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Constitutional law: consent to search

Constitutional Law: Consent to Search Consent to search is a civil or legal agreement to establish the individual's right to privacy. This is abuse to the consent search in reference to the Schneckloth v.

Old buildings

First of all, old buildings are the indispensable parts of the history, which could reveal the historical mysterious and witness the development of history. Overall, in nowadays, there is unanimous consensus on maintaining old buildings which is the effective method to preserving history.

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A pedagogic placebo for plagiarism

The other definitions of plagiarism include the use of another person's ideas and thought processes as one's own and imitating the style and tenor as well. The whole issue of plagiarism assumes serious proportions in an academic environment as the students are expected to do their papers with due diligence and without recourse to other →

Communications within nursing assignment

This also accounts for a decline in post natal depression rates as mothers have support from nurses throughout and after pregancy Describe the research design had higher GPA's How do nursing and Summarise what is nown about your topic area It is widely known that expectant mothers who utilise prenatal care, a more likely to →

Assignment 2 (b)

The man in the middle said, " Are you Ali Ahmad? Before Ali had a chance to respond, the interviewer in the middle asked, " What do you think of our company's products?

Rising gas prices by jeremy w mattson

The role of market speculation in rising oil and gas prices: a need to put the cop back on the beat: staff report by the United States. The impact of rising gas prices on America's small businesses: Hearing before the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, United States Senate, One Hundred Tenth Congress, first session, →

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New historicism essay

In his analysis of " The Dead", Levenson convincingly ties the story to the current events of Joyce's society by providing significant aspects of the text and relating them directly to political and social conflicts in early 20th century Ireland. His presentation follows events as they unfold in " The Dead"; however, Levenson's method of →

Looking back

This school year has been my freshman year and the first of my high school career. We do not realize that when we are hoping for the year to be over, we are all going to miss it.

Global warming assignment

As we know that global warming is on the rise and worsen our planets condition, and as a concern citizen to our environment we should make an action to fight global warming, we should have maintenance and changes to our surroundings to help our dying planet; wake up to reality and be part of the →


The paragraph below is just additional information to emphasize the message the advertisement wants to convey. On the whole, one thinks that the print advertisement is very effective in capturing the attention of its market.

Discussion question week 2-1d

This reflects that composition of a research question can either be carried out after proposition of hypothesis or before it, and the ultimate goal behind this activity is to create a specific domain of investigation for the researcher, and to assess command over the studied subject. Therefore, in one sense, research hypothesis is an assumption →

Saunds strategies for breaking-racial barriers

Particularly, nullification of this law would contribute to their right to become full citizens of America and stop racial discrimination against Indian immigrants as elimination of the law's guidelines would signify the end of part of the oppressive handicaps to Indian's workday business life. Saund believed that nullification of California's Alien Land Law and formation →

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Next, seeds. healthy star fruit seeds with a

Do not seal the edges, and do not place the pot in direct sunlight. It is important to waterthe seeds, for example we can use a spray bottle to water the seed to make surethe seeds do not dislodge.

The the representation of the eeg channels and

The EEG is a recording of theelectrical activity in the brain. These currents spread to the surface of the scalp wherethey are detected by the electrodes in the form of voltage changes.

Media writing and todorov’s theory essay sample

The theory is simply this:* The fictional environment begins with a state of equilibrium.* It then suffers some disruption.* New equilibrium is produced at the end of the narrative. However, the equilibrium attained at the end of the story is not identical to the initial equilibrium.

To to the south. in the end, the

Consisting of two main actions, thepurpose of the Anaconda Plan was to break down the Southern economy. The second part of the Anaconda Plan was to recapture the MississippiRiver.

Captain vere versus social world

Captain Vere versus Social World It is no doubt that Billy Budd is the main subject of the narrator, but Captain Vere appears to be the true villain of the story through his actions and decisions, which are based on the social world. Through his actions of humility and fatherly love to Billy Budd, the →

Implementation of a data classification policy essay sample

Developing an Effective Organization-wide Access Control Plan Because the management of security groups, ACLs, and security settings need to be careful planned, and creating an access control plan that could assist in preventing standard security problems from occurring. Access control plan will also include Information Security Strategies: This component will detail the manner in which →

Trait theory or enduring

The approach does reject the idea of free will and believes behaviour is determined by the environment. The biological psychology school will vie Roberto's enduring behavior as having been inherited and that it has an evolutionary function.

How does the federal reserve control the money supply? assignment

The Federal Reserve System " The Fed" controls the money supply in the United States by controlling the amount of loans made by commercial banks. The funds that banks can potentially loan are those in their excess reserves, so to control loans, checkable deposits, and ultimately the money supply, the Fed influences the excess reserves →

Part 3

Improving Flexibility in Each Joint of the Body Improving Flexibility in Each Joint of the Body Some of the exercises used in improving the flexibility of body joints include Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and Stationary Rowing. Swimming is another exercise that is safe and efficient in improving the flexibilities of all the joints of the body.

So many countries, so many customs essay sample

The combination of the words tradition and custom means a usual manner of doing something, a belief of principles, of conduct passing from generation to generation. In conclusion, there are a lot of nations in the world and a great amount of different customs.

Linkedin profile

According to Kawasaki, " Most people use LinkedIn to " get to someone" in order to make a sale, form a partnership, or get a job. I found the LinkedIn website to be a lot like Facebook or MySpace as far as creating a network.

Free essay on team reflection update

It could therefore be replicated on a grander scale to determine consistency in results as well as increase the credibility and reliability of the outcome. The topics that one felt comfortable with included determining the appropriate steps to test the hypotheses, specifically data collection and preliminary analysis of the findings.

Smoking hazards

Everyone knows smoking is dangerous and harmful to many aspects of your health, yet people still smoke and disregard the effects to themselves and people around them. In conclusion, smoking is pointless, money consuming and it kills you or the people around you.

Karl the history of class conflict”- wrote marx

Karl Marx: Change through Class Conflict The most famous and influential of the conflict theories is the one put forward by Karl Marx, a famous German social thinker and philosopher." All history is the history of class conflict"- wrote Marx and Engels in the ' Communist Manifesto'." Violence is the midwife of history"- Marx declared. →

Discussion 6 #2

In the novel Buddha, in the Attic Japan, women are concerned about their husbands because they are kidnapped at the middle of the night". They give in to anything because they fear for their lives during the war.

Electronic gadgets analysis essay

Introduction People all over the world use the media everyday whether they are using the computer, watching television, reading a newspaper, talking on the phone or listening to the radio, media have been a way to communicate. The role of media and technology in education is quite obvious in today's educational settings.

The article of confederation as a guide for successful democracy in the united states

The step United States has made in terms of democracy is as a result of the article of confederation which was its first written constitution. The congress is composed of representative of various states that are a party to the article and this means that the diverse interests of each state is addressed.

What types of professional development, supporting growth in cultural competence, could be offered to teachers

Firstly, the type of professional development supporting growth in cultural competence that could be offered to teachers is implementing skilled dialogue, which is perceived as a core aspect for professionalism. Secondly, the type of professional development supporting growth in cultural competence that could be offered to teachers is RICS development model.

Daily plate

I know I can improve on the kinds of food I eat in order to have a more nutritious diet. I can plan accordingly so that the amount of food I eat corresponds to the food pyramid.

Paraphrase of the passage

This necessitates the institutions of higher learning in this case the universities to always ensure that the basic training in computer use especially for those who are illiterate is done. The training ought to ensure that the targeted students get a mastery of use of what is considered basic skills in computing for example the →

History of optometry

The history of optometry can be traced back to the early studies on optics and image formation by the eye. It is unknown when the first spectacles were made, but the British scientist and historian Sir Joseph Needham stated in his research that the ancient Chinese invented the earliest eyeglasses 1000 years ago and were →

Four levels of evaluation

At the end of the process is primarily of a summative type to provide evidence to sponsors and potential users about the value of solution. The four levels of evaluation are, level 1 which is called reaction, in this level it describes how the participants react to an instructional program, level 2 which is called →

Your personal policy on the occupy movement

The organizers of the occupy Wall Street movement exercised their free will to protest the currently unpopular economic polices of the government. The people's protests nudge the deaf government leaders to revise their current economic policies.

General and administration outsourcing market

Covered in this Report This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the General and Administration Outsourcing market In Latin America for the period 2014-2018. What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors?

Education management systems

Though these are the traits that have helped me to bring out the best in the field of my operation, I am also aware of a lot of missing virtues in me. Being away from home for considerable period of time, absence of emotional bond with the friends and relatives is the major lacuna in →

Explain how psychology can be used for social change

Social change results from relative deprivation of individual or collective interests of a society and the outcomes which emanate from such deprivation. Deprivation is a psychological attribute which causes changes in the perception of an individual resulting into varied outcomes of behavior which include; violence against self, violence against the society, non-violent person and social →

Glass by: ellen hopkins review essay

The protagonist in Glass is a character named Kristina, and Kristina has some problems in her life. Meth has also caused her to rob her family and friends to pay for it not even to pay for housing but, to pay for more of this life damaging monster that she so deeply needs to have.

The evolution of groups

The next stage arrives when the members of the group start to discuss their purpose of being together. This is followed by the phase in which the group members increase their level of cooperation due to increased trust.

Week 3 dq part 3

The contract in discussion is a void contract as the father was drunk and was making an offer to a minor. Breach of contract is a legal offence which holds the party liable for the crime and is chargeable in court.

Culture intelligence

Culture plays a crucial role in the economy of a country and helps in promoting a suitable business environment. In a corporate environment it is very essential for people to open up to new cultures and practices.

Week 4 quiz

The pattern of grandchildren of immigrants increasing their interest in their ethnicity is called a.ethnic pluralism.b.the principle of third generation interest.c.ancestor worship.d.the theory of bicultural immersion.3. Which of the following faiths has the largest membership in the United States? a.the Roman Catholic Church b.

A there are many controversies surrounding genetic engineering.

A well-known and rather controversial application of genetic engineering is the creation of genetically modified organisms including foods and vegetables that resist pest and bacterial infection and remain fresh for longer periods. The completion of the sequencing of the human genome, as well as the genomes of most agriculturally and scientifically important animals and plants, →

Sunny prestatyn by phil larkin essay

The mood changes as the ugly reality resurfaces in symbolic, yet equally disturbing brutalization of the girl's. This, in turn carries a connotation of a mob mentality that dominates in Prestatyn, a stark contrast to the suggested holiday paradise from the original poster.

Maria la loca essay

I believe the thesis of this story is; how life's lessons are taught by Mama in the parlor, to the younger women in her family. The largest reason for this is that of women are the silent authorities of the family.

Effective and interesting ideas on history essay writing

Students can discuss Alexander the Great in their history essays and his contribution into the world history. Students can argue the history of economical development in their history essays.

Opinion on diop

He argued that the civilization was started by the Egyptians who were black and not by foreigners who trekked into Egypt as suggested by the white scholars. This was in opposition to the claim by white scholars that the inhabitants of Egypt in North Africa were white.

Developing and maintaining skills for everyday life

Your role is to work in partnership with the individual and support their decisions, regarding their care and support them to do as much as possible for themselves. By providing active support and encouraging the individual to participate in their daily living needs you are helping them to develop and maintain their skills for everyday →

139 quail wk3

The particular factor accounting for the quality of the product attracts customers interested in the given specific features. The market search enabled the company to establish the amounts customers are ready and willing pay for a particular product.

Electra complex in “the house on zapote street”

The role of Electra complex in the story is a contrast of the real concept since it is the father whom we can vividly seen the said fixation. Pablo Cabading being the father of Lydia suffers Electra complex in which he became very zealous over looking to her.

Drugs are bad for health

I am here to persuade you that drugs are bad for you, and your heart. She was crying and screaming.


The structural perspective is the most formal of all the frames. From a human resource frame perspective, the organization exists to serve the human needs rather than the human existing to serve the organization.

How to tell a true high school story

In the end, a true high school story is never about high school. A true high school story is about the memories you make and the reasons they stay with you for life.

Opening paragraphs for a “heroes” essay

The devastation of an event can cause a person to need a hero, someone to look to for answers. When devastation occurs, persons are in a hole, looking for a way out and find their shining hero at the end to help save them.

Successful learning experience with idea store essay sample

In the course of gaining knowledge, I had decided to admit in a course offering by IDEA store on Sage Payroll Software. And at the end of the course, I was certified.

Major principles for purchasing a new house essay sample

One of the major principles that will play a major role on deciding to purchase a home will be principle6: Markets are usually a good way to organize economic activity. A person has to take into consideration that once the go from renting to purchasing a home there are many financial responsibilities they must take →

Nicholas i

In 1825 Nicholas I had a revolt with a group of revolutionaries called the Dismembers, they were the people that wanted a constitution, which then meant that he Tsar had to obey rules. In 1854 Nicholas I believed that Russia was one of the greatest countries in Europe, he then decided to invade Turkey since →

Target case study essay sample

Microenvironmental factors that affected Target's performance over the past few years would include Company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, competitors, and publics. Macroenvironmental factors that affected Target's performance during that period would include economic, technological, and political.

Group discussion

Auditing al Affiliation) Importance of Independent Auditing Audit reports provide the company shareholders with a proficient, independent view as to whether the annual accounts of the company reflect a fair and true interpretation of the financial position of the company and whether the shareholders can rely on the annual accounts. As a result, the auditor →

Toxic culture

From my understanding of leadership and organizational culture, leadership is responsible for setting up the organization culture, and in turn, the set culture influences the leadership. In the article Who's to Blame for Creating a Toxic Organizational Culture, I will agree with Guthries position basing on the fact that it's the leaders responsibility to create →

Keystone xl pipeline

The expenses would be greater than the taxes gathered by the Keystone Xl pipeline Second, In the process of digging up tar sands oil, the forests are destroyed. In addition, Animals will die or will travel to different areas which will impact the environment of that area.

Government price analysis of direct and indirect costs

Running Head: INDIRECT AND DIRECT COSTS Government Price Analysis of Direct and Indirect Analysis of Course][Date] Government Price Analysis of Direct and Indirect Analysis Direct and direct costs are considered imperative for effective financial planning. Another underlying problem with the analysis of direct and indirect costs by government for pricing and taxation is the cross-sectional →

Business communicationsample

Another concern that global companies have to contend with is the fact that they have to cater to people from different parts of the world at the same time. Business localization services and technology offers the solution to this very pressing concern.

“food, inc.” exposes dangers in the u.s. food industry

The documentary " Food, Inc.portrays the dangers and the transformations in the American food industry, saying its harmful effects to public health, the environment and the rights of workers and animals. That was because of the fast weight gained, caused by antibiotics in the chickens' food.

Manifest destiny and sectionalism

The most alarming aspect of the Compromise of 1850 to northerners was the law providing for A) the continuation of slavery in the District of Columbia. E) build a string of military forts across the West.15.

Independent novel written review

Jerry Ciacho May 14, Uncle Tom's Cabin Uncle Tom's Cabin, written by abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, is one of the most influential historical fiction at the time and is among the greatest racial phenomenon throughout history. Uncle Tom's Cabin was written and published subsequent to the enactment of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, illegalizing anyone →

Fire protection hydraulics

The ability of the firefighter to effectively use the nozzle and the hose to discharge water to the fire is controlled by the ease at which they reach the fire stream and how accurately they penetrate the fire stream. The length of the hose plays a great role in the ability of the firefighters to →

Giordano case analysis essay

The company was successful in filling in the gap by being a decent brand and at the same time it was cost effective. If we look at Giordano positioning, the company holds a brand value in the eyes of the customers.


As a matter of fact, the genesis and evolution of Western philosophy starts with Plato before graduating to later thinkers who followed and built on the foundations he laid. However, the application of the dialogues is not restricted to philosophy.

Leisure activities.

But there is a lot more to healthy leisure than activities that benefit our physical bodies. The fact is, leisure activities are essential to our emotional and physical wellness.

Intellectual capital: human capital

Human capital is the source of innovation and creativity and therefore developing the entire human capital will not only be profitable but will add intellectual value to the firm. Poor management will lead to poor performance of the other elements of intellectual capital, the social and organizational capital.

Understanding the arab culture

Understanding the family concept of the Arab world can result in effective understanding of the culture through breaking down the components that unify the people in the Arab world. The religion and political system within the Arab world has contributed to the various stereotypes which are held by people from the western world.

Worldview of william shakespeare assignment

I could not determine whether he was, in fact, Anti-Semitic although it was obvious that the majority of people were. I think that both men and women are capable of achieving the same amount of success in anything they do.

The permanent and trampled object to a

What Poet is attempting to relate in the opening stanza is that a poem must be conspicuous and silent resembling a globed crop; which means that a poem must be widespread over this universe. Poet is sad as she wants to look for quality of words and content in the poem and not the quantity →

My use of critically reflecting on the nature

This soon flourished my interest in Criminology and Criminal Justice and this keeps the world functioning, the study of crimes and why people commit them is a desire that has made me want to gain a better understanding of not only the drivers behind criminal activities but also of the workings of society which lead →

White-collar crime

White-collar crime White-collar crime can be defined based on the individual committing the crime and the type of crime that is committed. A white-collar crime is a criminal act that is committed by someone of a higher social ranking and with a respectable position amongst others.

Econ 5110 history of economic thought

He maintained that the amount of money held was determined by institutional arrangements of the economy and could be treated as a constant on ceteris paribus assumptions. This seventeenth century economic thinking in England was mercantilist as typified by the doctrine of balance-of-trade.

The governance of gaap

The Governance of GAAP The Government Accounting Standards Board gives ity to the GAAP for making on guidelines ofaccounting rules to companies trading publicly in the United States, and these rules apply to the local and state governments. The funding of developing and Enforcing GAAP comes from the federal government as it has the responsibility →

Analysis of ”the convergence of the twain” by thomas hardy essay sample

" The Convergence of the Twain" by Thomas Hardy describes the sinking of the Titanic to notice on the high quality of nature over the fugitive world of amour propre. The storyteller uses the inevitable meeting of the iceberg and the ship to show nature's power.

For and against pollution

Firstly, private cars are believed to be faster than public transport since people do not have to spend their precious time waiting for a bus. All in all, public transport is proven to be more efficient and cheaper than private cars.

Analysis of out of body experience your brain is to blame article

This chapter of the article focuses on the response of the body from a stimulus induced in the brain externally. It is a creation of the brain in response to certain trigger or stimulus induced to the brain or from the internal body senses.

Significance of baiame cave and other australian indigenous sites

One of the most notable paintings is of the area, is of dreamtime creator, Baiame. To the Indigenous people of this area the art is quite significant as it a remanet of their lost culture.

Alpha electronic components, inc.: business report

The chips are then put in the back of the warehouse until needed in the plant. The next week, when the chips are sent to the plant and unpacked, Beta's plant manager discovers that the quality is less than that stated in the parties' contract.

Speech video assignment

Compared to the first video, the speaker in the second video was very confident, well prepared, and properly dressed. In the second video, you could also see how prepared the speaker was due to his power point, It was well presented and clear to read; however, in the first video, the speakers power point was →

Social studies sba guildline essay sample

TASK TWO METHOD OF INVESTIGATION This must be properly stated giving information as to what methods will be used; what kind of questions will be used to construct the instrument; how one will investigate the problem. TASK SIX INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA This is where the student looks to see to what extent the →

Some young children spend a great amount of their time

Sports are good for young children in many ways. If they devote most of their time to sports, are they neglecting schoolwork?

Three fundamental elements of an effective access control solution

Authentication and Access control.3.lf you can browse a file on a Windows network share but are not able to copy it or modify it what type of access controls and permissions are probably configured? What is two-factor authentication and why is it an effective access control technique?

Gulf war

The Kuwaitis were subjected to much torture and suffering in the months that followed. The United Nations strongly condemned the invasion of Kuwait and gave Hussein a deadline of 16th January 1991 by which to retreat from Kuwait.

Value alignment

Individual and Organizational Values al Affiliation Individual and Organizational Values There are value ments that could be considered distinct and unique for the individuals; and those that could be encompassing and analogous with an organization's value systems. From the value statements, of the individual and that of the organization, it could be deduced that when →

Biotechnologytopics essay

When compared to biotechnology, bioengineering is defined as the process by which higher system or mechanical approaches are used to define the interface of living things with technology. Biotechnology has also been useful in the area of utilizing living things so as to produce goods and services which can be used for industrial and practical →

Advantages and disadvantages about genetically modified food essay sample

However, it is difficult to estimate the allergenicity of genetically modified foods because of nonexistent proper animal models for testing. One essential advantage of genetically modified food is solving the world's food crisis.

Josh saler: sales specialist – resume/cv example

AR Jun 2014 - Aug 2018 Administered P&L budget in the sector; Managed the account executives team in the utilities sector; Provided leadership in the planning, designing, due diligence and implementations of strategic business objectives in order to successfully reach sales goals;- Selected, developed and evaluated personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the team;- →

The sixties years of hope, days of rage by bantam books

On the other hand, there was the reality of the sixties: Demonstrations often turned into violence, burning of draft cards and flags was an inherently inflammatory action, and sex, drugs and rock and roll often overrode political debate and education. However, this book is best seen as a biography of Gitlin's life during the sixties →