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Riordan manufacturing staffing strategies

Riordan Manufacturing Staffing Strategies The basic concept of an organization is a group of people working together and coordinating efforts to establish a chain of mutual help to achieve common goals of the business. This is the reason why “ people” are regarded as the most important asset to any organization. Hence getting the right candidate for the job is the most important strategy of an organization.
In today’s world, one of the most difficult challenges an organization faces is the ability to find the right employees to do the job. With the ever challenging environment and the constant deadlines to be met, most of the employers don’t evaluate the pros and cons of hiring an individual and unless there are well developed staffing strategies, this will be an ongoing problem. The focus is,” People are your most important asset is wrong. People are not your most important asset: the right people are.” (Jim Collins in his book ” Good to Great”). Hence it is very important to hire the right candidate for the right job.
A well developed staffing strategy helps an organization to eliminate problems before they start. A staffing strategy provides overall guidance on how an organization deals with staff. This includes how the organization identifies with new staff, the types of people the organization wants to staff, and how to retain them. Once this strategy is decided upon, the human resource department frames some policies and procedures to support the strategy.
Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer founded in 1991, It employs over 550 people and has projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. However over the years, Riordan’s management realized that employee dissatisfaction was quite high and sales sloped downwards.
As the business world has become more complex and jobs more technical” (*Shah, Sterrett, Chesser, & Wilmore (2001), many corporations have turned to strategic planning. Today, organizations have realized the importance of its human capital thus, the need to further develop, retain and attract personnel to achieve business objectives. Riordans management team has realized that the companys most important asset is their employees. HRs proactive approach to recruiting the best and brightest candidates will help to provide future leaders for the company as they continue to grow and meet the demanding challenges.
In order to accomplish the organizational goals, Riordan must follow suit in attracting and retaining key technical and leadership human capital to ensure long-term competitive advantage. This comprehensive strategic plan identifies areas which Riordan can further develop to more effective reach their goals. The discussion and plan recommendations will include: Company and workforce overview; continuity planning; selection processes; recruitment and retention; legal implications; infrastructure needs; and globalization issues. The following is the changed approach Riordan currently uses for their staffing needs: (PeerPapers. com)
1. Analyze every position within the company and establish future needs based on retirement age of the incumbent and future growth impacts.
2. Analyze the diversity of the positions within each occupational group. Although the company does not have an affirmative action plan, it would be prudent to establish the fact that diversity helps the company grow.
3. Develop a mentor program by first selecting and training veterans of the company and then pairing with protégés that are company fast-trackers.
4. Using the established job analysis on file to develop job postings for internal and external candidates.
5. Establish relationships with the employment contacts with all colleges within the area to establish communications of company job needs.
6. Develop newspaper articles detailing future job opening, include company benefits and compensation.
The sea of change in Riordan Manufacturing management’s HR strategy is a positive one and focuses on equal opportunity and diverse management. There has been a positive feedback from the industry and actions have been implemented by the employers, which is very encouraging and taking the Diversity management to the next level. As some of the greats put it, Diversity in an organization is defined as ““ Diversity within organisations is about recognising the range of differences in people and valuing people as individuals, respecting their differences and their differing needs. It is also about accommodating differences wherever possible so that an individual can play a full part in the working environment” (**Daniels and Macdonald, 2005, p. 1). While the primary focus has been “ Equal Opportunities”, the overall focus is on “ Diversity Management”, which in the long run aims at maximizing employee potential and achieving organizational goals.
* SAM Advanced Management Journal- Thursday March 22, 2001
**Daniels, K and Macdonald L (2005) Equality, Diversity and Discrimination, A Student text CIPD, IIles P (1995) “ learning to work with difference” Personnel Review 24” 6 pp 44-60

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