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Metal-induced neurodegeneration in c. elegans

The biosynthesis and transport of neurotransmitters are conserved in the nematode and human nervous system. Visualization of the neurons is useful, but it is important to correlate the structural damage with cellular and molecular changes as quenching of GFP fluorescence is a possibility and can result in false data interpretation.

The relationship between salivary redox, diet, and food flavor perception

This review reports the relationships that have been established in the literature between the salivary antioxidant capacity, the diet and the perception of food flavor. In the mouth, ROS are generated in the oral epithelium and directly in the saliva.

Acute stroke biomarkers: are we there yet?

Indeed, biomarker stratification of the different classes of stroke patients in a pre-hospital setting would facilitate directing them to a hospital where thrombectomy is performed without losing crucial time by performing brain imaging in the nearest hospital and then transferring the patient to the comprehensive stroke center. This is especially important with respect to the β†’

Chapter 6 resource masters

Use this information to graph the function.1.f x2 6x 8 2.f x2 2x 2 3.f 2x2 4x 3 8, x x f 3 1 3, 2 0 12 8 4 3 1 3 4 0 2, x x f 1 3 4 8 4 O 4 1, 0 2 f 1 2 2 1 1 β†’

Immunogenicity of tnf-inhibitors

The most important distinction that can be made between the available assays is the extent to which the assay is sensitive to the drug in the serum, i.e, the drug-tolerance of the assay. Detection of these antibodies is dependent on the sensitivity and the characteristics of the assay, which in the case of ADA are β†’

Online diagnostic assessment in support of personalized teaching and learning: the edia system

The principal function for which the system is designed is to provide regular diagnostic information in three main domains of education, reading, mathematics, and science, from the beginning of schooling to the end of the 6 years of primary education. In this paper, we first outline the theoretical foundations of the eDia system, including the β†’

Narrative reconsiderations of teaching as negotiated curriculum for social justice and equity

We root our work on issues of social justice and equity in curriculum and mentoring within particular experiences that enable us to shift between curriculum landscapes that centralize theories and those that explore students' and teachers' experiences of diversity. Connelly and Clandinin highlighted the teacher as the prime curriculum maker, and we undertook a perspective β†’