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Zara clothing chain

In what ways are elements of the classical management and behavioral management approaches evident atZaraInternational? Index’s group known a Zara had Implemented elements of both classical management and behavioral management approaches. Starting off with the Classical Management, Zara has used some of the principles of Henry Payola’s Administrative principles.

Building their business model to identify the following five “ duties” of management, which are foundations for the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Foresight to complete a plan of action for the future, this was apparent when they developed their supply chain to accommodate shipment levels till 2012. Organization was seen by Sara’s manipulation of resources to Implement their plans. Commanding and Coordination are seen in employee’s duties from store managers marking hot items, in-house manufacturing for hot Items and supplying outside manufactures with their own materials. The last element is Control, making sure things happen according to.

Sara’s been able to keep turn over high while keeping expensive inventory levels own, out performing all of their competitors In this variable.

On the other hand Behavioral management Is clearly noticeable when you consider Zara Is Index’s largest and most profitable brand, bringing home 77% of international sales and nearly 67% in 2009, while Inedited has over another 100 companies to help support Zara, this concept goes hand in hand with the concept to organizes as communities. How can systems concepts and the notion of contingency thinking explain the success of some of Sara’s distinctive practices?

Foulest believed that business robbers Involve a wide variety of factors that must be considered In relationship to one another. Today, we talk about “ systems” and “ contingency talking Contingency thinking avoids “ one best war arguments, instead recognizing the need to understand situational differences and respond appropriately to them. ” It’s simple to see that a middle-aged mother buys clothes at a Sara’s chain due to the fact they are cheap, while her daughter aged somewhere in the ass buys Sara’s brand because it is trendy.

Clearly, Zara Is riding two of the winning retail trends, being trendy and at owe prices has created a very effective combination understanding the notion of contingency thinking, Sara’s management understand there Is no one right way or way to look at any situation. Sara’s CEO has asked your manage- meet consulting firm for advice on how the firm can make IM- mediate improvements to stay ahead of competition.

You must choose one of five consultants for this Job? Frederick Taylor, Max Weber, Mary Parker Foulest, Chris Argils, or Jeffrey Proffer. Which one would you assign to Zara, and why? 0 professionals to help it keep up with the latest fashions-I It takes just two weeks for the company to up- date existing garments and get them into its stores; new pieces hit the market twice a week. Defying the recession with Its cheap-and-chic Zara clothing chain, Sara’s parent company Indexed posted strong sales gains. Low prices and a rapid response to clothing vendors. The improved results highlight how Sara’s formula con- tinges to work even in the economic downturn. A complex system of Just-in-time production and invent- Tory reporting that keeps Zara ahead.

Their distribution centers can have items in European stores within 24 hours of receive- ins an order, and in American and Asian stores in under 48 hours. Internalize as many points in the supply chain as possible. Inedited controls design, production, distribution, and retail sales to optimize the flow of goods,

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