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The impact of derivatives on cash market assignment

The empirical evidence suggests that the introduction of derivatives does not destabilize the underlying market? either there is no e? ect or there is a decline in volatility? and that the introduction of derivatives tends to improve the liquidity and informativeness of markets. Thus, in equilibrium, the amount of intertemporal price smoothing will depend on β†’

Annihilation of caste

The accompanying pages contain the text of that address.[4:] The public will be curious to know what led to the cancellation of my appointment as the President of the Conference. I was then convinced that in getting the address printed in Lahore, the main object of the Mandal was not to savemoneybut to get at β†’

East is east and west is west: a ricardian-heckscher-ohlin model of comparative advantage essay

The title of this paper comes from the poem " The Ballad of East and West" by Rudyard Kipling which begins " Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain will meet...." 1 1 Introduction Production patterns around the world exhibit tremendous heterogeneity and specialization. 0377 and a country that is β†’

World civilization notes

This Judaeo-Christian Old Testament is captured in the book of Genesis 2: 6-7 in which it is written ' But there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.' And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath β†’

From congenital disorders of fat malabsorption to understanding intra-enterocyte mechanisms behind chylomicron assembly and secretion

The objective of the present review is to focus on congenital disorders of intestinal lipid absorption, highlighting the molecular genetics and pathophysiological mechanisms while describing the clinical manifestations and management of patients. Lipid digestion involves breakdown of TGs into FA and 2-monoglyceride by lipase, hydrolysis of cholesteryl ester into free CHOL and FA by CHOL β†’

Immunotherapeutic activities of a dna plasmid carrying the mycobacterial hsp65 gene (dnahsp65)

The principle of the method is based on the direct introduction of the plasmid into the tissue, allowing the expression of the target antigen and, consequently, the induction of an antigen-specific immune response. The DNA vaccination strategy has gained the spotlight due to the ease of production, the multiple forms of administration, the molecular stability, β†’

Study in the path for young fashion

Therefore.the primary purpose of this research is to detect the impacts of guaranting a good web site by the immature manner interior decorators as a manner of heightening customer's consciousness and gross revenues. With the current industrial revolution.the interior decorators are able to enormously alter the manner of the apparels or instead the fabric in β†’

Navigating the feminine in massively multiplayer online games: gender in world of warcraft

This includes gender stereotyping, how female gamers are treated, how female characters in games are displayed and created, what can be done to make the online gaming experience more inclusive and how the topic of gender harassment might be related to cyberbullying. Unwillingness on the part of both male and female gamers to cross traditional β†’

Age-related macular degeneration revisited: from pathology and cellular stress to potential therapies

The lack of treatments is in part due to the complexity of the disease, as not only multiple genetic and environmental risk factors but also different cell types within the inner and outer retina, have been shown to be involved in the pathophysiology of AMD. Herein, we will review the pathology and visual deficits associated β†’

Memory cd8 t cells specific for plasmodia liver-stage antigens maintain protracted protection against malaria

We hypothesized that the absence of adequately developed immunologic memory, which stems from the tolerant milieu of the liver, sequestration of the liver-stage antigens within hepatocytes, and relatively short duration of the liver-phase infection, is mainly responsible for the lack of lasting protection. These observations are in agreement with the transient expansion of T cells β†’

Non-linear memristive synaptic dynamics for efficient unsupervised learning in spiking neural networks

It has been shown that the memristive dynamics of the synapses, i.e, the evolution of the memristor conductance driven by train of identical pulses, determines the performance of the network. FIGURE 5 Classification Accuracy and weight contrast as a function of the number of training images presented to the SNN for various dynamics in the β†’

Executive control training from middle childhood to adolescence

The inconsistent pattern of results may be explained by the large differences in terms of the type, intensity, and duration of the training regimes and the fact that different methodologies haven been adopted across studies. Therefore, the aim of this review is to illustrate the concept of EF, its neural correlates and age-related changes in β†’

Rare genetic blood disease modeling in zebrafish

In addition, because of the complexity of human diseases and the intrinsic differences between humans and other species, it is often the case that some aspects of the model organisms physiology makes it a poor model for a specific disease, and so multiple model organisms are needed. Notably, the anatomy and physiology of most of β†’

Comparative chloroplast genomics of corydalis species (papaveraceae): evolutionary perspectives on their unusual large scale rearrangements

In the present study, we newly sequenced the plastomes of four Corydalis species representing all the three subgenera of Corydalis and conducted detailed comparative genomic analyses of them with the two previously reported Corydalis plastomes and the rest of the Ranunculales plastomes as well. To assess the expansion/contraction of the IR regions in detail, we β†’

A field-based approach to determine soft tissue injury risk in elite futsal using novel machine learning techniques

Perhaps the lack of available valid screening models to predict LE-ST injuries could be attributed to the use of statistical techniques that have not been specifically designed to deal with class imbalance problems, such as the LE-ST injury phenomenon, in which the number of injured players prospectively reported is always much lower than the non-injured β†’

Virus infections and host metabolismβ€”can we manage the interactions?

Whatever the means by which viruses act as pathogens, the infection results in changes in metabolism in the cells they infect and also in multiple cell types of the host that react to the infection. Oftentimes, the cell at the time of infection is in a quiescent state, but the infection acts to change the β†’

Stock records accuracy assignment

4 Defining Accuracy There are a number of ways by which the accuracy of a group of records might be defined, and the choice of a preferred method depends on the purposes to which the accuracy figure is to be put. It is common for the accountant to express records accuracy in this way, since β†’

Pursuing advances in dna sequencing technology to solve a complex genomic jigsaw puzzle: the agglutinin-like sequence ( als ) genes of candida tropicalis

Starting in the pre-genome era and extending over a period of approximately 20 years, projects moved from identification of the first ALS gene, to the recognition that the gene was part of a larger family, to characterization of the family, and the relative abundance of specific Als proteins on the cell surface under a variety β†’

The social brain meets the reactive genome: neuroscience, epigenetics and the new social biology

This possibility of disentangling neatly what seemed to belong to the " biological" from the " environmental" and to attribute a sort of causal primacy to biological factors in opposition to social or cultural ones was part and parcel of very vocal research-programs in the 1990s. An important part of this regulatory network is involved β†’

Blood brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) and major depression: do we have a translational perspective?

The neurotrophic hypothesis of depression is heavily based on the correlation between lower levels of BDNF and a higher frequency of depression, depressive symptomatology, neuronal loss, and cortical atrophy, and the restoration of the BDNF effect is linked to antidepressants. As stress leads to decreased levels of BDNF expression in the hippocampus, and the BDNF β†’

Gene editing in rabbits: unique opportunities for translational biomedical research

In the late 1970s, rabbit models provided insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms of atherosclerosis and contributed to the development of Statins, the most potent class of lipid-lowering drugs prescribed annually for millions of patients worldwide. In terms of application categories, while a quarter of these reports are about the development and optimization of β†’

Digital articulation: examining text-based linguistic performances in mobile communication through keystroke-logging analysis

Further, this study's use of LogKey to examine individuals' everyday text-based linguistic performances in mobile communication over the period of one week represents one of the first if not the first to do so, and therefore suggests future direction for methodologically studying how individuals meaningfully produce and disseminate written language through mobile devices in real-time. β†’

Discovery of new catalytic topoisomerase ii inhibitors for anticancer therapeutics

Human cells express TOP2A and TOP2B genes, among which TOP2A is essential for cancer cell division because it is expressed at the S and M phases of the cell cycle, and is required for DNA replication and chromosome segregation for mitosis. The choice of docking software was governed by a previous assessment of the docking β†’

The neuroimmunology of guillain-barrΓ© syndrome and the potential role of an aging immune system

This will be accompanied by the authors' views on age-mediated changes in the immune system in addition to the aforementioned alterations to macrophages and SCs that could account for the particular severity of the disease seen in older GBS humans. Of the various types of T cells, Borsellino and colleagues concluded in a review of β†’

Interplay of good bacteria and central nervous system: cognitive aspects and mechanistic considerations

Moreover, a significant difference exists between the kind of microbiota in the lumen and the microbiota embedded in the mucus layer of the gut. Therefore, a bottom up influence of the microbiota on the brain function is alongside with a top down influence of brain on the composition and variety of the gut microbiota.

Hormones as “difference makers” in cognitive and socioemotional aging processes

In this paper, we propose that the level and function of an interrelated suite of hormones cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and oxytocin operating throughout the body and brain have not been sufficiently addressed in their influence on cognition and socioemotional functioning in older adults. Within this model, the brain both regulates the production of hormones, and β†’

Marketing fashion to china assignment

Enormous passion for golf in China during the last few years, testifies to this need to belong to a group and the consequent conformity of attitudes of individuals to the group expectations. The consumption is often ostentatious as witnessed by the explosion in the number of luxury cars in the Peoples' Republic of China, as β†’

By the book or out of the box? top decision maker cognitive style, gender, and firm absorptive capacity

The lack of research focusing on the relationship between top decision makers and firms' AC constitutes a severe limitation because, while research has acknowledged the vital role people play as repositories of information in a firm, as well as the influence that top decision makers have in promoting and sharing knowledge in a firm, our β†’

A dimerization site at scr-17/18 in factor h clarifies a new mechanism for complement regulatory control

In order to locate the self-association site in the SCR-16/20 region of CFH, between one to five domains in the SCR-19/20, SCR-16/20, SCR-18/20, SCR-16/18H, SCR-17/18H, SCR-17H, and SCR-18H constructs were expressed and purified for this study, where the suffix H indicated the presence of a His tag. This used the homology model for SCR-17 from β†’

Economics chapter 1

4 The categories of scarce resources and the nature of the economizing problem. The slope of the graphed budget line measures the ratio of the price of books to the price of DVDs; more precisely, the slope is 1 _, or.5.

Written emotional disclosure can promote athletes’ mental health and performance readiness during the covid-19 pandemic

Moreover, as athletes are required to adapt to life in the context of a global pandemic, reports of the detrimental effects on mental health have mounted with increasing accounts of depression and symptoms of anxiety. In consideration of using WED with athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic, examining the underpinning mechanisms of the intervention is warranted β†’

Historical landscape use of migratory caribou: new insights from old antlers

The summer range of the herd incorporates a broad section of the Coastal Plain and Brooks Range foothills within the Arctic Refuge and extends to the west. For antlers from the Western Coastal Plain, the dividing date between historical and recent was 1980 to coincide with the completion of many infrastructural development projects and the β†’

Evolution in the model genus antirrhinum based on phylogenomics of topotypic material

The sample was designed to obtain the phylogenetic structure of Antirrhinum based on the majority of the taxa validly described at the species level. A total of 32 of the 34 species included in the taxonomic treatments of Rothmaler and Sutton were sampled.

The golden voyage of sinbad film studies essay

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad in 1958, The 3 worlds of Gulliver in 1960, Mysterious Island in 1961, Jason and the Argonauts in 1963, First Men in the Moon in 1964, One Million Years B.C.in 1966, The Valley of Gwangi in 1969, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad in 1973, Sinbad and the Eye of the β†’

Impact of the white collar photoreceptor wcoa on the fusarium fujikuroi transcriptome

Early studies in F.aquaeductuum showed that illumination of mycelia grown in the dark results in the accumulation of carotenoids to reach its maximum after 12 h of exposure to light, and the analysis of the action spectrum for NX photoinduction suggested the participation of a flavin photoreceptor. However, WcoA is the major transcriptional activator of β†’

Perception and cognition are largely independent, but still affect each other in systematic ways: arguments from evolution and the consciousness-attention dissociation

For instance, there is the view that the contents of perception are propositional, and that perception is akin to belief a kind of propositional attitude. How is it possible to integrate the findings on consciousness and attention, as well as their dissociation, in a way that addresses the problem of cognitive penetration?

The induction of bone formation: the translation enigma

Whilst some progress has been made in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms and how bone formation can be induced including the requirements to induce bone formation via the soluble and insoluble combination paradigm, it still remains a vision to successfully induce, form and attain the extent of new bone formation similar to that of β†’

Bioink formulations for bone tissue regeneration

Specifically, as the fourth dimension, time, changes, the geometric shape and behavior of a bionic scaffold are transformed, depending on the components' response to the surrounding environmental factors and/or the internal function of the scaffold that progressively matures through the interaction with the cells. This would facilitate the formation of an extracellular matrix on the β†’

Cross-docking: state of the art

For instance, to coordinate the inbound and outbound trucks to the appropriate docks, the arriving time and the destination of the freight need to be known before the physical arrival of the goods ). For the papers included in the literature review, the characteristics of the considered cross-docks will be listed in tables according to β†’

Entrenched inequalities? class, gender and ethnic differences in educational and occupational attainment in england

The aim of this paper is to study the educational and occupational achievement of members of second-generation ethnic minority groups in England, whether they are subject to similar class effects as those from the majority group, and whether there are specific ethnic penalties in their educational trajectory from compulsory schooling to higher education and β†’

Nanomaterials versus the microbial compounds with wound healing property

This paper is a survey on the potential and properties of nanomaterials and microbial compounds in improving the process of wound and scar healing. Immediately after the injury, the complicated process of healing begins, which is involved of several steps including hemorrhage, coagulation, acute inflammation, the proliferation of connective tissue and parenchyma cells, synthesis of β†’

Potential and challenges for the clinical use of -serine as a cognitive enhancer

In a landmark study, Hashimoto and colleagues discovered the presence of a substantial amount of d -serine in the rodent brain. Given the contribution of d -serine to LTP, and the fact that LTP is considered a key mechanism underlying learning and memory, it was no surprise when studies confirmed the importance of d β†’

From freedom from to freedom to : new perspectives on intentional action

That the sense of agency can be elicited in neurosurgical patients in the absence of bodily movements seemingly suggests that the outcome is not strictly needed for the sense of agency and the related experience of intending to act to arise. In the philosophy of action, there is a widespread agreement that intentional actions are β†’

An australian platypus

He closed his eyes and listened with his new ears to the singing of the birds and the clicking of the koalas. He closed his eyes and listened with his new ears to the singing of the birds and the clicking of the koalas.

Part one tuesday

Alison Jenkins from the Yarvil and District Gazette.' The young woman's jaunty voice was as loud and horrible in Mary's ear as a triumphal fanfare; the blast of it obliterated the sense of the words.'Sorry?"Alison Jenkins from the Yarvil and District Gazette. Then she remembered that most of Barry's last day on earth and their β†’

Nestle annual report essay

The growth of the Nestle Group of Companies has mirrored the development of the country, and our continued capital investments is testimony to the trust in the country's potential and sound economic policies. Chairman's Statement The growth of the Nestle Group of Companies has mirrored the development of the country, and our continued capital investments β†’

Why has not there been more research of concern?

The next section recounts the recent history of attention to the security implications of the life sciences, with particular reference to the identification and assessment of " research of concern" and related designations. Through the sorts of initiatives mentioned in the previous paragraphs emerged a sense of the potential security implications of the life science β†’

Emotion-based learning: insights from the iowa gambling task

The most prominent of these are the extent to which we are explicitly aware of the basis of such decisions; the biasing influence of pre-existing emotional labels in complex decision making; and the extent to which EBL systems are anatomically and functionally independent of episodic memory systems. An important element in our understanding of the β†’

Global phylogeny and taxonomy of the wood-decaying fungal genus phlebiopsis (polyporales, basidiomycota)

Based on these specimens and sequences obtained from GenBank, the phylogenetic analyses and taxonomic study of Phlebiopsis and related taxa in the Phanerochaetaceae were undertaken. Notes Phlebiopsis brunnea is characterized by a coriaceous basidiomata with a smooth hymenophore and brown context, abundant, brown skeletocystidia in the subiculum and subhymenium, lamprocystidia, and oblong ellipsoid to subcylindrical β†’

Cognitive metaphysics

Quine proposed his famous criterion of ontological commitment " to be is to be the value of a variable," which states that we are ontologically committed to the entities that are in the range of the existential quantifier in the logical formulations of our best scientific theories. I will introduce the term cognitive metaphysics 4 β†’

Less is more/more diverse: on the communicative utility of linguistic conventionalization

Naturally, the method of defining and analyzing the topology of words in a vector space determines which kinds of distributional behaviours we are able to observe. The overall increase of distances between words is a reflection of the increase in types over time in the Royal Society Corpus, on the one hand, and, as we β†’

Finding behavioral and network indicators of brain vulnerability

We review the pattern of appearance of these irregularities and show that they both appear in correlation with psychopathological symptoms and are predicative of psychopathology; thus they can serve as valuable behavioral indicators of a vulnerable state. Thus, irregularities in sensory, motor, and regulation processes can be viewed as co-arising with the loss of robustness β†’

Micrornas and natural compounds mediated regulation of tgf signaling in prostate cancer

During the early stages of development, the TGF- signaling plays a constructive role and facilitates differentiation and development of cells; however, with the passage of time, TGF- signaling plays a destructive role through promulgation of metastasis and invasiveness in various tissues. The differentiation of the PCa cells is affected by the defected AR signaling which β†’

Nexus between crop residue burning, bioeconomy and sustainable development goals over north-western india

The drivers to crop residue burning are an increase in the amount of crop residues due to increase in crop yield, labour scarcity, the short time interval between the harvesting of monsoon crop and sowing of winter crop, absence of appropriate crop residue management technology, nutritionally poor rice crop residues, economic resource constraints, social influence β†’

Targeting the active rhizosphere microbiome of trifolium pratense in grassland evidences a stronger-than-expected belowground biodiversity-ecosystem functioning link

To get insights into the relationship between biodiversity ecosystem functioning, we linked the measured EEA with two indices of microbial biodiversity: total microbial richness and active microbial richness and with the compositions of active and total communities. Our specific goals were to estimate the proportion of active microbes relative to the total rhizosphere microbiome, study β†’

Vascular notch signaling in stress hematopoiesis

The aim of this mini-review is to make sense of the conflicting observations by comparing the different in vivo and in vitro models used to study the Notch signaling pathway. Biochemical experiments using recombinant Notch ligands and receptors have demonstrated the ability of binding of each of the Notch ligands to each of the Notch β†’

Genetic ablation of g protein-gated inwardly rectifying k channels prevents training-induced sinus bradycardia

SAN pacemaking is generated by diastolic depolarization, a slow depolarizing phase of the action potential driving the membrane voltage from the end of the repolarization phase of the preceding action potential to the threshold of the following action potential. This delay was considered as a good compromise between the absence of the artifact due to β†’

Multi-modality imaging for interventions in tricuspid valve disease

The function of the TV depends on the integrity of its apparatus and surrounding structures, the RV and the right atrium. In the parasternal short-axis view, the posterior and anterior leaflet of the TV can be imaged.shows the mid-esophageal four-chamber view where the anterior and septal leaflet of the TV can be observed.displays the transgastric β†’

Nutrition as metabolic treatment for anxiety

As a comprehensive description of the mechanisms by which the microbiome and gut-brain axis influence the neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of anxiety is beyond the scope of this piece, we will emphasize the role of the amygdala, short chain fatty acids, and gut peptides as examples [Please see the following references as starting points for further β†’

Interactions between 2d materials and living matter: a review on graphene and hexagonal boron nitride coatings

This expression usually describes several mechanisms that arise from the contact of the cellular membrane with the edge of a graphene flake: physical insertion of the sharp edges in the membrane and subsequent extraction of phospholipids; protein protein bonding disruption, due to the lipophilic nature of graphene sheets that favorably enter the hydrophobic interface between β†’

Mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in cancer (stem) cells with emphasis on thyroid cancer cells

In thyroid cancer, as in other tumors, such defense strategies include the reactivation in cancer cells of early developmental programs normally active exclusively in stem cells, the stimulation of cancer stem-like cells resident within the tumor tissue, and the recruitment of bone marrow-derived progenitors into the tumor. The purpose of the present review is to β†’

Assessing ceo 2 nanoparticle concentrations in the seine river and its tributaries near paris

Specifically, the study applies the spICPMS technique to the detection and quantification of CeO 2 NPs and TiO 2 NPs in the Seine River, France, one of the major rivers of Europe that is impacted by both agricultural and industrial activities. The specific aim was here to assess the link between Ti and Ce concentrations β†’

Ebay – ecommerce platform a case study in scalability assignment

In 2010, we will remain focused on driving consumer and merchant adoption of PayPal on eBay and across the Web, as well as expanding our open platform initiative and ongoing integration of Bill Me Later onto eBay.eBay continues to be one of the most popular shopping destinations on Earth, and we made great strides in β†’

Educator beliefs around supporting early self-regulation: development and evaluation of the self-regulation knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy scale

In terms of enacting self-regulatory change in the early years, the ubiquity of Early Childhood Education and Care and critical role of educator practice for shaping children's outcomes have seen a proliferation of ECEC-based self-regulation interventions. Predictive validity analyses were also undertaken to investigate whether and to what extent educator scores on this scale predicted β†’

Colorectal cancer screening: tests, strategies, and perspectives

Overall sensitivity of FIT is higher than gFOBT both for CRC and for AA and the test has a comparable specificity. FIT is the test of choice in Spain, the Netherlands, and in most Italian programs.

Conceptualising and understanding artistic creativity in the dementias: interdisciplinary approaches to research and practise

Recognising creativity and the production of creative acts as collective as well as individual and also associated as much with process as product, we explore the opportunities and constraints that are experienced by people living with a dementia in a variety of contexts and the ways in which these may extend our understandings of artistic β†’

Criminal law case digests assignment

Although the inquisitorial power exercised by the DOJ as an administrative agency due to the failure of the DFA to comply lacks any judicial discretion, it primarily sets the wheels for the extradition process which may ultimately result in the deprivation of the liberty of the prospective extradite. This deprivation can be effected at two β†’

Binary theorizing does not account for action control

These and other theoretical developments indicate that the systematic replacement of the will/habit concept by the controlled/automatic concept has tempted at least more cognitively oriented theorists as cited above 2 to refocus the theoretical attention away from the possible causes of the impact of the relevant information on action control to the consequences away from β†’

Anticancer compounds based on isatin-derivatives: strategies to ameliorate selectivity and efficiency

As a versatile molecule, isatin is the precursor of a huge number of derivatives, containing the oxindole moiety and presenting a wide range of biological and pharmacological properties. Particularly, hydrazine moieties were used as a linker to provide the construction of bis-isatin compounds with wide structural variety, and biological activities.

A phenomic perspective on factors influencing breast cancer treatment: integrating aging and lifestyle in blood and tissue biomarker profiling

Sensitivity refers to the ability of the biomarker to correctly identify patients with a disease from the whole population, and specificity refers to the ability of the biomarker to correctly identify people without the disease. The increasing relevance of biomarkers in the management of cancer has led to the development of a number of agencies β†’

Scientific frontiers in the management of coral reefs

The "-omics" provide tools and data that can be applied to identify specific cause-and-effect relationships between stressors and organismal responses, determine genotypic diversity within a population, levels of connectivity among reef populations, measure the effectiveness of mitigation and management efforts, and provide insight into the potential resilience of reef communities to both local and global β†’

Exploring the role of a cytokinin-activating enzyme lonely guy in unicellular microalga chlorella variabilis

In 2010, the Chlorella variabilis NC64A genome was decoded, and the presence of various classes of hormonal genes was discovered in this microalga, including those involved in cytokinin biosynthesis and signaling. Later, the cells were collected by centrifugation at 1, 500 g for 5 min and resuspended in 1 ml of MBBM medium.

Peer-mediated theatrical engagement for improving reciprocal social interaction in autism spectrum disorder

Thus, the inclusion of typically developing peers in the training and active practice of social skills can significantly contribute to the acquisition, maintenance, and generalization of sociability. Acting is interactive, a dynamic process that can fundamentally enhance the attention to, practice of, and motivation to engage in reciprocal social interaction.

Rhythm perception, production, and synchronization during the perinatal period

The only limit to the number of possible SMS combinations is the capacity to produce a rhythmic motoric pattern with some part of the body and the capacity to perceive an external rhythmic pattern via any of the perceptual systems the combinations are almost infinite. To maximize the chances of observing SMS in young children β†’

Pituitary remodeling throughout life: are resident stem cells involved?

The topography of SOX2 + cells at birth shows multicellular layers in the MZ, particularly prominent in the merging region of the anterior and intermediate lobe where " streams" of SOX2 + stem cells appear to move into the developing AP. Genetic deletion of Notch2, one of the NOTCH receptors expressed in the pituitary stem/progenitor β†’

Vection and visually induced motion sickness: how are they related?

These and other results indicate that the occurrence of VIMS is tightly linked to the occurrence of vection, in the sense that VIMS does not seem to occur in participants who do not perceive vection. If vection is causally related to VIMS and a determinant of the occurrence and/or strength of VIMS, one might predict β†’

Management wisdom in sri guru granth religion

All the frauds of the concern universe are the result of untruthfulness and dishonesty in the behavior of the concern leaders. The desire and ability of the leaders should ever be to better the predicament of the people working for the concern.

Effect of grafting on viral resistance of non-transgenic plum scion combined with transgenic ppv-resistant rootstock

Managing the rootstock-to-scion mobility of specific functional compounds is of particular interest, especially in the context of the rapid development of transgenic technologies. To identify the endogenous small RNA transferred from transgenic " Elita" rootstocks to non-transgenic " Startovaya" scions, several criteria were used: The expression of transferred sRNA in samples of wild-type rootstock " β†’

Forex management assignment

The business in foreign exchange markets in India has shown a steady increase as a consequence of increase in the volume of foreign trade of the country, improvement in the communications systems and greater access to the international exchange markets. At these physical markets, the banks meet and in the presence of the representative of β†’

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived hepatocytes for functional liver replacement

Liver progenitor cells called oval cells in rodents emerge in the periportal areas of the liver lobule comprising the Canals of Hering, structural links between the terminal biliary branches and the periportal hepatocytes surrounding the proximal parts of the sinusoids. There is emerging evidence that the etiology of the liver disease may imprint the phenotype β†’

Exercise in the treatment of youth substance use disorders: review and recommendations

A concerning trend surrounding substance use is that the age of initiation for use of many types of illicit substances has decreased, with the age of initiation of first use falling to between 13 and 15 years. Consequently, the availability of substances through one's peers, and a decrease in perceived risk associated with the use β†’

The intestinal microbiome and the leaky gut as therapeutic targets in alcoholic liver disease

The severity of liver injury positively correlates with plasma LPS levels in patients with cirrhosis, which could also be related to a decreased clearance of endotoxin from the blood by the liver. SIBO is more frequent in cirrhotic patients and directly correlates with the severity of liver damage.

Anomalous experiences, trauma, and symbolization processes at the frontiers between psychoanalysis and cognitive neurosciences

The origin of the scientific and clinical understanding of anomalous experiences dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and is based particularly on work conducted by scholars and members of the Society for Psychical Research, in Cambridge, the American Society for Psychical Research, in Boston, and the Institut Metapsychique International in Paris. β†’

Mouse genetic models of human brain disorders

The advent of genomic manipulation in mice began in the early 1980s through the microinjection of exogenous DNA into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs that randomly integrate into the mouse genome. In particular, the copy number and site of integration of the transgene in the mouse genome is random and therefore, cannot be controlled, often β†’

Counselling: overview

The first phase of the study, completed in May 2000, indicates that youth would like access to HIV testing and counseling services if the services are confidential and inexpensive and if the results are reported honestly. Given the focus of the study on services that youth had received, regardless of their HIV status, the research β†’

Eeg correlates of self-referential processing

To evaluate event-related changes in oscillatory activity EEG is usually recorded before and during presentation of stimuli or performance of a task; EEG changes in the test period relative to baseline are treated as " event-related" activity and are believed to reflect brain activation involved in the processing of the task in hand. Wu et β†’

Intersectionality in the liminal space: researching caribbean women’s health in the uk context

Whilst analysis of the role of race and gender pre-dates the work of Crenshaw, use of this term names the realities of " being" in the social world as a Black women, spanning centuries of racialized and gendered existences. Taking such a position, seeking to place the research at the intersection with the research subjects, β†’

Is beauty in the hand of the writer? influences of aesthetic preferences through script directions, cultural, and neurological factors: a literature review

This paper is a review of the literature dealing with the impact of directionality on aesthetics, the degree to which this is a result of cerebral processing, and the degree to which it results from habit or cultural variation. Such a definition embraces rather than resolves the diffuse nature of perception, as it is based β†’

The role of the serotonergic and gaba system in translational approaches in drug discovery for anxiety disorders

To this end, this review focuses on the convincing evidence stemming from preclinical and clinical studies that genes involved in the serotonin and GABA system play a pivotal role in the development of anxiety disorders. The most intensively studied candidate genes are related to neurotransmitter systems implicated in the regulation of anxiety, to various neuropeptides, β†’

Ch 1 – the nature of art

Within the art context: The philosophy of art focusing on questions regarding what are is, how it is evaluated, the concept of beauty, and the relationship between the idea of beauty and the concept of art.creativity - Ability to see and to respond.subject - Objects depicted in representational art.form - In the broadest sense, the β†’

Mathematics anxiety: what have we learned in 60 years?

Mathematics anxiety has been defined as " a feeling of tension and anxiety that interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in...ordinary life and academic situations". Mathematics anxiety has also generally been found to correlate with measures of general anxiety; and it is indeed possible that this may serve as β†’

The role of virtual reality in screening, diagnosing, and rehabilitating spatial memory deficits

Ecological validity refers to the degree to which the findings of a study or a diagnostic assessment relate to a real-world setting; in this case, how well the VR spatial memory task represents real-life spatial memory challenges faced by MCI and AD patients. This review article will discuss: the utility of VR for the screening β†’

Normal glucose metabolism in carnivores overlaps with diabetes pathology in non-carnivores

Lessons learned from species such as the dolphin and the domestic cat may cast light on general metabolic pathways that have evolved to meet the unique glucose needs of carnivores as well as the defects in metabolism that contribute to diabetes development and progression in humans. There is evidence from dolphins and related toothed whales β†’

Fluidities and fixities: examining the alignment of digital platforms within nairobi’s heterogeneous infrastructural configurations

In challenging this deficit in understanding, work examining the proliferation of ride hailing apps in Africa by, the rise of M-health in the Global South and the impacts of digital labor platforms across Africa and Asia provides some examples of critical examination around the manifestation of digital platforms in these areas. In answering the first β†’

Neuroimmune system as a driving force for plasticity following cns injury

In a detailed review by Bradbury and Burnside that goes beyond the scope of the present review, the neuroimmune system exhibits a complex and diverse role in mediating neural plasticity after CNS injury that can be portrayed as " good vs.bad"; however, the multifaceted properties of neuroimmune and inflammatory cells are an even further impetus β†’