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Tkam: chapter 28-31 reading quiz

Explain the details of what happened to Jem and Scout. They were being followed on their way home from the pageant and were attacked by Bob Ewell. In the attack, Bob Ewell broke Jem’s arm. Bob Radley heard the attack and came out and saved Jem and Scout. Why do you think Aunt Alexandra took the overalls to Scout instead of dress? She wanted to comfort Scout after she had been attacked by Mr. Ewell. At what point do you suppose Boo Radley came out of his house? When he heard Jem and Scout scream for help. Describe Boo Radley. He was very white(pale), tall, skinny, feathery hair, ghostly. His cheaks were thin to hollowness, wide mouth and gray eyes. He wore khaki pants and a torn denim shirt. What does Atticus think Heck Tate is trying to do for him? Atticus thinks that Jem killed Bob Ewell. Heck Tate is trying to help out by saying that Jem didn’t kill Bob so that he doesn’t go to jail. If Jem did kill Bob Ewell, why doesn’t Atticus want it covered up? He diesn’t want Jem living with that secret for the rest of his life. It is better if it is out in the open. It would be against the way he raised him. What did Heck Tate do at the scene of the crime? He tried to look for clues at the scene to determine how he would be able to cover it up and protect Jem. Bob Ewell was a terrible person trying to attack children. Who really stabbed Bob Ewell, and why does Heck decide to cover it up? He determined that Boo Radley killed Mr. Ewell. He knew that Boo was trying to help the children from the attack. He did not want him to be tried for killing Bob Ewell when he tried to hurt or kill them. What does Scout compare Boo’s exposure to? Why? To killing a mockingbird. He has tried to save the children from Bob Ewell. If they told anyone, the people of Maycomb would treat him like Tom and sent him to jail and he would have to go through a trial. Why does Scout say, ” I would lead him through our house, but I would never lead him home”? Boo isn’t familiar with Scouts house, so she would walk him through it, but when taking Boo home, Boo would lead her because it is his home. When Scout looks back through Boo’s eyes, how does she characterize herself and Jem? She felt that Boo treated them as if they were his children. He protected them from dangerous situations, like a parent would, What is Atticus’s final statement about people? What does he mean by this? That most people are nice when you finally see them. Jem and Scout thought Boo was a person that sabbed his dad. They saw Boo as a mean person until he came out and saved them. Scout realized Boo was nice afterall. Accoring to Jem, what events led to his arm being broken? The summer when Dill came and wanted to make Boo Radley come out. Who jumped out at Jem and Scout on their way to the auditorium? Cecil JacobsWhat was Cecil’s costume? cowWhat had Scout forgotten from home? her moneyWhy was Scout embarrassed at the end of the pagent? she came in late and Mrs. Merriweather said she ruined the pagentWhat did Scout forget and leave back at the school? her shoesHow was Jem able to see Scout in the darkness when she couldn’t see him? her fat streaks were showing. Mrs. crenshaw painted em with some of that shiny paintWhat did Aunt Alexandra bring Scout to wear after she got her out of her costume? her overallsWhat happened to Jem’s arm? it was broken in the fight with his attackerWho attacked the children? Bob EwellWhat happened to the attacker? he died from being stabbed under his ribs with a kitchen knifeWho did Aunt Alexandra blame for what happened to the kids? herselfWhat did Heck Tate discover was the reason for the holes in Bob’s sleeves? The wire on Scouts costume matched the holes in Bob’s sleeves. When he tried to squeeze her, he got punctured by the wire. What probably saved Scouts life, according to Tate? her costume, the wire mesh around her ” ham” costumeWhen Scout was retelling the story, how did she say she knew that she and Jem were under the big tree? she was barefooted and Jem said the grounds always cooler under a treeWho was the man standing in Jem’s room? Boo RadelyWho did Atticus think had killed Bob Ewell? JemWho really killed Bob Ewell? Boo RadelyWhat request did the man make to Scout after he saw Jem the last time? if she would take him homeWhen Scout turned around in front of the Radely place to go home, whose ” shoes” did she walk in as she thought back through all the memories? Boo Radely’s shoes ONTKAM: CHAPTER 28-31 READING QUIZ SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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