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One dogma of police ethics: gratuities and the democratic ethos of policing

This paper re-examines the public discourse on the moral hazards of the acceptance of gratuities offered by certain segments of the general public and how it affects all the police force members. Brandon del Pozo who is a member of the New York Police Department entitled as " One Dogma of Police Ethics: Gratuities and →

It’s not just a game

The competitive spirit and thirst to ant to better oneself in order to be at the top is a fueling force that will propel our children far beyond their years on the court. The obvious factor in which this statement fails to ring true is that at any level players should be in a good →

Robert perspectives, “…looking through a pane of

The leading theme of the poem is nonconformist ideas of the author, the problem of life choice and dilemma in taking a right decision. The author addresses the Heaven to relate the rest of the poem to the area of religious beliefs.

Peter hosking’s story to success and their use of globalisation

The chief executive of Mitre 10, Bernie Bicknell also complimented on GMC's strategy of sticking to the DIY market rather than trying to compete with the big brands into the professional market, saying " The one thing you can say about GMC is that they have picked their market segment very well and dominated it." →

Sandy hook elementary paper

At 9: 30 a.m, as announcements were read over the loudspeaker to the students, shots were heard across the school. The gunman burst in and shot her, according to the father of a surviving student.

Earth and space reflection

In this TEK, the students will be exposed to the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram for the first time. In seventh grade students analyzed the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allowed life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition of the atmosphere.

Boise automation

The specified requirements for this customer were a transactional exchange for the upgrade of their equipment to meet their predetermined specifications, and the proposal to be at the lowest cost. Channel and Network Analysis This section aims to assess the performance of Boise in this case by analyzing the supply/demand chain, marketing channels and Network →

Corporate globalization and ethical dilemmas assignment

One organization that has faced a number of cultural and ethical issues as a result of global expansion is Mike. By outsourcing production to these countries Mike is able to Stay within the limits Of domestic law while simultaneously utilizing labor techniques that are illegal and highly regulated here in the United States.

Ron mueck art analysis

The majority of his body is thinly covered with dark hair, receding as it ascends up the leg and up his harms, forming a thin trail down the middle of his torso. There is a peaceful and satisfied feeling to the sculpture.

Literary analysis of how it feels to be colored me by zora neale hurston

The affinity which she has for the music and art that is influencing the nation at the time is the key to her success. She is likewise aware of the unfamiliarity that her white companion feels when accompanying her to the jazz club.

Electric cars a more sustainable method of transport

This means that the electricity is generated elsewhere from another energy source, in the case of an electric car, the primary source is from coal powered power stations. The purchase price of electric cars is significantly higher than that of diesel/petrol powered vehicles, but this is all outweighed when the cost of running the car →

Introduction the demand and supply of the commodity

Demand and supply go hand in hand in that when the demand goes high then the supply is low and that the when the supply is high, the demand goes down. This refers to the measure of responsiveness of the supply and demand of a commodity to changes in price.

Transition from the learning of one genre of literature to another

This is the first challenge encountered during the transition from the teaching of poetry to the teaching of short stories. On the contrary, there is a lot of similarity between them, and some styles studied during the introduction to poetry were still applicable to prose, such as irony, symbolism, and satire.

Eveline and the boarding house essay

In " Eveline," her father is a drunkard and is also the head of the house, whereas in " The Boarding House," Polly's father, " was a shabby stooped little drunkard" who lives separated from his family. Mrs Mooney wants her daughter to escape her current poverty and the possibility of a working life for →

How does media affect my life

A revolution in which has embarked on plenty of opportunities for media companies to expand and give people the ability to experience a new wave of media products and communications. I think that the media and the Internet have taken away from the generation today, and future generations to come.

Dreaming and the brain research paper

REM is that state of intense sleep associated with a high state of arousal of the cortex, and hence the brain. This shows that this part of the brain is actively involved in the process of dreaming.

Metformin (glucophage) reactions

The " average" person with type 2 diabetes has three times the normal rate of gluconeogenesis; metformin treatment reduces this by over one third.[2] Metformin activates AMP-activated protein kinase, a liver enzyme that plays an important role in insulin signaling, whole body energy balance, and the metabolism of glucose and fats;[3] activation of AMPK is →

A dead rich man

The only way to become a part of the magical world of old money was to marry in, and that was Gatsby's plan. Specific characters in the novel the " Great Gatsby" pinpoint exact personalities of individuals indulged with the ideals of the American Dream such as the Buchanans.

Warriors don’t cry by melba patillo beals

Melba the leader of the fight for justice in the school system was twelve years old, the Supreme Court ruled that separate schools for whites was illegal, a ruling called the Brown Vs. My mom did not believe in nothing but the best education for her kids so we were going to attend that school →

The time machine by h g wells

Wells was able to substitute the characteristics of the Morlocks and Eloi in order to consider the differences between rich and poor and the class systems, also the impact of Darwin's theory of evolution which suggests that we were merely an evolved form of animal, not " created in Gods image", and placed on earth, →

The teeth and gut specialisation in a ruminant and a carnivore essay

The long, pointed teeth near the front of the mouth, the canines, are particularly noticeable. The top and bottom canines thrust past each other as the jaw is closed, allowing the dog to pierce the body of its prey with considerable force, and kill it.


The key managers of the company were not able to decide whether to execute the project or not, and Emma Richardson, the new executive vice-president, needed to push the group toward a decision. The first problem is the existence of a poor decision making process, and the second is the lack of departmental cooperation and →

Acupuncture case study essay

For example, Toyota will raised its production to 400, 000 by 2010 with the launch of its Lexus luxury brand in China at the end of 2004, following the start-up of six dealerships In major clues, Including Beijing and Shanghai. Intensity of competitive rivalry The competition in China's automobile industry is from both domestic and →

Coca-cola – college

In 2002, for example, one of the company's Indian bottling plants in the Planked district of Kraal was faced with a sustained activist protest claiming that the plant's extraction of groundwater had adversely affected agricultural yields In the surrounding farmland and reduced the quality of water available to local villages. By the 2004 Athens Games →

Above the stereotypes

The Native American story is one of genocide, violence, and a battle for equality that still stands in the way of many to this day. Zits accepts as fact that the stereotypical Native American belongs to a tribe, and is a part of a family; he classifies himself as " not an official Indian," different →

Isoenzymes-therapeutic targets in cancer

The technological advances that have occurred over the past decade and the increasing number of evidences that have emerged from previous studies, show a wide array of metabolic rewiring in cancer cells compared to normal cells. Isoforms of many of these metabolic enzymes are found to be specifically expressed in tumor cells, the current research →

Francis joseph cassavant

Life suddenly changed on the 3rd of July 1943, the day that Larry LaSalle returned from the war, he was a hero and greeted like a hero should be 'a crowd gathered at the Monument Depot to greet his arrival'. Francis left Nicole and Larry to have one last dance for old time's sakes but →

Human inequality and rousseau’s social contract solution

The opposition of interests created by the developments of public esteem and property necessarily led to various social ills and cruelties and reduced self-reliance further, as the rich would need the services of the poor, and the poor the help of the rich. Rousseau's " Social Contract" tried to address the problem of human bondage →

Biotechnology 12797

While we must be open to novel approaches and new ideas, paying student-athletes to play is not supportable within the context of Big Ten intercollegiate athletics - now or in the future. In my view, revenues derived from intercollegiate athletics are the sole property of the institution and should be expended in support of the →

World religions assignment

I asked them what I should wear, what is the best time to appear at worship to get the full experience, and the things I would refrain from so I do not disrespect anyone. The Church, unlike the Catholic Church, has no Bishopric head, such as a Pope, and holds the belief that Christ is →

Socrates and epicurus and life after death philosophy essay

In Socrates' final speech to the congress that denounces him to death, he states that " either death is a state of nothingness and utter unconsciousness, or, as men say, there is a change and migration of the soul from this world to another". In his writing Nagel criticizes Socrates' view of a conclusive life →

Dbq: the black plague

Over all, the human devastation revealed a growth over time in government role and the role of the educated class in serving society, while uncovering a persistent criticism of the upper classes and the common people. The areas that were the most susceptible to the plague where those with the most famine.

Cultural transcendence in the inheritance of loss and clear light of day

In " Displacement of Desire in Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss," Umme Salma explains how Biju appreciates Indian culture more after living in the United States, and " comes back enticed by a romantic vision of a homely Kalimpong, only to be robbed of all possessions except the last scrap of cloth on his body". →

Leadership and the economic crisis

It is a recognizable fact that the banks, among other players, have had a very important role to play in the proliferation of the current economic crisis. As a matter of fact, there has been a lot of doubt as to whether these leaders have the necessary authority in as far as this process is →

Fast fit case study

See figure 1.[pic] Figure 1: A Schematic diagram of FastFit Sporting Goods Operations The Initial Set of Case Study Questions The simple system diagram below may be used to answer the following questions. Customer Questions 2.) List the specific items of information that are usually gathered at the POS and recorded when a customer checks →

Thailand’s even aghast by the beauty of thailand.erawan

Still, to witness the Grand Palace nose to nose or to observe a Railey Beach sunset or maybe to approach letter of the alphabet letter of the alphabet Don for the primary time is bound to send a shiver up the spine of even a hardened individual and also the fright of passing by a →

Assessment paper

At SCVI, the role of testing is to determine what the needs of the students are, and to be able to effectively meet those needs. She thinks they need to look at the whole school and see what is going on.

Case study modified

The leadership of the Woods Foundation supplemented by the education expertise and the community representation. There should be a budget available for the new program and new resources will be made available to student.

Practice management system for ehr procurement

The goals set for this project are to have a signed contract for new EHR system on a tightly controlled time line, and to have begun the process of building the internal capacity to successfully implement, manage, and operate the system into the future. Ease of reporting with a commercially available report-writer is a must.* →

The contribution of natural sciences

There is one method that fits well with sense perception in Natural Sciences, and that method is the Scientific method; a method of procedure that has characterized natural science. Before I serve supper, I need to make sure the result of the supper made is and looks right and I need to use my senses →

Truth can be subjective philosophy essay

It can be stated, truth can be subjective to a particular person or belief, but such subjectivity comes out of ignorance of what is objectively true and an unwillingness to search for truth on our own, accepting truth from others as objective without checking the factuality or bias of such things to decipher it as →

The black death dbq

The lack of knowledge of most people that suffered from the plague resulted also in responses of fear out of not knowing what to do to prevent the plague and its consequences. People had to live with the constant fear that they might be next to catch the plague and thus, any theory about the →

International marketing management assignment

Struck rode the baby boomer trend in the sass, the swelling ranks of mid-age professionals that created the need for a third place, ' 0 an affordable luxury where people could share and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and colleagues, away from work and home. Social Media One of the earliest adopters of →

Financial reporting of assets

Due to the nature of the reporting implications to the shareholders, managers have been faced with the problem of whether to use comprehensive reporting styles of its assets or the use of less comprehensive reporting styles. Such reporting diversity between the capitalized value of the entity and the annual financial reports of the net assets →

Comparison of “ode to a nightingale”, “to autumn” and “bright star would i were steadfast as thou art”

Similarly, in his sonnet, " Bright Star, Would I were as Steadfast as Thou Art," Keats realizes that his worship of an ideal world would negate the happiness he is experiencing which leads him to reject his former yearnings." To Autumn," however, is an unqualified celebration of Nature and of change, which suggest Keats's ultimate →

How was constructivism popularized by vladimir tatlin?

Not only to express the beauty of the art but to carry out a fundamental analysis of the materials and form of art. A vital part of his developing ideas was the influence of cubism and the birth of constructivism, the way in which the object spans the corner and changes the space of the →

The internal and external environments of corporations

For a corporation to attain a dramatic success, it is necessary to research and to conduct a detailed investigation regarding external and internal environment because any mishap will cost in billions, plus there will be a waste of time as well. The corporation is included in Standard and Poor's 500 and as well as Fortune →

Assessing marketing environment report – sasa assignment

Tourists from mainland China trust the beauty and personal care products sold in stores in Hong Kong. CONCLUSION As As manage to gain positive growth annually and stand at a leading position in the beauty retailing industry.

Sea breeze essay sample

The utilization of the server is optimized and the heritage software could be maintaining the old operating system configurations while the latest applications are running in the VMs with the up to date platforms." Although the server supports the many of the VMs would be possibly have the more money, CPUs and the other hardware. →

How is the story told in chapter 12 of enduring love essay sample

In this chapter McEwan uses a first person retrospective for Joe as he narrates the story and this leads to the reader questioning the reliability of his thoughts and actions, therefore giving the reader a limited view of the situations and the events that occur in the chapter. It seems that Clarissa's thoughts are heading →

Individuals in organizations

Individuals in Organizations 2007 The major challenges of organizational behavior and management for both FMC locations It is important to stress, above all, that the challenges that FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen are likely to change can be caused by both internal and external environment, and therefore these should be envisaged when introducing changes →

The antibiotics self medication health and social care essay

Decision: the determination will supply of import informations about prevalence of abuse of medicine among the four groups, which will be of import in understanding the wellness load of the development of antibacterial opposition. At the beginning of the questionnaire, the intent of the survey will be explained and so the pupils will be asked →

Using cost-volume-profit to increase business

According to when you consider variable and fixed costs expenses, there is a variation with the amount being produced whereas on the other hand the fixed remains the same regardless of the amount of volume the company produces. Given that if Angelo can prepare 50 cups of coffee and/or espresso per day which is greater →

Pool chemistry: acid-base eqilibrium flashcard

PH is the figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a scale of O to 14, with 7 a neutral zone. If the pH is too high, the hydrolysis reaction shown in the first reaction will be towards the reactants, according to the Electrifier's principle.

Accountability for reasonableness for priority setting

CONCLUSION In this essay I have discussed all four conditions of accountability for reasonableness, for priority setting and resource allocation.' Accountability for reasonableness' is a framework that can be used to guide legitimate and fair priority setting in health care organizations, such as hospitals. Iam not claiming this system a perfect one, it needs a →

Examining the recruitment and selection process and subsystems

While the organisation nearing the enlisting and choice activities, the organisation should let the recruiters free manus.the organisational restraints in enlisting and choice activities should include the grade of flexibleness within organisational enlisting and choice processs, experience of pervious recruiters and their consequences, resources available with clip, skilled recruiters, comparative cost of the procedure, and →

Agricultural problems in pakistan

Lack of Capital The majority of our farmers are poor and they often live in a hand to mouth position. Most of the land is lying unused due to this problem.

Do film genres change over time essay sample

The Thing and The War of the Worlds were amongst the first crossover films to be in colour and due partly to their novelty value they were extremely popular. These were mainly adaptations of the early horror films such as The Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula and relied heavily again on the supernatural.

Realism and naturalism in the american literature essay

As the Norton Anthology of American Literature states, realism became a predominant aspect of the American literature aesthetics from 1830's to the end of the century. The only element of Naturalism is the discussion of the role of fate and occasion in human life.

Critically evaluate the operations management strategy of hard rock cafe business essay

Other areas of concern to operations management include the design and operations of systems to provide goods and services. Another reason for greater awareness of operations management is the increased application of operations management concepts and techniques to service operations.

Cocaine: effects on the brain

The blockade of the dopamine transporter protein is the most extensively studied effect of cocaine. Cocaine's effects on serotonin is visible across several serotonin receptors: the re-uptake of 5-HT3 is inhibited and this is shown to be an important contributor to the effects of cocaine.


In waterways, buckyballs can be used to clean the dirt and slime out of city water pipes. Buckyballs are the next in finding the cure to cancer.

Applied learning agency and employment

Assume the driver of the truck is an employee of the trucking company. The trucking company is primarily liable, since the driver just acts as the agent of the trucking company, which is the principal in this case.

History of healthcare

History of health insurance History of health insurance in United s This paper describes the progress of the United s' health insurance plan and its growth over the years. Due to people's unwillingness to purchase insurance for their health as opposed to ' illness' insurance, it aided in the opposition of compulsory, nationalized insurance in →

5 ways to turn a crazy idea into an awesome reality

Related: With all the focus on growing Bitty, it's a wonder Megan has been able to maintain her sanity. Megan's vision is to make sustainable insect protein a substantial part of the food supply, and in so doing, help solve some of the biggest ecological challenges we face.

The credit crunch

Leading to the rise of the house of cards. They would have the option to pay part of the interest each month, and the unpaid interest was added to the principal.

Female offenders: court sentences

Most research implies that there is a significant difference in the way women and men ware treated by the criminal system and that these differences are mainly due to the operation of gender stereotypes. It has also been suggested that the fact that men and women enter the criminal justice system in ways that are →

The establishment of abbasid dynasty history essay

The Umayyad was the first in Islamic history to introduce inheritance system in choosing the next caliph. Meanwhile, on the other side, the combined army of Persian, Shi'ite and Abbasid fought for the same reason, which was to take down the Umayyad and stop the corruption.

Ob characteristic model and internal motivation

Job characteristics model helps the employee on enriched their jobs by using the five core job characteristics that include skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback, followed by three critical psychological states, which are meaningful work, responsibility work, and knowledge about the performance. The purpose of the essay is to explain the main →

The hewlett packard economic analysis business essay

Price elasticity of a product is calculated as " the percent change in the quantity demanded of a good divided by the percent change in the price for that good". A result greater than one means that the product is elastic and that demand is highly sensitive to changes in price.

Filipino value essay

It is demonstrated in the Filipinos ability to empathize with others, in helpfulness and generosity in times of need, in the practice of bayanihan or mutual assistance, and in the famous Filipino hospitality. Filipinos have a strong belief in " Blood is thicker than water" Concern for family is manifested in the honor and respect →

Positive and negative reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is not just about the behaviors of the child but the reaction of the teacher and the adults to certain behaviors. The main purpose of giving punishments and rewards is to decrease or increase the behavior of the learner.

Evaluation of socrated and euthrphro: good acts and the will of god

It says God is the very foundation of our ethical system the source of morality is bible, it is plausible to say or believe that god created a divine handbook. With the issues of the Divine Command Theory, we now come to a true dilemma the Euthyphro Dilemma.

Scientific background behind the west’s leap in productivity essay sample

The mechanization of the textile industry, the scientific breakthroughs in iron-making techniques, the increased use of refined coal, and the introduction of steam power and its ability to power machinery combined with the introduction of new transportation methods led to the expansion of trade. And the industry most important in the rise of England as →

Future advancements of hyperspectral imaging

Due to its non-contact method of analysis, the speed at which it can gather and process information, and the ease with which the results can be interpreted, HSI proves itself to be an excellent alternative to many forensic techniques used today. As HSI can identify the chemical composition of a sample, it could also be →

Demonstrate an understanding of relevant theories

This is represented in the following discussions: Application of scientific methodology Basic Knowledge in keys areas Upholding professionalism in psychology Understanding of relevant psychological theories is an important factor in the understanding of the psychological curriculum. Finally, other related or relevant theories can be cited to boost the validity of one's assumptions.behavior theories cognitive theories →

A pair of tickets amy tan

It is in your blood, waiting to be let go." She admits that even though she is 36 years old, " I have never known what it means to be Chinese." It is not until she goes to China and finally meets her half sisters that she understands what it is to be Chinese." And →

The gordon model essay sample

It is important to remember that the price result of the Constant Dividend Growth Model assumes that the growth rate of the dividends over time will remain constant. Where is the price, at time zero, of a share.is the dividend expected at the end of a period is the return expected by investors during the →

Are incidents caught on tape hindering officers?

The officers assaulted the student with their batons during a Maryland basketball triumph; claiming that in an earlier incident, the student had assaulted some of the officers on horseback, in addition to their horses. My answer to the primary question of the selection is: I do not believe that incidents of cops caught on tape →

The importance of memory continuity philosophy essay

In this chapter I will demonstrate that memories are very important to our conception of ourselves and the identities of others, but are unreliable and not alone sufficient for ensuring the continuity of one's identity. As Locke's theory of identity related to the responsibility of the agent, Locke would have to say that David Fitzpatrick →

City of sunderland college

Synthesys acts as the software platform that allows the college to better assist its students via an information line, to recruit students via the mobile call centre and allows students on the course to gain call centre skills, and expose them to the real world of call handling. Reflecting the high numbers of call centres →

Managing diversity persuasive essay

Anderson makes it clear to the reader that she Is oppose to the entire handling of such executives and the way In which they are compensated. Andersen's take on the situation is extremely opinionated, and for this reason I would acknowledge that this can pose to be a weakness in the article.

Array and establishment of parallel characters.

The first instance of doubt Fradubio has is between the beauty of Fraelissa and Duessa. Returning to the comparison of Redcrosse and Fradubio, the formerprotagonist's storyline is fully realized in a return to grace, while Fradubio'sfateis left in state of uncertainty.

Cecil and lucy: the pillar of communication falls

To begin with, Cecil was the primary cause of the communication failure with Lucy in A Room with a View, ultimately causing the breakdown of his relationship with her. Cecil simply could not see that the music Lucy played on the piano was her passion, and as exemplified in the passage, Cecil asked Lucy to →

Admission essay for pace university

I could attest such remark with the comments that my previous professors gave me here in Pace during my freshmen up to the present, and even my grades during my past high school and elementary education. She always wanted me to have the best and quality education that I could ever have and I see →

The oresteia: nets, deception, and dehumanization

Although the motif carries a negative connotation in each occurrence because of its ties to deception and manipulation, there is deeper meaning attached to each mention of the motif in The Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, and The Eumenides which symbolizes a greater empowerment for women. Throughout the three plays, nets symbolize several facets of entanglement and →

Related literature-inventory system

This is true even of stand-alone systems that are not integrated with other areas of the business, but many analysts indicate that productivity and hence profitability gains that are garnered through use of automated systems can be increased even more when a business integrates its inventory control systems with other systems such as accounting and →

Reflections of buddha in the modern context

We are indifferent to the question of whether our future generations will get the basic requirements of life or not. Buddha has stressed on the problems of human beings and how to solve them.

A christ figure: an in-depth analysis into lord of the flies

Jesus died because he believed in his identity as the son of God, and Simon died because he adhered to his idea that they were the ' beastie.' This was Simon's ideal from the start until the end. In William Golding's masterpiece, Lord of the Flies, Simon's resemblance to Jesus Christ is irrefutable in the →

A critical analysis of jake barnes essay sample

Jake's loss of masculinity as a result of his wound and inability to enter into a successful relationship with Brett symbolizes the physical and psychological decay of the postwar generation. Nevertheless, Jake's inability to feel but not consummate those feelings with Brett certainly results in psychological damage for Jake and adds to the reader's perception →

Judges verdict, either “guilty” or “not guilty” must

The jurors become the triers of fact and assess the evidence while the judge takes on the role of legal advisor, explaining the law to the jurors. The selection of judges is a significant task undertaken by the federal government who appoints the judges to the federal courts, the superior courts of the territories and →

I’m not scared essay

The themes of loyalty and betrayal are effectively conveyed through the use of the ' matches' as a symbolic object. Michele's father:- " Papa" is perfectly portrayed as a highlight of the contrasting themes of betrayal and loyalty.

New hope for a microrna therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension

The researchers studied the effects of miR-424 and miR-503 overexpression or knockdown on FGF2 and FGFR1 expression in normal and PAH-PAECs. The research concluded that the downregulation of APLN, miR-424 and miR-503 in PAH-PAECs increases FGF2 and FGFR1 expression and causes hyperproliferation of PAECs and PASMCs.

History has been recorded

However, I wanted to do something that actually influenced a great deal of humans in a way that would change the course of history and the course of human evolution as a whole in one topic. I think one of the biggest things that the Industrial Revolution had an impact on right away would be →

Spriware – college essay

It sold all the units of refrigerators produced in the Canadian market, in the first year of operation with a market share of 10%. In spite of Spriware's success in the market among the other nine manufacturers, the company saw a lower profit performance than the expected Return of Investment.