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Abstract the bus and between their daily

The purpose of this study is to identify theeffects of using the Instagram and the level of social development changesamongst women in Malaysia. To study the relationship of theuse of Instagram and women's social development in Malaysia.

Effectiveness of dementia care mapping on patient centred care

These four components are the essential elements of the research question in EBP and of the construction of the question for the bibliographic search of evidence. The title clearly and accurately illustrates the content of the trial including information of the population and the design giving the opportunity to determine if the paper was relevant β†’

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Tea: life before the tea bag

This was when the Chinese court learned to take advantage of the power they held over tea and manipulate these far off tribes with the flow of their tea. 6 Before tea even began to travel, the first region to have a taste of the wonder of tea was China.

Using inquiry-based learning to enhance immunology laboratory skills

Students with the lowest grades on entering university and who engaged in inquiry-based learning in their first year showed the greatest improvement in their final year marks compared to the highest-achieving students, suggesting the inquiry-based learning approach assisted students to become more engaged in learning, and more confident in accessing research resources to assist their β†’

Is globalization good or bad?

In regard of employment many sceptics argue that the process of globalisation leads to relocation of work to developing countries from developed, which in effect increases unemployment in the developed world and leads to greater exploitation of workers in the countries to where re-location takes place. In 1960's the country was twice as poor as β†’

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Expedia – marketing assignment

The protection of property rights, the effectiveness of contract enforcement, and the capacity of the legal system to settle business disputes. Consideration is given to the treatment of international investors, the treatment of international acquisitions, capital controls, and the openness of the economy to foreign goods and services.

Vm was originated in the general electric construction essay

It is conducted during the planning stage of a particular project and is specific to the process or service to be developed. According to AS/NZS 4183, VM can be defined as a structured and analytical process, the purpose of which is to seek to achieve value for money by providing all of the necessary functions β†’

Focus on urbanization within india

Here is a table showing growth of urban population in the World, Asia and India:- We can calculate the average annual growth rate of the urban population to do a comparative analysis of the process of Urbanization all over the world. Although most of the Asian countries suffered under the colonial rule till the mid β†’

Bp mission values business essay

The group is committed to the responsible intervention of the planet ' s resources and to the development of beginnings of lower-carbon energy Beginning: BP.com I am making a study on BP plc which is one of the universe ' s largest oil and Gas Company. Slow growing and diminution of the BP market is β†’

Impact of monetary policy on companies profitability and its valuation

Monetary policy is the process by which the government, central bank, or monetary authority of a country controls: The supply of money Availability of money Cost of money or rate of interest In order to attain a set of objectives oriented towards the growth and stability of the economy. It aims to achieve the twin β†’

Editorial: assembly of the photosystem ii membrane-protein complex of oxygenic photosynthesis

The first of these by Cardona considers the origin of the PS II reaction center D1 and D2 proteins that bind the majority of the PS II redox active cofactors, he also considers afresh the origin of the two chlorophyll-binding proximal antenna proteins, CP43 and CP47 as well as the origins of the additional membrane-spanning β†’

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What is mathematics pedagogy?

According to the International Academy of Education, a multinational organism working with the UNESCO, any mathematical pedagogy should abide to the following principles:- be grounded in the general premise that all students have the right to access education and the specific premise that all have the right to access mathematical culture;- acknowledge that all students, β†’

Marketing plan for a restaurant located in thailand

Amaranth objectives are; to be the best Thai restaurant in Wandsworth area, to reduce the number of complaints by 5% in 2011, to increase in the number of loyal customers by 10% in 2011 and also to increase revenue by 20% in 2011 and the budget needed for the overall plan is 7, 700. The β†’

Complement products of 2kg milo marketing essay

A package of 2 Kg Milo in Malaysia is served in coffee shop and mamak stalls offering different versions such as " Milo Dinosaur", a cup of Milo with an extra spoonful of powdered undisclosed Milo added to it, " Milo Godzilla", a cup of Milo with ice cream or topped with whipped cream and β†’

Effects of social media on testing ability assignment

What occurs during the sleep cycle that is so valuable to the human body? " Stage 1 is the beginning of the sleep cycle, and is a relatively light stage of sleep in which the brain produces high amplitude theta waves, which are very slow brain waves. This is not only a distraction to the β†’

Global attitudes to disability

The rationale for the selection of subject choice is that the author works within the Spinal Cord Injuries arena and so disability and views of disability are relevant to person centered care. Fein and Asch state that the medical model of disability characterises disability as a state of abnormality that is attributable to the individual.

Marketing essays – measurement and metrics

The aim of this chapter is to study the relevance of marketing measures and metrics. Branding is also a key issue in the marketplace landscape and the dynamics of brand equity is increasingly being understood to lie at the heart of marketing.

The impact of covid-19 on preventive oral health care during wave one

The Into the Mouths of Babes initiative in North Carolina was one of the first public health programs to reimburse physicians for preventive oral health services. The data and subsequent analysis could not assess the impact of the pandemic on dental outcomes or the quality of preventive oral health services provided at well-child visits.

Indian aviation an insight engineering essay

To further strengthen the national aviation sector, the Government of India and Air India - Tata Airlines was renamed Air India in 1946 - set up a joint sector company, Air India International Ltd. In order to address the deteriorating financial health of India' s civil aviation sector, the Government of India passed the Air β†’

Running head: instructional supervision training p

The last habit deals with renewal which is a balance of the four basic dimensions of life and encompasses all of the other habits. Covey suggests that at the very heart of the circle of influence is the ability to make and keep commitments and promises to oneself and others and is the essence of β†’

Acrolein c3h4o structure

Contents Retention Index: Popular 2, 4-Pentandione C5H8O2 structure Triethylphosphate C6H15O4P structure Theophylline C7H8N4O2 structure 1-Hexanoic acid C6H12O2 structure Tripropylamine C9H21N structure Isobutane C4H10 structure Acetonylacetone C6H10O2 structure dimethylformamide C3H7NO structure

Separating the wheat from the chaff: guidance from new technologies for detecting deception in the courtroom

Thus, attempted control does not succeed fully and may be one of the best classes of deception indicators because truth-tellers, in an effort to maximize their credibility, are likely to become more, not less, animated. The longer respondents are on the stand, the more they will be able to detect jurors' belief in their testimony β†’

The comparative method in biology and the essentialist trap

From the observation of stellar and planetary objects to the distribution of organisms within space and time, theories regarding the workings of the universe have relied fundamentally on the understanding and interpretation of patterns. The analysis of mutants and the identification of affected genes provided the Developmental Biology field the possibility of deciphering all the β†’

Dealing with permanent exclusion of pupils

The aims for this paper are, to analyse the relationship between government and schools, to investigate the link between school improvement and changes in school culture, and how the increased workload and the dilemmas that present themselves in the exclusion process impact on school leaders in terms of pressure and emotions. School Improvement School improvement β†’

Uk copyright and file sharing essay

The problem of file sharing is widespread across the world, with creative industries seeking to put an end to the illegal sharing of their content. While the effect of the file sharing activity upon these authors of copyrighted material is not entirely conclusive, the British government are attempting to introduce effective policies to try and β†’

The revocation of authority law commercial essay

Agent's responsibility for sub-agent appointed without authority - Where an agent, without having authority to do so, has appointed a person to act as a sub-agent, the agent stands towards such person in the relation of a principal to an agent, and is responsible for his acts both to the principal and to third person; β†’

The extent of obesity in lewisham borough health essay

In addition, women that are socio economically challenged suffer more likelihood of giving birth to under and over weight babies because of the difficulty in the implementation of the recommended healthy feeding habits or practices particularly in the area of breast feeding. The strategy analysed five major aims of the policy including the promotion of β†’

Mucocutaneous manifestations of behΓ§et’s disease

However, OU have been the most common reasons for referral to the outpatient clinic and are one of the most active symptoms of BD, with recurrent periods of exacerbation and remission. A skin biopsy is useful to confirm the inflammatory and vascular changes seen in EN-like lesions of BD.

The context of the medieval hermeneutic theology religion essay

The promise of a savior, who would one time more unite world with God, was for Judaic people, portion of God ' s promise to them for continuing the historical record of the commandments received by Moses.[ 3 ]The ensuing rejection of Christ as the Jesus, by the Judaic people, was for Christians, a rejection β†’

The evolution of shiftwork social work essay

In the European Union 22% of the workers work in some type of a shift system. Thus the shift workers faced lots of conflict and tension in their life.

The influence of thomas reid in philosophy and psychology philosophy essay

Turnbull used much of Berkeley's philosophy in his teachings; this included his version of ' common sense': " Common sense is sufficient to teach those who think of the matter with seriousness and attention all the duties of common life; all our obligations to God and our fellow-men; all that is morally fit and binding". β†’

Unethical advertisement in the philippines

Maybe the consumers are oblivious to the ethics of advertising because of the majority of the Filipino consumers cannot differentiate ethical from unethical advertisement. The growth of these industries leads to the increase of consumerism which is one factor of the development of advertising environment." The more products that are available dictate a greater need β†’

Mutual interaction of basophils and t cells in chronic inflammatory diseases

Despite the development of transgenic mice that allow the tracking or transient depletion of basophils in vivo, conflicting results were generated regarding the antigen-presenting function of basophils and their ability to trump DCs in the priming of Th2 responses. Cellular aggregates made of basophils and memory CD4 + T cells were detected in the dermis β†’

Consumer behaviour in fashion industry

In Bangladesh, the fashion clothing is manifested by the different ways of thinking, social groups, and motivation factors etc.the culture of fashion is inextricably linked to a place or social senses to a community and in clothing market. Fashion is defines as a style of clothes or behaviour in the latest style.

The traditional common law difficulty law company business partnership essay

The effect of the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act is examined and evaluated in relation to the common law that preceded it. This essay essentially examines the common law to recognise the difficulties, assesses the solutions offered by the new Act and also firmly discusses the improvements needed to develop the, still very β†’

Secondary claims essay

Core ideology needs to be meaningful and inspirational only to people inside the organisation It is important to get people to share the core ideology. Spiraling wages: employees are only motivated to get the next increase and to avoid a pay cut, not to do their job 3.

Bluesky shopping mall

Several factors, such as the lack of vision and mission and long-term plan, unsuitable organizational structure, lack of target market and market strategies and the high turnover rate affect the growth of the Shopping Mall. It seeks to revitalize the Shopping Mall and make it a profitable business, serving the needs of the customers best.

Asean and history of cambodias membership

In doing so, it sought to respect for justice and the rule of law in the relationship among member countries in the region, and adhering to the principles of the United Nations Charter. In truth, the long-term success of Cambodia's economic transition and growth, not to mention its ability to benefit from ASEAN membership, is β†’

A needs orientated approach to care

It will also discuss an example of a care plan done for a fictional patient and evaluate and discuss how the nursing plan and the nursing process have created a plan of care and how effective this was or was not. The next stage of the nursing process is planning this is where all the β†’

Overview of wilhelm ii foreign policy

This is possibly linked to the fact that the unification of Germany was largely owed to the Army, who had created the state without defeat and was seen to be able to defend it in similar fashion. Yes, Russia was growing in strength and in hostility to Germany, as a result of economic competition in β†’

Maxis communications berhad essay sample

The major contributor to the mobile growth is the pre-paid, which is expected to remain the market's key growth driver. 1 Corporate Objectives The corporate objectives of Maxis; to be the communications group every customer prefers above all others; to be the organization every employee aspires to work for and maximise their full potential; to β†’

Editorial: what’s love got to do with it: the evolution of monogamy

This issue is composed of articles focusing on the specific and general aspects of monogamy within a variety of species, and taking empirical, methodological, conceptual, or theoretical approaches to provide a deeper and more complete understanding of aspects of behavior that comprise monogamy, its evolution, and its meaning. In the 1980 2000s, the costs and β†’

Abdominal aortic aneurysm ultrasound screening programme

Results: The four chosen RCTs were the MASS trial, the Chichester trial, the Viborg trial and the WA trial. The Mass and Chichester trials were conducted in the UK whereas the Viborg and WA trials were carried out in Denmark and Australia, respectively.

Casting engine blocks automotive manufacturing processes engineering essay

Is the alloy going to be ferrous or non-ferrous and what qualities does the alloy chosen have, to make it a good choice to use with the manufacturing process is a question to ask oneself. The reasons for choosing sand casting as the manufacturing process and gray cast iron as the alloy will be discussed β†’

Can drinking microfiltered raw immune milk from cows immunized against sars-cov-2 provide short-term protection against covid-19?

In line with the results of this study, the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies in mild, general, and recovering patients was similar in male and female patients while in patients with severe disease, more female patients compared to males had a relatively high concentration of serum SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies. J Med Virol.1 5.doi: 10.

Power in business negotiations

With relation to the question at hand, It is important to have an over view of the concept of power and how does it disadvantage the underdog in the negotiation process and benefit those who have power.are of the view that " power is the ability to get someone else to do something you want β†’

Factors affecting food insecurity today economics essay

Issues such as whether households get enough food, how it is distributed within the household and whether that food fulfils the nutrition needs of all members of the household show that food security is clearly linked to health. Unfortunately, this problem is unlikely to change anytime soon, with the recent introduction of the National Food β†’

Minimizing cost of volatile inhalational anesthetics

The cost of inhalational anesthetics depend on their potency, which is their minimum alveolar concentration, the minimum amount of inhalational anesthetic needed in the lungs to facilitate the absence of movement to noxious stimuli, the fresh gas flows used to deliver the anesthetic gas, the amount of anesthetic vapor released by each milliliter of liquid, β†’

South africa 1945-1994 the end of apartheid

Some of the factors that could have facilitated the ending of the white minority rule are: external pressures, Nelson Mandela, pressure from black protest within South Africa, the actions of De Klerk and the collapse of Communist rule in the Soviet Rule. In my opinion the two main factors which contributed to the ending of β†’

Under treatment and pain among the elderly nursing essay

This research is meant to find a solution and to break down the barriers to the total minimization and eradication of the chronic pain phenomenon among the elderly. Basically, at the end of the study, three significant and relevant questions will be answered to address the problem statement above and these are: How active and β†’

Urban development and supply chain

Therefore, in the whole process of the supply chain, transportation is regarded as essential in the business from the production process to delivery of the goods to end-users. The delivery of goods is expected to be quicker and on time, and this cannot occur when there is a high level of congestion in the country β†’

The most polluted residential areas in south africa economics essay

We take note that the diving school recognizes the source of the pollution and wants to decrease the amount of pollution. Although the overall wealth effect remains the same, the initial distribution changes the profit outcome of the firms involved and thus having property is the favourable condition since the owner of the property rights β†’

The strengths and weaknesses of coalition government politics essay

The composition of cabinet, nature of its working, the style of prime minister/chief minister, the character of electoral politics, the party system and the legislature are likely to be affected to a limited extent. In a coalition government, a party with the highest number of MPs needs to depend on the allies with much lesser β†’

Ethical dilemmas: breaking confidentiality

While making a decision, the psychologists need to have in mind the well-being of the client and others, and need to be truthful and deal honestly with the client. Therefore, there is a need for a balance between protecting our client's right to confidentiality and privacy and the right of parents and caregivers to have β†’

Imitation in autism: why action kinematics matter

I suggest that this behavior stems from a comparison between the goal and the unusual kinematics of the action, resulting in a prediction error and alerting the observer to pay more attention to the action. 71, 13 21.

Breast cancer awareness and assessment health essay

Prioragreement would be on the reasons for carrying out the evaluation, the primary user of the evaluation findings, funding arrangements, time-line for completion of the evaluation and reporting of its findings. The stakeholders in the team would be asked about their vested interests in the programme, their expectations, and what resources they would put in β†’

Property management 42519 flashcard

Importance of the maintenance of property The significance of the maintenance of property cannot be over emphasized. Regular property maintenance work is to ensure that the property is safer and make money in the long run as it most often than not extents the life of your property All property requires some form of management β†’

Tourist data in himachal: an analysis

The state government together with the central government is also planning to make some efforts in developing the unexplored destinations to improve the sanitation, the accommodation, the parking, the roads, toilets, beautification and land scaping of areas that are of interest to the tourists. And in the area of construction there is a plan to β†’

Dark triad traits and sleep-related constructs: an opinion piece

The dark triad of personality: narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathy.J.Res.Pers. The dark triad and sleep quality: mediating role of anger rumination.Pers.

The use of medical technology to prolong life

The combination of technology and end-of-life care brings with it a differing of opinions in health care. It is ethical when the physician explains to the decision maker that it is only to prolong the patient? s life for a while and there is still a chance the patient will not recover from the illness.

Impact of material and cultural deprivation education essay

Evidences have justify how lack of money can have negative impact and it may indirectly hinders educational chances of children who experience deprivation for e.g.lack of diet and effects of malnutrition, even a good school and committed teachers cannot fully compensate for the stress that living in poverty places on a family or for the β†’

Resettlement for china: the three gorges dam essay

This fulfils a longstanding ambition to impound the Yang River in Central China at the Three Gorges and use the hydrophone, improved navigation and flood control to develop the economy. Building a 185 m high dam across the Yang River at Three Gorges was infeasible in the sass, unaffordable in the sass, and politically and β†’

The hohfeldian analysis of rights philosophy essay

Similarly, the right to exclusive enjoyment of my apartment is a ' right in rem' whereas upon the lease of the same apartment, only a ' right in personam' would exist against the leasee.' Rights in rem' are considered as negative rights whereas ' rights in personam' are usually positive in nature[14].' Rights in personam' β†’

The use of appropriate teaching styles

Within my teaching I have found that using this style of teaching to be the most effective for class control especially when the class has a large number of pupils and when the class requires a lot of behaviour management strategies used to control to the class. The teacher's ability to give effective instruction/information is β†’

Experiences of the impact of drama in enhancing student engagement

Research Objectives 181 The research question is as follows:" What are teacher's and children's experiences of the impact of using drama in enhancing engagement and learning within wider curriculum subjects?" This research as well as the following literature review aim to develop the previous research in a wider sense across many wider curriculum subjects, such β†’

Adding enzalutamide to first-line treatment for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis

The aim of this study is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of adding enzalutamide to first-line treatment in men with mHSPC from the US and Chinese payers' perspectives. As shown in Figure 3, the utility for the PFS state and the cost of enzalutamide were the most influential factors both from the US payers' perspective and β†’

Brave new world- style and technique analysis

He uses these literary techniques to support his theme and to keep the novel focussed on the message he wants to portray to the readers. Unlike the citizens of the World State, he comprehends the meaning of love, and happiness but, is still referred to as one of the " savages".

Global access to health care and well-being: a place for policy and science

This inevitably calls for a coherent global health access policy that ensures the adequate provision of care, and considers the impact of medical travel on the health and well-being of patients and other stakeholders. Health Policy.doi: 10.

Exercise, physical activity, and sedentary behavior in the treatment of depression: broadening the scientific perspectives and clinical opportunities

To date, the strongest evidence on the benefits of physical activity in depression comes from randomized controlled trials, in which changes in depression severity have been assessed before and after a prescribed exercise intervention. The mechanisms underlying relationships of exercise, physical activity, and sedentary behavior with improved depression remain understudied.

Boohoo plc strategic management models and theories

Assignment Title: Strategic management models and theories, in the context of Boohoo Plc, with evaluation of the extent to which these models might enable the organisation to achieve its goals. It is a systematic approach to a major and increasingly important responsibility of general management to position and relate the firm to its environment in β†’

Media framing: iran’s nuclear weapons program essay sample

Nevertheless, as a global force capable of influencing events, even the United States acknowledges the supremacy of the power of the media and its ability to change the course of events, locally n the United States and elsewhere in the world. Framing is achieved in the way the news is packaged, the amount of exposure, β†’

Week 5 chapter 9 (5)

The citation provided is a guideline. The citation provided is a guideline.

Corporate governance practices in bangladesh special highlights on financial institutions

This is an exploratory paper with the aim of determining the nature and practice of corporate governance in the financial sector in Bangladesh. The accountability is for the safeguarding the interests of the stakeholders and the investors in the organization.

The importance of time in the sound and the fury.

The reader spends far more time viewing the past than the present, supporting Sartre's suggestion that the present is " full of gaps"[5], as the present time narration is interjected with the constant re-emergence of the past. Given the importance of the past to the central characters, it is certainly tempting to argue that the β†’

Falling in love is considered a norm psychology essay

The significance of researching and analyzing why we fall in love is to understand the different factors that contribute to us falling in love and forming relationships with certain people. Intimacy is defined as a person who shares everything with another person, getting to know the good and bad characteristics of a person, to tell β†’

The reality of platonic relationships sociology

The intent of this paper is to compare and contrast the decision of the Psychology Today article with scholarly research to find if strictly Platonic cross-sex friendly relationships can be between heterosexual work forces and adult females. Therefore, reenforcing that sexual challenges may non be accurately represented when mentioning to the sexual desire of work β†’

The words and work of jesus essay

John the Baptist declaring Jesus as ' the Lamb of God' and his testimony to Jesus made such an impact on his followings that two of them instantly began to follow Jesus.2.1. The words and plants of Jesus.

Media representation on political changes of myanmar politics essay

Aung San Suu Kyi's party, the National League for Democracy, participated in by-elections held on 1 April 2012 after the government abolished laws that led to the NLD's boycott of the 2010 general election. She led the NLD in winning the by-elections in a landside, winning 41 out of 44 of the contested seats, with β†’

Human security and environmental security in haiti politics essay

It includes the security against economic privatization, an acceptable quality of life and a guarantee of fundamental human rights.'This concept of human security recognizes the complexity of the human environment and accepts that the forces influencing human security are interrelated and mutually reinforcing.'. Environmental security The review of conditions of security began in the middle β†’

Escalator and elevator advertising

This is a contrast to elevator advertising which is very creative and innovative in nature and it likely to capture the attention of persons. The objectives of the research are now outlined: To examine the concept of escalator and elevator advertising from a Saudi Arabian perspective To determine the type and nature of escalator and β†’

Exercise and nutrition

In order to prevent the consequences of nutritional imbalances and unsuccessful exercise programs, one must understand the physiology and fundamental relationships occurring between nutrition and exercise, and systemic physiology. The following sections of the study cover the two components of optimum health needs nutrition and exercise- and the physiologic interactions between these components and the β†’

Digital supply chain managment assignment

AMR Research As lines between companies' offers of physical and digital products become blurred, Apple and Disney are the forerunners of what will be the future of supply chains: The Digital Supply Chain. 2 GROWING IMPORTANCE OF CONTENT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The reason why the supply chains of Apple and Disney were able to rank β†’

The normal pressure hydrocephalus health and social care essay

The impact of the disease depends on the position and the severity of the injury. Pick's DiseaseIt is the frontotemporal dementia and affects the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain.

Sterriods college essay

Some advocates believe that because steroids are legal, and since its the decision of the user to take the drug, steroids are not causing a problem in society. Some advocates believe that because steroids are legal, and since its the decision of the user to take the drug, steroids are not causing a problem in β†’

Exhaustion online with regard to database in the eu

3 In other words, once the patent holder had transferred legal ownership of goods made in accordance with the patent, by selling them to another person, he lost the power to control the further destiny of those goods subsequently.1.b) Exhaustion in the European Union The European Court of Justice has taken serious steps to harmonize β†’

Impacts of technology on civil liberties

Information and communication technologies have placed an awesome power in the hands of those who have the imagination to dream up new uses for such technologies and lawmakers have to some how balance the rights of the individuals and those of the society as a whole. As an example, the Australian Constitution guarantees freedom of β†’

Impact of pre-transplantation psychological counseling in improving the mental well-being of patients on hemodialysis

The choice of treatment is a significant contributor to the variance in the activities of daily living and depression scores among ESRD patients. Based on the scores obtained from the MSSNS scale, the psychological problems of the patients in the intervention group were analyzed to understand the causes.

Morrison takeover safeway plc

Many of the world's largest retailers, particularly in the food and grocery sectors involves and this is to reduce the struggling competition between the leading competitor and positioned themselves to dominate or becomes holders of major market share. However such an event still remain a non-routine and challenging occurrence within the life time of the β†’

Analysis of the industry: porter’s five forces

After the three decades of the war ended the political situation in the country is stable and the current government enjoys 2/3 of the majority of the parliament and president remains the most popular person in the country. When analysing the above finding there are lot of competition in the market for sea freight export β†’

Case study of the body shop management essay

The Body Shop International plc, known as The Body Shop, has 2, 400 stores in 61countries, and is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. In addition, a number of The Body Shop stores have now converted to green electricity.

Introduction things are done in the educational

The development of a comprehensive business curriculum therefore implies factoring in the input of educational stakeholders, such that, business students can be able to meet the needs of the general community. In light of these considerations, this study seeks to critically analyze the business economics curriculum with the aim of identifying a controversy in the β†’

Does normative hedonism provide a convincing account of value?

The implication of the experience machine is that contact with reality has final value as well as pleasure. We would not conclude from this that, normatively, the spread of genes has final value and is the rational way to act.

Chapter 4

1 Use of auxiliary sciences * Epigraphy- is study of inscriptions and the art of deciphering them.* Diplomatics- is the science of charters and diplomas includes a knowledge of the practices of chanceries and of the forms used in them.* Paleography- is study of writing.* Philology- determining the date and authenticity.* Archeology, Anthropology, and Prehistory- β†’