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Values of organization development

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Organization development is a well-planned effort to improve the efficiency of an organization. It involves persuading its members to share their opinions with one another, based on their experiences. This can be termed as using planned interventions in the organizations’ procedures.

They believe in providing an individual with a personal responsibility. This is based on the McGregor theory Y. They help and provide support instead of applying punishments as if to teach a lesson. Proper treating of new workers, so they can acquire a high self-esteem as they work. It boosts their confidence. He or she ought to be advised on how and when to address his/ her personal issues separate from work issues. They respect the differences they may have. Regardless of one’s background, race, custom, and personality, all are treated equally. The complete freedom to express one’s feeling. It helps as one may gain motivation from other members. Positive virtues help people to work together and improve efficiency of the organization. They include honesty and respect. The authority in the organization should emphasize cooperation among workers for effectiveness, and avoid wasting all available resources. Close relationship among the workers can be improved by considering process activitis during the period of tasks. In case of any conflict, it is advisable to investigate the main cause of the conflict. It is considered important not to ignore the main reason. Motivating the employees makes checking on their commitment through the progress of organization development easy. This can be enhanced by awarding them with presents. Each and every individual’s goal should be in one way or another be related to that of the organization. This shows commitment to a specific job. Integrity is also a value. It refers to the knowledge that helps one differentiate what is right or wrong.

Organization interventions are used to help to improve organization operations at all levels. It is suggested that stakeholders take part in the interventions. Here, there is a high standard of respect for people’s opinions and virtues. Interventions help manage change in an organization. Organization development experts must have enough knowledge on the many types of interventions. This helps them decide which is the most reliable in any organization (McLean, 2006). They include:

Major organization development intervention. Large scale intervention. Strategic intervention. Techno structural intervention. Management and leadership development intervention. TTeam development and group process intervention. Individual process.

We will discuss a large-scale intervention as used in organizational development. It involves a big number of people. These people are usually stakeholders. The main task starts from the top levels of an organization who examine, plan and determine the outcome. Afterwards, they discuss their solutions and create-long term goals. Here, each opinion is listened to as a sign of respect.

The steps below are followed in large-scale interventions. They are:

Preparation for a meeting and considering the number of people to be present. Procession of the actual meeting. Acquiring a summary of the meeting’s results.

The large-scale intervention is fast, it builds the confidence of an organization, and gives immediate, broad, and precise information. The large-scale intervention if compared to organization development technique has a better team building. It suggests that many people who are involved share their ideas with others. This gives the individuals confidence and motivation. The survey feedback in large-scale interventions is also accurate. It is produced faster than in the organization development. The feedback is first-hand and can be relied on after much research done.

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