844 flashcard

Whether you are sending e-mail to a person across the street or in Australia, the transfer rate is virtually the same. General mail differs in that the only knowledge required is literacy, and the only equipment that is needed is an envelope and a stamp.

Dangers of invasive pythons in florida

To analyze the dangers posed by pythons in Florida, one looks at the information on case study, location, statistics, dangers to the ecosystem, methods of control and laws. In an article published by nature.org, it states that Cheryl Millett says, " Python Patrol is a perfect model for alerting people to report the snakes and →

An ap u.s. history

You are given a mandatory 15-minute reading period at the beginning of the free-response section, and most of that time is to be spent analyzing the documents and planning your answer to the DBQ. This gives you the chance to showcase your ability to assess the value of a variety of documents.

Importance of having effective disciplinary and grievance policies management essay

The policy plays a pivotal role in influencing any type of organization.it is the result of a long strenuous deliberation made on various forums it provides a conceptual frame work and also a plan of action for any organization so the success and the climax of organization depends greatly upon the discipline and grievance policy →

The iroquois indians and their tribal issues

The tribes were the following the Cayuga, the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga, and the Seneca, in 1722 they were joined by the Tuscarora and became known ever since as Six Nations, the latter, however, did not have the right to vote. The Cayuga had five clans the Wolf, the Bear, the Turtle, the Snipe, →

The namesake: ch 1-7 quotes

*CHAPTER 1**chapter one*" Tasting from a cupped palm, she *frowns*; as usual there's *something* missing".verb: anger, frustrationunease, vague, ambiguous, frustratingloss, difference, disappointment" It's not the type of thing *Bengali* wives do".rituals, traditions, cultural rules"" Wo not *he* be there?" she would asked, pointing to the man whose *shoes* she would briefly occupied, but who had →

Sneak peak into the egyptian culture essay

On the other hand, the geographical position of Egypt helped the Egyptians to be in constant contact with the East and the West, the North and the South, a matter that helped them acquire a lot of experiences and cultures. Religion is the main source of the cultural and intellectual heritage of the Egyptian people.

Republicanism as a safeguard from faction and government unaccountability

If a faction can take over political power, it will pursue policies and actions for its own good against that of the public, for a faction is " a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or →

Stigma of self-harm in healthcare services

Self-harm a deliberate attempt to self-poison or self-injure regardless of the incentive or suicidal intent is a growing problem in the United Kingdom with a heavy burden on health-care systems. The myths of why people self-harm play a substantial role in health professionals' perceptions of self-harmers, which impacts on the efficacy of intervention and recovery →

Self help support groups

They can explore and learn to understand and to combat the shame and stigma together, enhancing their self-esteem and self-efficacy. Under the direction of the group therapist, the group is able to give support, offer alternatives, and comfort members in such a way that these difficulties become resolved and alternative behaviors are learned.

Who was the greatest leader of the khilji dynasty?

Alauddin Khilji was said to be the most ruthless ruler of the dynasty and had the longest rule over the Sultanate for over 2 decades,[2] and he desired to become like Alexander the Great, and rule over a world wide empire.[3] 3 Alauddin Khilji was born as Ali Gurshap in Afghanistan, was the nephew of →

The purpose of cash budgets

The cash budget determines firm's ability settling its liabilities and expenses.secondly it helps in evading possible cash shortages and idle cash, thirdly it assist management in making decision in regards to its cash reserve for furthering its activities, fourthly it assist the management in achieving the objectives of the business in a specific period of →


Nando's are not change the recipe to prepare the peri-peri chiken while the peri-peri chicken is introduce to different countries because they want the consumer to enjoy a traditional Afro-Portugnese styled eating experi-perience and knowing thecultureof their food at Nando's. They are intended that everyone can enjoy wonderful food and service in the restaurant In →

Critically evaluate usefulness of theories of groups nursing essay

Fincham states that " In the work place much of our social behaviour occurs in a group text", however I believe that much of our lives are spent in groups ), suggesting that the more individuals interact in these different groups, the more they behave in a certain way. Groups and teams vary, the difference →

Holistic care in sexual health assessments

The purpose of this case study response is to demonstrate an understanding and approach to the interlinking relationship of sexual and mental health issues identified within the case scenario. For example, due to the overwhelming higher rates of STI's and BBV's in comparison to the rest of the populace, sexual health remains a priority issue →

Strategies for confessions and interrogations

They are the most common types of interrogation that are usually subjected to suspects regardless of the countries legislation pertaining to the subject, including United States which is seen as the model of constitutional law. But since confession is a product of the interrogation procedure, the method of the interrogation is a huge determinant to →

Government intervention assignment

The purpose of this report is to exemplify the role of government with the focus on the developing countries by answering the proposed question of Why do we need government Intervention? To provide social welfare for the whole country Education Environment Health care Basic infrastructure Ideally, the government should bear the cost of high-risk or →

Sequences: geometric progression and sequence essay sample

Find the coefficient of a3b4 in the expansion of 7.5. Calculate, giving your answers to the nearest dollar how much the first $1000 is worth at the end of the ten years; the total value of the investments at the end of the ten years.12.

The objectives of the arms control politics essay

For arms control to be an effective instrument of national security, its objectives " must be determined by, and be in close harmony with, the broader objectives of national security strategy" Traditional arms control theory was based on " the premise that the super- powers inherently shared an area of common ground" and that this →

Safeguarding dementia patients

It is widely acknowledged that it is difficult for the nurse to spot signs of abuse in dementia patients due to similarities between signs of abuse and symptoms of their underlying condition. General signs of abuse can include frequent arguments between the caregiver and the patient, and changes in the dementia patient's personality or behaviour.

Aqualisa quartz showers market and business analysis

Aqualisa quartz shower, the top, state of the art product of the Aqualisa, was launched in May 2001. The compatibility, ease of installation and reliability were popular among the plumbers while the beautiful design, stability of temperature and good pressure made it ideal for the consumers.

Industrialists: the triumph of hitler plan of the investigation

The source's purpose is to analyze the extent of business support for Hitler and his Nazi party and personally for Turner, to delude the popular belief that German big businesses financed and promoted the attainment of power by Adolf Hitler. German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler.


For effective understanding of why MonaVie has this kind of positive image despite the skepticisms in relation to health benefits and nutritional balance, it is important for to establish a profile for the company and also its products. These rankings were based on revenue generating ability of the company and it is difficult to ascertain →

The characteristics of material for sustainable bridges construction essay

Many natural stuffs use to do the new Bridgess, and most of the times the proprietors for that sort of Bridgess, after some old ages, have to utilize many more natural stuffs, workers, and costs to keep that. The basic regulation of sustainable span development is to suit the world ' s economic and environmental →

Critical thinking – lionking

Simba's happychildhoodtook a tragic turn when his uncle, Scar strategically murdered the king and blames Simba as the curse of the King's death and suggests that Simba ran away from Pride Rock in order for him to be king. He also had an encounter with Rafiki, the monkey, from his past and later on was →

Wireless local loop

Wireless Local Loop, Internet, Broadband The local loop refers to the circuit terminating at the subscriber's premises connecting the subscriber equipment to the switch of the telecommunications provider. It is the last lap of the provider's infrastructure over which services are delivered to the user, hence, the term " last mile" is also used to →

Compare and contrast the historical methods

The History, which explores centuries of dramatic interaction between the ancient Greeks and the Persian Empire, culminating with the Persian Wars in the early fifth century BC, is a vast compilation of the history, customs and beliefs of the Greeks and " barbarians". Another " intertextual" connection has been noted in the similar choice of →

Contemporary business ussiues

The reasons may be many or varied; the reasons are globalization and the dismantling trade barriers, the internet and the emergence of English as a global language. The directive gives guidelines in the commission for communication on electronic commerce and the objective of which is creating a legal frame work in Europe.

St john of the cross – a mystic for the 21st century

All nations had their sacred mountains-meeting places between heaven and earth, the abode of the gods and goal of human ascent-for the Greeks, Olympus; for the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Ararat; for the Ugarits, the Tzaphon. It is no happy accident that John makes reference to a young Tobias from the Old Testament; In the first →

Contribution to competitive priorities marketing essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore, analyse and evaluate subways operational strategy and structure, with particular emphasis on the individual shop floor, and to offer recommendations that might give it a competitive advantage in the future. In order to assess the process by which the company sought to adhere to its key objectives, →

Marketing strategies for flanders of springfield assignment

The persistence, in the view of Flanders management, can be attributed to the fact that once a customer has felt confident enough to place a high level of orders with Flanders, her familiarity with the merchandise and service will induce her to continue to use the catalog as a principal source of purchases in the →

The four quartets by t.s. eliot essay

By describing active places of escape and physical treatment, Eliot references World War II, the popular subject of writing during the Naturalist period, and he also describes the effects of the war through people's emotions. The subway tunnels and the hospitals depict the physical and sentimental causes and effects of the war as human sickness, →

A comparative study of “the death of a naturalist”

Heaney described the place very well, " Daily it sweltered in the punishing sun." What Seamus Heaney is trying to say is that the flaxdam was so uneasy that the sun was punishing it. The atmosphere at the flaxdam was different to how it was in the first stanza this is because Heaney was relating →

Running water’s effect on roman society

Most of the information on the aqueducts in ancient Rome comes from Sextus Julius Frontius, the water commissioner in the 1st century A.D. The aqueduct system began at the source: a spring or river that looked to be suitable for the citizens of Rome, and ran at a slight decrease in altitude to the walls →

Swot analysis of horlicks | glaxosmithkline

Horlicks is the leading Health Food Drink in India and as the ' Most trusted Drinks Brand' in India, enjoys more than half of the Health Food Drink market. In India, the Horlicks available has been scientifically developed and specifically caters to the needs of the Indian diet.

Barriers and constraints to development and growth economics essay

The folklore is that generally small businesses get vanished in very few years of time and to study it, it is necessary to take into consideration both the causes for failure and discontinuation and even the factors responsible for growth and development. BARRIERS TO THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL BUSINESS.

Qualitative critique of psychology paper

The article Effective Interaction with Patients with Schizophrenia: Qualitative Evaluation of the Interaction Skills Training Programme is a mixed method study that focuses on the qualitative research results and the effects the ISTP had on relationships between caregivers and patients, in terms of the caregivers lived experience. This paper will be examining the study using →

Concepts of money measurement

The definition of the depreciation is refers to noncash expense that reduces the value of an asset as a result of wear and tear, age, or obsolescence. The main reason of the depreciation is due to the physical wear and tear and the passage of time.

Trends in the irish foodservice

The Irish Foodservice Market Executive Summary The aim of this report is to inform small companies, who specialise in local artisanal products, of the sectors within the foodservice market, the opportunities and trends that exist within the market and to identify suitable distributors that can help them enter the foodservice market. The research used in →

Biochemistry of natural wine making essay

In the production of all these wines, chemistry is important, and as some of the complexities of wine chemistry have begun to be understood chemists have been able to contribute greatly to the improvement of wine quality. The composition of grapes is of great importance in determining the quality of the wine produced.

Managing ambiguity and change essay

However, some reports have indicated that the collapse of Nokia was a result of oversimplification of the significance of inter-departmental communication and the authoritarian character of the CEO of the company. The lack of consultation can also be seen in the unwillingness of the managers to launch a formal conversation with the top management in →

Business ethics and the fast food industry

It is often faced with the dilemma of deciding which of these different norms and standards to implement in its operations. Ethical relativism is the view which states that there are no ethical standards that are absolutely true and that can be applicable to the companies and people of all societies.

Computer science notes assignment

The format is as simple as: Syntax: array_name[index] Following the previous examples in which marry had 5 elements and each of those elements was of type into, the name which we can use to refer to each element is the allowing: For example, to store the value 75 in the third element of marry, we →

Difference between quasi turbine and i c engine engineering essay

In this engine all assembled parts are symmetric on one axis and the all parts are rotates on same axis however we will get good mechanical energy because of symmetric design of engine.as per on the figure the periphery of the ring is owl shape and the displacement of all stroke work on different angle →

Theatre of the absurd in endgame (proposal)

In addition Esslin defines the characters and motives of The Theatre of the Absurd as: In the Theatre of the Absurd, on the other hand, the audience is confronted with characters whose motives and actions remain largely incomprehensible. Statement of problemThe researcher tries to highlight some elements of Theatre of the Absurd that the main →

Evaluation of simone de beauvoir’s the ethics of ambiguity

Beauvoir claimed that the principle of freedom is the foundational premise of the discussion of the exercise of ethical theories. One is that people failed to understand freedom, and they claimed that life is not in itself meaningful and free, they do not take up the responsibility that comes with our human freedom, which may →

Compare and contrast: hinduism and islam

There are many different religions with many different practices and beliefs, however, in this paper I will be comparing and contrasting the belief on who is worshiped as the " higher power" as well as the diet practices and rituals of the two common religions known as Hinduism and Islam. The two religions are similar →

Relevance and reliability of eyewitness testimony in court

This has been demonstrated by Clifford and Scott in a study that involved participants watching a film of a violent attack and a control group that watched a less violent version of the film. A review of the literature undertaken by Deffenbacher, Bornstein, Penrod and McGorty undertook a review of studies that investigated the effects →

The world’s financial system

In order to analyse the effect of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, this paper discusses three institutions, how they operated during the crisis and how they have progressed after the crisis. In the first half of that year the company announced a loss of $13.

Satisfaction for food and services provided by mcdonalds commerce essay

To increase the customer satisfaction when the customer dining in McDonald's To improve the quality of food and services in McDonald's The area that needs to improve by the staff of McDonald's is the attitude of politeness to the customers. How to improve the food and services in McDonald's?

How can alice end the marriage with james law family essay

Parties to marriage: Alice v JamesFor validity of a marriage we need to consider two elements1: Do parties to marriage have capacity to enter into marriage? Dexter is dependent child of james and Alice so court have to consider the needs of child.

The influential factors behind the growth of globalisation

In History, in a similar manner, the techniques of industrial manufacturing lead to create the process of industrialisation, now that process has linked with the globalisation and has created new environment of operating businesses. They always seek better opportunities in the market and as a result of globalisation their career path has extended even for →

Lobbying accounting standards

Lobbying patterns varies across nations and regions due to factors that impact responsible lobbying by shaping relation between the state and firms such as type of government, government intervention, lobbying system and factors that have indirect effects by shaping the degree to which stakeholders such as employees, consumers and non-governmental organizations push responsible lobbying In →

In-depth analysis of the erm technique

Besides, the company will be able to establish a system of enterprise risk management in the wake of logistical, cultural and historical challenges. The strategic implications of enterprise risk management: A framework.

Needs of ifrs education in india

To broaden the pool of trained resources, it is important to incorporate IFRS training in colleges, universities, and the professional accounting syllabus of the ICAI. This paper throw lights on importance and need of IFRS education in India, the extent to which IFRS are recognized around the world and explore the possibilities of implementing IFRS →

Research report on edith wharton

Wharton's " frame" takes the form of a narrator who introduces the end of the story and then provides a " vision" of prior events that becomes the story proper. Edith Wharton's Letters from the Underworld: Fictions of Women and Writing.

The orient craft ltd export house

All the activities of Orient Craft are built around the needs and demands of the buyer and organized in such a way to produce profit. The decision is made at this point whether the garment will be accepted as a part of the new line and the final order is placed.

The dotcom bubble and the stock market fall in 2000-2001

In that testimony he tried to explain the causes of the recent financial and economic crisis to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, highlighting the vulnerabilities in different sectors of economics. To sum up, experts claim that flaws in evaluating the perspectives of new technologies in the 90ies caused the dotcom bubble burst in 2000, while →

Amish rumspringa essay sample

Having had a sufficient experience of life outside church boundaries, the fear of being shunned by the society and a sense of responsibility regarding continuity of the Amish culture makes most Amish youth return home and to the Amish church after the Rumspringa period is over. One leading reason as to why most of the →

Limitations of qualitative research

Without the existence of this two data, the validity of a research is unacceptable because of there are no evidence to support the claims. The complexities of the human being has lead to the a new branch of science which is human science in order to study the behavior of human.

Juvenile crimeexample argumentative essay

There is a presumption in the law that a child 6 years old is not criminally responsible and cannot form the intent to kill that is necessary for criminal prosecutions. Juvenile crime, in law, is a term denoting various offenses committed by children or youths under the age of 18.

Kimberly peirce’s 1999 film, boy’s don’t cry – critical review

6 Cultural-feminists would argue that the female sex is superior and therefore, androgyny is not a desirable goal at all and Brandon's desire to live as a man is indicative of a heterosexual " false consciousness" under patriarchy. Disagreements among radical feminists as to the role and importance of biology become trivial in this context.