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I have always enjoyed being outdoors; from an early age I have ridden and looked after horses which means I have spent most of life outside. This has led to a natural interest in the world outside and as I have grown older has led to an interest in the processes which shape our world. I chose to study geography at GCSE and continued this study onto A-level; throughout these courses I have especially enjoyed studying physical geography and learning about things such as natural disasters and tectonic activity and global issues such as climate change and global warming. As part of my A-level course I completed a research study about cold environments which was something I enjoyed studying.

I am also interested in a wide range of geographical subjects from the beginnings of our earth to today??™s environment and the impact of humanity on the world??™s natural processes and cycles I am interested in how the world works and how this can be used to our advantage to solve global issues. For my A-levels I studied geography, chemistry and business studies and feel that these subjects have prepared me to commit fully to this degree. I am especially interested in the scientific processes behind the workings of the earth and I feel that taking chemistry has provided me with a solid scientific knowledge which will aid me on the course. I feel that studying geography has given me with a keen interest in the world we live in and studying business has given me a sound business knowledge which I feel will be advantageous to me in the future. During my A-levels I worked towards completing my Duke of Edinburgh??™s Gold award and have only my final expedition to complete. I have found that the expedition part of the award has allowed me to gain an appreciation of river processes as our group has chosen to do canoeing for the expedition, the expedition itself has also taught me the value of teamwork and how each individual must work together to achieve a common goal. For my residential part of the award I participated in a youth exchange to Odessa, Ukraine which had a focus on intercultural learning through creativity and innovation. This was a life changing experience which taught me to be more accepting of different cultures and to be able to work productively in groups and to be able to work around issues such as language barriers.

For over 3 years I have also volunteered at a local mencap group on a weekly basis. This involves working with adults with learning disabilities in a social environment; I often plan and run activities along with the other volunteers. This is something I have found extremely rewarding and hope to continue for as long as possible. As well as this, I have my own horse which always has been a major part of my life and I have helped out with any jobs such as mucking out and schooling the yards horses at my riding stables. Since my 16th birthday I have been employed here and have taught lessons for both children and adults.

I have also helped with the running of activity days and have taught at the annual summer camp where I have had the responsibility of my own group to look after and instruct. I also have completed my pony club B test care and have competed at different local and national events and have often placed very well. I am currently on an unplanned gap year due the fact I broke my leg in May 2010 and spent 2 weeks in hospital just before the end of term and therefore did not perform as well as I had hoped in my summer exams. Due to these unfortunate circumstances I am planning to resit some exams in January 2011 in the hope of receiving better grades in Chemistry and Geography. During this gap year I am currently working three part time jobs at Hollyfast Meadows, Peacocks and Dominos Pizza I am also looking into the possibility of spending my summer at a camp America which I feel would be a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

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