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Tbx1 functions as a tumor activator in prostate cancer by promoting ribosome rna gene transcription

In the present study, we investigated the clinical impact of TBX1 expression in human PCa samples and the biological role and underlying mechanisms of TBX1 in PCa. Immunohistochemistry was used to detect the expression of TBX1 and ki-67 with anti-TBX1 and anti-ki67 polyclonal antibodies.

What is success? a narrative review of research evaluating outcomes of antibiotics used for treatment of clinical mastitis

Like most bacterial diseases, the magnitude of the inflammatory response is dependent on virulence of the pathogen and is regulated by the ability of the host to mount a rapid and effective immune response. While there are some exceptions, it is difficult to justify the use of antimicrobial therapy for treatment of non-severe cases of →

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An objection to mandatory drug testing in high sch

With teenage drug use on the rise in the 90s the federal government and the United States Supreme Court gave the green light to mandatory drug testing policies for student athletes and participants of extra-curricular activities. History of the Issue In order to understand the mandatory drug testing issue completely, it is essential that we →

Single-cell analysis reveals characterization of infiltrating t cells in moderately differentiated colorectal cancer

Based on scRNA-seq of T cells and T cell receptor tracking, Zhang et al.identified 20 T cell subsets in CRC and comprehensively dissected the T cell properties, uncovering the development and migration of T cells within tumors. Based on the average expression of each gene in cell clusters, the Pearson correlation coefficient between cell clusters →

Gabapentinoid abuse in france: evidence on health consequences and new points of vigilance

Based on data collected through the French addictovigilance system from 2010 to 2019, this study aims to describe clinical characteristics of pregabalin and gabapentin use related disorders and their health consequences, focusing on primary dependence potential, life-threatening complications and management of abuse and dependence. The level of exposure to pregabalin and gabapentin in the French →

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Oligodendrogenesis after cerebral ischemia

OPCs are locally present in the corpus callosum, the striatum, and the cortex and are derived from neural progenitor cells in the SVZ. Treatment of stroke with cerebrolysin, a mixture of neurotrophic peptides, amplified generation of OPCs in the SVZ and mature oligodendrocytes in white matter of the peri-infarct region.

Identification and validation of efficacy of immunological therapy for lung cancer from histopathological images based on deep learning

It included four steps: annotate the tumor region in the image; standardize the color images; classify the samples; and identify the potential biomarkers in images. We calculated the noise ratio threshold, which is the ratio of the area of the blank and blurred areas in the H&E images to the total area.

Identification of a gene signature for renal cell carcinoma–associated fibroblasts mediating cancer progression and affecting prognosis

In our study, we evaluated the infiltration status of the stroma and CAFs using previously identified gene signatures using the R packages: Estimation of STromal and Immune cells in MAlignant Tumor tissues with Expression data and Estimate the Proportion of Immune and Cancer cells. By verifying the single-cell and cell line sequencing data, we proved →

Practical volcano-independent recognition of seismic events: project

Lack of robustness: observed seismicity patterns and event types, thus, the seismic features and volcano-seismic catalogs on which supervised VSR is based, vary according to the current state of the volcano, to the environmental noise and to the type and location of the stations. Starting with the simple task of classifying events already detected in →

Deciphering the link between mental health and green space in shenzhen, china: the mediating impact of residents’ satisfaction

Given the unique associations between the government, green space, and residents, more specific and process-oriented research is needed to enrich our understanding of the complexities underlying associations between residents' satisfaction with green space and mental health. Shenzhen was a frontier city of China's reform and opening up and is an ideal setting in which to →

Perceptions, experiences, and challenges of physicians involved in dementia care during the covid-19 lockdown in india: a qualitative study

Lack of cognitive stimulation, mobility restriction, isolation, worsening of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, enhanced confusional states, increased chances of delirium, reduced adherence to precautionary measures, increased risks of abuse and institutionalization are some of the many factors contributing to the worsening of their overall health and cognitive status, and thus the consequent frailty. →

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Sex–gender disparities in cardiovascular diseases: the effects of estrogen on enos, lipid profile, and nfats during catecholamine stress

This review from a pathomechanical perspective aims at illustrating the roles of E2 in the modulation of stimuli signaling in the heart during CCS and also highlights its implication in causing the obvious sex gender differences in CVD patients. The prior discussions were then reconciled to explain the following: first, how E2 deficiency contributes to →

The influence of divine rewards and punishments on religious prosociality

In a recent meta-analysis, Shariff et al.found that while the effects of religious primes reliably increased the prosociality of people rated as being high in religiosity, such primes did not reliably affect less religious people, suggesting that the effects of these primes were indeed due to their religious content. The argument here is simply that →

Contemporary indonesian phonology and morphology: some evidence of language change and innovations assignment

Of these consonants [s-] is the most widely distributed as the first consonant in the clusters, occurring in twelve different clusters, while [-r] and [-l] are the most widely used as the second consonant in the clusters, the former in eight, the latter in seven clusters. Why among speakers of Indonesian there seems to be →

Role of cpxa mutations in the resistance to aminoglycosides and β-lactams in salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium

Typhimurium, the cpxRA deletion confers susceptibility to ceftriaxone by influencing the expression of stm1530 and ompD, and overexpression of cpxR in the cpxR deletion mutant increases resistance to AGAs and -lactams as a result of the downregulation of outer membrane protein gene expression. To investigate the effects of cpxA deletion mutations on the regulation of →

Mba internship report ufone

The nature of Ufone's business, its background and the over all company analysis has been performed in as much detail as possible that is Introduction to the organization since their establishment till today, its privatization, its management, its working, in all perspective of the firm. The Hierarchy of the Marketing Department is as follows: The →

Training for future mba commerce

The growing of AG is because of its belief in its nucleus values of Customer First which is interpreted with traveling excess stat mis and to maintain the promises and by supplying quality merchandises, services & A; patterns. He is an establishment of pesticide selling in a individual that polishes the capablenesss of his staff →

Department for children families

Most often they refer to ' disruptive', ' disaffected' and ' bullying' behaviours, or sometimes behaviour is said to be ' challenging.' These terms are associated with the particular focus of the behavioural description: for example, ' disruptive' refers to the interruption of the work of the teacher and other pupils, or even the smooth →

The economic outlook of the fisheries sector economics essay

About 60% of fish consumed in the EU are from outside EU waters to meet the demands of its market both in terms of canned tuna and tuna loins. The seafood hub of Mauritius is a cornerstone of the seafood and fishing business in the Indian Ocean.

Omega 3 fatty acid and skin diseases

For apoptotic cells, the macrophage phagocytosis is enhanced by RvE1, PD1, and RvD1. IL-23 production by DCs, as well as the migration of DCs and IL-17 producing cells, is suppressed by RvE1.

Child mortality in india essay

The second part of the paper deals with the performance of India in respect to Child Mortality, the developments in the country overtime and the trends for the future. To make a comparison of rate of Under-5 mortality among various countries dividing them into High, Medium and Low Human Development.-To study the affect of Total →

Functional constipation and the gut microbiome in children: preclinical and clinical evidence

Therefore, this state-of-the-art review aims to explore and summarize the possible mechanisms of interaction between the gut microbiome and FC in children, based on data from preclinical and clinical studies. The true prevalence of FC in children is difficult to determine due to the important limitations of study methodologies, such as population sampling, study setting, →

The effect of the 4mat model based instruction on the achievement of efl students essay sample

This research proposal therefore is geared in pursuing the possible effects primarily in the achievement of the students enrolled in the English as a Foreign Language class in the English course, and with regard as well to other affected areas closely associated with measuring the level in English comprehension, appreciation, cognition and use of students, →

Severe flooding in the atoll nations of tuvalu and kiribati triggered by a distant tropical cyclone pam

This divergence is at least partially attributable to the known tendency of the WaveWatch III model to overestimate energy of waves traveling in the oblique and opposing winds and; uncertainty in the radar altimeters estimation of H s in such extreme conditions: Ribal and Young limit their calibrations to values of H s H s →

Brg1 mediates nephronectin activation in hepatocytes to promote t lymphocyte infiltration in cona-induced hepatitis

However, in the event of the most venous attacks that surpass the compensatory/regenerative potential of the liver and cause irreparable damages and permanent loss of liver functions, the host may eventually succumb owing to severe disturbances of homeostasis. Ablation of BRG1 in mature T lymphocytes is associated with a deficiency in regulatory T cell differentiation →

Catechol- o -methyltransferase gene val158met polymorphism moderates the effect of social exclusion and inclusion on aggression in men: findings from a mixed experimental design

The substitution of methionine for valine results in a three-to-four-fold reduction in the activity of COMT enzyme, as a result, Met carriers have enhanced levels of dopamine in the brain, especially in the prefrontal cortex, which is more likely to trigger higher levels of aggression 1. Unlike social exclusion, social inclusion could reduce the risk →

Role of pacap in female fertility and reproduction at gonadal level – recent advances

In rat ovarian cells, PACAP positive cells were found in the preovulatory and ovulatory periods, with PACAP and PACAP mRNA positivity in granulosa and cumulus cells. A more detailed analysis of the rat ovarian PACAP receptor expression has confirmed the expression of PAC1 receptors in the granulosa cells and, furthermore, the presence of VPAC2 receptors →

Fetal origin of sensorimotor behavior

The emergence of GMs happens at the same age at which the motoneurons of the spinal cord are connected to the subplate, a transient brain structure underneath the cortical plate before it develops. Isolated movements allow the fetus to touch different parts of the body, with the back or with the palm of the hand, →

Front office department and the yield management tourism flashcard

A Despite the size or the type of the constitution, the section is in many ways the " nervousnesss " of the hotel. A Planing and measuring Front Office output direction for a better gross direction and for the success of the departmentA a ?

Population genomic analysis of listeria monocytogenes from food reveals substrate-specific genome variation

Additionally, infants, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals are at an increased risk of severe cases of listeriosis, which can result in symptoms such as meningitis and septicemia.L.monocytogenes infections can also threaten pregnant women because the pathogen possesses the unique ability to permeate the placental wall and infect the fetus which can lead to miscarriage or →

History of timber in construction construction essay

If the moisture content is lower than 30%, the shrinkage of timber is perpendicular to the grain, but the shrinkage experienced along the grain is negligible. The whole procedure is also determined by the type of wood being bent in addition to the dryness of the wood and its thickness.

Cyclosporine-a-induced intracranial thrombotic complications: systematic review and cases report

Subcutaneous injection enoxaparin sodium was started when the diagnosis of CVT was confirmed and usage of CsA was suspended after consultation with the department of hematology. In line with CVT of other etiologies, the most common symptoms in drug-induced CVT were seizures and headaches.

Dietary diversity and its contribution in the etiology of maternal anemia in conflict hit mount cameroon area: a cross-sectional study

Notwithstanding, in low- and middle-income countries many women living in under resourced environments, suffer from undernutrition and pregnancy presents an additional burden on the women's nutritional requirement to meet the needs of both mother and the developing fetus. Farming and business constitute the mainstay of the town.

A concise review on the role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the development of autoimmunity in vitiligo pathogenesis

The accumulation of misfolded proteins in the ER lumen and its dilation are the characteristics of ER stress. In this review, we will emphasize on the potential role of ER stress in the development of autoimmune/inflammatory responses in vitiligo.

Microbiota and lung cancer. opportunities and challenges for improving immunotherapy efficacy

Here after a brief summary of the main experimental evidences relating microbiota with lung cancer development, we will discuss the relationship between the composition of lung microbiota and the efficacy of ICIs and the opportunities that this connection offers to exploit microbiome analyses and modification in the prediction of ICIs efficacy. The development of lung →

A narrative review of stigma related to infectious disease outbreaks: what can be learned in the face of the covid-19 pandemic?

Self-stigma happens when the stigma is internalized, so it affects attitudes, emotions, and even beliefs of individuals and forms the behavior of the people who are stigmatized. Although there are arguments suggesting that the stigma related to the disease might have some evolutionary functions, that is, avoiding the source of infection, and staying safe by →

Mechanisms of antibiotic failure during staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis treatment is complicated by a number of factors, including: widespread antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic tolerance as a result of metabolic changes and/or biofilm formation, the inability of antibiotics to penetrate infected and damaged bone, and the colonization of potentially antibiotic-protected reservoirs within the substructure of bone. As such, the contribution of the diffusion barrier to →

Ramp2-as1 regulates endothelial homeostasis and aging

For example, the laminar and pulsatile shear stress in the straight parts of the artery not only causes an elevated expression of anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory genes, but also suppresses pro-oxidative and pro-inflammatory genes, thus contributing to a potential anti-aging effect. The eigengenes were ranked in descending order by absolute value and were used to project →

Higher circulating mir-199a-5p indicates poor aerobic exercise capacity and associates with cardiovascular dysfunction during chronic exposure to high altitude

The gradual adaptation to high altitude hypoxia is a physiological process encompassing a lot of changes in different body systems to enhance oxygen intake and exchange, the delivery ability of the oxygen transfer system, and the oxygen utilization efficiency of tissues, thus meeting the oxygen demands of the human body and supporting its exercise performance. →

Airway clearance techniques: the right choice for the right patient

In addition, for many patients and/or categories of patients the goal might be to combine the best effect on clearance of the airways with the lowest possible incidence of side effects and of adverse events, such as exacerbation of the underlying pathophysiology. Therefore, it is essential always to take into account the patient's preferences, and →

Matching assets with demand in supply- chain management at ibm microelectronics assignment

A typical example of a product? w is the following: part of the wafer is made at location A, the wafer is completed and the device is created at location B, the device is tested at location C, the module is created at location D, the module is tested at location C, and then it →

Nestle history essay

In addition, to the increase in the size of the Nestle Company; Nestle also has increased the variety in the different products they offer. With the health kick of the many individuals around the world, it pushes the innovator and renovators of Nestle to reach new height in finding better and healthier products for their →

The mercy of memory the known and the unknown in ted hughes birthday letters and howls & whispers

Within the books, the conflict between the known/remembered and the unknown/forgotten creates an almost unbearable tension and paints a vivid portrait of the man, the woman, and the marriage of two of the giants of late twentieth-century poetry. The member of his group of friends who wrote the attack is equally as ignorant as Hughes →

A novel mechanism of 17-aag therapeutic efficacy on hsp90 inhibition in mycn-amplified neuroblastoma cells

The domains of HSP90 allow this chaperone to interact and affect its client proteins in three different ways: inducing the formation of the protein active conformation, or participating in the assembly of multiprotein complexes, or stabilizing the proteins to allow ligand binding and thus their activation. After an overnight incubation to allow cell attachment, the →

Mind wandering and education: from the classroom to online learning

The primary purpose of the present article is to provide a focused review and discussion of recent research, as well as some lesser known older studies that examine the occurrence and consequences of mind wandering during both classroom and online lectures. The authors found that initial breaks in attention occurred after approximately 10 18 min →

Novel hybrid chc from β-carboline and -hydroxyacrylamide overcomes drug-resistant hepatocellular carcinoma by promoting apoptosis, dna damage, and cell cycle arrest

The invasion and metastasis of tumors leads to 90% of the failures in chemotherapy. Bel7402/5-FU were placed in 6-well plates for the density of 2 3 100, 000 cells/well and allowed to adhere for 48 h, then cells were incubated with CHC, SAHA or medium in triplicate for another 72 h.

Early traditional town in malaysia environmental sciences essay

To study the impact of the transformation from traditional urban village life to vertical urban village life and the behaviour of the residents. The expectation of outcome for this research is to define the community issues in vertical urban village concept.

Key figures about turkish agribusiness economics essay

With its favorable geographical conditions and climate, Turkey is considered to be one of the leading countries in the world in the field of agriculture and related industries. As of 2010, the share of the agricultural sector in Turkey's GDP is 8.

Promise and perils of globalization – nike assignment

Since displacing Adidas in the early 1980s and Reebok in the early 1990s, Nike has become the largest and most important athletic shoe company in the world. By the early 1980s, as costs continued to increase in both Japan and the United States, and as the Korean government created a number of incentives to develop →

Goals of nigerian universities developmental visions and missions essay

Section 11 of the Education Act of 1993 provinces that the intents of higher instruction in Nigeria are as follows: The acquisition, development and ingraining of the proper value-orientation for the endurance of single and society; The development of the rational capacities of persons to understand and appreciate their environment; The acquisition of both physical →

Investments and the impact of the financial choice finance essay

Although, the operating cash flow is significant for the investments of the energy firms, it appears to be insignificant in the case when bank loans and earnings participate in the model. Although, the operating cash flow is significant for the investments of the energy firms, it appears to be insignificant in the case when bank →

Speech and transform ii computer science

In the analysis of a given signal the time domain component can be used in the analysis of the frequency component of that signal, this concept is the Fourier transform, where a signal component is translated to the frequency domain from a time domain function, the analysis of the signal for its frequency component can →

University of pittsburgh campus tour

The Air Force ROTC office is located on the 29th floor of the Cathedral of Learning, and the Navy ROTC office is located at CMU where Pitt students can register in the programCathedral of Learning1. These were all constructed from money donated by Allegheny County's ethnic groups in an effort to involve the community in →

Study protocol: social capital as a resource for the planning and design of socially sustainable and health promoting neighborhoods— a mixed method study

In order for social capital to become a gender equal resource in the planning and design of socially sustainable and health promoting neighborhoods, the gender differences in the effects of place-specific social capital and health needs further exploration. The specific objectives of this project are: to investigate the dynamics of social capital in local neighborhoods →

The agriculture sector in india economics essay

India thus adopted a similar model of extending credit to the poorest sector and took a number of steps to promote micro-financing in the country. Microfinance is the provision of financial services for poor and low income people and covers the lower ends of both rural and agriculture finance as seen in the diagram below.

Is personality profile a relevant determinant of fatigue in multiple sclerosis?

In the proportion of MS patients that are fatigued, depression and anxiety may be the " interface" between a vulnerable personality structure facilitating maladaptive disease coping behavior, and fatigue. Personality dimensions in the chronic fatigue syndrome: a comparison with multiple sclerosis and depression.

The feces king essay

The top half of the door was unsecured; I was worried he might break the door and gain access, so when I siezed his stuff I had it put in public storage across town. So in order to secure the door while I was away, I got a remote controlled car, attached it to a →

Preventing urban runoff into lake victoria environmental sciences essay

These resulted in increase of the cost of purification and treatment, loss of potential revenue from tourists and transportation, health risks for the communities due to water borne diseases and shortage of clean water for domestic and industrial use. According to Ntiba et al, the three East African countries of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya share →

Transient global amnesia: an electrophysiological disorder based on cortical spreading depression—transient global amnesia model

In the original findings of Leao, there is a latency between depression in the CSD-targeted region and the detectable electrical activities of the corresponding site on the contralateral hemisphere. It may not be due to the actual crossing of the original CSD as Leao proposed, since CSD is not able to spread along the white →

Lrl-left right left ff essay

Rajveer is unaware about the presence of Pooja and Naina. What should he do to prevent Pooja and Naina's going in the office.

Fingerprint biometric attendance system essay

Monique in Binangonan, Rizal, is the effect of the growing population of students, faculty and administration and the physical expansion of the institution. There is significant difference between the existing system and the proposed inventory system in the evaluation of employees and IT experts in terms of: Accuracy Efficiency Reliability Security Speed Significance of the →

Debt and usury case usury assignment

At that point in time, the definition of usury meant the charging of interest on loans, but over time after the legislation of countries to limit the rate of interest on loans, the definition of usury came to mean the interest above the lawful rate. Usury in Christianity was derived heavily from the usury in →

Youth unemployment blessing or a curse business essay

In this paper work, I will be highlighting my study on the labor force, trying to identify the problems in their ground field, explain why taking care of the quality of the employees is crucial in creating a stronger economy, supply the strategy needed to fix the anomalies that has affected our labor forces, provide →

Stephen kalong case review

Dato' Ningkan has mill to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Council Negri, he is bound by article 7 of the Constitution of the State of Sarawak to tender the resignation of the members of Supreme Council.3. It is clear from the contents of your letter that you have refused →

Exploring musical activities and their relationship to emotional well-being in elderly people across europe: a study protocol

Specifically in the context of the elderly, participation in leisure activities seems to increase well-being and can reduce the risk of dementia. The study will explore the daily use of music among elderly people, and we expect to find a positive correlation between frequency of participation in musical activities and emotional well-being regardless of the →

Based on chemical composition environmental sciences essay

But, the presence of high concentration of air pollutants such as Sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulates, affects the natural cleansing mechanism of the atmosphere, alters the percentage of concentration of gases naturally present in the atmosphere causing air pollution. Oxidation of marine organic matter under sunlight and biological oxidation by oceanic →

How does culture shape creativity? a mini-review

Therefore, to deepen the understanding of the relationship between culture and creativity, particularly the role of culture in modifying and nurturing creativity, the major roles of culture in conceptualizing, manipulating, and measuring creativity were carefully identified. Typically, these suggest that Western cultures attach more importance to process- and product-based creativity and highlight the pragmatic, problem-solving →

Effects of smartphones essay sample

In the current childhood and adulthood, they make ways to communicate frequently with a variety of important people in their lives such as their friends and peers, teachers, coaches, bosses, a myriad of other adults and institution and most specially the parents. The study consists of the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartphone which →

Analysis of asian paints integration of supply chain management

The leaders in the organized pigment industry in India are Asiatic Paints with over 40 % market portion, Kansai Nerolac, Berger Paints and AkzoNobel. The international market scheme of Asiatic Paints is to chiefly come in the high growing emerging markets.

Edexcel gcse

Complete the sentence by putting a cross in the box next to your answer. Complete the sentence by putting a cross in the box next to your answer.

What is the non tariff measures economics essay

The classification covers three categories of measures: sanitary and phytosanitary measures, non technical measures and new NTM categories, including export measures. The effects of price control measures are relatively simple to measure, especially anti-dumping and safeguards.

Business information systems in your career essay sample

Section 1.1." The Role of Information Systems in Business Today".gives pupils a feel for the importance of information systems in concern today and how they have transformed concerns on the universe phase. A good treatment of the six of import concern aims outlined in this subdivision allows the teacher and pupils to openly discourse why →

Genesis of indian petroleum industry business essay

And reduction in subsidy, according to the government, is the need of the hour in order to reduce the fiscal deficit as proportion to GDP. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of strategic marketing strategies on the performance of firms in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Programming language essay

The main purpose of this report is to promote the knowledge about the different languages used in the industry The report states the brief history of the language and its basic syntax. Depending on the kind of program being written, the computer it will run on, the experience of the programmer, and the way in →

A counterfactual quantile regression analysis for co2 emissions economics essay

Additionally, the Machado and Mata decomposition method shows that the statistically significant OECD-Non-OECD emissions gap contracts as we ascend the emissions distribution and that had the Non-OECD group the incomes of the OECD group the former would pollute 26 to 40 percent more than the latter, ceteris paribus. To separate the effects of differences in →

Perspectives in the use of tannins as alternative to antimicrobial growth promoter factors in poultry

In this context and to preserve the effectiveness of important human drugs the FDA prohibited the use of fluoroquinolones in chickens and turkeys in the United States, based on evidence that use of these antimicrobials in poultry caused development of resistance of thermofilic Campylobacter species. 01492-10 Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text CrossRef Full Text Longstaff, →

The mediating role of ems teamwork as it pertains to hr factors and perceived environmental performance

AN HR FACTORS MODEL OF PERCEIVED ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Management Support For The EMS Management support has been empirically studied and discussed in the quality management, general HR, and organizational behavior literatures as a key component to successful organizational performance and successful implementation of management initiated programs. In the case of the indirect effects of management →

The human respiratory & cardiac systems and how each of these parts affect ventilation

The projecting conchae, which is divided into three passages the inferior, middle and superior cavities increases the surface area and spreads the area across the whole of the surface of the nasal cavity. The warming of the air is due to the large amount of blood vessels of the mucosa.

Slavery references in the bible theology religion essay

Long before there were departments of cultural anthropology and Egyptology to provide pseudo-scientific cachet to the justifications of systematic discrimination against blacks, theologians and preachers supplied the rationales that were used to sanctify slavery and to make the oppression of Africans the " will of God".[i]iiSecondly, the purpose of American slavery was to utilize the →

Literary criticism

The " meaning of a literary work is not merely something put into the work by the writer: the " meaning is an interpretation created or constructed or produced by the reader and the writer.2. Freud is the founder of psychoanalysis which is a medical technique or a method of therapy for the treatment of →

Linking competitive strategies

The results of the Hay study suggest that the staffing practices of top management be tied to the nature of the business because different aspects of business demand different behaviors from the individuals running them. Similar results illustrating the power of performance appraisal and compensation to affect individual behavior have been reported in the areas →

A concise review of gradient models in mechanics and physics

For diffusion problems, the IL enters through the additional term d 2 2 j i where d is a diffusional internal length and j i denotes the diffusion flux which generalizes the classical Fick's law = D 2 by the expression = D 2 - c 4 ; c = d 2 D, in a →

Analysis of commercial bank operation and regulation-case study on dhaka bank limited

3 Loan Product The Dhaka bank is offering the following loan and advance product to the client for financing different purpose that fulfill the requirements of the bank and have good return to the investment as well as satisfy the client. The customer should be asked to draw the final cheque for the amount standing →

Simulation and artificial intelligence assignment

19 EUPHONIA ": 19 Approches Of Artificial Intelligence20 Human Centered Approach: 20 Acting humanly: The Turing Test approach20 Thinking humanly: The cognitive modeling approach21 Thinking rationally: The laws of thought approach22 Acting rationally: The rational agent approach22 The State of the Art AI Innovations23 AI Purposes24 Acknowledgement In the name of Allah the most merciful →

Y og a va sishta sara

Just as an ornament worn round the neck is considered lost through forgetfulness and is gained when Chapter One 3 the mistake is realized, so also the Self is attained by the words of the Guru.15. The mind is the creator of the world, the mind is the individual; only that which is done by →

The scientific study of inspiration in the creative process: challenges and opportunities

Mozart's depiction of inspiration possesses all of the core elements of the modern scientific inspiration construct appreciation of new or better possibilities, passive evocation, and motivation to bring the new possibilities into fruition. Among these challenges have been a lack of clarity about the meaning of inspiration; difficulty of operationalization; ambiguity about whether inspiration is →

Right to refuse or withdraw health and social care essay

The second process objective is to complete pilot testing of the survey questionnaire to be used in the program and administer it to 100 age appropriate peers of the target population to identify the competency and relevancy of the questionnaire on the target population. At the end of the intervention, teen mothers in the intervention →

Storage and self purification environmental sciences essay

The quality standards required for health in the case of drinking water, or for reliability in the case of industrial process water, necessitate improved technologies for the treatment of the water before use, as well as before discharge. Stokes' equation may be usefully applied here as the velocity of deposition depends on the densities of →

Data collection in multiple sclerosis: the msds approach

The more stakeholders are involved and the more information is collected and processed, the more complex and costly the processes of neurorehabilitation become, which leads to the necessity of a measurable efficiency of rehabilitation. Due to the large amount of data to be processed, the large number of communicating persons, and the demands of the →

To investigate the impact of pregnacies and early marriages on a girl child education


Abstract to my project

Therefore, the method used and the influence of that method to the organisation and its financial statement is of great significance to the stakeholders of those organisations The document focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation of accounting standards to various stakeholders. The laws and regulations of accounting provide the guideline on the process →

Robotic urologic surgery in infants: results and complications

Therefore, the cost and value of robotic surgery for a pediatric hospital is complex and nuanced. Kutikov et al.had one of the earliest reports of robotic surgery in infants.

How boys and girls are socialized sociology

Children learn proper behaviour for misss and male childs through parents, the media, the school and other beginnings of socialisation Gender function socialisation may be define as a womb-to-tomb procedure whereby single learns to internalise the values, attitudes, motives, and behavior harmonizing to their sex which is acceptable and which is regarded to be fair →