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Major plan

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Plot Summary: This book is about a stockbroker, called Henryk Metelski. Later on, he converts his name to Harvey Metcalfe, who is a very gifted man and enjoyed his life. It starts off, when Harvey Metcalfe uses one of his companions, who was David Kesler, to use some members of the public to make him a profit, without them knowing it. He tells David Kesler to encourage members of the public, to buy Prospecta Oil shares. David Kesler tells the likes of Stephen, Robin, James and Jean-Pierre, to buy Prospecta Oil shares, in which the value of shares will go up.

This is good for Harvey Metcalfe, because he owns shares in Prospecta Oil. But, the catch is that the Prospecta Oil shares are likely to slump in the next few weeks, because of Harvey Metcalfe. And Stephen, Robin, James and Jean-Pierre don’t know this. So the four members of the public encourage other people to buy Prospecta Oil shares and the value of the shares will hopefully go up. But, Harvey Metcalfe has hundreds and thousands of shares and now he’s made a profit. He then sells his shares and then the price of Prospecta Oil shares, goes crashing down. And so, Stephen, Robin, James and Jean-Pierre are nearly bankrupt.

After the Prospecta Oil catastrophe, Stephen, Robin, James and Jean-Pierre, decide to get revenge on David Kesler. They realise later on, that Harvey Metcalfe was the culprit and not David Kesler. So after a few months later, the four create a plan on how to get theirmoneyback from Harvey Metcalfe. The four, make friends with Harvey Metcalfe and they do magnanimous favours for him and then Harvey Metcalfe rewards them with large sum cheques. So fortunately, Stephen, Robin, James and Jean-Pierre got their money and they took not a penny more, not a penny less.

Harvey Metcalfe – is the main character of the whole story. I thought that he was very resourceful and combatant in the world of business. He also enjoyed tormented people, financially. Harvey Metcalfe, was a man, who hated to fall short. But with his attitude, he became a very successful businessman and he had a greatfamily, which is commendable. 2. Stephen – is a man, who was very poignant and had studied very hard. He was successful at high school, college and university. The only setback about Stephen, is that he fell for Harvey Metcalfe’s trap, which was to buy ” promising” Prospecta Oil shares.

But, he was the brain of the whole group, on how to get their money back from Harvey Metcalfe and it was a successful idea too. Events: 1. Harvey Metcalfe’s plan. This is when Harvey Metcalfe arranges a plan to use members of the public to make a profit. Harvey Metcalfe tells David Kesler to encourage the public to buy the Prospecta Oil shares. This is really the commencing of the story. This part of the story is significant, because this is the start of a sneaky and clever plan and the story is about this major plan.

Stephen, Robin, James and Jean-Pierre’s plan. This is the time, when the four have arranged to get their money back of Harvey Metcalfe. It’s to meet him and start talking to him and making friends with him. Then they had to do big favours for Harvey and hopefully, Harvey will pay them back. Fortunately, the plan is successful. This part of the story is important, because it’s the turning point of the story, because the four are now taking money from Harvey Metcalfe and it’s a major part on getting revenge on Harvey Metcalfe.

What did you enjoy most about the book? I enjoyed the detail in main, exciting points and most of the book was pretty clear to understand. I also liked the characters’ attitudes, because they were so real to London life. I thought that the vocabulary was spread out in many forms and ways. What did you enjoy least about it? I thought that there were too many numbers involved in simple happenings with shares and I thought that the chapters were too small. Write a short review of the book. Include a creative headline for the review.

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