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Experiment of parachute

I will drop the parachute from 3 different heights: 1 metre, 2 metres and 3 metres. I will use experiment Number 1 as an example of this: At 10g the time taken for the parachute to reach the floor was 1.

Ethical delemis – brain death

The strict rules surrounding the diagnosis and the ability to develop individualized Policy and Procedures in the determination of brain death has removed the fear of law suite surrounding this definition of death. One of the steps in the organ procurement agencies Policy and Procedure for confirmation of the brain death diagnosis is to turn →

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10 tweaks that instantly increase mobile conversion rates essay

If creating different content on the mobile site is not in the budget, make sure to insert a button on the bottom right that allows mobile users to go back to the top of the page instantly. In general, the number of clicks on mobile should be minimized so it is ideal to find a →

American corrections: the important source

The prisoners from our system rights are strictly limited and rights that fall under the bill of rights in addition to the bill of rights must be important to them and restore to prisoners. Next is the 14th amendment equal protection of the law for the prisoner and right to disciplinary hearing.

Transience and eternity in the elegy theology religion essay

There are many analogies to Christian themes in the poetry of the Old English period, since religion played a major part in people's lives at the time.' The Seafarer' is an Old English poem which was recorded in the Exeter book, or Codex Exoniensis, a collection of Old English poetry, including ' The Wanderer' and →

Malaria: causes and effects

The erythrocyte then ruptures and releases toxins throughout the body of the host, bringing about the well-known cycle of fever and chills that is characteristic of malaria. These sporozoites migrate to the salivary glands of the mosquito, and from there are injected by the mosquito into the bloodstream of a human, thus starting the life →

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The color purple research paper analysis

Alice Walker's The Color Purple explores the negative stereotyp of the 1920's against women and blacks, detailing Celie's mental and physical fgh happiness and freedom while learning to please herself without regard for othe opinions of her, instilling in Celie a strong sense of self-confidence and self- determination. In Walker's The Color Pur Celie refuses →

Flourishing north american cultures

Their trade networks with other native Americans extended across the New World in all directions, as far west as the Rocky Mountains, north as the Great Lakes, south as the Gulf of Mexico and east as the Atlantic Ocean. The cultural hub of the Mississippian culture was Cahokia, which occupied over 8000 people and was →

Invasion of privacy law essay sample

Shari'ah protects a person's right for privacy; disclosure of secrets is prohibited, unless the person agrees or it is public interest. Conclusion Having the absolute privacy is a myth however most countries have a law to protect the right of privacy.

Business models

This implies that the corporate governance procedures and values are not adhered to in the process. Audits can evaluate and assess the risks that are likely to occur in the operation process.

Editorial: 4th applied synthetic biology in europe

Editorial on the Research Topic 4th Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe The congress of Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe was the 4th of this kind to be organized under the auspices of the European Federation of Biotechnology in Toulouse from 24 to 27 October 2018. Pioneered by Nirenberg and Matthaei to elucidate the genetic code, →

Social classes elizabethan era

The laborers, the bottom of the social class in the Elizabethan Era, were very poor and only made enough to live comfortably. The Monarchy In the days of queen Elizabeth the people thought the queen or the king were God's representative on Earth and the king or queen were thought to be greater than angels, →

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This per day. despite the fact that living

One of the major factors that have contributed to poverty in given areas of the world is overpopulation. Environmental degradation in many parts of the world has led to the increase of poverty in the world.

Occurrence of dental caries health and social care essay

The recent diminution in the happening of dental cavities has brought a alteration in distribution of the cavities job in many populations. 4 Dental cavities is a multifactorial disease in which there is interplay of four chief factors: The host, The microbic vegetation The substrate and The time.

Steps in career managment

Performance: It means the day to day task which are given to you and the outcomes that you provided of this work. Image: It means your image and impression in the minds of others Exposure: It is all about your results, impression and image from the point of view of people who want to know →

Analysis on the national healthcare system in south korea

Main aspects covered in this paper are the people covered in the health care system, methods of funding, utilization of the system by the patients, management of doctors and institutions that work under the system, and South Korea's standing in terms of health care results around the world. Implementation of the Healthcare System in South →

The news behind the news

The brother did not have his hands around her neck and the news made it sound as if he was trying to kidnap her. He was not trying to check her out he just wanted to bring her to her mother in the car line but he did anyways and as soon as he got →

The art of villainy in shakespeare’s play assignment

First it begins with the Exposition stage; this is where the reader is introduced to the setting under which the conflict arises, the characters involved and the state of issues at the time. Everything is left in chaos as the king dies and the remnants of the lost war, Albany, Edgar and Kent are left →

Pure culture methods and gram staining

To prepare a streak plate, a colony or a loopful of bacteria culture will be taken using a sterile inoculating loop and then the sample will be streaked several times over the surface of the solid growth media. In addition, the experiment explained about the principles of gram stain method and allowed the interpretation of →

Negative impacts

The response to the problems outlined Lies In enabling output to continue to grow while minimizing growth in inputs of materials and energy, and they can support the establishment of institutions meeting the standards in monitoring the development of environment related In affecting trade, identify gaps In normative laws and regulations and other policies which →

Introduction interests. thus an engineering student who is

Among the main shortfalls of taking marginal courses is the fact that such courses take a lot of time and thus they may make students fail to master the intricate details of their majors. In a case where such courses are not available to students, the latter should conduct sufficient research to be informed about →

Who was to blame for wounded knee?

Hence, the 7 th cavalry was violating the treaty statement that the land would be " closed to all whites" Consider the US government and the 7 th Cavalry excuses that the Ghost dance could cause troubles and uprising. In conclusion, the " massacre" at Wounded Knee creek was to be blame on the US →

Learning and development of human resource management

Disney's vision and mission statement Disney's vision and mission is one of the things that should be communicated by the company to the employees in order for the employee to be familiarized with the company's activities. What the company stands for and what the company aspires to be should be part of the induction programme →

Jogho movie review essay

The role of a woman is to take care of the husband and the children. For example in the film ' Gogh', Make Mania did not have the right to say anything when Poke Mat involve in the bullfight's gambling and when all the money that is left is being used as bet in the →

The portrayal of concepts of reason and emotion in the christian life

Using Dante the Pilgrim to show human emotion and Virgil as reason, Dante the Poet demonstrates an inconsistency between the need for reason and emotion. Virgil is a representation of reason and allows for Dante to understand that, because the punishments in Hell are from God, showing pity for the sinners would mean going against →

Aquaculture case study: marine fish farming

Economic factors: the large production of sea bream and sea bass in the recent years led to collapse in prices in the markets for these species. As a result of the present shortfall in fish production there is an exceptional opportunity to grow a substantial aquaculture business.

The cumulative probabilities of collision engineering essay

Loading process in the storage zone will check and record the size and weight of material to be transferred. The way to do this is: to conduct close approach ground and space analyses; to assess the cumulative probabilities of collision; and, to estimate the capturing distance.25.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HEPA#Function26http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falcon_9#Features27.http://spaceflightnow.com/falcon9/004/falcon9.htmlIn second phase Adwityas will receive commands from GBO and →

Extracellular neutrophil traps: a novel therapeutic target in anca-associated vasculitis?

In another study by Nakazawa et al.the use of propylthiouracil in rat neutrophils caused induction of abnormal NETs and led to the further development of MPO-ANCA and pulmonary capillaritis. Neutrophils in the activation and regulation of innate and adaptive immunity.Nat.Rev.

How is homeostasis maintained?

We will review the endocrine system and its relation to homeostasis functioning and how humans survive in the outside world and what freedoms we have because of homeostasis. If the body experiences excessive cold from outside temperatures the body will shiver to try and warm the body.

Variable forms are difficult to acquire

The mainstream view of acquisition of variation is that during the early years of childhood, the main period of acquisition, most of the linguistic input comes from the primary care givers, i.the mother and father. In general the standard view of variation in language acquisition is that because children are aiming for the perfect grammar →

Benjamin franklin’s statement

This paper review aims to give an examination about the concept that rising up as soon as possible from the moment we woke up is really a good attitude that every individual should have or whether this concept only adds up to the misery and burden that they feel. The concept of rising up immediately →

Motivation and personality motivation is a business and how it affects consumers

Norwood proposes that Maslow's hierarchy is very helpful to describe and understand the variety of information that individuals search in order to gratify their needs at various levels. He further emphasized that individual who is at the safety level of the hierarchy will be interested for that information which will help him/her to be secure →

Cost leadership strategy business comparison

A Manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary. In other way, the manager need to focus on bottom line and control the complete the attention of all the work off the assembly line.

Abstract mean to dissipate energy. this principle

FRICTIONDAMPERFor centuries, mechanical engineers have successfullyused the concept of the friction brake to control the motion of machinery andautomobiles. The results showed that the friction damper can be used improve the dynamicresponse of innovative structures as well as the existing building compared tothe conventional design.W.L.

Soren chemical

The urgent challenge which Sorer Chemical needed to overcome is to convince retailers that the product had the potential of significant growth in the market. It is as a result of this that the marketing efforts were faced with the dilemma of promoting Coracle within the market, which they had little understanding of, unlike the →

Isotonic contraction and the effect of load on skeletal muscles essay sample

During the contraction phase, the skeletal muscle shortens producing tension on the ends of the muscle. Next, we suspended the muscle in the support stand and secured it with a second hook at the lower end of the muscle tendon.

Life insurance

It was the trend in China then to lure US pilots with lucrative pay because of the increased need for pilots due to the fast expansion of the Asian airlines. Though the source did not confirm the whereabouts of the passengers and the pilot, my mother was requested to report to my father's workstation for →

The roles and responsibility of a teacher education essay

The methods that were use to happen information on the subject was chiefly from cyberspace beginnings, books and diary, The functions and the duties that a instructor must hold are that they must be able to keep a professional mode when working with kids. Becoming a instructor will intend that you will hold a occupation →

Federalism and separation of power

With cognisance to the American democratic structure, the constitution provides for separation of powers by stipulating the functions of the various arms of government and also the jurisdiction of the different tiers of government, whereby the executive cannot meddle in the affairs of the legislature and vice-versa. The first stage of the bill is the →

Hobby: nutrition and black bean curd assignment

Si Chuang province is the mountain district in the center of China and its food is famous for its hot and spicy dishes, and one of my favorites dishes is Ma Bo Tofu. The reason I have to cover the Tofu while it's cooking is because Tofu is a very delicate ingredient and I do →

Editorial: neutrophil communication

Editorial on the Research Topic Neutrophil Communication Neutrophils are key immune cells that participate in host defense through a variety of mechanisms including phagocytosis, the generation of reactive oxygen species, release of granular contents, and the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps. The capacity of neutrophils to orchestrate inflammatory and immune responses is dependent on their →

Case study | marks spencer

The customer is the basic reason for the existence of any business since a business cannot operate without customers to sell to. Service excellence, in short, is a powerful element to corporate survival and competitive advantage for the organisations of the future.

Editorial: microbial safety in water resources

Editorial on the Research Topic Microbial Safety in Water Resources The scientific community can help to advance wastewater reuse in two important ways: First, through the exploration of new treatments and technologies that allow use of safe water supply alternatives, and second, through development and use of new methods that improve insights on water quality. →

Cornel west considers what marxism and christianity theology religion

And so the subjugation of American slaves was a cardinal factor in the outgrowth of Christianity in Afro-american civilization. At the beginning, this is apprehensible as West gleans a great trade of wisdom from black divinity and the Afro-american Christian tradition.

Practical to become aware of values

Chanvi Singh Type your answer here 1. The aim of the practical The aim of the practical was to become aware of one’s own values and see how they help strengthen or cause hindrances in a client- therapist relationship and to deal with value conflicts. 2. The materials used Values...

Education essays – educational implications

Fawcett and Lynch have examined difficulties associated with the diagnosis of dyslexia in children with EAL:" The identification of dyslexia in monolingual English speaking children is a complex issue, but the complexity increases when the difficulties of children learning EAL are considered" There is increasing concern about the under-identification of children with EAL, and secondary →

Cement plant raises issues

Its a battle between the average citizen, concerned about their health and the environment, and the elected official, confident that their influence will bring in a new business for the better of the community. At first, Rio Grande submitted a draft application asking that the plant be allowed to produce 1 million tons of cement →

An exegetical essay on john chapter 1 religion essay

Thus, the author begins his gospel with the words, ' In the beginning was the Word...' John's Gospel stresses on the deity of Jesus, he strikes the reader straight with the Greek ' Word' as a replacement of Jesus until the end of the prologue. In chapter the author talked about the pre- existence, in →

Essentials of risk assessment and management

It is the intention of this essay to explain the importance of infection control in practice and the pathway of this will follow the five-step model of risk assessment, which includes looking for the hazards, identifying who may be harmed and how, evaluating the risk, recording the findings and reflecting the importance of infection control. →

Frontiers commentary on tallet et al. investigation of prolactin receptor activation and blockade using time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer

For many years, the model of ligand-induced dimerization was the preferred model to explain the activation of many single transmembrane-spanning receptors that rely on the phosphorylation of their intracellular domains. Before the publication of the article of Tallet et al.in Frontiers in Endocrinology, conflicting results had been reported in the literature concerning the activation model →

Chapter that jesus was raised to life by

CHAPTER2Preparationof the Passover meal: The time to prepare to celebrate the Passover mealarrived and in Luke 22: 10-12 we find Jesus instructing His disciples toprepare for the Passover meal which would become known throughout the christianchurches as The Last Supper : " As you enter the city, a man carrying ajar of water will meet →

Chapter 4 – primary research findings

For this reason, each question will be analyzed, each under the specific theme it addresses, and a further discussion of the analyzed questions given in relation to the literature review in the discussion section Remarks: From this point forward, the CEO and the Vice President are the used names to represent Firm A and →

Last supper by david lachapelle: analysis

The author composition of the image is to draw viewer attention to the table and the Jesus sitting in the middle but not only because straight away your eye going to the source of aureole light and Jesus face which is focal point in the image. In addition the darkest value of the photograph is →

Expectations gap in auditing

This is realized when the role of external auditors is compared to the expectations of the general public and various user groups regarding outcomes and the process of the external audit. After viewing the above arguments and prescriptions, expectation gap in auditing can be said to be the difference between the auditor's actual performance and →

Khmer new year in cambodia

The majority of the Cambodians are still farmers and Khmer New Year marks the end of the harvest season when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor and relax before the start of the rainy season. The history of the Khmer New Year is closely connected to the seven signs of the zodiac for the →

Research literature of showing resilience

The biological and neurological mechanisms on mental health as they relate to Crisis experience involve the reptilian brain, the limbic system, the neo cortex, and the amygdala. One of the most important things is the recognition of our own strengths and ways in which we can use those frequently.

Critical appraisal of quantitative research article

Year of publication: 1994 The title of the article: Drug administration errors: a study into the factors underlying the occurrence and reporting of drug errors in a district general hospital. How does the title of the research accurately describe what the study is about?


This implies that there is a one-to-one correspondence between characters of a text and a character code this is namely the fundamental difference between the encryption codes. The idea of encryption is to prevent viewing of the true content of a message to those who have no means of decrypting.

Why had international peace collapsed by 1939 essay sample

When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 he was pledged to reverse the treaty of Versailles and to increase German territory. If Hitler were going to demolish the treaty of Versailles then he would also get back the land that was taken away from Hitler in the treaty.

Analysis of microsoft’s accounting policy flashcard

Microsoft argues that the time between the two milestones is usually too short for the company to capitalize on any significant amount of costs, therefore Microsoft's policy is to expense all research and development costs as they incur regardless of whether the milestones are reached or not. To illustrate the impact of Microsoft's cost capitalization →

Bronfenbrenner analysis

The model is depicted in layers which refer the levels of the environment and the child is the center of these layers. And, at the age of 17, her mother remarried for the third time to a man who thought he was still a sergeant in the army.

Vascular aging: facts and factors

Such as the idea proposed by Ming et al.and discussed by Cau and Tostes, which suggests that targeting mTORC1-S6K1 signaling could be a promising therapeutic modality to retard the aging process and treat cardiovascular disease in the elderly. Chantler and Lakatta elegantly describe the concept of arterial ventricular coupling and provide valuable information on how →

“a triple pillar of the world or a strumpet’s fool” – impressions of antony essay sample essay

However.it is difficult to find whether Antony is the " strumpet's fool" he appears to be when he is with Cleopatra.or the " triple pillar of the world" he should be. Octavius still keeps him informed of events in Rome by directing couriers.which shows that he does non ignore Antony because he is so far →

How does hardy use setting in tess of the d’urbervilles in order to portray tess status in life essay

Although the narrator of the book may not include Tess as the main character in every phase in ' Tess of the d'Urbervilles', Hardy somewhat uses poetic description of the setting which surrounds the main situation in order to relate it to Tess' life, as mentioned before. During the moment of this description, Tess was →

What get measured gets managed, what needs managed gets measured essay

It has gone through a significant transformation as a result of substantial criticisms regarding the lack of efficiency and capability of traditional cost and management accounting practices in the literature since the early 1980s leading to appeal for fresh innovative techniques and methods being implemented by management accountants of organisations at present. It could be →

A case study of a dying monopoly

The Russian state is the owner of fifty one per cent of the stocks and holds sway over the policies and direction of the company, strictly controlling the direction of development. The Kremlin disputes the existence of a monopoly and it is common for the government to make use of Gazprom as a weapon of →

Prioritization in nursing

This shock results from an failure of delivery of oxygen to tissues owed to the failure of blood volume in the vascular organism. This is a sign of extreme mucus accumulation and trauma in the airway.

Accounting standards board

This has in the past nine years seen the accounting policy making suggesting a complete overhaul in the way financial statements are reported and a convergence between he Use's generally accepted accounting principles and the International Financial Reporting Standards. History of the Relationship between FAST and SAAB US Financial Accounting Standards Board is a board →

Writing a great research paper

If you were not assigned a topic, consider these strategies for exploring various facets of your subject in order to focus on a topic: #1. Your topic should not be so narrow that only a handful of books or articles have been written about it.

Jesus: teacher and healer

Jesus' two most famous parables are the parable of the Prodigal Son and the parable of the Good Samaritan. The Parable of the Prodigal Son The parable of the prodigal son is about a son who decides to take his inheritance and spend it on a life of sin.

How does malvolio connect to disguise and deceit in act 2 scene 5?

In the beginning of this scene we see that Malvolio is playing a role in the same way Olivia and Orsino were earlier in the play. This is the last aspect of deception that connects to Malvolio in Act II Scene VI.

Bela bartok’s passion for ethnomusicology assignment

Bartok and Folk Music Bela Bartok, one of the best-known Hungarian composers is also one of the most significant musicians of the twentieth century. Bartok's well-known use of folk music can be seen in Music for String instruments, Percussion and Celesta, and in this paper I will discuss how Bartok incorporates characteristics of folk music →

Principles of the westphalian state system politics essay

I start this essay with the principles of the Westphalian state system, followed by the question: " When started globalization?" Subsequently by a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Westphalian state system, I argue that globalization is new as a ' buzzword', but the process advanced together with the development of civilizations, and globalization questions →

Fritolays college essay

FRITOLAYS Name of the product- Frito-Lay's Name of the company- PepsiCo Name of the ad agency- JWT Type of advertising-Advertising intended to target audience, direct advertising Position in the market Frito Lay is positioned no. The voting is the crux of this campaign, which is a first of its sort, asking the consumers to vote →

Body ownership

Additionally, Moseley found that there was a positive correlation between the vividness of the rubber hand illusion experience and the decrease in the skin temperature in the adequate hand. In this type of illusion, the tactile sensations are admitted to the rubber hand Interception is a notion involving two different types of perception: the prioprioception, →

William deresiewicz essay

According to Deresiewicz, the middle class is highly prejudiced in the country, to the extent that they have been culturally withheld from finding mention as the ' working class' in the mainstream media and other portrayals. The only people who seem to be interested or happen to be interested in learning of their lives and →

Classical and operant conditioning in marketing

The consumer is able to learn about the attributes of the product and its availability. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze the two approaches: classical and operant conditioning through the prism of learning behavior.

Hebrew bible personal reflection

The basis of my knowledge the New Testament derived mainly on the importance of my belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; he died for our sins and is our risen Savior. As such the Old Testament was the letter of the law, and if I did not live up to its teachings →

Devadasi children – south asia regional study” covered

It involves lack or denial of resources, rights, goods and services, and the inability to participate in the normalrelationships and activities, available to the majority of people in a society, whether in economic, social, cultural or political arenas. In spite of constitutional protection andassurances, till now their status is found to be lower than not →

Synthesis of 7.7 – dichlorobicyclo heptane – phase transfer catalysis essay

The mechanism of action of the above mentioned PTC is described in the text along with the mechanism for the addition of a dichlorocarbene. It was necessary to stir the reaction intensely to ensure that the organic and aqueous layer in the reaction flask is well mixed, hence promoting mass transfer of the OH ion →

Love at first sight essay sample

The " thesis statement," which is the answer to the question:" Which one of the three earthly loves has shaped and continues to shape human behavior?" Briefly introduce the scholarly basis of your argument, which this paper intends to prove. Briefly state what the church can do to educate the world about the power of →

Art history essay example

Bach compositions from the perspective of musical history, it should be firstly mentioned that the majority of specialists tend to define his style from the perspective of two different approaches. In simpler words, the first approach is generally being criticized for it to be too metaphorical despite the fact that it adequately explains that Bach's →

Introduction champions for its abolishment. the book, ‘narrative

The book, ' Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass' is both an indictment of slavery and a call to action for its abolition. The description given by Douglass to the torturous treatment of the slaves clearly shows his hatred and condemnation of slavery together with those who practiced it.

Animal rights should not be introduced to law assignment

People formed government and made rules that limited their rights for the sake of the general stability and happiness.* They could no longer kill or rob others to get what they want because of the limitations, but it also meant that they did not have to worry of murder and theft as much as they →

Psychology of homer simpsons flashcard

His credulous and sometimes seamy character ironically gives justness to the battle of in-between category households and absolutely depicts the function and challenges of a male parent who is confronting the ordeals in the thick of a household crisis and his duty as a citizen in the society. However.it turned out that it was Homer →

Historical problems

Wilson's chief goal was to have the treaty provide for the formation of a League of Nations. Unable and perhaps unwilling to reach an agreement with Wilson, Lodge used his power and position to ensure the defeat of the treaty and prevent American participation in the League of Nations.

Ethical issues in patient information | case study

Jessica is in a stressful environment where she holds the custody of the children and the other parent is legally obligated to provide financial support to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the children. A problem with ethics is the logic of reasoning being used in moral deliberation and moral justification.

Treatments for painful neuropathy

A complete re-evaluate of the fundamental pathogenesis and types of painful diabetic neuropathy is past the reach of this paper. Many of these variables are assessed in treatment trials for painful diabetic neuropathy and improve in parallel with the decrease in pain.

Sony playstation and xbox essay sample

My investigation is about competitive advantage, the aim of the investigation is to see which techniques are used by Sony Playstation to gain competitive advantage over Xbox 360. Relationship A strong relationship with the consumer in business is always a positive point this is because the closer you are to your customers the more the →

Free high density lipoproteins and cardiovascular disease essay example

High amounts of saturated fat in the diet can lead to increased levels of unhealthy cholesterol in the blood and contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. Instead, Rohatgi et al, in the paper entitled " HDL Cholesterol Efflux Capacity and Incident Cardiovascular Events," focus on what is called HDL cholesterol efflux capacity, particularly pertaining to →

Recommendations for philippines health services

The Quality Assurance Partnership Committees is a governance mechanism that brings together local leaders and government officials, health service providers, civil society, and community representatives to address issues related to access, availability, and quality of maternal and child health related services in local facilities. The integration of the QAPC pilot with the Philippines Department of →

The american enlightenment

The ideas of John Locke and the Enlightenment Period caused a few philosophers and people who were outspoken about freedoms and rights to shape the American government. This is the theory that as citizens it is the citizen's duty to rid yourself of the government if the government is unfair towards the citizens.

Medication: the health of america

The plan requires a group of employees; a group that is responsible for the statistical data of the number and location of elderly and their homes and another group responsible for distributing the devices to the houses. The benefits of the lifefone lie in its importance in reminding elderly to take their medication as well →

Emotional value through animation

One such resurgence occurred during the late 1980's and early 1990's, a period marked by the popularity and success of 2D animated entertainment, exemplified by Disney's blockbusters Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Jones and Orliff have cited three reasons that contributed to the success of CG animation, including →

American religion: the puritans and the quakers

In those years, the queen was tasked with stabilizing the country and decided that to do this, England had to have a comprehensive Church that could accommodate the views of both the Protestants and the conservative Catholics. It was in 1620 that the ship the Mayflower docked and the first Puritans came to settle in →

Traditional bc) (china internet information centre, 2017) spring

However, after Qin Dynasty and HanDynasty, when the most of the festivals evolvedand time and the way of celebrations were determined, traditional festivalsstarted to be independent from most of religious beliefs and myths or legends duringTang Dynasty exceptfor the rituals which are left behind as remains of religious beliefs and areobserved by people as part →