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Puritan literature analysis essay

Puritans were believers and this way they were able to convince their counterparts across the journey about the importance of their doctrines. Similarly , according to the usual manner , many were afflicted with seasickness. This was part of testing their faith in the lord. The puritans were able to glorify the lord and to streamline his worthiness in their belief and life. The Puritans strongly believed, that God appear in their lifes. They believed that God is present in every human action and natural phenomenon.

Futhermore, they believed that they are God’s cosen people and that ther are a shining example for the world. In the early 1600’s, the lifestyles of the Puritans may not appeal to many of us, some of the idea come from some of the authors, example: William Bradford, John Winthrop, Cotton Mathers, John Smith, Anne Bradstreet, John Cotton, John Owens, Matthew Henry, Richard Baxter, Samuel Rutherford. Most of their writting have the common idea.

Some of the author wrote with genre which is sermons, diaries, journals, letter, bible; their own style such as psycology, plain words choice, and used irony; their literary devices are puritism, repition, personasives, practically and spiritually; the last thing is theme such as how they live, theircultureand religions, political, but mostly it’s about there life and God. They were stressful than they presently are if we follow them. For example, there are some people who do not condone mordern living such as electricity, modern transpotation and fashionable clothing.

Also, about the transportations they walked or they had their own horses. Like we know that all of the Puritans writters from the past, most of them are white but some of them are black, and they were woman instead. The writings of Rowlandson and Bradstreet reflected the qualities of devotion to God, perseverance through trials, and the bond offamily; qualities that were essential to the Puritan way of life. Based on their writting, we can know that people believed in God, they said that the more son or daughthers were born the more powers they have. Because God blessed them and give them powers to shine with others.

They will have more lands and they would stated to plant things them got harvest then sell them and gotmoneyin their hands for saving and continuing their life. Puritans led a simple life, they looked for the least complicated approach to living in the world. They believed in predestination and an all powerful, unforgiving God who had everything planned for the future, in terms of who would be part of the elect, and who would move on to an eternal afterlife. They also believed that most people were destined for hell, no matter how faithful they were to their people and God.

Puritans valuedhard work, morality, and found truth through the bible. The works of Anne Bradstreet, and Jonathan Edwards, take us into the Puritan world and we can see that they do lead a life that is constantly spiritualized. Although they experience the spirituality through physical elements of life, the value of the spirit still exists. These works also stand as important foundations of American Literature. These ideas and lifestyles revolve around spirituality as a central theme in their lives. The Puritans had a very simple form of writing of which they focused on the Bible and religious themes.

The Puritans were deeply devoted to God and living out his commandments on earth. Puritan qualities of faith, perseverance, and family influenced their literature and way of life. Neither of the stories went into great detail on these women’s tragedies, instead they took a positive view of life and focused on what God could do through their lives during the hard circumstances. The faith, perseverance, and dedication to family demonstrated by these writings had a positive influence on the society and culture of their time.

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