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Feasibility of de-escalation implementation for positive blood cultures in patients with sepsis: a prospective cohort study

One of the main concerns on the management of patients with sepsis is the increase in the number of infections due to multidrug-resistant pathogens which limits the treatment options. Hazard ratios and 95% confidence intervals were obtained using Cox regression in order to estimate the effect of therapy directed by blood culture on mortality and →

Online self-presentation strategies and fulfillment of psychological needs of chinese sojourners in the united states

The purpose of this research is to study the logical relationship between online self-presentation strategies and the fulfillment of psychological needs of Chinese sojourners in the context of American and Chinese cultures and to further understand the characteristics of the psychological effects of Chinese sojourners' online self-presentation behavior in intercultural contexts, so as to provide →

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Linc00494 promotes ovarian cancer development and progression by modulating nfκb1 and fbxo32

NF- B1 was highly expressed in the context of ovarian cancer, and the extent of its overexpression at diagnosis predicts outcome. Immunoprecipitated protein and total protein from the whole cell lysates were extracted for immunoblotting analysis of NF B1.

Fifteen gross sins are listed religion essay

After all, anyone is allowed to ask you any question, and you are supposed to be able to find the answer! And we would focus only on the fruit of the Spirit that seem to have counterparts in our own personalities.

The function of money economics essay

In the literature the creation of the European Monetary Union is often portrayed as the result of a grand Bargain between France and Germany prior to the Maastricht Treaty in which the rest of European states sought to participate in order to get a share of the political benefits and status that this monetary union →

The mobile phone market in nigeria commerce essay

The purpose of this research is to bridge the research gap on Privatization of Nigerian telecommunication and its commendable policies to expand and modernize the telecommunications systems and services in Nigeria, and present an insight of the challenges facing NITEL as a company. Since the end of NITEL's monopoly of the government has realized the →

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Model driven development vs test driven development computer science

The focus of MDD as the name implies is on the models rather than on code that guides the development of software whereas focus of TDD is on the tests. In this process, the design is taken as the basis to start with the development and as the development process is advanced, it is analyzed →

Plot summary for dante’s inferno assignment

Virgil leads Dante to the border of the second circle, which Dante observes as ' to place where nothing shines." Circle Two As the two protagonists head from the first to second circle, they hear an increasing number of wails and screams of the souls. As Prances tells Virgil and Dante her and Paulo's story, →

Challenges and emerging technologies within the field of pediatric actigraphy

Despite the widespread use of actigraphy for sleep assessment, there is no standard in actigraphy sleep scoring rules comparable to the Rechtschaffen and Kales sleep scoring rules for PSG. There are a number of key sleep and wake actigraph variables, including sleep duration, daytime naps, and night-time wakings, the longest sleep period overnight, sleep efficiency, →

The debate regarding the hijab theology religion essay

Contents Reasons For Wearing the Hijab Literature on this subject is abundant as research has been conducted globally on the subject of the hijab as to the grounds why adult females should and should non have on the hijab. The aims of the survey are to analyze if the dominant negative Western perceptual experience affects →

Is the threat of terrorism exaggerated politics essay

The terrorist attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center took place in the early hours on the morning of 11th September 2001. In the book Thomas highlights the events that led to the initiation of the war on terror and the mistakes made by both civil and military bureaucracy.

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The way in which numeracy is taught education essay

Secondary research has been carried out by the writer into the undermentioned countries; numeracy, criterions and course of study, appraisal, instruction and larning numeracy, formative appraisal and feedback, staff and staff preparation and good pattern in numeracy." Numeracy is the cognition and accomplishments required to efficaciously pull off and react to the mathematical demands of →

Prognosis and prophylactic regional nodal irradiation in breast cancer patients with the first isolated chest wall recurrence after mastectomy

The present retrospective study aimed to assess the prognosis and the incidence and patterns of subsequent locoregional recurrence in breast cancer patients with ICWR, and to evaluate the role of prophylactic RNI. Of the 52 patients with sRR, 30 recurred in the axilla, 29 in the SC, and five in the IMN.

Senior citizen’s library resources, usage and their growing needs essay sample

THE GROWING POPULATION OF SENIOR CITIZENS Even if this paper focuses on the library resources for senior citizens, this writer finds it important to discuss first the population highlights of the said age category for the purpose of having a general yet concrete idea of how much of our elderly fellows are in need of →

Arius and athanasius essay

Athanasius advocates the consubstantiality of the three individuals of the three which was important statement to support the deity of Christ. 1 The contention represented a new stage of doctrinal development of the Godhead and led to the Council of Nicaea in 325 and the Church ' s first oecumenic statement of the Trinity.

Subjective performance measurement: multi-case study based on chinese corporations

The paper's framework and contents are as follows: Part two is literature review and research propositions including the theory background and syllogism of the proposition; Part three is research design and description of the case including the process of choosing the target corporations and data collection and also the company's application of subjective performance measures; →

Application of phase-only correlation to travel-time determination in gnss-acoustic positioning

The slant range is calculated from the two-way travel time of the acoustic wave and the sound speed of seawater along the ray path. Possible causes for the distortion of the cross-correlation are the degradation of the signal due to the frequency and phase characteristics of acoustic devices through electro-acoustic transformation, distortion of the returned →

Shortening lead-times to create an agile

Time-to-react Time-to-react is one of the lead-times given by Martin et al, which means the time to adjust the output of the business in response to volatile demand. Forza and Vinelli 1997: 125) has defined that " Quick response strategy acts on the single phases/activities throughout the entire chain-right from the producers of yarn up →

Neurobiological mechanisms of transcranial direct current stimulation for psychiatric disorders; neurophysiological, chemical, and anatomical considerations

Therefore, the current review aimed to provide an overview of the actions of tDCS, especially anodal stimulation, on neurotransmission and neural networks in the brain, to help understand the mechanisms underlying its therapeutic effects. Anodal stimulation with tDCS by itself is not strong enough to depolarize the membrane potential of neurons to the firing threshold, →

The use of assessment in school placement education

Although both summational and formative appraisal involve an rating of the kids ' s cognition and understanding formative appraisal relies to a great extent on the judgement of the instructors twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours traffics with the kid as opposed to summative which additions grounds of cognition and understanding based on mensurable and comparable →


However, the nature of the duck in AFLAC's commercials makes the surface theme of the duck recognizable and that's why AFLAC's commercials with the duck are so popular and has been a big reason why AFLAC has been a solid company over the years. Moreover, in the strengths of this company, it also has to →

Syria profile of the epidemiology and management of early childhood caries before and during the time of crisis

More specifically, the objectives of the current work were to: Give an overview of the prevalence, trend, and impact of ECC before and during the Syrian crisis, Outline risk factors of ECC amongst Syrian pre-schoolers with a special focus on the role of the humanitarian crisis as an exacerbating factor, and Suggest evidence-based recommendations for →

The general public in the 1970s media essay

Everyone can have a laugh and say you cannot get addicted to games, but it's obvious that some people do"." Several people on my friends list online have racked up maybe one hundred and fifty hours a week"." The more you play and the less interaction you have with the outside world, the more you →

Neuroscience of adolescent anorexia nervosa: implications for family-based treatment (fbt)

Core tenets of FBT are the use of externalization with separating the illness from the adolescent and the use of the parents as a resource and empowering them to be the agent of change, with no blame directed to either the parents or the ill child/adolescent. The parents are tasked to help manage the anxiety →

Rape and issues in the world today criminology essay

If the victim comes forward about the attack, they will have to talk to the police at least once, talk to the prosecutor, and talk to the judge or jury depending on the type of case. It the rape is reported to the police, the family will find out eventually, and the victim may not →

Communicating in health and social care

The Health and social care sector in the United Kingdom is a vast sector and it constitutes of different aspect of care to different types of service users. As Mr T has a physical disability, I opened his drawers and asked him about the clothes he wanted to wear.

Outbreak of one of the conflicts in africa history essay

The signing of the Green Tree Agreement by both countries enabled both countries to adhere to the ruling passed by the International Court of Justice, officially put to an end to the Nigeria occupation of the peninsula and finally led to the peaceful handover of the occupied areas by the Nigeria military to Cameroon. The →

Suitable hr strategy for daimler chrysler business essay

Global integration of the firms operations in order to take advantage of different national factors of production, to leverage economics of scale in all activities and to share costs and investments across different markets and business units. Organisational development or renewal is a series of techniques and methods that managers can use in their actions →

Chapter 15 beauxbatons and durmstrang

That was a lie, Harry," said Hermione sharply over breakfast, when he told her and Ron what he had done." You did not imagine your scar hurting and you know it"." So what?" said Harry." He's not going back to Azkaban because of me"." Drop it," said Ron sharply to Hermione as she opened her →

Use of colour in art and architecture

While in the Greece history, the Palace of Knossos, is a distinct example of the use of colour in its architecture. In the Palace of Knossos, colour is able to manipulate the appearance of the building.

When “altering brain function” becomes “mind control”

Alteration of the brain's functioning through direct stimulation within the subject's brain qualifies as mind control when it meets all of the following three criteria: Result Criterion: Direct alteration of the brain's function must result in a behavioral change in the subject. The above criteria rest on an assumption that the ultimate purpose of " →

Short answer

Hubbing out: By placing a hub between a device of interest and the switch, and connecting the analyzer to the hub, you can view all traffic to and from the server. The hardware address of the desired IP host if the sender and destination share a common data link.or The hardware address of the next →

Recovery programme for patients undergoing an anterior resection

The introduction of nurse specialist pre assessment clinics helped alleviate some of the pressure, and the atmosphere was more relaxed and the nurses understanding of the programme made it easier for patients to follow. Some patients may not wish to know all the facts if this is the case the consultant in charge of the →

Successful malaysian innovators and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to the type of character who is willing to take risk and taking chances in a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome. He does not have the desire to keep all the wealth for his wife and children.

Effective technology acceptance in erp implementation projects through training & education

In order to analyze the effects of training and methods for adequate training for effective ERP implementation projects; we conducted interviews with the employees after their ERP training process and representatives of global training companies. Based on the below examination of literature, we propose a framework based on an extension of the technology acceptance model →

Automotive industry: designing for the environment

The increased awareness on the impact of automobiles has resulted in the rise of greener technologies that are being adopted in the manufacturing of automobiles. The impacts of the automobiles are a result of intersection of various areas that are identified below.a) Automobile and air pollution The automobiles are responsible of the largest share of →

Wall construction of single storey residential buildings construction essay

It is also used to become mortal with the combination of cement and fine sand.download.jpg Cavity wall is a wall that consists of one layer of insulation between the brick outer leaf and the brick inner leaf. Besides, we also know the types of materials used and the design factors of wall construction.

What are the grand challenges for plant conservation in the 21st century?

Data on distribution, changes in abundance and genetic diversity can inform the prioritization of conservation funding and effort, and research aimed at advancing conservation and management of plants and the processes that maintain healthy ecosystems. Both correlative and mechanistic approaches to modeling the distribution of species and ecosystems are advancing rapidly, and are invaluable in →

Chapter 06 – securing independence essay

The Battle of Saratoga proved to be a turning point in the war as the Americans won the help of the French in June 1778 along with Spain who joined as France's ally in 1779 and the Dutch Republic in the last days of 1780. Nevertheless, British officials remained optimistic and acquired the flexibility to →

There is no remedy there is no right law contract essay

Further, the researcher discussed the remedies available under the CISG in case of breach the contracts and comparative study with the Indian contract act & sale of goods act." A Breach of contract under the CISG, 1980 is the term used to describe a party's non- performance of an obligation under the international contract".[3] To →

Principle of color in multimedia media essay

It is related to light, but an understanding of the properties of light is not sufficient to understand color, and is especially not sufficient to understand the art of color reproduction. The importance of this is that: It is useful to represent a color by a set of exactly three numbers.

Comparative education

These alterations are non linked with the technological development but chiefly due to the deficiency of understanding about the topographic point of TE in the general systems and to the misconstruing about the purposes of this topic and the cognition taught. The epistemic entry is interested in the nature of cognition and to the limit →

File management system ms dos computer science

The reason this is inverted the root is at the top and the leaves are on the bottom. The first 256 bytes of every MS-DOS process is a special data block called the PSP.For.com files, the PSP is a part of process address space and can be addressed as 0-255.In.exe files, the program is reloadable →

Managing financial resources and decisions essay sample

This way they would be able to pay for the equipment over a period of years, and the burden of the investment will be felt less over the years. The financial plan will show them the predicted inflow and outflow of cash, with this Living wood will be able to decide the actions that will →

Restaurant business plan

He visits with his wife, and they are excited by the ambiance, attention to the details of the era and the quality of the food. While the food offered on the menu will be, at its core, the same as other diners * Napkins * Tabletops Wall decor * Server uniforms * Advertisements * Theme →

Critical health communication methods: challenges in researching transformative social change

However, this rational account of my research trajectory does not address experiences of doubt and emotion management that arises with critical health communication research in the field that I reference in the opening paragraphs. Building lines of research that connect health and marginalization across contexts would help to pave the way for newer health communication →

Child with autism

This article points to two of the ways this is being done: The Test of Pragmatic Language and The Children's Communication Checklist 2. This may be due to the fact that children with SAD lack a sense of awareness of their surroundings and do not allow heir surroundings to get to them in the way →

Shakespeare free essay

Often, the beginning of the third quatrain marks the volta, or the line in which the mood of the poem shifts, and the poet expresses a revelation or epiphany. Among these, Sonnet 151 has been characterised as " bawdy" and is used to illustrate the difference between the spiritual love for the Fair Youth and →

Causes and solutions to prison overcrowding

This will include the truth-in sentencing laws, the impact of the war on drugs and the enforcement and the increasing of the length of prison terms for certain offenses. The Auburn prison was also the first to experiment with solitary confinement as a punishment for not following the rules of the prison.

The church: an agent for transformation

According to the Bible, the mission of the church is to declare and demonstrate the gospel to a sinful and a suffering world, with the primary aim to build the Kingdom of God. Firstly, we need to explore the biblical imperatives for the involvement of the church in the lives of the poor, suffering people →

Applicability of the doctrine to resulting trusts law equity essay

It is obvious that such a power of altering the power of such a trust will only be used where it is impossible or impracticable to give literal effect to them as laid down in the trust.[2]At the same time there must be present in the gift the necessary, wider or paramount intention for this →

Lipid biomarkers for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The origin of the hypermetabolism in ALS is currently unknown, although recent studies have pointed to the altered function of hypothalamic neurons involved in the regulation of food intake and energy homeostasis. In many studies, the proportion of hypercholesterolemia individuals or the average contents of total cholesterol and LDL-c were shown to be higher in →

Reason behind armed race essay sample

The quantitative aspect pertains to the size of the armed forces while the qualitative refers to the technological features of weapons or the strategic competence of the troops.II. By resisting the urge of giving in to the short term goal of getting the upper hand in this situation they will achieve a cooperative equilibrium where →

The castle

The rest of the family includes Steve, a guy who is always looking for a bargain in the " Trading Post" and is referred to as the " idea? s man", by his father. The way in which the messages about Australians are conveyed to the watchers of the castle is usually through the comical →

Should any vaccines be required for children?

If the second dose of the vaccination is not taken then the patient will not be protected from things such as Tetanus and Whooping cough because they are not taking every little bit of the vaccination course which they need to protect them in the future. If the third dose of this vaccination is not →

Starting a business: musical instrument dealership

With the help of the technical and management team of EBS we are also offering free servicing of the musical instruments. Globalization: Due to globalization the market in Bangladesh is also getting the attention of the rest of the world.

Study on brand awareness of shampoo products

INTRODUCTION To understand better the choice of brand from the consumers' perspective it is important to have an idea of the consumers' behaviour and their view of brands. The aim of the project is " To study the Brand Awareness of Chik and Chik Satin shampoo for CavinKare Pvt.

The on-the-job training – narrative essay

Objectives of the On-the-Job Training Generally, this on-the-job training aimed to enhance the skills of the trainee and become more efficient and effective in the field of Information Technology and as a highly-trained information technologist in the future. She was introduced to the manager and employees of the agency.

Wimax technology essay

16 standard forms the basis of ' WiMAX' and is sometimes referred to colloquially as " WiMAX", " Fixed WiMAX", " Mobile WiMAX", " 802. A number of WiMAX Mobiles are expected to hit the US market in 2010.[14] Technical information [pic] Illustration of a WiMAX MIMO board WiMAX and the IEEE 802.

Enterpreneurship theories and practice essay

A model proposed by the Forum of Private Business, for instance, does not stop at maturity, but includes the stages of ' decline' and ' termination', while the Krueger model recognises that the beginning of trading is not itself the start of the process but that there are stages before the formation of the business →

Genomics for ruminants in developing countries: from principles to practice

Environmental constraints, at present and expected to occur with climate change, are particularly severe in developing countries and require a new balance between adaptation and productivity, as compared to breeding programs in temperate countries where environment is usually better controlled Consequently, the two main features to consider for animal breeding in developing countries are the →

Liquidity of capital involved in your business economics essay

In physical trading of goods usually the full value has to be paid to the seller on the spot or after a short period of time if the seller knows the buyer very well but in case of a future contracts a small deposit is the capital required for the buyer and the seller to →

Psychosocial and neurocognitive factors associated with hepatitis c – implications for future health and wellbeing

In a biopsychosocial model of the disease and the treatment, it is essential to understand HCV's clinical and social impact on a broader life perspective and how individuals experience it. A longitudinal study evaluating the effects of interferon-alpha therapy on cognitive and psychiatric function in adults with chronic hepatitis C.J.

Nursing and leadership essay

If a servant leader accepts a part and not the whole of the person being forwarded to him, the leader fails to connect and empathize with the apprehension or suffering of the person. Transactional leadership starts with the negotiation of a contract wherein the salary and benefits of the subordinate are listed with the clear →

Virtual reality the future ethical issues philosophy essay

The extent to which a virtual environment is experienced as being similar to the real world depends on the level of detail and the amount of interactive features available, that is, highly realistic VR worlds would be needed to make the user feel immersed and actually feel that he/she is in another reality [1][3]. This →

Moderator informants interaction within focus group sociology

There has been confusion even with respect to the definition of what constitutes a focal point group, with the term ' group interview ', ' focus group interview ' and ' focus group treatment ' sometimes being used interchangeably." One of the earliest and most often cited texts uses the term ' group interview ' →

Pestel analysis swot analysis of milk vita business

The dairy sector of the couniry is one of the chief agricultural indusiry, Since the simple nabonal aim is to supply inputs to husbandmans at low cost and to strip the income spread between rich and the malicious, Bangladesh Milk Producers ' Co-operative Union Ltd.popularly known by its trade name name Milk Vita, was established →

Awaken the giants with in philosophy essay

In the first part of ties off dreams to destiny Anthony quotes his life experience that his craving and frustration bought him to his destiny of success where he sees himself from concierge to business executive and the therapist of dreams. The key to his success was the " concentration of power" which moved him →

The evolving diagnostic and genetic landscapes of autism spectrum disorder

It was first recognized that the risk of having a second child with autism was higher in families that already had one child with ASD than was the risk of having a child with ASD in the general population. 1038/nature07953 PubMed Abstract CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar Hallmayer, J, Cleveland, S, Torres, A, Phillips, J, →

Models of practices that underpin equality essay

The human rights that are contained within this jurisprudence are based on the articles of the European Convention.and does two things; Judgess must read and give consequence to statute law in a manner which is compatible with the Convention Rights.and it is improper for a public authorization to move in a manner which is incompatible →

The evolution of lateralized brain circuits

Part of the reason for the fascination with handedness and cerebral asymmetry is that they seem to arise from a system that is for the most part structurally symmetrical, suggesting the operation of some non-material force and perhaps even encouraging a Cartesian notion of mind over matter. There is greater pressure for the retention →

Growth and change management in hyundai

The growth pattern of Hyundai was directly linked to the reconstruction programs of South Korea after World War II and the Korean War and also the state led capitalism whose effect could be seen in the polarization of the corporate culture in the country and the increase in many more conglomerates. One of the major →

Demi lovato: being an addict

Demi was a young woman who had a great artistic ability that continued with her adulthood and helped her develop the need for substance abuse, and even having trouble staying in the spotlight of being someone famous. To fit in with the cool kids and to gain more friends, Demi's friend showed her the way →

New product development

To fill the current void, the market needed a product that: Was not heavy on the environment, like books. This could change in the future, depending on the popularity of the Kindle and the development of the electronic paper market.

The formation of the moon philosophy essay

To understand the formation of the Moon and eventual coupling with the Earth, the Big Bang gives us clues on the conditions that existed at the time of formation of the Universe. A study of the isotopes of Oxygen on Earth and that of Moon suggests that in their identicality lies the evidence for the →

Sport and exercise psychology psychology essay

With the techniques and guide which I used back then, and the element that I discovered right now help me to improve and evaluate the scenario better in the future. After the imagery session done, I feel that I am going to the war and I was in the era of my warrior.

Water is life assignment

You can post your response here Let's write a story together. You can post your response here You have a Job interview and meet the interviewer.

Group dynamics in psychology

We as a group communicated with the leaders of the Botanical Gardens to find out exactly what we needed to accomplish, we were therefore able to plan and carry out the task, and finally we were able to compare the end product with the initial goal that we had in mind. I believe that much →

Estimating and pre contracts quantity surveying construction essay

However the most common reason is the combination of the cost and time estimates and the latter being used by most consultants / architects to convince the clients to go ahead with the project. 1) Selection of team depending on the project and client: This is the job of the person in-charge of the QS →

Episodes of history situations sociology

I discuss in item the experience of Muslim Women in France sing the signifiers and grades of marginalisation and exclusion, and in general the state of affairss by which " a individual becomes distant from the conventional establishments in society " Eldering & A; Knorth I besides look in item at other signifiers of stigmatisation →

The beautiful mountain in indonesia history essay

In order to balance the weight of the earth surface, much of the compressed rock is forced downward, producing deep " mountain roots" [see the Book of " Earth", Press and Siever page.413]. Puncak Jaya is one of the snowy mountain peaks in crossing the equator, except in the mountains in Africa and Latin America.

Newcastle earthquake essay

To identify in detail the nature of the event, in terms of how and why this event occurred, 3. THE CAUSE OF THIS PARTICULAR EVENT The Newcastle earthquake was caused in by the movement of the earth's tectonic plates.

Overview of organizational behavior commerce

The survey and apprehension of single group behaviour and the forms of construction in order to assist better organisational public presentation and effectivity, Theory helps in constructing generalised theoretical accounts applicable to a scope of organisation or state of affairs. Missing of systematic apprehension of the information kineticss and dependence that are involved in informations →

Maranaos parental involvement essay

It contains the demographic factors like age as of last birthday, age of marriage, number of years married, highest educational attainment, occupation, income per month, total number of children and number of school children. Number of school children Importance of the Study The descriptive results of this study will contribute to the information on involvement →

Body image and satisfaction of women essay

The appraisal of good organic structure is determined by the organic structure image and, the development of organic structure image itself is non merely assessed by how one views oneself but besides in how society perceived ideal organic structure. Therefore, self image is a strong factor which influenced adult females in their organic structure image →

Analysis of amazon.com essay sample

The section of online shoppers has increased dramatically in recent old ages due to the convenience of shopping in the amenitiess of the place and the handiness of the Internet. The section of online shoppers has increased dramatically in recent old ages due to the convenience of shopping in the amenitiess of the place and →

Forests and decarbonization – roles of natural and planted forests

A little less than half of the CO 2 that is emitted by human activities remains in the atmosphere, due to the uptake of C by the oceans and land. The effectiveness of tree-planting efforts to create new forests hinges upon three critical parameters: the choice of site; selection of species and site management; and →

Analysing business scenarios statistics economics and econometrics economics essay

We highlight how different tools of statistics, principles of economic thought and tools of econometrics can be accommodated in analyzing behavior of Insurance related variables. In section II we delineate the roles of statistics, economics and econometrics which can be identified to be useful for analyzing insurance activities.

Is it ethical to genetically engineer babies for designer purposes’

Feasibly, yet more contentious is the fact that PGD enables for the identification of gender, and enables parents to decide whether or not to permit an embryo to progress based on the sex of the child. In other countries PGD and sex selection is subject to state laws and is permitted where the gender of →

Lanvin – brand strategy essay

The last two points deal with the positive turning point in 2001 and the situation of the company today.2.1. The empire of Jeanne Lanvin In 1877, Jeanne Lanvin was born as the eldest of a family of eleven children.

The life of william harvey

William Harvey an English physician, was the first to describe the circulation of the human body and properties of blood being transported throughout the body by its ' mechanical pump', the heart. Harvey knew this was false by the understanding of his firsthand observations of the human and animal dissections he made earlier to study →

Analysing elements of corruption in the indian economy politics essay

Today the scene is hardly the same mostly owing to the electoral politics in India, the police and the judiciary collude with the politicians and engage in a very systematic form of corruption that has been a disgrace to India's democratic system. The rules of the game changed forever, as political survival and the pursuit →

Energy access in dhaka city economics essay

This chapter presents the result of the analyses of energy access in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in four main slum areas. The proportion of the population of Dhaka living in slums increased from 20% to 37%.

Pre-recorded video evidence in sexual assault trials

The objectives of this research paper are as follows: To identify the legal provisions which purport to allow the use of video evidence in sexual assault and rape trials; to identify the procedures which must be adhered to when utilizing this kind of evidence; to evaluate the likely impact of the use of video testimony →