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School bathrooms are actually good

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The most horrific thing man kind has ever created is the atomic bomb. The second most horrific thing is the public restroom. Public restrooms are completely disgusting; they smell of rank sewage, and with one step inside anyone’s eyes will begin to pour with tears, as if their eyes were Niagara Falls. But there is an exception.

School bathrooms are the saving grace of public restrooms. Their walls and floors shine like stars and there is not a stain to be found. These bathrooms smell of sweet air fresheners, and of an overwhelming amount of lemon pledge. School bathrooms are peaceful and quiet, and not a peep can be heard from them. One step inside and the body is overcome with a sense of cleanliness; every part of the body feels cleaner than it had before it entered the bathroom. School restrooms are the epitome of delightful smells, elegant sights, pure feelings and perfect examples of how silence is golden.

Nostrils are overjoyed when they catch the delightful aromas inside of school bathrooms. Lemon Pledge scents bring joy to every nose that manages to get the privilege of walking past the school bathroom. School bathrooms are spas for the nostrils, with each sniff the nostrils are pampered with more and more pleasing aromas. They have more pleasant scents than a bakery that just finished cooking a boat load of cakes, pies, and other pastries. Their scents are more idyllic than those leaking out of a Febreze Factory.

The magnificent aroma of school bathrooms is only a part of what makes them magnificent. Most sights seen in public restrooms turn people’s stomachs, and cause eruptions of puke. But those from school restrooms only bring joy and merriment. Each wall and every tile on the floor has a twinkle to it as if it was a glorious, bright, blazing star. There is not a stain in sight. It is as if each spot was touched by an angel.

The walls are pure white. They always look to have been painted the previous day. The floors are clean enough to eat off. A family of ten could have a picnic in a school bathroom and not one of them would catch illness. Even an ant, with its’ miniscule eyes, can see the magnificent sight of a school bathroom. Anyone who has the privilege of taking a step inside of a school restroom feels instantly purified.

Each part of their bodies feel as if to have been scrubbed clean, but in comparison to the bathroom their bodies seem to have not been cleaned in months. Also, school bathrooms are an excellent place to go if someone is in need of some peace and quiet. A pin drop can be heard from inside of a school restroom. After a hard test, a stressed, sleep deprived student can enter the bathroom and get some well deserved peace and quiet. The pure feelings and the peace and quiet from school restrooms are still only a piece of what makes them grand.

Another piece that adds to the greatness of school bathrooms are their spotless, sanitary, magnificent sinks. After a person relieves themselves, they are able to fully clean their hands, and freshen up before returning to class. The sinks are as spotless as the walls, and as shiny as the tiles. There is not one germ to be found in their sinks. It is as if the sinks are filled with microscopic warriors that fight and destroy any germs that attempt to invade their sink.

They are one of the best attributes of school bathrooms. Not only do the bathrooms contain glorious sinks, they have the most magnificent type of soap, which could even scrub Davie Jones clean. There are all different sorts of scents, and it just takes a tiny drop to clean even the dirtiest of hands. This is yet another attribute that adds to the overall greatness of school restrooms. The delightful smells, elegant sights, pure feelings and how they have peace and quiet make school restrooms a germophobe’s paradise. They must have been a gift from God himself.

They delight each and every person attending school, and probably the most delighted teacher is the one who has their classroom next to the school restroom. School restrooms are no closer to a normal public restroom, than a snake being classified the same as a bird.

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