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Why has not there been more research of concern?

The next section recounts the recent history of attention to the security implications of the life sciences, with particular reference to the identification and assessment of " research of concern" and related designations. Through the sorts of initiatives mentioned in the previous paragraphs emerged a sense of the potential security implications of the life science →

Flow induced vibration

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Tactile hypersensitivity and “overwhelming subjectivity” in the touch experience of people with congenital deafblindness: implications for a touch-based pedagogy

This article attempts to provide a way of conceptualizing touch hypersensitivity in CDB in phenomenological terms that acknowledges the neurological perspective of " touch parts," the psychophysiological work on tactual perception of Katz, and the embodied phenomenological perspectives on perception of Merleau-Ponty. The DCMLS is involved in the manipulation of objects and the discerning of →

Impact of methamphetamine on infection and immunity

The sharing of drug paraphernalia combined with METH's perceived enhancement of sexual pleasure and the association of its use with unsafe sexual practices greatly increases the likelihood of the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus and other infectious diseases. The use of animal models has been widely used to evaluate the effect of METH in the →

Cultures and persons: characterizing national and other types of cultural difference can also aid our understanding and prediction of individual variability

This model recognizes the importance of individual genetic heritage and the epigenesis of interaction between the genetic " stuff" an individual brings into the world and the enculturation environments progressively faced by the individual throughout the life course. The intention of this study was to overcome the methodological weaknesses of earlier measures of self-construal and →

Levels and norm-development: a phenomenological approach to enactive-ecological norms of action and perception

Norm-enactment, by contrast, acknowledges that norms of action and perception are temporally open-ended and, consequently, are open to constant changes in light of the complex dynamics of bodily practices, but the enactive approach fails to explicitly recognize that ecological and normative frameworks are necessary for the enactment and development of all sort of norms in →

A causal theory of mnemonic confabulation

3 " The fact that the DSM does not explicitly define confabulation and that the literature on the topic contains a number of different definitions can be taken to suggest that the medical profession is still in the process of coming up with a precise definition of the concept of confabulation. Section " The Causal →

Narrativity and enaction: the social nature of literary narrative understanding

A recognition of the presence of such a narrating consciousness that relays the narrative events and thereby shapes them in the process of telling, and how the story develops in interaction with the reader, will be developed and explained through the notion of " participatory sense-making" as proposed and elaborated in the enactive view of →

The many faces of obesity and its influence on breast cancer risk

The complex interplay of diet and physical activity, together with the role of adipose tissue, pose challenges to our understanding of the mechanisms by which obesity confers increased breast cancer risk. The focus of this review is on the relationship between obesity and postmenopausal breast cancer risk.

Toward a mature science of consciousness

Empirically, this suggests that there is a lack of agreement on what the relevant phenomenon is that the science of consciousness is set out to study. Incidentally, in the 1969 postscript of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn points out that what characterizes a mature science is not typically just the possession of a →

Attachment theory and maternal drug addiction: the contribution to parenting interventions

The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of parent's pathology on the style of child-care, the quality of the mother infant bond, and developmental outcomes in terms of attachment, as well as of general adjustment. These attachment strategies can be interpreted as index of the difficulty in re-elaborating problematic early experiences and →

The relevance of explanatory first-person approaches (efpa) for understanding psychopathological phenomena. the role of phenomenology

Sass and Fishman give the following examples: the bracketing of theoretical assumptions concerning consciousness corresponding to the phenomenological concept of epoche; the attentional shift " from the narrow content to the complete act of consciousness" corresponding to phenomenological reduction; and the emphasis on the mitigation of the traditional distinction between the internal, the mind, and →

Conscious experience and episodic memory: hippocampus at the crossroads

The question remains as to how the information content of consciousness can be derived from distributed neocortical modules that are specialized for processing stimuli in relation to functions of attention, working memory, and action disposition or preparation; and that, in posterior parietal areas, encode stimuli in egocentric, action-oriented frames of reference, whereas, consciously, stimuli are →

The noradrenergic system in parkinson’s disease

Although historically the hallmark of the disease has been focused on the degeneration of the substantia nigra pars compacta, it is now well accepted that the spread of -synuclein in the brain occurs in stages and that damage to other areas precedes the degeneration of SNc neurons, affecting glutamatergic, noradrenergic, serotonergic, histaminergic, and cholinergic projection →

Photoshop cs5

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