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The nominal stock returns of alleghany corporation

It is mentionable that without the data of previous month of January 1980, it is not possible to generate the data for February 1980 as NSR shows the change between the two months. To generate the growth rate of industrial production of Alleghany Corporation, time series data of level of industrial production on monthly basis β†’

Peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue theology religion

The " Security Council to more comprehensively address the demand to advance intercultural duologue for peace and security so as to get the better of bias and hostile perceptual experiences; combat ignorance and xenophobia; and progress a civilization of rapprochement based on the values of regard, tolerance, diverseness, equality, justness, protection of human rights and β†’

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Market position of bisleri

The case discussed below is about the biggest brand in the world of mineral water that is Bisleri, the company as all of us know is the best in its field but due to some problems before some time its production was stopped by the government and at the same time its customers who cannot β†’

Leadership style: indian prime minister

Over the next 11 years, she proved to be a formidable political leader, consolidating her control over the party and the country, winning the 1971 war with Pakistan that saw the creation of Bangladesh, and declaring a State of Emergency in 1975. This section examines the empirical evidence of Gandhi's leadership style: motivation for leading; β†’

Leadership: an islamic perspective

The issue at hand is to deeply study the leadership in the Islamic world, and also in general, and to then present an analysis and a brief view of the all the aspects of leadership viewed in the Islamic perception. The rationale from which the objectives of this study stem is that leadership in the β†’

The psychology undergraduate research conference: a pathway to publishing?

Undergraduate research conferences can offer students a forum for dissemination of their research findings and opportunities to " complete the research cycle" through to, in some instances, a peer-reviewed publication. Compared to the US, opportunities for students to present at undergraduate research conferences in the UK are limited, and the literature on such opportunities is β†’

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Two patterns of customer loyalty and brand performance marketing essay

The graphs are given to show the differences in measuring DJ in loyalty and penetration by looking at the market share and purchase frequency of big brands and small brands. The reason is for the marketers to design the market structure to compete wider to other brands without specifically compete only with brands in the β†’

Comparison of democracy models

In response to the Pluralist view, the Participatory model suggests that political apathy is the result of the lack of opportunities for significant participation rather than a natural inclination. The complicated system of separation of power and checks and balances were purposefully designed by the Framers to slow the governing process for the sake of β†’

Effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorder

In primary care, as in other fields of medical practice, it is essential that doctors are able to apply the findings of scientific research to the circumstances of individual patients as part of their clinical decision-making process. In this review I have taken an illness which often presents in primary care, namely Generalized Anxiety Disorder, β†’

Assessing the impact of transnational corporations

The relevance of the research is basing on an increasingly growing role of multinationals in the development and strengthening of the economies of the world. To achieve the objective, we are aiming to solve the following key problems: 1) based on the general trends of transnational corporations at the present stage, to show that their β†’

Marxism concepts of art | an analysis

Theology is useless as an interpretive method of art history because of its constrictive nature on the purpose of art; Marxism is particularly inhibiting because of its emphasis on the nature of being and the individual's position in society. The only caveat to employing ideology as a method of art is its constrictive nature.

The hershey company marketing

The company has become the largest North American manufacturer of quality chocolate products, which include a variety of candy bars, drink mixes, and baking ingredients and today is the leading North American manufacturer of chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery and grocery products. The NCAA promotion will display the NCAA logo on the outside of the wrapper β†’

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The purpose of health risk nursing essay

Program: The program seeks to increase awareness of positive healthy behavior to motivate employees to voluntarily adopt healthier behaviors and to provide opportunities and supportive environment to adopt positive life style changes, This session is to help the employees to recognize patterns of tobacco use and discover the way to change behavior. Outcome evaluation considers β†’

Stages of culture shock essay sample

The phenomenon of culture shock is accompanied by almost everyone who goes outside of the home country, and sometimes even beyond the borders of the region where they grew up the longer stays and more difficult goals to achieve the greater probability for the experience of this process. Culture shock is a phenomenon involving the β†’

Case study iscanner

5) She thought that she can work with the budget that she proposed, and she thinks that by adding another 350, 000 dollars to the budget will make the product be finished earlier. She argued with Kelly that he can make all features of the iScanner retail in less than six months, and that if β†’

The micro economics environment to business organisation economics essay

Supply depends not only on the value available for the goods but also on the prices of related goods, the technique of manufacture, in addition to the accessibility and costs of inputs. The intention of the market is to make the same exact and supply all the way through the price development.

Components of value chain in organisations

The components that can be used to determine value creation per unit are V which is the value or utility a customer places on a product and C which is the average cost of production of a product. In addition, it also helps determine if the strategies of the company are maximizing the profit and β†’

Dyes and additives harmful effects

The objective of this paper is to find out if dyes and additives such as red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6 and blue 2, which are added to foods, drugs, and cosmetics, are harmful to the consumers? Even most foods in the EU that contain artificial food dyes were labeled to warn that the product β†’

Feasibility study sample essay

Profitability Ratio, the important factor is the ROI percentage, due to the profitable net income in the three-year span of the business, the proponents are able to acquire more of what was invested in 2013, and thus, the business is financially feasible. The researchers decided to use the descriptive approach in order to give more β†’

Case study of the navy marine corps intranet project (nmci)

Project Objective- The chief objective of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet project, undertaken by EDS, is to provide a seamless network to the US Navy and Marine Corps by replacement of about 200 Navy and Marine Corps Network with a single network. Project Constraints- One of the biggest constraints faced by NMCI is the establishment β†’

Rewards influence comparison older and younger management essay

According to Lord & Farrington the retention and level of productivity of an employee is the result of how effectivelly the individual is motivated. Current literature focuses on four main topics: The effect of the global aging workforce on organizational structures and strategies The factors which stimulate job motivation Types of motivation Existing rewards and β†’

How capital markets work economics essay

To decide which market to invest in, investors must analyze elements of different markets, the mechanics of how the certain market works, how the certain market will influence the world in a greater environment, how macroeconomics influences the certain market in return, etc. Until the end of 2011 the developing Asia consume over 25% of β†’

Neurology and epilepsy support groups assignment

Seizure is the term used to describe a symptom and epilepsy is the term used to describe the disease. Medical and research advances in the past two decades have led to a better understanding of epilepsy and seizures than ever before.

Playwork level 3 asg8 task 313 a&b

They may be the subject of bullying as a result of their clothing or because they do not have the latest? must have? accessories. This may result in the children becoming isolated, as their parents may be fearful of letting them out to play or they may themselves become involved in anti-social behaviour & criminal β†’

Marine barracks attack

The situation was bad enough that it required the presence of Western soldiers to achieve peace and if this is not possible then at least creating a sense of order in the midst of chaos. But in the car bombing there were not only a handful of marines that were eliminated, there were hundreds of β†’

Factors affecting consumer purchase decisions marketing essay

The first difference is in the inherent meaning of ' over-the-counter' drugs in the Indian market and although OTC drugs are the drugs which are legally allowed to be sold ' over the counter' without requiring the prescription of a registered medical practitioner, in India, all drugs not included in the list of ' prescription β†’

The aims of writing a literature review education essay

The purpose is to bring the reader up to date with current literature on a topic and form the basis for future research that may be needed in the area. Date you used the site.

Drug essay

These drugs tend to be those that are viewed as and used in a ' recreational' manor, for example some of the drugs included are; Cannabis, amphetamines and also hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and ecstasy. To try and understand some of the changes that have occurred to aid the process of ' normalisation' Parker β†’

Design your own health care organization

An organization begins with a strategy or a purpose, Is followed by Its philosophy or values, then identifies the mission and finally evaluates the environment and its' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organization. The team to be created will be interdisciplinary, which has advantages for the patient and for the team members.

Editorial: recent evolutions and perspectives in olympic winter sports performance: to pyeongchang and beyond…

The aim was therefore, on one hand: to better understand factors determining athlete performance, recent changes, the evolution in training content and methods, the improvement in technology, as well as the occurrence of injury and illness across the different Olympic winter sports. The training management between in- and off-snow period is a challenging aspect of β†’

Criminal minds: neuromodulation of the psychopathic brain

Although the definition of criminal behavior is fraught with controversy, with single acts " criminalized" or " decriminalized" according to time and place, and as such being observed in individuals of all sorts, there seems to be an agreement across the board that the truly dangerous subjects are psychopaths and the subjects affected by the β†’

How castro was able to overthrow batista history essay

The hard life experience and the poverty level of the peoples of Cuba brought the idea of revolution to the country. The engagement of the revolutionaries in many sabotage acts helped the Castro's rebels to acquire the support of supplies for the guerrillas and weapons in the mountains.

Giordano: positioning for international expansion essay

Management Values and Human Resource Policies A willingness to try new and unconventional ways of doing business and to learn from past errors was part of Lai's management philosophy and soon became an integral part of Giordano's culture. The primary source of differentiation comes from Giordano's commitment to quality, in terms of the products it β†’

A diaspore tubular digestion process environmental sciences essay

However, very few attempts have been reported in the literature on the modeling and simulation of tubular digestion process of diaspore bauxite type. In addition, the effect of the aforementioned parameters on thermo/hydrodynamic behavior of the slurry, with the aim of optimizing the energy consumption of the digestion process, was investigated.

Planning theory and politics: pragmatism and marxism

James and Dewey collaborated to apply pragmatism to a series of social foundations, including science and religion in order for the theory to be regarded as a complete philosophy. In this ideal, there would be ' centralisation of the means of communication and transportation and the common ownership of the means of production'.

Analyzing various types of debt instruments existing finance essay

The main objectives of this paper are To conduct a study on the requirement of debt instruments To understand why debts instruments are important To analyze these instruments Due to lack of information available the graphs and the statistics shown are of previous years As the data was gathered from secondary sources, the authority of β†’

History of advertising

The History of Advertising Introduction " Advertising, a form of commercial masscommunicationdesigned to promote the sale of a product or service, or a message on behalf of an institution, organization, or candidate for political office." In a primitive form, advertising has been around almost as long as Homo sapiens in a recognizably modern form. Despite β†’

Lichen planus treatment research study

The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of topical curcumin and triamcinolone on the treatment of oral lichen planus. Measurement of appearance score and severity of pain was done at the baseline and at the end of week 2 and 4 and recorded in the patient's questionnaires.

Editorial: the psychology of magic and the magic of psychology

The Editorial on the Research Topic The Psychology of Magic and the Magic of Psychology Conjurors are masters of illusion and deception, and they have developed astonishing methods for manipulating our experience. A more objective and scientific approach to evaluating magic performance may supplement and accelerate the richness of magical information.

Black and decker

The black and decker corporation: power tools division The Case of Black and Decker The Marketing Plan for The Professional Tradesmen Segment Year 1991/1992 Executive Summary Gary DiCamillo, Black and Decker's president of power tools for United States, is reviewing the most recent sales records and figures indicating the professional tradesmen segment's market share in β†’

Commerce case study report

Organisational and Societalcultureis identified as the primary contributing factor of workplace Sexual Harassment, and it is identified within the report that further Legislation and workplace risk management approaches need to be enacted if the increase is to be addressed. Within organisations, it is recommended that the sexual harassment policy be maintained as separate to any β†’

Should television be censored

9% of the complaints about the indecency of the television programs are PTC, the general idea of indencency for the American viewing public is not clear. The American viewing public's position on wether they approve on television censorship or not is hard to determione since there are factors such as the FCC's incompetency in counting β†’

Analysis of rayleigh step bearings biology essay

12 and 13, it is revealed that the values of lubricant pressure and temperature increase by increasing in bearing height ratio. 14 in which the variations of maximum lubricant pressure and temperature are plotted with bearing height ratio.

Planning experimental procedures

C = is the specific heat of capacity of water which is the same for the acid and the alkali? = is the rise in the temperatureand then see if my results are going to match the predicted rise in the temperature. 045 molesNow I am going to find the heat of neutralization: 0.

Chinese and western cultural differences

National culture influences and restricts the development and expression of advertising language which is the core content of advertisement.advertising language contains and reflects the social culture. The influence of Chinese and Western culture on advertising language is various, The Chinese and Western advertising language also reflect the Chinese and Western culture in many ways.

The diagram of the communication process marketing essay

As a sender or communicator, sent an idea or message, and pass the message to the other party, the best of the ability receives or acts on the message. First of all, the communicator itself is call encoder, the message is symbol, the channel is one of the transmission medium, the receiver is the decoder, β†’

Grand challenges in psychosomatic research

J, and Ness, A.R. A, and Dube, M.P.

Strategies for group-level mentoring of undergraduates: creating a laboratory environment that supports publications and funding

There are two important pieces of developing shared vision: developing students' personal vision of themselves as scientific researchers, and aligning that personal vision with the larger-scale group vision for the lab's research, including how that research contributes to the field and to society. When students express interest in conducting research, I ask them to describe β†’

Assignment – crofts food essay sample

Commonly, relationships between suppliers and customers are driven by personalities, or the needs of the moment, whereas relationships and purchasing strategy should ideally be based on a combination of factors reflecting the nature of each purchasing area, including: risk, complexity, value, the market and basic matters of supply and demand" 1 This theory suggests there β†’

Marketing case study: sweet dreams mote assignment

In order to Increase the occupancy rate, there is still some positive external factor to consider of such as: the needs to Install the entertainment unit In the rooms, opportunity to construct the landscape to become more attractive, and a options to increasing the room rate. I I Increase the rooms rates Build the marketing β†’

Investigating the business of cisco systems

Beginning in 1997 with the reality that Voice and Video would all be one, moving to the Networks of Networks in 2000 and the Network becoming the platform for all related technologies and the core of customer solutions, and the most recent market transition of Collaboration and Web 2. It signifies the presence of market β†’

Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (iims)

However, it is often observed that the extent of infiltrate presence in the muscle fibre does not often correlate with the degree of muscle dysfunction, implying that impaired muscle performance is the result of something other than muscle cell damage induced by inflammatory cells and their products; and the continued progression of pathology in the β†’

Sources of finance for a public limited company finance essay

The sources of finance are broad classified into the following: Long term Finance Medium term finance Short term finance Long term sources of finance are those methods that are adopted to provide finance for a long period of time. The sources of long term finance are: Debentures are the long term loans raised from public β†’

The performance of engro corporation limited

The company was previously known as Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited but in result of being converted into a holding company structure company has changed its name to Engro Corporation Limited in January 2010 and now the company has become Pakistan's largest conglomerate being involved in the businesses from fertilizer manufacturing to food production and power β†’

Bombardier report 1149

The products that are driving the growth in this division are the RJ, the Global Express, and the Lear-45. The differences in earnings and EPS growth is due to the fact that the number of shares outstanding has increased over the past 5 years.

Aspects of wicked problems

The choice of explanation determines the nature of the problems resolution The planner has no right to be wrong Model3When faced with a wicked problem, it is often difficult to state exactly what this problem is, and what you are aiming to do. In a lot of my design experiences, especially at GCSE, I had β†’

Develop critical thinking essay

I am quite a focused individual at work and although I recognise that my beliefs and values are very different to others within my department I sometimes find this difficult to deal with as I believe everyone should work to the same values and standards that I do. Because of the working standards I believe β†’

Radiation induced symptoms in gynaecological malignancies

Vaginal cancer starts in the vagina, which is a hollow organ, outside of the body and called birth canal and vulva is the outer part of the female genital organs that includes the inner and outer lips of the vagina, the clitoris, and the opening of the vagina and its glands where it starts cancer β†’

Michael pollan omnivore dilemma essay

Pathos of the work is demonstrated through the fundamental view of the author, at the level of the cow in the field, the consumer in his or her car eating fast food, the consumer in the Whole Foods market thinking he or she is acting responsibly, the forager in the wild and all the connectivity β†’

Oec case study

Most of the employees are locals and speak Spanish, moreover in Peru the mother tongue is Spanish so the new managing director need to be able to understand the language to get by. The new managing director needs to be able to adapt to the culture in a foreign and new territory as well as β†’

The modern computer system specification

First, we should not need to use the systems of the old computers because of the following reasons. To install the windows, the minimum required of the memory is 128MB.

System development lifecycle essay

Role of SDLC in Different Stages of the Project According to Hoffer et al, the use of SDLC in the planning phase is for three primary reasons: identification and selection of the system for development, assessment of project feasibility, and the development of project plan. Therefore it is contended that the use of the SDLC β†’

Subjective benefits of cochlear implantation for adult recipients

Data from the interviews of the same study has revealed that the recipients had improved awareness and perception of environmental sounds, such as rain on the roof, sound in the car, cat litter. Evidence about the effectiveness of cochlear implants for adults.In L.

Relationship between employees, employer and representatives

Salaman defines employee relations as a " reflection of the development of more diverse employment patterns, the growth of high tech and commercial sectors, reduced levels of unionisation and use of management strategies aimed at individualising the employment relationship", in other terms it is the new management of all the variables which influence the work β†’

Definition and culture is consumed with brain-numbing

Storey further defines popular culture as that culture which derives from the people or a culture of the people for the people. The sports culture portrays the excellence and contribution of the blacks as a whole and this has even increased their popularity in the media.

The might become insignificant or even disappear.

The marketer may achieve selectivity by choosing particular hours of the day and days of the week that are the best for his commercials. The disadvantages of the radio include fragmentation, the unavailability of the advertising message for future reference, and less research information.

The philosophy of rationality in economics

This paper, as the title suggests, aims to examine the concept of rationality, its use both philosophically in the study of broad humanity as well as in its more specific application to economics and standard models of human behaviour. If one devalues rationality, the world tends to fall apart Lars Von Trier The first mention β†’

Market environment of hmv and business overview

HMV is part of HMV Group plc, which also operates the entertainment chain and Fop music in the UK, HMV stores in Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore and Waterston's bookstores in the UK and Ireland. HMV has to act according to the environment of national and international regulations to survive as an international firm.

Economic factors that affect to beer industry

This made Heineken the national importer, marketer and seller of FEMSA's brands and expand distribution of Heineken brands in Americas. According to Heineken International, Currently China is the largest beer market with a sales volume of 291 million hectolitres of beer in 2004 and an annual growth rate of about 15% with a population of β†’

Was the policy of appeasement justified

The second source would be Hitler and appeasement: The British attempt to prevent the Second World War by Peter Neville written in 2006. It was a common thought that an economically stable Germany would do only good to Europe and the rest of the world.

The development of complex societies

The emergence of the Mesopotamian civilisation can be seen in the unique ecological and geographical framework of the alluvial lowlands of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers around the late 5th and 4th Millennia B.C. The transition from the Neolithic Lungshan culture to the Shang civilisation presents a quantum leap in the quality of life for β†’

Export assistance and incentives

These are discussed in detail below: MARKET BASED EXCHANGE RATE: For long, external value of the rupee was managed by the Reserve bank of India by pegging the value of the rupee to a basket of currencies. EXPORT ASSISTANCE AND INCENTIVES AVAILABLE TO THE EXPORTS Export assistance and a variety of facilities and export incentives β†’

Foreign direct investments in hotel properties to tunisia finance essay

To attract the foreign direct investments especially in the hotel properties, the host country needs to give the freedom of choice and the much incentives possible. The aim of this research is to investigate on plans on incentives that the government could adopt to attract foreign direct investments in hotel properties to Tunisia.

Dependence of man on the environment essay sample

Then, utilize this information and your eScience lab kit to complete Experiments 1 through 3 on the Lab 2 Reporting Form. Only the post lab questions for " Lab 2: Water Quality and Contamination" should be completed on the Lab 2 Reporting Form.

Cheating and taking steroids in sports

" Sports will either be a school of virtue or a school of vice, and that's why the epidemic of cheating in professional sports is, and ought to be, a huge cultural concern. This efficacy, and the " steroid body" that goes with it, triggers fans' pharmacological Calvinism, the belief that taking a pill for β†’

Literature critique essay

F) Imagery: The use of light and dark in the story is interesting to look at The cafe is clean and well light, the bar however is dirty and dark. The situation of the poem is a young vibrant athlete has passed away and the speaker in the poem is telling the audience that is β†’

Effect of privatization on performance of public corporations

From the foregoing it is thus useful to undertake a study to evaluate privatization and performance of public corporations listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange. The purpose of this study is to evaluate privatization and performance of public corporations listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange This study is guided by the following research objectives formulated β†’

Communicating the scientific consensus on climate change

Political scientists, sociologists and psychologists, have concentrated their studies on distinctive aspects that can influence the views of the public on global warming, yet they still argue the role of the scientific information and the idea of scientific consensus on climate change. The Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society.

The mergers and acquisitions management essay

In addition, the degree of retained autonomy displayed by the acquired company directly relates to the level of integration achieved by the company: A higher level of autonomy is suggestive of a low level of integration, and vice versa. However, the lack of communication which accompanied this decision failed to address the uncertainties in organizational β†’

Oil prices

1 On the margin, an owner of the oil must be indifferent between selling an extra barrel of oil today" and earning the spot price" versus holding it off the market and selling it in the future. For example, if a barrel of oil sells today for $100, and the interest rate is 5%, the β†’

Birth defects registries in the genomics era: challenges and opportunities for developing countries

This requires the strengthening of medical genetic services in low- and middle-income countries Reliable data birth defects rely on the on-going surveillance on the types, birth prevalence, severity, and outcome of children with birth defects. A population-based birth defects surveillance system in the People's Republic of China.

Food safety for the home environment

Foreign Bodies: The food may be contaminated by the foreign body even before the food is reacheing the home. 1] Food type Storage method Fresh Raw meat, fish and poultry should be stored in the bottom of a fridge below ready to eat food.

The safe handling of medicines unit 2

And she should make sure the medication is labled with the exact name of the service user 5) What information should she record once she as checked the medicationShe should check and record the following information, The date of receipt, the name strength and dosage of the medication, the total quantity of medication received and β†’

Vasco da gama

On the day after we had cast anchor, that is to say on Thursday, we landed with the captain-major, and made captive one of the natives, who was small of stature like Sancho Mexia. The captain-major yielded to his importunities, and allowed him to accompany them, and when we returned to the captain-major's vessel to β†’

Intrapartum ultrasonography: prediction of vaginal delivery

Intrapartum sonography in assessment of fetal head position Assessment of cervical dilatation, head position and descent of the head is important in labor monitoring. Intrapartum ultrasound becomes an important examination in the assessment of fetal head position, and for the decision-making before instrumental vaginal delivery.

Ethics and the sportswear industry essay

Ethical Issues affect every kind of business, from the smallest to the largest multinational company, for this essay I will limit my investigation to the ethical concerns surrounding the very lucrative sportswear industry, the sports wear supply chain, and how it impacts on the lives of people world wide. The word ethics is derived from β†’

Neurotransmitters and neuropharmacology

Looking at the trends in prevalence of the club drugs in eighth, tenth, and twelfth graders during, I came up with the conclusion that the tenth and twelfth graders have the highest prevalence percentage compared to the eighth graders. I believe that not being able to continue to go to school because he/she has to β†’

The operation of british petroleum commerce essay

The study assesses the operations of British Petroleum to set up to which degree the operations of BP are in line with related direction theory. The concluding subdivision of the undertaking is a decision that summarises the chief subjects highlighted in the work, observing its accomplishments and restrictions and sets the phase for future research.

Imaging examinations of complicated pneumonias in children

Results: On the grounds of the imaging investigations that we made, we established an increasing incidence of the complications of the pneumonias in children, caused by the foreign bodies aspirated within the respiratory tracts. The used classical and cytochemical histological methods allowed the observation of the white adypocites, of the conjunctive septa and of other β†’

Gene expression regulation

Chromatin structure and epigenic control of gene regulation In eukaryotic cells, DNA is contained in the nucleous and packed in chromosomes. The activation process, involving transcription factors, along with histones and cofactors, displaces or remodels chromatin, and opens up regions of the DNA and the core promoters of genes, for the binding of regulatory proteins β†’

Installation of conductor casing engineering essay

Some of the major stages of this process includes Casing for well hole strengthen mechanism, Evaluation of the pressure as well as temperature of the formation, Installation of equipment which is done for an efficient and effective outflow of reserves Production process and Completion of a well consists of following steps Installation of a Well β†’

Plato and socrates

In Socrates' explanation of immortality, there remains the outlook that the body and the soul are not eternally combined; but the soul is grounded in the body through emotions, and feral states of humanity. That is to say, in Socrates explanation of immortality, there remains the outlook that the body and the soul are not β†’

Causes of the great depression

Romer, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, Vol.7 No. Romer, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, Vol.7 No.

Fostering engagement in mathematics education essay

Educators cannot teach year level content to the majority of students in their class and expect all of the students to be engaged and successful, nor can they realistically teach to five separate levels across the period of a lesson as it spreads their time thinly and causes a range of issues that do not β†’

Compare and contrast mechanism for evolutionary change essay sample

" Evolution is the most profound and powerful idea to have been conceived in the last two centuries" The concept of evolution has been debated throughout time." Evolution is change in the properties of populations of organisms over time". It was not until the discovery of fossils and contradictory scientific evidence in the 17th and β†’

Military coups in africa

The objectives of the study are to determine the extent to which citizens of a nation approve or disapprove military coups. Some of the examples of military coups in Europe include the 1981 attempted military coup in Spain.