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Creative argumentation: when and why people commit the metaphoric fallacy

The first premise of the syllogism contains the term " shark," used with a metaphorical meaning, which also acts as middle term of the syllogism, i.e, the term that appears in both the premises of the syllogism, but not in the conclusion and that connects the premises. In other words, because of the shift in →

Toward a more embedded/extended perspective on the cognitive function of gestures

We argue that the current theoretical " embodied" movement in gesture research has fueled the upsurge of inquiry into the beneficial role of gestures in cognitive processes such as speech and visuospatial cognition, but that this line of thought is underspecified with regard to explaining how gestures as bodily movements aid cognitive processing. We suggest →

Energy democracies and publics in the making: a relational agenda for research and practice

Transformations in how energy is governed and produced, including the neoliberalization of energy markets and the rise of more distributed forms of energy production and renewables, have multiplied the roles that publics can and do take up in relation to energy. There is a need to look across a broader range of modes of energy →

Human cytomegalovirus latency and reactivation in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

Clinical evidence indicates that the risk of reactivation post-HSCT is strongly connected to the pre-transplant HCMV serostatus of the donor and recipient and the pace of post-transplant HCMV-specific T-cell recovery. However, the lack of well-validated biomarkers for reactivation makes it challenging to predict the incidence and outcome of infection in individual patients, and greater knowledge →

The early events that initiate β-amyloid aggregation in alzheimer’s disease

According to the amyloid hypothesis, A is the pathological factor that initiates the onset and progression of AD. This review highlights the relationship between risk factors of AD and A aggregation to bring us closer to a comprehensive understanding of the pathogenesis of AD and prevention potential of early events in AD.

Mobinil (in egypt) v vodafone (in the united kingdom): a comparison of accounting standards essay

There is the giving more information about the future development of the company as there is more e focus on the addressee in order to mobilize capital, because of the bigger influence of capital markets and there would be more extensive disclosure to cater to the needs of investor. It is therefore useful to the →