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Hormones as “difference makers” in cognitive and socioemotional aging processes

In this paper, we propose that the level and function of an interrelated suite of hormones cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and oxytocin operating throughout the body and brain have not been sufficiently addressed in their influence on cognition and socioemotional functioning in older adults. Within this model, the brain both regulates the production of hormones, and →

Intestinal bacteria encapsulated by biomaterials enhance immunotherapy

In this commensalistic relationship, intestinal bacteria not only participate in the regulation of the host immune system and the promotion of bone marrow hematopoiesis but also regulate the maturation and function of hematopoietic cells originating from the yolk sac. Owing to some limitations in the application of immunotherapy and the regulation of the intestinal bacterial →

More than words can say: a multi-disciplinary consideration of the psychotherapeutic evaluation and treatment of alexithymia

Level 1: Awareness of bodily sensations: the individual's experience of emotion will only be reflected in a report of the sensations from their body Level 2: Awareness of the body in action: emotional experience is through action tendencies and sensation; the ability to experience emotion does not reach the level of feeling Level 3: Awareness →

Afferent neuronal control of type-i gonadotropin releasing hormone neurons in the human

While the location of GnRH neurons in the most extensively studied laboratory rats and mice is confined to the septal-preoptic region, other species including the sheep, the guinea pig, the ferret, the bat, or the monkey also have a distinct GnRH cell populations more caudally in the mediobasal hypothalamus/arcuate nucleus. In addition to a relatively →

Are older adults less embodied? a review of age effects through the lens of embodied cognition

The goal of this review is to introduce the embodied cognition framework to the field of gerontological research and to argue that it can be used to explain a wide variety of cognitive aging effects. Given the age-related decline in mental and motor imagery, it is not surprising that older adults do not benefit from →

Co 2 as an oxidant for high-temperature reactions

The main highlight of this review is to focus on the utilization of CO 2 as an oxidant for alkane dehydrogenation as well as reforming of hydrocarbons to synthesis gas, which is the building block for chemical synthesis. The patented processes for ODH of hydrocarbons are usually based on the concept of utilizing oxidants, such →

Phenomenological skepticism reconsidered: a husserlian answer to dennett’s challenge

He defines phenomenological skepticism in terms of the current debate about the relevance of phenomenology, and first-person methods in general, in the context of cognitive science and the science of consciousness:"[P]henomenological scepticism [is] the long standing objection that the traditional conception of phenomenology falls short of the basic requirements of science, because it cannot provide →

Gce a-levels physics june2011 flashcard

The angle to the horizontal of the resultant force is given by A cos 1 B tan 1 C sin 1 D tan 1 5 The magnitude of the resultant force in N is A 32 + 18 B 322 + 182 C D 32 + 18 322 + 182 *N37964A0324* 3 Turn over 6 →

Omics strategies for revealing yersinia pestis virulence

Further studies have revealed that the phospholipase D activity of Ymt is required for the survival of Y.pestis in the midgut of fleas by affording protection against a cytotoxic digestion product of blood plasma in the flea gut. A comparison of the genomes of Y.pestis and Y.pseudotuberculosis has identified nine loci, which are supposed to →

Nonhuman gamblers: lessons from rodents, primates, and robots

Some pathological features of gambling are similar to those of drug addiction, such as the need to gamble increasing amounts of money in order to achieve the desired excitement or " rush", the irritability that accompanies the abstention from the activity, the failure of attempts to control or stop the behavior. In view of the →

A review of intentional and cognitive control in autism

To recognize this diversity, the notion of autism spectrum has been proposed, referring to both the extensive variety in functional abilities across the affected individuals and to the set of relatively heterogeneous disorders that make up the autism category. In their review, Geurts and colleagues give a critical examination of the existing disparity between the →

Animal welfare in extensive production systems is still an area of concern

An in-depth discussion of this definition is well-beyond the scope of this paper and it suffices to say that welfare depends on whether the animal is able to cope and on how much it has to do to cope with environmental challenges. From a management perspective, exposing animals early in their life to a diversity →

Put your big girl knickers on! the experiences of two female leaders in new zealand primary schools turning schools around

The names of the participants and their school, including my school, were changed to protect the identity of the school leader, and past and present staff, students, and community members associated with each school. In the years following the implementation of Tomorrow's Schools, the Education Review Office and the Ministry of Education began to recognize →

Virtual reality and empathy enhancement: ethical aspects

The most important features of computer-based VR are, on the one hand, the interactivity with digital scenarios, objects and avatars and, on the other, the motion tracking that permits the rendering of movement in a virtual environment from a first-person perspective. These apparatuses provide real-time information to the computer in order to render the virtual →

Bovine tuberculosis in britain and ireland – a perfect storm? the confluence of potential ecological and epidemiological impediments to controlling a chronic infectious disease

In many member states, eradication programmes proceeded effectively, resulting in the granting of OTF status to Denmark in 1980, the Netherlands in 1995, Germany and Luxembourg in 1997, Austria in 1999, France in 2001 and Belgium in 2002. A contributing factor to the rise in herd incidence in England and Wales can be attributed to →

Wild animal tuberculosis: stakeholder value systems and management of disease

If it is established that wild animals are important in the epidemiological cycle and act as a source of risk to livestock, the decision making process as to the preferred actions will primarily depend on the considerations of the reservoir status of the infected host and the broader societal values assigned to each species by →

Parameters that affect fear responses in rodents and how to use them for management

In this review, we first explore the current knowledge on the sensory mechanisms and capabilities of rodents, followed by the discussion of each of these explanations within the context of their implications for the use of antipredator response as a pest rodent management tool. There are considerable differences between laboratory and field studies in the →