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Electrical energy

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Research proposal: Production and use of electrical energy in the UAE Justification Commercial and community development in the modern world relies heavily on the quantity and quality of energy in use. Over 85% of all economic activities require energy for their completion and successfulness. With the upsurge in international awareness and the importance of environmental conservation, the UAE is superbly striving to implement electrical energy. In 2013, the energy use in UAE was 693 TWh and 151 TWh per million persons. This calls for diversification and perfection of sources of electric energy to avert energy insecurity. Despite the region boosting a major supplier of oil and nuclear energy, electrical energy remains significant in the economic development of the region.
Production of more electrical energy implies that the region will be able to fully participate in UN’s mission of environmental conservation and the Millennium development goal of providing sustainable energy to the population. The energy can be disseminated to earn revenues, support GDP growth, and supplement the per capita income. This proposal will investigate the extent to which the UAE has invested and concentrated on the production and utilization of electrical energy in an effort to establish a profound conclusion that will help in improving the energy situation in the region.
This research will concentrate on Arab speakers between the ages of 20-45 years, as these are people who are conversant with the topic of research and can provide splendid evidence that can be used in formulating a substantial proposition. Moreover, it will focus on people from Abu Dhabi and its environs as this will provide divergent ideas and opinions that stems from the diversity of the capital city.
Random sampling will be used in data collection. The research will apply a random sample of about 200 people (n= 200). Such a moderate sample will provide significant data and elude abstruseness in the research. The sampling will be conducted within a period of one month that will be full of activities.
Data collection
A survey monkey will be used to enable the participants fill structured questionnaires that will be provided. The pick-and-drop questionnaires shall be placed in strategic positions within and around the city. Approximately 250 questionnaires shall be provided to the predetermined participants. Moreover, some participants will be engaged in an interview thorough emails, phone calls, and insightful letters.
Sample questions include
Do you support the government’s investment in electrical energy? (Tick as appropriate)
I’m not aware of the investment
How effective is the government’s utilization of electrical energy?
I don’t know
Presentation of the results
The data collected shall be analyzed by use of statistical software including IBM SPSS Statistics, Ecrion software, and Epi-info to determine the level of significance, correlation, and outstanding claims or opinions. The results shall be tabulated to ease the analysis and presentation process. Charts will be used to show the percentage of each item/answer and ease overcrowding.
Ethical issues
Prior to instigating the research, approval shall be obtained from the local authorities. The necessary documents shall be acquired 1 week before the research. Additionally, the questionnaires shall be structured cautiously to ensure the privacy of the participants. Names shall not be disclosed to avoid victimization or stigmatization. Participants shall have no obligations and the information they will provide will be treated as highly confidential.
The major challenges will be public cooperation and financial constrain. Public awareness shall be conducted to encourage people to participate in the study. Extra funds to finance the study shall be sourced from willing donors and government agencies. This will boost the research and embolden the eminence of the proposition.

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