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High rise and high density buildings sociology

With peculiar mention to tower block and high denseness development in the proviso of lodging as they are both designed on the footing of suiting more in less infinite, the argument on whether better designed, low-cost and assorted term of office lodging can supply a solution that tackles the demand for lodging to suit without →

Climate and human-driven variability of summer hypoxia on a large river-dominated shelf as revealed by a hypoxia index

Because these indirect factors influence hypoxia via direct pathways, we must disentangle the contributions of the direct drivers in order to quantify the contributions of climate change and human activities and to delineate the pathways impacting the long-term variation of coastal hypoxia. The mean thickness of the hypoxia area is the averaged vertical distance between →

Crowdsourced water level monitoring in kenya’s sondu-miriu basin—who is “the crowd”?

As a result, water availability for the residents and hydropower production in the lower part of the basin strongly depends on rainfall and water abstraction in the upper part. All participants were informed about the objective of the study and were explicitly asked to give consent for the storage, use and publication of the answers →

Having our say essay

Sadie was the second child in a family of ten born to Nanny and Henry Delany. Bessie was the third child in a family of ten born to Nanny and Henry Delany.

A linguistic analysis of obama’s inaugural address

More specifically, I will propose and focus on the idea that the composition of the speech has an aim to create a unity of the speaker and the audience in order to deliver the message. The richness of the English language is employed to produce the first Presidential address to the nation and the world, →

‘leave your ego at the door’: a narrative investigation into effective wingsuit flying

In particular, extreme sports involve considerable danger and the potentiality of death; extreme sports are not usually competitive in the traditional sense; while examples do exist of extreme sports being undertaken in urban environments for the most part they take place in the natural environment and demand that the participant engages with the natural environment →

Testing strategy for internet applications

Introduction With the emergence of e-commerce sites and the growth of business performed over the web, it is critical for companies to have their internet applications tested extensively to ensure that they function correctly, are compatible over many different browsers and operating system configurations and can handle a large amount of concurrent users. The main →

Phytochemistry, pharmacology and medicinal uses of plants of the genus : an updated review

The flavones as apigenin and its glycosides are major constituents of S.acutifolia Willd.leaves, S.matsudana Koidz.leaves and S.babylonica L.leaves and roots. The highest number of phenolic glycosides were reported in Salix leaves, followed by twigs, stems and bark.

Redroot pigweed ( amaranthus retroflexus l.) and lamb’s quarters ( chenopodium album l.) populations exhibit a high degree of morphological and biochemical diversity

In this study, we aimed to better understand the colonization history and capacity for invasiveness of A.retroflexus and C.album by characterizing a suite of morphological and biochemical traits in populations of collected from contrasting habitats. TABLE 2 Variance analysis of the evaluated traits in A.retroflexus and C.album populations.

Critcal study of foreign direct investments (fdi) within the indian retail sector

The changes and reforms made in the policies related to the FDI's and also liberalization on the restrictions which were laid on FDI's by the government was with an intention of developing the employment status for the improvement of the nation's economy. 2 Objectives: The research further is carried on with the following objectives To →

Herberts instruction for christian youth theology religion

It is from this point of break that Herbert ' s catechizing of the verse form ' s talker and reader can get down as he begins his pedagogical intent of ' multiply [ ing ] and construct [ ing ] up [ the young person ' s ] cognition ' of Christ.[ 9 ]Stanley →

Project on skin products

In the market of hygiene and beauty for men, and especially in the cosmetics, the offer has been ignored by the cosmetics brand for a long time. It is important to consider the cosmetics' world in two distinct parts; the market for the men and the one for the women.

Chemistry exam 2 flashcard

Is this an example of a physical or chemical change? physical change involving the formation of negative ionschemical change involving the formation of neutral atomsphysical change involving the formation of positive ionschemical change involving the formation of ionschemical change involving the formation of ionsWhich of the following bonds would be the most polar? Correct! when →

Emotions as pragmatic and epistemic actions

While in the philosophy of emotions these representations may come in form of judgments of value and importance, reactions to known values or attitudes toward an object exhibiting certain evaluative properties, psychologists regard an emotion as the process of appraising a stimulus' significance to a subject, either according to various aspects of the stimulus' properties →

Why do we need policy?

Then from the national perspective, the increase in profit in the monopolist is a national gain and the harm to the consumer is of no concern.because: Foreign citizens do not in elections. Due to the advocacy of list that science is a key factor in advancing the technological and innovative capability of firms, therefore, industry →

Communication problems when participants disagree (or avoid disagreeing) in dialogues in swedish natural resource management—challenges to agonism in practice

Schegloff suggests that the context of talk-in-interaction is defined through, and in talk-in-interaction when the participants in these conversations relate to the context. However, we also think that in the kind of complex context that we are analyzing, the conversation participants refer to layers and layers of meaning and it becomes very difficult for an →

Hsp60: issues and insights on its therapeutic use as an immunoregulatory agent

Taken that transgenic expression of HSP60 in the thymus does not lead to the deletion of HSP60 specific T cell clones, it is possible that central tolerance to HSPs relies on the generation of natural regulatory T cells akin to the way tolerance is imposed to many other self antigens. Although HSP60 was first found →

Systematic violations of human rights law international essay

This has led to " the idea of layered responses to African crisis whereby the initial response would come from local and national organisation followed by responses at the sub-regional and regional levels and finally by those of the United Nations and the broader international community" The Economic Community of West African States was established →

Mktg: c9

Marketing research on how to best use this information will begin with the: a.collection of the data b.specification of the sampling plan c.definition of the problem d.research design e.recognition of the marketing opportunityANS: E Marketing research can hone in and clarify where the best opportunities lie.21. All of the following are examples of secondary data →

Intrusion detection technique for wireless sensor network and its implementation issues

Network Intrusion Network intrusion is a deliberate attempt to enter a network and break the security of the network thus breaking the confidentiality of the information present in the systems of the network. Statement of the Problem With the ever-increasing need for organizations and individuals to stay connected by means of computer networks comes the →

Inventory management system of a printing press in dagupan city flashcard

Also, the study did not cover the events subsequent to the issuance of inventories to production such as conversion of raw materials to finished goods and the delivery of such to the customers. Problems Arising from the Implementation of the Inventory Management System of Metro Print Asia were the flaws existing in the company's process →

Factors influencing strategic planning business essay

This chapter aims to provide an overview of strategic planning in higher education and introduce the background of strategic planning in Nigerian context. The aim of this research is to identify the impeders to effective strategic implementation in Nigerian higher education sector with a view to achieving a more effective and efficient strategic planning process.

Telecom sector in bangladesh

The downside to CDMA is the complexity of deciphering and extracting the received signals, especially if there are multiple signal paths between the phone and the cell tower. Telecommunication Cycle: The transmission of the senders ideas to the receiver and the receiver's feedback or reaction to the sender constitute the telecommunication cycle.

A comprehensive guide to social impact assessment

Human activities have resulted in the disruption of social and communal harmony, the loss of human livelihood and life, the introduction of new diseases, and the destruction of renewable resources. 7 Impact Assessments in the context of social development are: Processes through which the government departments/ agencies can better understand how the socio-cultural, institutional, historical →

The need for construction firms commerce

The satisfactory growing of the industry is indispensable for the public assistance of any economic system as its growing is related to the growing of many other sectors such as services and fabrication. In this survey, environmental dynamism refers to the rate of alteration, absence of form and capriciousness of the environment, following the definition →

A student guide to writing the theory of knowledge essay

The grade boundaries are then applied, to determine the band to The band descriptors are: A Work of an excellent standard B Work of a good standard C Work of a satisfactory standard D Work of a mediocre standard E Work of an elementary standard The band descriptor is used both to determine the contribution →

Coperate law essay

It is only, if there is no provision in the articles of association of the company regarding the appointment of first directors, the subscribers to the memorandum will be the first directors of the company. If nothing is mentioned in the articles of association of a company regarding the appointment of first directors of a →

Major ocean ports of the world

S, Inc.v. Co, Ltd.v.

Explore the background of the study, the problem discussion

The direction and use of these constituents is possible merely if the managerial governments are provided with the full information about the handinesss and capablenesss of all constituents. Most of the organisations are good familiar with ERP systems and the ERP market is rather appealing for them.

An introduction to transfer pricing economics essay

As the MNE tax department attempt to keep up to speed with rapid change in the companies they serve, it seems that the tax authorities in a number of countries around the world are deploying increasing resources and energies to resisting that change for investigating the tax implications of transfer prices in related party transaction. →


9Executive remuneration has become a hot political topic in Australia, in the light of the escalation of executive pay and the emerging connection between high levels of executive pay and recent corporate collapses. These traditional differences were evident in the high-profile merger of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler in 199826 where in the year prior to the →

Software history & erp’s 18550 flashcard

To manage a computer's hardware components, to coordinate them so that they work together efficiently, and to schedule to make the best use of the computer's time, it is necessary to add a set of instructions that monitors and manages the system. The complaint, which covered IBM's dominance of hardware, also alleged that " starting →

Security challenges for india in view of chinas rise history essay

The overall objective of this research is to study the rise of China, the likely impacts on India and the measures to counter the threats from China.8. The implications of rise of China to India and the recommended Indian response to meet the challenge will also be covered.

Personality and values essay

You need to evaluate the job, the work group, and the organization to determine the optimal personality fit. It is important that the values of the employee and the organization match Expanded Chapter Outline Personality A.

Environmental pollution narrative

The skies over North India The skies over North India are seasonally filled with a thick soup of aerosol particles all along the southern edge of the Himalayas, Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal. The research was released in an effort to draw a line under the embarrassing mistakes made about the effects of Global →

Sales and marketing for financial institutions flashcard

Subject learning outcomes After successfully completing this subject students should be able to: describe the marketing and sales functions in a financial institution design a marketing plan and sales plan for a financial institution assess different buyer behaviour models and how these relate to the various market segmentation approaches assess the different promotional and communication →

Testout – college essay

Which of the following is a characteristics of TACAS+Encrypts the entire packet, not just the authentication packets Which of the following ports are used with TACAS? 0 Which three of the following IP addresses belong to the Class A network 114.0.0.

Food service management

After the paraffin is solid, plug the unit in for a few minutes, or just until the cake of paraffin loosens from the sides and bottom of the unit. Occasionally, the quantity of flour that is actually contained in a measuring device may be inaccurate due to several factors, such as the manner in which →

Belmont report

The HHS regulations require that Federal Departments and Agencies that conduct or support human subjects research must evaluate all applications for research using the following criteria:* Risks to the subjects* Adequacy of protection against these risks* Potential benefits of the research to the subjects and others* Importance of the knowledge gained or to be gained →

Language of advertising

The analysis of advertising texts seems appropriate to rely on the definition proposed by American Marketing Association, drawing attention to the fact that the method of presenting information depends on its nature and characteristics of the target audience: Advertising is distributed in some form of impersonal nature of the information on products, services or ideas →

Girls’ education: towards a better future for all essay sample

6 billion a year for education, a lack of plans and capacity within national education systems to improve the access to and quality of schooling for girls, and locally many poor families who simply cannot afford to send their children to school. Girls are also more likely to drop out of school because of their →

Yputh – college essay

The long history of adult-driven advocacy, leadership, and activism within the disability community combined with the desire to see the emergence of the next generation of young leaders with disabilities, resulted in the 1990s serving as the backdrop for the emergence of a youth leadership and youth development Alternative secondary school services, as appropriate; Summer →

Outsourcing: benefits and risks-a case study on unilever

First it was to build market share and market dominance, especially in the 1960s with the invention of new technologies and the evolution of the service industry. The constant evolution of businesses meant that they had to constantly change and adapt their resources and capabilities to fit with the changing customer taste, and this meant →

Overview of retail industry in china economics essay

Concerning the above issues, it is critical to understand the competitive landscape in China retail market, the success factors, the factors lead to the loosed to local retailers, consumer buying behaviour in China, and what does the future hold for retailing in China. To address the issues raised in the problem statement, the objectives of →

Intercultural communication assignment

This shift encourages the study of intercultural communication in terms of the practical needs of the participants in communication.) Hall extends the study of culture to the field of communication. From 1981 to the Present Time Condon and Yousef's Introduction to Intercultural Communication and Samovar and Porter's Intercultural Communication: A Reader are two major forces →

Retail banking assignment

The second research in this work determines views of customers of Bank of India, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and Punjab National Bank who have availed home loan, education loan, personal loan and auto/vehicle loan. According to the results of the second research 20% of the respondents have rated the services of Bank of →

Corporate code of ethics project

Compliance with Code of Ethics; No Retaliation If employees have knowledge or are suspicious of any noncompliance with any part of this Code of Ethics or are concerned whether circumstances could lead to a violation of this Code of Ethics, they are encouraged to discuss the situation promptly with their immediate supervisor, or if the →

Chapter 12 zara

The first part of this chapter explores the nature of marketing channels and the marketer's channel design and management decisions. As the dynamics of our industry continue to evolve, it's clear to us that the future belongs to the service providers who offer the broadest array of services for anyone who needs or wants to →

Demutualization of stock exchanges

9 Drivers for Change: The Rationale for Demutualization and Merger Impact of Demutualization The Merger Act The Process of Demutualization The Singapore Exchange's Initial Public Offer The Structure of Singapore Exchange The Governance of Singapore Exchange Listing and Conflict of Interest 265 267 269 270 271 272 274 276 279 281 5. Chapters 1-3 give →

: knowledge management and organizational learning essay

The model makes clear how new knowledge developed by individuals in an organization must navigate each of the Five Learning Cycles to become accepted by other people in the organization, and then how new knowledge becomes embedded in the organization and its way of working. In effect, this approach to knowledge management assumes, often implicitly, →

Crm of pizza hut

This chapter provides the reader with a full understanding of the way in which the research aims and objectives are bridged with the direction the study takes. According to research conducted by Forrester Research traditional advertising is on the decline with the rise of social media in the UK and the USA.

Logistics basics

Logistics A System Concept The objective of logistics is to facilitate the flow of materials across the supply chain of an enterprise so that the right product is available at the right place at the right time, cost effectively This is possible only when all logistics functions are working as a unified system to achieve →

The brazilian sign language english language essay

and is a language of signs, as used in different countries, presents rulesaccount for the formation of the signs and the organization of these structures and phrasalspeech. The orientation ofpalms is the direction in which the palm of the hand points to produce the signal.

Project on spy ear

In spy ear circuit the most important part which is used to amplify the ckt is An IC named LM386N, which is a low sound amplifier, it amplifies the sound which is received by the condenser mic connected in the ckt. Finally, fit the condenser microphone on the front side of the enclosure and link →

The economic model of productivity construction essay

Better productiveness can be achieved if project direction includes the accomplishments of instruction and preparation, method of work, personal wellness, motivational factors, type of tools, machines, equipment and stuffs required, personal accomplishments, work load to be executed, expected quality of work, location of work, type of work to be done, and supervisory forces. The consequence →

Persuasive communication theory

Although the context of persuasion must necessarily be considered, the verbal message, designed to sway the hearts and minds of the receivers, is at the core of persuasive communication. In addition, of course, the communicator also discusses the arguments in favor of the position advocated in the message.

The canterbury tales

Chaucer's ability to give the reader his view of life in the city of London is but one of the sterling elements of The Canterbury Tales. List of Characters The Narrator Geoffrey Chaucer, the author, although he is never named The Knight father of the Squire; lord of the Yeoman The Squire young man of →

Enac and hypertension

3 Role of the Kidney in the Control of Hypertension The kidneys play a key role in the long term control of blood pressure by regulating the reabsorption of electrolytes which create an osmotic gradient for the reabsorption of water leading to the maintenance of fluid balance. The moving of sodium across the epithelia of →

Impact of print media on society essay

University of Alabama 1994 A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education in the Department of Educational Studies in the College of Education at the University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Spring Term 2009 Major Professors: Cynthia J. The study of the prior election did not reveal →

Project on customer satisfaction towards airtel essay sample

Bharathi Communication, is such organization that is the authorized dealer of Airtel in the city of Hyderabad, and the identification of the customer's opinion lurking behind on the dealer service, and has taken its significance. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The principal objective of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the current customer satisfaction of Airtel.

Research in human ecology

Indeed, as the debate about the " new social movements" has emphasized, changes in attitudes and behavior on the part of the public can be a central goal of a movement. Here our conceptualization of the movement parallels that of McLaughlin and Khowaja: the movement and movement organizations are engaged in a struggle with their →

The value of accounting disclosure in uk capital market

The value of accounting disclosure in the UK capital market are reduction of cost of capital and information asymmetry; consistency of firms' accounting policies; enhancement of management reputation; capability to address the information needs of stakeholders; and mitigate inefficiencies within the market. OECD described the well-recognised value of disclosure and the well-analysed relationship between the →

Comprehensive and detailed chemistry notes essay sample

MUCH OF THE WORK OF CHEMISTS INVOLVES MONITORING THE REACTANTS AND PRODUCTS OF REACTIONS AND MANAGING REACTION CONDITIONS * outline the role of a chemist employed in a named industry or enterprise, identifying the branch of chemistry undertaken by the chemist and explaining a chemical principle that the chemist uses * identify the need for →

It and economic performance: evidence from micro studies

The plant-level micro data about computer networks collected in the CNUS can be linked to information about employment, shipments, use of other inputs, etc, collected about the same plants in the 1999 ASM and to ASMs for other years, and to data that was collected about the same plants in the 1997 Economic Census. 63 →

Primary school teachers in uk

The final primary aim is to look at the profession of primary school teaching historically and the role that the division of labour and patriarchy had on the shaping of primary school teaching. Equally if the general consensus is that a male primary teacher does not offer anything that a female primary school teacher could →

Has civil society helped the poor? – a review of the roles and contributions of civil society to poverty reduction

The aim of this paper is to explore the achievements of civil society in the area of poverty reduction. The focus of this analysis is mainly on the values and the impact of civil society organizations operating in the field of poverty reduction, i.e.their ability to advocate for values that promote equity and their role →

Part ii, unit iv:1750-1914

Did women's status improve, or did gender inequality grow? - Political revolutions and independence movements; new political ideas - Absolutism was challenged in many parts of the globe, and democracy took root as a result of economic and social change and Enlightenment philosophies that began in the 17th century." Nations" arose as political entities that →

The determinant of economics growth in the emerging markets

The third chapter will be in two sections, the first section deals with the definition of growth and provides a review of the growth theories by illustrating patterns of some leading economists on the issue of growth. The growth accounting model The theoretical framework of the Solow growth model describes the sources of economic growth, →

January 2008

Zonal Representative: in order to promote more effective networking, the regions of the U.S.and Canada are divided into 5 zones and there is a zonal representative for each of the 5 zones, and their role helps facilitate and promote more effective networking with the local MSA and other MSA's within their region and with MSA →

Journal of current southeast asian affairs

A Summary of the Memorandum The Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain was not the final peace agreement but a pivotal last step on the road towards it and it outlined the peace panels' consensus on the issue of territory and envisaged the creation of the BJE, thus recognising that the " right to self-governance →

The roles of the executives and managers essay sample

The purpose of our interview sessions was to learn the functions of the department, the roles of the executives/managers, and to understand how the organization functions. STYLE:* Leadership " I define leadership as leaders inducing followers to act for certain goals that represent the values and the motivations, the wants and the needs, the aspiration →

Chinese food industry and market report

The report will analyze the development of Chinese food industry and food market, Chinese food culture and characteristics of food consumption behavior. Among the eastern foods, Chinese food is one of the most representatives, of which the food way, the food culture, the development history, and the relative national conditions and customs have a very →

Measurement of sevice quality of apollo using servqual

It focuses on the dynamics of the the overall service provided, the trends over a period of time, and the key challenges faced by the industry. And it is reasonable that the patients' perception will be considered as a crucial indicator to evaluate the quality of service.

Q1 2012

One glimmer of hope for the autos industry was a report in the Vietnam Investment Review magazine during August 2011 that the Ministry of Finance is considering plans to revise the special consumption tax levied on vehicles, a move which may see certain types of vehicles exempted from taxation in the future. This is largely →


Requisites of A Valid Tax 1.should be for a public purpose 2.the rule of taxation will be uniform 3.that either the person or property taxed be within the jurisdiction of the taxing authority 4.that the assessment and collection of certain kinds of taxes guarantees against injustice to individuals, especially by way of notice and opportunity →

Wu international taxation research paper series

The purpose is to show that the motivations of those involved in international tax policy contribute to the inefficiency, inequity, and complexity of the international tax system. This system is potent in the sense that it is difficult for countries to unilaterally change their international tax policies in a way that collides with the principles →

Chapter 24 key terms

Petersburg - New provisional gov't leaders like Aleksandr Kerensky wanted reform and W style dem, but had not roots among mass population o Failed b/c did not provide peace or land o More disorganization with soviets October Bolsheviks and other members stage an uprising and grab power from Kerensky...aided by soviets seize key gov't buildings →

Training functions of nestle bangladesh

In this paper I discussed about the business of Nestle Bangladesh and the tasks I performed in this organization; most importantly there is a complete discussion on the training function of the Nestle Bangladesh in the project part of this paper. Main source of information about the business of the Nestle Bangladesh and for the →

Television and language development in the early years:

The relationship between television and language development in the early years - - - - A child's age and linguistic maturity, the suitability of the content for his or her age group, the quality of the content viewed, the amount of television viewed, and the involvement of parents during viewing all inform the likelihood of →

Jose rizal

The first novel, " Noli Me Tangere" was analytically considered as the " work of the heart" that made the Filipino readers at that time, felt the social injustices or social cancer; and the second novel, " El Filibusterismo", the continuation of the first, was considered as the " work of the head" as it →

The theory behind the age-related positivity effect

This flurry of scholarship has provided overwhelming support for the basic concept but also has added to our understanding of the subtleties and limitations of the theory while enriching our understanding of the role of emotion in cognitive processing in both younger and older people. Our research group coined the term " positivity effect" to →

Sex differences in right ventricular dysfunction: insights from the bench to bedside

Proper RV function is crucial for optimal cardiovascular health, and RV dysfunction results in poor outcomes in two RV-centric diseases, pulmonary hypertension and arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia. The survival difference is predominately explained by enhanced RV function in females, which accounts for 39% of the difference in transplant-free survival between men and women.

Non-monetary incentives assignment

Y? lmaz Ustuner July 2004, 182 pages The purpose of this study is to demonstrate to what extent non-monetary incentives are utilized in the public sector of Turkey and whether non-monetary incentives have the potential to increase the motivation of public employees as much as the monetary incentives. According to the results of the study, →

Employee welfare facilities

Scope of HRM: The scope of HRM is very vast, all the major activities in the working life of the employee from the time of his/her entry in to the organization until he/she leaves. The policy must cover willingness of the management, objectives sought to be achieved, range of facilities to be provided and the →

Sex manipulation technologies progress in livestock: a review

Therefore, the discovery of SRY on the Y chromosome was a major breakthrough in the mammalian sex determination theory and promoted the development of sex manipulation technologies by providing a theoretical basis. Therefore, the sorting index of different species is calculated by multiplying the percentage of the difference in DNA content of the X- or →

An ontological approach of the cognitive and affective product experience

However, when products of different categories and brands, in different markets, need to offer " affective" pleasure and " cognitive" functionality to consumers, the following questions may arise: what are the reasons for consumers to choose between one product and another; are there products that offer a more pleasant and affective experience than others; are →

Cu06-1004-induced vascular normalization improves immunotherapy by modulating tumor microenvironment via cytotoxic t cells

Additionally, in a model of tumor angiogenesis, CU06-1004 normalized the tumor vasculature and improved delivery and efficacy of the anti-angiogenesis drug sunitinib. Conversely, NK and T cell depletion experiments showed that the CD8 + T cell population in the tumor was important for the combination of CU06-1004 and ICB therapy.

Science field trips

However the credence of scientific discipline instructors on the usage or the incorporation of scientific discipline fieldtrips in the course of study has been put in inquiry. A survey sing the consequence of developing on urban scientific discipline instructors ' position on the educational potency of scientific discipline fieldtrips had been conceptualized to turn to →

Annual report

We were also accorded the Most Trusted Brand by Reader's Digest readers in Malaysia and Asia for the 13th consecutive year, the only brand in the beer category to receive this. Shareholder Value Creation In line with our commitment to delivering value to our shareholders and after considering the Group's funding requirements, the Board of →

Hijack it, change it: how do plant viruses utilize the host secretory pathway for efficient viral replication and spread?

Despite the fact that in animal cells the ER is mainly aligned with microtubules and in plant cells with microfilaments, the morphology of the ER in plants is quite similar to that in animal cells. Arabidopsis RHD3 mediates the generation of the tubular ER network and is required for Golgi distribution and motility in plant →

A role for autonomic cardiac control in the effects of oxytocin on social behavior and psychiatric illness

Thus, the purpose of this review is to integrate research on OT from these seemingly disparate fields to explain the physiological basis of social behavior and stress focusing on heart rate variability in particular; review the evidence for an important relationship between OT, its administration, and CV function; highlight studies that link CV function to →

The development and design of an interactive digital training resource for personal tutors

This chapter explores the context for the development of the Arts Faculty Personal Tutor Training Resource in relation to changes in the Higher Education sector and the particular arrangements, cultures and practices of personal tutoring at the University of Warwick. The design and development of the Arts Faculty Personal Tutor Online Training Resource aimed to →

A cross-country analysis

Section 2 reviews issues in the literature pertinent to the debate on the role of regulation in economic growth, before turning to regulatory measures and proxies for the quality of regulation. The economic costs of regulation can take two broad forms: the costs of directly administering the regulatory system, which are internalised within government and →

Reasons for choosing particular organization economics essay

To note the strengths and weaknesses of the company amid the opportunities and threats faced by the industry. Which industry and company are suited to the topic?

Life finds a way: young adults with lesbian mothers reflect on their childhood prior to legal recognition of same-sex parents in sweden

The present study is concerned with the perspectives of young adults with lesbian mothers and focused on their experiences of and reflections on family legislation in relation to their family of origin. The aim of the article is to explore how young adults with lesbian mothers have experienced legal restrictions and obstacles encountered in their →