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Digital articulation: examining text-based linguistic performances in mobile communication through keystroke-logging analysis

Further, this study's use of LogKey to examine individuals' everyday text-based linguistic performances in mobile communication over the period of one week represents one of the first if not the first to do so, and therefore suggests future direction for methodologically studying how individuals meaningfully produce and disseminate written language through mobile devices in real-time. β†’

Historical landscape use of migratory caribou: new insights from old antlers

The summer range of the herd incorporates a broad section of the Coastal Plain and Brooks Range foothills within the Arctic Refuge and extends to the west. For antlers from the Western Coastal Plain, the dividing date between historical and recent was 1980 to coincide with the completion of many infrastructural development projects and the β†’

Anticancer compounds based on isatin-derivatives: strategies to ameliorate selectivity and efficiency

As a versatile molecule, isatin is the precursor of a huge number of derivatives, containing the oxindole moiety and presenting a wide range of biological and pharmacological properties. Particularly, hydrazine moieties were used as a linker to provide the construction of bis-isatin compounds with wide structural variety, and biological activities.

Rhythm perception, production, and synchronization during the perinatal period

The only limit to the number of possible SMS combinations is the capacity to produce a rhythmic motoric pattern with some part of the body and the capacity to perceive an external rhythmic pattern via any of the perceptual systems the combinations are almost infinite. To maximize the chances of observing SMS in young children β†’

Pituitary remodeling throughout life: are resident stem cells involved?

The topography of SOX2 + cells at birth shows multicellular layers in the MZ, particularly prominent in the merging region of the anterior and intermediate lobe where " streams" of SOX2 + stem cells appear to move into the developing AP. Genetic deletion of Notch2, one of the NOTCH receptors expressed in the pituitary stem/progenitor β†’

Anomalous experiences, trauma, and symbolization processes at the frontiers between psychoanalysis and cognitive neurosciences

The origin of the scientific and clinical understanding of anomalous experiences dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and is based particularly on work conducted by scholars and members of the Society for Psychical Research, in Cambridge, the American Society for Psychical Research, in Boston, and the Institut Metapsychique International in Paris. β†’

Mathematics anxiety: what have we learned in 60 years?

Mathematics anxiety has been defined as " a feeling of tension and anxiety that interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in...ordinary life and academic situations". Mathematics anxiety has also generally been found to correlate with measures of general anxiety; and it is indeed possible that this may serve as β†’

Hemophilia a: an ideal disease to correct in utero

Plasticity of human stem cells in the fetal sheep model of human stem cell transplantation.Int.J. A, Porada, C, and Zanjani, E.D.

The for doing so. in other words, during

It was held that imposition of imprisonment for life was more appropriate under the circumstances because the court was not in a position, in the absence of corpus delicti, to carefully analyse the exact circumstances of the crime and the injuries inflicted and, therefore, to err on the side of leniency is more justifiable. Failure β†’

Dementia, treatment decisions, and the un convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. a new framework for old problems

In the last two sections, I will demonstrate how the main provisions proposed by the CRPD and the Committee can provide a better solution to the problems emerging in relation to healthcare decisions of people with dementia, and show how the problematic aspects of the CRPD model can be attenuated and are, in any case, β†’

Bodily complexity: integrated multicellular organizations for contraction-based motility

In this paper, we posit and explain why and how contraction-based motility is one of the most characteristic and fundamental properties of large motile bodies, and we also show and argue for its indispensably mutual role in the development and maintenance of such specifically integrated multicellular organizations. We argue that the key to understand the β†’

Assessing intervention effects in sentence processing: object relatives vs. subject control

In subject relative clauses, the nominal head of the relative clause is interpreted in the subject position of the embedded clause, whereas in object relative clauses, it is interpreted in the direct object in the embedded clause. In this study, assuming the main tenets of Generative Grammar, we adopt the Generalized Minimality framework proposed in β†’

Linguistic processing of accented speech across the lifespan

Each of the following four sections is devoted to research on one age group, reviewing research on each of the two themes, and ending with a summary and brief discussion of the particular contributions of that age group to our understanding of accented speech perception. After mere minutes of hearing the story of the Wizard β†’

A semi-automated organoid screening method demonstrates epigenetic control of intestinal epithelial differentiation

One of the hallmarks of intestinal epithelium is the rapid turnover of 3 5 days, which is driven by LGR5+ intestinal stem cells that reside at the bottom of crypts. In summary, we developed an easy-to-use and cost-efficient toolbox for the analysis of organoids that is suitable to detect changes in organoid growth and cell β†’

Food security and the dynamics of wheat and maize value chains in africa and asia

Here we set out to review the case of wheat and maize value chains and their contribution to food security in Africa and Asia. This paper aims to contribute to the debate by identifying the major drivers of food system changes and applying these to the maize and wheat value chains with a focus on β†’

Drug resistance in glioblastoma: the two faces of oxidative stress

Tomasetti et al.have shown that neural stem cells in the subventricular zone of the human brain might contribute to GBM formation and development, and Lee et al.have demonstrated that the somatic driver mutations in these NSCs have the ability to stimulate the development of the tumor. Two different hypotheses described the effects of ROS in β†’

The digital phenotyping project: a psychoanalytical and network theory perspective

However, following the criticisms of the DSM and the observation of certain limitations linked to scientific investigations in recent decades, new methods and programs are being developed to support the improvement of digital technology, a process which deserves to be examined, taking into account the recent extrapolations identified in our field. The modeling of relevant β†’

Interpersonal coordination: methods, achievements, and challenges

Other studies using this type of analysis have explored the co-regulation of arousal in dyads of parents and children, infant helping behaviors, interpersonal synchrony and its relationship with self-reports of rapport in adults, the mutuality of mother infant interaction, the relationship between synchrony and psychotherapeutic outcomes, the relationship between parent child synchronization and the diagnosis β†’

An evolutionary perspective of dyslexia, stress, and brain network homeostasis

This paper draws on recent experimental research in neuroscience to refine the normal-variability Evo-Devo model of dyslexia, and to extend the scope of discussion in considering the validity of the model. The first section outlines this perspective, which focuses on the connection between stress and dyslexia, in the broader context of the medical model orientation β†’

Complementarity as generative principle: a thought pattern for aesthetic appreciations and cognitive appraisals in general

The principle of complementarity as creative principle is also a basic feature in the Western tradition; as the German philosopher Cassirer has shown for the dialogs of Plato, both " eidos" and " eidolon", the idea and the image have to come together in the arts to create consistency or harmony. Surprisingly, this principle has β†’

Free will and neuroscience: from explaining freedom away to new ways of operationalizing and measuring it

Indeed, the discovery of the role of the RP has been taken as evidence of the fact that free will is an illusion, since it seems that specific brain areas activate before we are aware of the onset of the movement. In the experiment, the RP culminating in the execution of the movement starts in β†’

Rational emotive behavior therapy (rebt), irrational and rational beliefs, and the mental health of athletes

Although extant sport research has reported shifts in irrational and rational beliefs and emotional outcomes, research is yet to examine the effects of irrational beliefs and rational beliefs on broader mental health outcomes in athletes. Demandingness in REBT is the primary irrational belief and research indicates that demandingness is positively related to a vast array β†’

Stable and variable affordances are both automatic and flexible

While Gibson's perspective is fully externalist and anti-representational, recent authors contributing to the spread of the notion of affordances in psychology and neuroscience have considered affordances as the product of the conjunction, in the brain, of visual and motor experiences. Different motor schemas would be activated: a circuit pertaining the arm, devoted to transportation, and β†’

Some behavioral aspects of energy descent: how a biophysical psychology might help people transition through the lean times ahead

It is not the goal of this paper to present another catalog of the downward spiral or to provide a selection of rousing success stories, although the importance of the latter is well-established. This notion, also referred to as net energy, is the ratio of the amount of usable energy society acquires from a particular β†’

The role of inner speech in executive functioning tasks: schizophrenia with auditory verbal hallucinations and autistic spectrum conditions as case studies

Then we explain the functions that IS is taken to perform in the domain of EF and review the evidence concerning problems about EF in the two populations of our study: Sz-AVH, and ASC. 3 In general we can summarize the results of the empirical research on the use of IS in EF tasks as β†’

Economic and behavioral influencers of vaccination and antimicrobial use

Despite the contextual complexity of health behaviors, a recent meta-analysis based on conditioned risk questions found that people are more likely to accept vaccination when they perceive a high risk of contracting the disease when unvaccinated, greater personal vulnerability to the disease, and greater severity of the disease. These concerns have increased relevance in the β†’

Suicide in dsm-5: current evidence for the proposed suicide behavior disorder and other possible improvements

In the DSM-5 and earlier versions of the manual, suicide is conceptualized primarily as a specific symptom of Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, or as a possible negative consequence of other psychiatric diagnoses. The literature also reveals the importance of epigenetics and a variety of environmental factors on risk for suicide, and SBD β†’

A practical approach to managing patients with myasthenia gravisβ€”opinions and a review of the literature

We treat the majority of patients in the outpatient setting, giving clear instructions to the primary care physician and to the patient, with contact details of the myasthenia team. In this trial, non-thymoma MG patients up to the age of 65, with generalized disease and with positive AChR antibodies, were recruited.

Indestructible plastic: the neuroscience of the new aging brain

To answer these questions, the many understandings of aging today need to be disentangled, tracing back the current state of affairs to a complex negotiation and renegotiation of the aging mind and brain in biomedical discourse. During this time, most literature on the topic described a sort of " rigidity" accompanying the aging process in β†’

The living transcendental β€” an integrationist view of naturalized phenomenology

In " Merleau-Ponty's Transcendental Theory of Perception," Gardner gives expression to one of the main theoretical challenges to the idea of a naturalized phenomenology, namely, the argument that phenomenology is essentially a form of transcendental philosophy and, as such, operates in a domain strictly independent from the scientific. In Critique of Pure Reason, he asked β†’

Central pattern generator for locomotion: anatomical, physiological, and pathophysiological considerations

The spinal cord is supplied by a vast system of blood vessels comprising mainly the anterior spinal artery, the bilateral sulcal branches, the bilateral posterior spinal arteries, the pial arterial plexus as well as the anterior/posterior spinal veins, the anterior/posterior sulcal veins, and the pial venous plexus. The remaining 10 20% descends ipsilaterally as part β†’

Impact of high fat diet and ethanol consumption on neurocircuitry regulating emotional processing and metabolic function

The higher level of EtOH-related deaths in men may be due to the differing prevalence of AUD between men and women, with the highest prevalence in the European region and Americas according to the World Health Organization. As discussed above, many of the discrepancies in the HFD and EtOH co-consumption literature may be due to β†’

More than a face: a unified theoretical perspective on nonverbal social cue processing in social anxiety

Theoretical accounts converge in suggesting that misinterpretations of neutral or affiliative social signals as threatening are likely to deepen distress and contribute to the maintenance of SAD. In addition, in some but not all tasks, social anxiety is associated with selective processing of threatening EFEs, and this bias appears to be modulated by the direction β†’

Statutory assessment for special educational needs and the warnock report; the first 40 years

The number of statements stayed relatively stable during the 1980's in line with the stated intentions of the new system to secure provision for the most complex children. In 1992/3 the Government responded to the Audit Commission criticisms of the statutory process by tightening statutory duties on LAs and schools however by the time of β†’

The role of rem sleep theta activity in emotional memory

Evidence for the role of REM sleep in emotional memory processing is summarized in the following two sections. Early studies on REM sleep examined the effects of REM sleep deprivation on memory consolidation and encoding in rodents.

Primary metabolism in fresh fruits during storage

For controlled atmosphere storage, the atmosphere composition is strictly monitored and adjusted in gas tight rooms by control systems, whereas in MA the changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations within the package are a function of factors such as the respiration rate of the produce as affected by cultivar, ripening stage, weight, and temperature β†’

Recent advances in liver cancer stem cells: non-coding rnas, oncogenes and oncoproteins

Moreover, dysregulation of miRNA expression is linked to tumorigenesis in humans and regulates the stemness features of CSCs. The characteristics of several miRNAs whose expression is associated with LCSCs are well known, such as miR-130b, miR-21, miR-214, miR-425-3p, and miR-517a.

Primary metabolism in avocado fruit

In the decades of the 1960s on, several studies on the role of C 7 sugars and starch during growth and development of avocado were reported. Unlike other fruit in which the balance of sugars and organic acids is determinant of fruit quality, for avocado, the content of oil and profile of fatty acids is β†’

Immunological paradigms, mechanisms, and models: conceptual understanding is a prerequisite to effective modeling

However, several observations suggested to us that additional, " contextual" attributes of infection events were also important, besides the inherent proinflammatory properties of bacteria and viruses; and that antigen-mediated signals delivered to lymphocytes in the absence of infection were capable of eliciting cellular responses that contributed to the lymphocytes' own functional integrity and to that β†’