About Assign Buster

Assign Buster gathers educational experts, developers, and editors whose primary aim is to make the study process easier for you. We did not want to do the work instead of students, thus stealing their opportunity to learn something new and apply their skills. Our service is not a magic wand that completes your assignment but a railing that helps you going upstairs toward success and self-development.

Our story begins more than ten years ago when Assign Buster’s founders were attending the same university. Their community believed that studying could be more fun and less stressful. To help first-year students, they collected their own best writing assignments and shared them with their younger peers. This turned out to be super helpful! Years later, Assign Buster was founded, employing modern technologies to make the search process prompt and effective. Assign Busters’ name comes from a famous movie starring Bill Murray, which was very popular among founders’ peers during their student years. 

Now, our team includes specialists from different fields of study that help in assessing submitted papers. We receive dozens of papers daily and are happy to check each of them in detail. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet so many talented students and help others make their study life less stressful. 

Our Goal

We created this database to help students worldwide complete writing assignments faster and with minimal stress.

Using our database, you will never feel alone with your assignment. Here, you will find sample papers on the exact topics you are dealing with or related.

Writing assignments can be extremely hard, especially when you lack knowledge or experience in a particular subject. However, things become much easier when you can see how someone else has done their work. Thus, the process of writing your piece becomes much more straightforward: you can follow the same structure and work out more interesting ideas to explore.

Assign Buster is here for you whenever you want to get inspiration from excellently written papers. Additionally, we offer you to try out our Topic Generator and make your studies even more efficient.

Our Primary Values

Honesty & Diligence

We believe that our service can be helpful for those seeking inspiration and additional guides on writing. However, we strongly disrespect cheating and the violation of rules and policies of any educational institution.

Mutual Support

Our mission is to assist you in your studies by selecting the best sample papers that you can learn from. We are trying our best and hope that our efforts are making your study life more effortless. Still, our work won’t be that fruitful without proper cooperation. We expect you to be mindful of and never disregard our terms & conditions.

Attention to Details

Before being published on our database, each essay goes through an in-depth check. We believe that you deserve to learn only from the best-of-the-best examples. When checking the papers, we consider grammar and vocabulary use and how the content corresponds with the topic.

Data Security

We are grateful for your trust in us and eager to provide you with the best user experience. Your personal data security is one of our highest priorities. That’s why we perform thorough checkups regularly and never disclose your personal details to any third parties.

To learn more about our practices and principles, please
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Core Features

Assign Buster is a user-friendly platform that will make your study journey less stressful.

Multiple Search Options

On our website, you can find any sample paper you need just in a few clicks. The essays are sorted by work type, subject, number of pages, and word count. Additionally, you can find what you need by typing in keywords.

Handy Tools

We created the opportunity to cite each essay sample in different styles. Use the built-in citation machine to reference popular styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Afterward, you can also download samples in various file formats.

Your Sample Library

Don’t want to lose the samples you found interesting? We created a space where you can save papers you want to come back to. It’s perfect for gathering all the valuable information you will need for completing your writing task. The cards in your library will show you the date the paper was added, its subject, and its topic.