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Health and safety project essay

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This work-based undertaking forms an of import portion of your preparation. The purpose of this undertaking is to familiarize yourself with your working environment and the Health and Safety issues that arise in your arrangement.

On completion you should:

Understand the construction your organisation’s ; and your function in it Understand the importance of Health and Safety at workUnderstand the legal demands of Health and Safety at work Know your organization’s wellness. hygiene and accident processs

To finish this assignment you may necessitate to do notes in before filling in the information. Take your clip and carefully reply every inquiry every bit to the full as possible ; the more you write the more standards you will run into. If you need any aid delight talk to your workplace supervisor. your co-workers. your College coach or your Training Co-ordinator.

Describe your arrangement. e. g. busy town/country. client group ( age. civilization. particular demands ) :

The site that Oakland’s is situated on was one time the site of the old Parcroft Juniors School. which was torn down and reconstruct with the amalgamation of the Westfield Infant’s. The freshly reformed school was named after the old oak tree. which still stands on the evidences of the school and has done for 300 old ages. So it was merely suiting that the school was named Oakland’s. and when you talk to past students who attended Parcroft. they ever lovingly retrieve playing marbles or pursuit under the oak trees subdivisions.

Oakland’s Primary School is based within the busy town of Yeovil and is situated between Preston Grove. Linden Road and Summerleaze Park. It is a modern High Tec school with all the modern installations you would anticipate. The school was built on one degree giving easy entree to all able bodied and unable bodied students likewise to go to the school. The edifice is quiet self efficient and generates its ain electric with solar panels. has under floor warming to heat the school throughout and even the visible radiations run on detectors to turn on and off when you enter and exit a room. Each schoolroom is fitted with big touch screen boards. which the instructors can run from their laptops giving them a immense scope of entree to a broad scope of learning resources. heightening the students larning to the up most and maintaining them interactive with their acquisition.

Approximately 420 students attend the school. runing from the ages of 4 old ages up to 11 old ages old. The school uniform is a violet jumper with the school emblem of an Oak Tree. white sweatshirts. gray pants or skirts and black places. Each of the 14 categories within the school has been named after an animate being. giving each category its ain individuality. including a mascot. There is besides four squads throughout the school. which is used within each schoolroom and the kids are encourage to win squad points for their squad so that at the terminal of the school twelvemonth their squad can win the squad cup. This helps with the students taking pride in their accomplishments and to seek difficult to gain a point.

There are many installations within the school and on the environing evidences of the school. these include: The I. C. T suite where the kids learn how to utilize computing machines. from word processing to utilizing the cyberspace safely. The school hall which is used for hebdomadal assemblies. indoor athleticss activities. and even the Christmas birth dramas. The music room which is full of many different musical instruments. allowing the students express themselves and larn about music. The to the full equipped cooking room were the students learn about healthy feeding and different nutrients from around the universe. This is besides where the breakfast nine is held every forenoon.

Then there is Forest school which is held in a intent built log cabin surrounded by trees and a wildlife garden. This is where students travel for environmental surveies. to larn about insects. workss. animate beings and the environment. The Outdoor installations include several outside larning countries that are used throughout the twenty-four hours depending on conditions. There are besides extended Fieldss. several drama countries and two activity play countries. Oakland’s Primary besides offers a big scope of activities and nines after school. which range from public presentation humanistic disciplines. music. athleticss. computing machine nines and horticulture nines. There is besides a vacation attention strategy which offers households low-cost. child care.

Within Oakland’s there is besides an Autism Base which is known as Peacocks Class. This based within it’s ain sector of the school’s chief edifice and is entirely run by the council and has its ain staff. The base consists of two learning countries. two centripetal suites. a kitchen. a lavatory and its ain outside country.

Non-Statutory demands ( in your workplace )

What is the ratio of grownups to kids?

In Foundation and Key Stage One the ratio of grownups to kids is 1 to 10

In Key Stage Two the ratio of grownups to kids is 1 to 15

Are the ratios different in any other room at work ; if yes please give inside informations?

Yes in the Autism base the ratio of grownup to kids is different.

Statutory demands

What are the statutory demands sing grownup: kid ratios?

The EYFS provinces that the grownup to child ratio within categories with kids over the age of three should be 1 Adult to 13 Children. But must be a qualified instructor. or keep a relevant degree 6 making. It besides states that there should besides be at least one other member of staff within the schoolroom that holds a degree 3 making.

However if the instructor is absent from the schoolroom so the ratio demands alteration and it is recommended that it should be 1 Adult to 8 Children. But must keep a flat making and the other staff within the schoolroom should keep a flat 2 making.

On school trips the ratios change once more dependent on the type of trip. Besides these can alter when dependent on certain fortunes and other factors. which could Include if any of the students have particular educational demands or medical demands. It can besides be altered depending on the experience and competency of the staff go toing the trip. including the figure of first aiders traveling along.

It is recommended that the ratios should follow: 1: 6 for old ages 1 to 3. 1: 10 for old ages 4 to 6. and 1: 15 / 20 for old ages 7 upwards.

Why are these necessary?

To do certain that the kids are being educated and taken attention of right and are under the supervising of qualified staff members.

What are the statutory demands sing infinite?

Class sizes: Schools must do certain that kids aged between 5 old ages and 7 old ages aren’t taught in categories of more than 30 students. There is no legal bound for students aged 8 old ages and over.

Why is this necessary?

So that schools do non hold oversized categories. as so the kids do non acquire the attending they need to larn.

Administration and Structure of the Workplace

Every administration or concern has its ain basic construction of direction. Each director is responsible for those in their section. The construction can be set out like a pyramid. Duties may differ.

Please place all staff functions and duties ; foregrounding your ain:


They school governors are responsible for working with the school to guarantee that it delivers a good quality instruction.

Head Teacher

Has overall duty for the school. its staff. its students and the instruction they receive.

Deputy Head Teacher

Plays a major function in pull offing the school. peculiarly in the absence of the caput instructor. Is besides responsible for a curriculum country and specific countries of the school direction. delegated to them by the Head Teacher. Inclusion Leader

The particular educational demands coordinator is responsible for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours commissariats for students with particular educational demands.

NQT Mentor

They are responsible for the Newly Qualified Teachers. and are at that place to give support and counsel when needed.

Foundation Stage Leader

Responsible for kids in foundation phase. taking the foundation squad of instructors and learning helpers.

KS1 Leader

To pull off Key Stage 1 squad of instructors and learning helpers.

KS2 Leader

To pull off Key Stage 2 squad of instructors and learning helpers.

Phase Leaderships

Responsible for co-ordinating and motivative staff and kids in their allocated stage to guarantee high degrees of accomplishment.


Are responsible to be after. fix and lessons to run into the demands of all their students in their attention. Puting and taging work and entering pupil’s development as necessary. But besides within Oakland’s each instructor is responsible for an country of the course of study. such as ; A course of study coordinator for Numeracy. which makes them responsible for the leading and direction of the topic.

Teaching Assistants

To help the schoolroom instructor to fix for lessons such as resources that are required. or to set out equipment at the start of the lesson. To back up the instructor in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of the schoolroom from up maintaining informations files. cataloguing resources. keeping stock lists. and run offing. Undertaking larning activities with a little group of kids. who may necessitate excess support.

Lunchtime Supervisors

They look after the kids during lunchtime interruptions. so that most of the staff members are able to take their interruptions. They take the kids who have school dinners to the schools canteen. they besides look after the students who bring battalion tiffin. Within one of their schoolroom or outside weather permitting. They are besides first assistance trained and look after the kids whilst playing outside.

Administration Staff

There is a broad scope of occupation functions within this section of the school. runing from:

First point of contact for the school either by telephone. electronic mail or face to face. Diary direction for the Head instructor or departmental leaders Issue visitant passes where necessary and keep sign language in and out books Maintain information bases and registering systems

Prepare correspondence and collect feesTo reach parent/guardians for specific grounds when requested by staff and to bespeak for aggregation of ill kids on behalf of the staff.

And many more occupations besides

Site Staff

Keep the school. trade with cleansing. care of equipment and the school edifice.

Providing Staff

Cater for the students and staff that eat within the canteen. with healthy nutrient within their budget.


Helping within the school. with helping the schoolroom instructor with undertakings such as listening to pupils read. taking portion on school trips and assisting out at school carnivals.

List the things you have agreed with your employer that you are prohibited from making:

Entering the Autism base. Administering first assistance to a student this must be done by a qualified first aider.

What interruptions are you entitled to?

When working a full twenty-four hours within the school – from 8. 45am to 3pm I am entitled to an hr for tiffin.

Though on occasions I may be required to cover a lunchtime supervisor responsibility. which so I will be allocated an hr within the afternoon.

This is the same for interruption times. we are entitled to take the interruption ourselves or we may be asked to oversee.

If you are unhappy with a wellness & A ; safety issues what would you make?

I would hold to describe this to the site service director or to the deputy caput instructor

Hazard Appraisals

Has your arrangement got a hazard appraisal policy?

Yes – Every school and workplace must hold a hazard appraisal policy.

Where is it kept?

Within the Administration Office

Who has entree to it?

The HSE. The Governors. The Head Teacher. staff members and parents

How frequently are they reviewed and why is this necessary?

It is reviewed on a annual footing unless any alterations have to be implemented within the school. Then the hazard appraisal will be reviewed as a portion of the procedure. Such as late the school has had some staff members trained in manual lifting and so the hazard appraisal has to be updated for this new process within the school.

Give an illustration of a hazard appraisal you have done and why?

When reading with the foundation kids one to one they have a inclination to swing on their chair. This has hazards of the chair tossing backwards and the kid following which in bend could do injury to themselves. So I have had to inquire them to sit decently and non to swing on their chair.

Identify and list below 4 possible risks/hazards that might happen within your work arrangement and province how you would forestall each one? . explicate how they will be monitored and reviewed 1. Students pin downing fingers in the internal fire doors.

The fire doors are highly heavy to open to go out the schoolrooms or to come in the bathroom. particularly for the less able bodied and the smaller kids within foundation. These doors are on flexible joints and shut back on themselves when opened. Are really heavy as they are designed to protect against fire.

However I have witnessed kids fighting with these doors. When seeking to open these doors by themselves they tend to put one manus on the door frame as they use the other manus to open the door. If they where to lose clasp of the door it would swing back and the likely goon of pin downing their fingers is a high hazard. The less able organic structures pupils struggle even more so and they usually have a brother within their schoolroom to open these doors for them. Which in bend takes away their independency. and they usually have a fright of acquiring stuck in the lavatory or in room as they are unable to open these doors by themselves.

I would look into accommodating the doors by puting an electronic button system. Where the smaller kids and the less able bodied kids will be able to press a button and the door will automatically open for them. As it is impossible to loosen the flexible joints on the door as they will no longer work every bit intended. If this is non possible when a kid needs to go out a room so an grownup should ever be present to help. Preventing any accidents from go oning. or a fright of acquiring stuck.

2. Stumbling over chair leg in schoolroom

When kids are traveling around the schoolroom it is frequently an possibility that they could trip over a chair leg. Either from the chair non being placed under a table properly or whilst another kid is singing on their chair. This could be really risky as they could fall and hit a side of a tabular array or land severely on the land.

Add no singing on your chair and to insert away chairs decently when non being used onto the schoolroom regulations. I would remind any of the kids I see non inserting their chair off to make so. and at the terminal of category make a cheque that all chairs are tucked off right. I would besides make the same with kids singing on their chair ; I would inquire them non to. and remind them of the category room regulations.

3. Stealing on wet floors in the lavatories

Before break times and tiffin times the kids are all asked to travel to the lavatories and rinse their custodies. The kids have a inclination to drip a big sum of H2O across the floor when walking over to the manus drier. Which when you have about 30 kids at one time utilizing the lavatories the H2O can roll up into a puddle of H2O. which becomes a stealing jeopardy.

Leting merely 10 kids to utilize the lavatories at a clip to rinse their custodies. So that a instruction helper could keep the floor with a swab forestalling puddles organizing. so allow the following 10 kids in one time the instruction helper has vacated. Another option could be before leting the kids out of the category to utilize the lavatory the instructor could remind them to agitate the extra H2O off their custodies over the sink before drying their custodies. However the process they have set in the foundation classes works good where they set up two rinsing up bowls set within the schoolroom on tabular arraies. The kids wash their custodies under grownup supervising and so dry their custodies on towels. Brands it less kids hotfooting through the lavatories merely to rinse their custodies.

4. Geting caught up and Tripping over Play bibs

Within foundation the kids are allowed out to play within the soft drama country during lessons. but merely in a group of five. To maintain the group to merely five kids at a clip there are five dramas bibs supplied which they have to have on whilst exterior. However when a kid wants to come back inside they have to take off the drama bib. which so leaves a bib spare for another kid to travel out.

It works in rule. and keeps the group to merely five kids at a clip. However the kids do non keep seting the bibs back within the box after they are finished and they tend to merely throw the drama bibs down on the land. This so becomes a stumbling jeopardy and another kid or member of staff could acquire their pess caught up within the bib and autumn over. doing an hurt.

A box placed outdoors seems to be over looked by the kids. so I would propose puting a coat hook within the schoolroom. at their degree by the door that they exit and enter to play outdoors. Then reaffirm that the drama bibs must be hung up when non being used and remind the kids when they drop the bib to hang it up or no drama for them for the remainder of the twenty-four hours.

Offsite Safety

What hazard appraisals do you necessitate to finish before traveling of site/ on an excursion?

Oakland’s Primary employs an external Hazard Assessment company. to transport out the hazard appraisals on behave of the school. They attend the site of the visit and do an appraisal of the hazards that may use and send on the study back to the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher.

The study will be compiled of recommendations based on factors of the trip. and any control steps and eventualities that need to be set in topographic point relating to the hazards that could happen.

From the study the school will so put in topographic point the standards based around the hazards. such as:

The age / competency / fittingness / usual criterion of behavior of the students

Any particular educational / medical demands of the students

Adult to Child ratios

The competency / experience / makings of the grownups

Manners of conveyance. journey paths and location of the visit

The right garb that may necessitate to be required depended on conditions conditions and location of visit.

Any exigency processs

When there is a less able bodied student go toing the trip. the taking instructor will take a visit to the site themselves to measure the location and the installations. This is so they can do certain that no kid will lose out. They besides take a visit to be after activities consequently and to speak to any forces that may work within the location of the visit. and to put out a timetable of the activities.

Are the grownup: kid ratio’s different?

Yes the ratios are different. and these depend on the location of the visit.

What are your functions and duties?

I have done rather a few school trips. some have been to back up my boy during a school visit and have travelled either via the school mini coach or and in one case myself and my boy travelled by our ain agencies of conveyance.

When geting at school we are given the activities agenda and what groups we will be in and the names of the kids under our attention. We check that all the kids have brought everything they need. if non the school does seek to supply anything that a kid has forgotten or does non have. such a Wellingtons. trim apparels etc. We run through the program before go forthing the schoolroom.

On the mini coach I would back up my boy. during the journey and assist the other two learning helpers within the mini coach to maintain the remainder of the kids entertained. We usually portion out books. maths undertakings or we will get down some vocalizing. Once we have arrived at the location I am put in charge of a little group of 4 to 5 kids which includes my boy and I follow one of the taking instructors during the activities.

The last school trip to kingcombe hayfields we went runing within the hayfields for wild flowers with a cheque list. we besides caught bugs within cyberspaces and did some fishing in the river. I had a little group of 5 kids under my attention and I helped them with their activities. promoting them to calculate out what bug the found or flower.

I have besides helped with a foundation school outing. this was up to the station box outside of the school gate and up the route to post their letters place. as portion of their Post Office activities in category. I handed out high-viz waistcoats to every kid before we left and was put in charge of three kids as we walked in a line up and back to the station box.

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