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Stuck with your assignment? We understand. You have an essay to write, and you don’t even have a topic. We know, choosing an idea for a paper or speech can be challenging.   

Sometimes it seems impossible to find that one perfect essay topic to write on. Often it is even more complicated when you have free access to loads of information online. But we are here for you with a solution! We are ready to clarify this process with our topic generator.   

You might wonder how it works, so here are 3 easy steps to your perfect paper topic:  

  1. Type your search term. It might be a subject name or the name of the field
  2. Press the “Search topics” button. You will see the topic ideas proposed by our randomizer
  3. If you need more alternatives, you can press the button again to refresh the list and get new ideas 

What Is a Topic Generator for?  

Every written assignment needs a topic. It helps to express the main concept and sets the right mood from the start. Furthermore, a good title gets the audience ready for what is in your work. It doesn’t matter if the audience is reading or listening to your performance. The title has to grab their attention and keep it till the end.   

Most probably, you are overloaded with various tasks. Thinking about a title might not be your top priority at the moment. Looking for a topic on the internet wastes a lot of time and does not bring excellent results. There are just too many options online that look interesting but have no substance.  

So, what to do?  

Use our academic paper and speech topic generator on Assign Buster! 

When Do You Need a Topic Generator? 

Our topic generator can help you with different kinds of academic and non-academic papers. In addition, using our topic generator, you can get a title for your public speech. Go on reading this article and find out when you can use our tool:  

 Essay. This is the most popular request among the users of our topic generator. We get it – essays can be tricky. So, let’s make it easier by using the idea generator before you start writing.   

✅ Research paper. Writing a research paper can be challenging. This work is massive itself, even without thinking about the title. Save your time for the tricky part of it, and let our generator help you with the most suitable title.   

✅ Creative writing. You can use it as a writing hints generator to get a new plot twist. Also, choose a title for a chapter or even for a story.    

 Speech. You may lack time for creating a title for your presentation, filled with infographics and information—so use our topic generator!   

How to Pick a Topic for Your Assignment?   

Here are five easy steps to your perfect assignment topic: 

1️⃣ Find out if the paper needs a specific focus 

 If you can’t choose your own topic, carefully follow the instructions given by the teacher or professor. You may be asked to create a paper about a certain text, or you can get a list of possible topics. 

2️⃣ Consult the syllabus 

If you have a free choice to select your own assignment title, look through the syllabus to see what areas are appropriate to the course. Look through the objective of the course and review the assignments to get some ideas. 

3️⃣ Do a timed writing exercise  

When you have remembered your recent work on the course, create a list of possible topics. Set a 5 minutes timer and write down as many possible topics as you can. This is an early stage, so don’t be too critical of yourself. At the moment, you’re trying to get some thoughts and ideas. You might see that your brain gives you surprising links. 

4️⃣ Look for patterns or areas of interest 

Go through your list and mark it with symbols, e.g. stars, to note closely related ideas. Think about which ideas have lots of different ways to pick from. Try to find patterns to understand where your interest lies. 

5️⃣ Narrow your list down to three potential topics 

Get rid of less interesting ideas using your brainstorm list. You need to have only three possible topics left. It could be great to think about some related keywords you might like to use. The three issues don’t need to contain strong thesis statements yet. They can be narrower areas you’d like to research. 


A good topic can be reasonably addressed in the essay that you are writing. If your topic is too broad, you won't be able to consider it in an interesting manner. If it is too narrow, you may not have enough to talk about in your paper. You might also have difficulty searching for resources.

There are some tips on how to create a topic for an essay. Start by studying the task. Try to understand the assignment and define your field. Then find something that you're interested in. Get rid of boring topics from the start. It is also a good idea to select something neither too broad nor too narrow. Improve the topic if you have any ideas on how to do it.

The best topic for students corresponds to their course objective. It also lies in the field of their interest and, probably, the field of interest of their professor. Besides, the best topic is neither too broad nor too narrow and focused on one or two particular aspects.

The current topics may be connected to particular research literature. They could also be linked to recent events in the world's political, economic, or social life. Current topics for an essay should be deep enough to discuss them, but at the same time, they don't need to be too philosophical or too broad.