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Development of organised football in england

But the game began to develop into the game we see today during the early 19th Century, with the working class folk football and middle class public school football, the concept of masculinity played an important role in the development of these two forms of the game. At the same time as the civilisation of →

Total quality management analysis

Therefore it is the role of the top management to create constancy of purpose for improvement for products and services, which is essential for TTS. The very purpose of TTS is the constant improvement of the system for production and services.

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The from the event organizers’ viewpoint is

The target audience is the ultimate experience of the event and for whom the event organiser consciously designs the event. The media is the vehicle used to communicate details of the event to the target audience and venue is the location at which the event is to be executed.1.

The promotional mix of coca cola marketing essay

The two tier marketing channel is involved from the manufacturing to the distribution to the hand of the consumer, the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the retailer and then the final consumer. The company will make possible that there may not be shortage in the products and can easily be available to the user, thus the product →

morbillivirus -host interaction: lessons from aquatic mammals

And, if so, could CypB incorporation into the viral surface contribute, to some extent, to Morbillivirus prolonged persistence inside the host's brain, with subsequent development of human SSPE, canine ODE, and SSPE/ODE-like cases of morbilliviral infection in dolphins? Furthermore, both MeV and CDV, along with the more recently characterized Phocine Distemper Virus, have been shown →

Promoting a healthy environment for children essay sample

My first piece of evidence is " a children's environment and health strategy for the uk by the health protection agency" I have chosen this document because it shows includes a strategy of how to ensure children live healthily in a suitable environment and the things that a practitioner should implement in the daily routine →

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9 clever ways to deal with negative people

9 Clever Ways to Deal with Negative People The sun shines and warms and lights us and we have no curiosity to know why this is so; but we ask the reason of all evil, of pain, and hunger, and mosquitoes and silly people.~Ralph Waldo Emerson After years and years of observation and self reflection →

The voice of non-state actors essay

In the implementation stage, the non-state actors played a significant role in informing and communicating the information to both the government and people. This treatment was felt from people in and out of the government.

Varsity blues essay

When the game is on they are so interested in it, that they have no idea what is going on around them, I try to talk to my dad when the game is on and he always seems to ignore me. Mox stands up to him and tells him that he is not going to →

The income gender gap sociology essay

In the context of economic inequality, gender gap generally refers to the differences in the wages of men and women. Since National Service is unavoidable, it is deemed as a result that women may be left with little power in the public and private sectors in terms of representation.

Light dependent stage

New cells arise by division of existing cells Cell division occurs in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells by mitosis and meiosis Replacement of the entire lining of your small intestine Liver cells only divide for repairing Nerve cells do not divide Chromosomes Long and thin for replication and decoding Become short and fat prior mitosis →


The origin of World can be traced to the breakup of AT&T in 1983. Beginning modestly and continuing at an accelerated pace the company under the direction of Beers and Sullivan ) used fraudulent counting methods to mask its declining earnings by painting a false picture of financial growth and profitability to prop up the →

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Effects of memory training or task design? a commentary on “neural evidence for the use of digit-image mnemonic in a superior memorist: an fmri study”

The authors highlight the finding of frontal pole engagement in CL in the two-digit study and recall conditions and interpret it in terms of retrieval of the practiced digit-image associations. Neural evidence for the use of digit-image mnemonic in a superior memorist: an fMRI study.

Afghan food culture essay

There are reports and research information that have gone on record to document that the food that is usually served in Afghanistan is usually a carefully blended species that emanates from the surrounding nations. One of the many things that stand out about this culture is the fact that there is a lot of prominence →

Bird from bone: an analysis of terrance hayes’ american sonnet

American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin by Terrance Hayes suggests that the experience of black Americans is a constant self-love and self-destruction, a separation of " the song of the bird from the bone". The speaker is clearly addressing a black American, as evidenced by the metaphors and allusions present later in the →

Accounting information system free essay

The counter- claim is that the breaching of the security of such systems will be a great risk that needs to be properly managed in various ways. This could be dangerous as if the software's security is poor then it will be able to be hacked easily risking loss of data.

Collective responsibility for learning and education

The second hypothesis theorized that " in schools where teachers take more responsibility for the results of the teaching students learn more. The number of schools filed in the high levels of collective responsibility is 134, or 16.

Response to commentary: hand and grasp selection in a preferential reaching task: the effects of object location, orientation, and task intention

A review of articles within the psychology and motor neuroscience area utilizing the term " joint action" reveals a myriad of uses of the term, along with a plethora of experimental techniques to examine the concept. At the heart of Brattman's description of Shared Cooperative Activities, were the following tenets: both actors must intend to →

Miss lonelyhearts

Miss Lonelyhearts decision to embrace God and life brings him the peace he needs that frees him from the suffering of his life. Miss Lonelyhearts relationship with women is detached as is his relationship to the world.

Bowling for columbine

Columbine was not the first and sadly, not the last of school shootings and violence in America. Nichols, along with Klebold and Harris, used the Anarchist Cookbook to make many of the bombs used in their acts of violence.

Marks and spencer is clothing and food based commerce essay

This paper explores the challenges, and sources of competitive advantage include knowledge management, social media marketing and the use of virtual organizations for Marks and Spencer Company. The current and future of the fashion and food industry favours the business ventures of Marks and Spencer.

Building effective teams for a successful business plan

The three functional areas from where one team member will each be selected to build this team plan will include the following: Sales and Marketing: This is the functional area that deals with developing and marketing a product's firms to help reach the company's goals. Measuring the Success of the Team Once a team is →

Wealth maximization concepts worksheet essay

A key feature of the corporation is the easy divisibility of the ownership interest by issuing shares of stock Discuss definitions of wealth maximization The corporate firm The Corporation " Of the many forms of business enterprises, the corporation is by far the most important. The Sole Proprietorship " A sole proprietorship is a business →

True or false: analyzing behavior in the reluctant fundamentalist

By doing so, Hamid is forcing the reader to confront this truth and either relate to it or feel guilty in the realization that it is a reaction based primarily on biases in the media's description of a terrorist. Through a carefully constructed narrative that uses one-sided dialogue between the characters Changez and " the →

Mdcm’s worsening operating

Based on the strategic context of close and good customer relationships or customer focus, quality parts and assemblies or operational excellence, and just in-time deliveries on a global scale in seventeen different countries, the IT objectives that need to dovetail with the three key business objectives of MDCM are: 1) Identify areas of strengths that →

Supernatural element in a midsummer night’s dream

And that power is mysteriously supernatural, He can see, as even puck cannot, cupid flying ' between the cold moon and the earth' and be a lover to Aurora, goddess of the dawn. And it is for these that he is summoned by Oberon to help him steal the Indian boy from Titania and in →

Unit 2 – college essay

Assignment title The Role of Financial Resources Purpose: The aim of this unit is to develop learner knowledge of the range of human, physical, technological andfinancial resources required in an organisation, and how the management of these resources can impacton business performance. This can be demonstrated by looking at a given scenario and breaking down →

Thinking through the past

African slaves were given an opportunity to be freed by the British, and as one-fifth of the population of the colonies, their role in the war would be exponential. To the colonists, policies such as the navigation and stamp acts, and the forthcoming of merchants that collected taxes were viewed as the announcement of England's →

Cyanide fishing

However, many of these fish are harmed by the cyanide solution and do not even survive the trip, making the mortality rates very high, nearly forty percent The process of cyanide fishing is used to capture fish and invertebrates, but is damaging to many corals and juvenile reef species. Far from Hong Kong's restraunts and →

Platinum box case report

As the company is expanding and growing to double its sales in three years, it is imperative that the company invest in equipment that is reliable, is procured at a reasonable rate of interest and is bought form a supplier that will be an asset rather than an impediment in this targeted growth. It is, →

The metamorphosis literary analysis

When Gregor's father finds that Gregor is out of his bedroom and that Gregor has caused his mother to faint, Gregor's father becomes enraged, " fills his pockets from the bowl on the sideboard, and throws apple after apple" at Gregor until he returns to his room. This stage of Gregor's isolation is Grete's realization →

Motivation: direction, intensity, and persistence

Motivation has a strong relationship to performance according to the expectancy theory thus is highly important for organisations to have highly motivated workers to reduce staff changeovers keeping their employees interested, satisfied and challenged via intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic rewards come to employees directly from the work they do like the pride of technical →

Culture differdence essay

The authors of this book agree with most anthropologists' view that culture refers to the total way of living of particular groups of people. Culture is also compared to the " software of our mind" and the grammar of our behavior.

Energy performance of buildings directive (epbd)

The energy consumption in the UK is not only identified as the primary element for the implementation of the Energy performance of Buildings Directive but also to address the requirements of the KYOTO protocol. 2: Objectives The aim of this report is accomplished through embracing the research upon the following objectives To conduct a literature →

The riemann hypothesis essay sample

The Problem One of the most influential mathematicians who lived during the 19 th and 20 th century composed a list of the unsolved problems mostly is of mathematics. The Hypothesis The simplest way to state the Riemann hypothesis is that the zeros of the zeta function exists and are defined in the form.

Analysis and interpretation of short fiction essay

Her anger is symbolizes that she is ready to fight for her rights and that of the minority people in the society. When Sylvia realizes about the discriminatory nature of the black people in her society, she decides to fight for equality.


The Hobbit who led the Dwarves to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim their treasure from the dragon Smaug. SMAUG: The dragon of the Lonely Mountain who hordes the treasure he stole from the dwarves of Dale.

Concept comparison and analysis

Core Concept The core concept of ' The role of nursing' was used in both Dorothea Orem's self care model and in Virginia Henderson's nursing care model. Her goal of nursing is to make the patient and members of the patient'sfamilycapable of meeting the patient's self care needs, maintain an optimal state of health, to →

Stages and strategies of collective bargaining

The ILO Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 describes collective bargaining as: " Voluntary negotiation between employers or employers' organizations and workers organizations, with a view to the regulation of terms and conditions of employment by collective agreements." Collective bargaining could also be defined as negotiations relating to terms of employment and conditions →

Medieval drama

His soliloquy regarding the redemption of man successfully highlights the sinfulness of Mankind's transgressions later in the play, a fact which further emphasizes a reoccurring and important lesson in regards to making pious choices. All of the principles Mercy encourages are contrasted by Mankind's decisions later in the play, a characteristic of Mankind that greatly →

Concepts of psychoanalytical theory

Secondly is Ego, its aim is to fulfill desires of the id with a balance which is morally cultivated in the society. Defense mechanism is a process of the mind which is unreachable to the conscious mind but which affects behavior and emotions such as denial or distort.

Food production and the loss of biodiversity assignment

Accordingly, agricultural methods such as slash-and-burn, the aid of chemicals, and monoculture have followed as to increase the supply of food to meet the increasing demand. The fragmentation of a natural system in this way is not only detrimental to the particular area encompassing the ecosystem, but to the landscape as whole.

Napoleon becoming a tyrant assignment

When, despite Napoleon's efforts, Snowball managed to get most of the animals support on the matter of the windmill, Napoleon knew Snowball was a threat to his position. This was so that the animals would not be able to have a say in the running of the farm and would not be able to disagree →

Determination of glucose concentration using trinder method

The aim of the experiment was to determine glucose concentration in different concentrated solutions and unknown solutions. This was highlighted by the absorbencies of stock solutions and different sugars.

Cost accounting study guide assignment

The scorecard measures an organization's performance from four perspectives: financial, the profits and value created for shareholders; customer, the success of the company in its target market; internal business processes, the internal operations that create value for customers; and learning and growth, the people and system capabilities that support operations. It is important to recognize →

In the situation started during the 19th-century

It's common that ANALYSIS Cambridge Dictionary definition of " culture" is " the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time". To conclude, the metropolis is both the place of freedom and complete self-affirmation, both the world of intellect and of the inability of →

Political science and economics

As a matter of fact, the solution of many of the economic problems must come through political agencies and the major problems of every state are economic character. The problems of the modern state are Political Science And Economics By Normalize the economic conditions had influenced the political affairs.

Jean watson’s theory of caring in insite nursing

In this paper, I will explore the carative factors of Watson's theory and apply them to the facility of Insite, in hope of understanding the therapeutic relationship that exists between Insite's nurses and their clients. Jean Watson defines health as the " unity and harmony with the mind, body and soul" and the " degree →

Challenging behavior in health & social care

P1: Describe the characteristics and causes of challenging behaviorChallenging behavior is behavior outside of the expected norms for a person's age that is disruptive and difficult to manage and can cause harm the individual exhibiting the behaviour is likely to suffer from learning disability or a mental illness or may have had a difficult upbringing. →

The tobacco prevention health and social care essay

The population of the county is 1, 623, 018 and it is the second most populated county in the state. Promoting good health and helping people to learn about the health risks of smoking is the goal of the Broward County health department.

I do…..for now

Just at the brink of the the 1970's there was a 20 % increase in the rate of of divorce to marriage; since then, that number has remained at a steady and constant rate, slightly increasing and decreasing. From the first exchange, Macbeth's hesitation in agreeing to Lady Macbeth's plans hints to his dissent of →

The fukushima nuclear plant

According to the International Business Times " Fukushima is not the worst nuclear accident ever but it is the most complicated and the most dramatic disaster." On April 2011 The Nuclear Institute rated the disaster a Level 7 " Major Accident" on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The tsunami caused water to flow into the →

Case. skin- tique corporation

The unique dimension of the introduction was that Soft and Silky Shaving Gel was positioned as a high- quality womens shaving gel. The growth of Soft and Silky Shaving Gel had strained manufacturing capacity.

Offering products which make organizations proud commerce essay

This rule extends to every portion of the concern, from the buying of ingredients to the point where our merchandises reach the consumer 's custodies. A spirit of merriment, our regard for others and the value these put on teamwork make us a company people enjoy being a portion of, and this enables us to →

Ge case study

Financial results for GE show that Welch was very effective In directing a highly profitable company, but he did so at the expense of many of the employees of the business. The needs of the stakeholder of the business were considered by Welch, and GE shareholders were rewarded at the expense of employees.

Genetic investigation of corn

In order to determine the type of cross and genes responsible for what a corn can look like, the colouration and texture of the kernels were looked at. Compare the numbers of each phenotype on your kernels and on the class kernels with the numbers you would expect based on the outcome of a monohybrid →

Ciudad juarez essay

On the northern side is El Paso, Texas, and to the south is Ciudad Juarez, in the Chihuahua state of Mexico. To the south is a Third World nation and to the north is the greatest industrial power on the planet.

Impacts of the meat industry and consumption

Meat Industry and Consumption: The Juicy Truth The meat industry has been the center of a largely controversial discussion between omnivores and vegetarians alike. The idea of masculinity and strength in eating meat is emphasized in the meat industry advertisements and thus reinforced through society.

Thought and language: a mirror of one’s rationality

Word significance.for Vygotsky.is a manifestation of the fusion of idea and address." A word does non mention to a individual object but to a group or to a category of objects". It pertains to the systematic survey of the dealingss between the growing of the child's believing ability and his societal development.

Internal and external violence in short fiction

Internal violence is more about the mind, a violence of emotion, though internal violence is closely linked to external violence. The external violence was also in a sense internal because the whole point of it was to degrade and embarrass the participants.

Fall of the roman republic history essay

All of this and more would eventually lead to the fall of the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. There were many factors which led to the fall of the Roman Republic which include the struggle of government fragility, the negative influence of the Gracchi, the First Triumvirate and the dictatorship of Julius Caesar.

Passive and active transport

Within a cell there is a cell membrane which plays a major role in the transportation of substances in and out of the cell. The transportation of substances in and out the cell is enabled through two mechanisms i.e.the active transportation and the passive transportation.

Nauru case study

Phosphate is the primary basis for the economy, and with the depletion of the mineral, Naira is left with nothing to trade. As such, the government of Naira is looking into the question of responsibility for the ecological disaster raging on the island, and Is looking Into ways to rehabilitate the Island.2.

Analyzing a clean, well-lighted place by ernest hemingway assignment

In A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Hemingway leads the reader to a caf, which presumably is in a village in Spain, considering Hemingway's time spent in Spain and some Spanish words used in the story, as well as the streets of the place being described as " dusty in the daytime", which indicates it is not →

The discordance of dr. john elder jr.’s life course theory and 56 up

John Elder Jr's four determining factors for a life's trajectory, the lives of Suzy and Symon, as seen through the documentary 56 UP, display the impossibility of predicting the future of one's life based upon their family's social patterns and their opportunities. Symon also experienced a traumatic childhood through the absence of his father and →

Immigration test questions

The mainsource is depression of the killers due to rejection by their peers, the breakdown of thecohesive family unit due to divorce and the easy accessibility to weapons. As in most high schools across the country the athletes dominate the social scale and enforce the hierarchy, which explains why they are at the top of →

Turning conflict into improvement: conflict and resolution in a healthcare facility

In the article, " Turning Conflict into Improvement," Samuel Greengard discusses how interpersonal conflict can arise in a healthcare facility and how to turn conflict into feedback to improve processes and performance in the workplace. In Greengard's article, it is noted that conflict in the workplace can cripple morale and productivity.

Chemistry engineering

So there is a controversy as to whether effective leaders should let group members feel they have participated in the process of decision making or not. First of all, making others feel that they participate in decision-making can promote the relationship between the leader and group members.

Carl robins case study analysis paper

Through basic communication the training manuals should be checked, changed, and updated frequently according to how often the company is recruiting new hires and last but not the least if the company had properly incommunicado that the conference room was blocked for maintenance Carl would have and should have known in advance through proper communication →

Debbie fields of mrs. fields essay

She kept building her contacts and kept raising the quality and the standard of her cookies to the point, she became known for her brand of cookies. Fields' brand name draws as powerfully as the aroma of fresh baked cookies wafting out from one of the cookie shops It is the teamwork of the couple →

The lost battalion of ww1

The problem was his advance was " the only forward advance on the entire front of First Army from the Argonne Forest to the Meuse" on this day. The success of The Lost Battalion was sent to the rear by runners; their position was accurately plotted and was sent with the message".

On liberty of thought and discussion

Thus, in the ongoing search for truth, Mill encourages the notion that liberty in thought and discussion of all peoples is vital because the majority opinion is not guaranteed to be correct. Mill, in On Liberty and Discussion, argues that freedom of thought and speech are essential in keeping the majority from silencing the minority →

Frankenstein and alienation

The idea that violence, due to rejection and abandonment, to control Frankenstein is what the Monster tries to do. Followed by this, the rejection from the cottagers due to his appearance is the straw that breaks the camel's back." I am an outcast in the world forever" were his thoughts if the cottagers rejected him, →

Is google making us stupid?

The use of the internet has triggered our ability to think and this is the reason I believe the use of internet is making us stupid. This is because the use of the Google changes the nature of the mind, in that, with the availability of information, it is hard for individuals to conceptualize the →

Basal cell carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma or ' rodent ulcer' is a malignant tumor of the skin that develops from the basal cell layer of the epidermis and also from the hair follicles. Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Skin.

Throughout comes from dealing with adult responsibilities.

The diminutive help that is been provided by the government of these third world countries is not helping to ensure that these children will be given the proper education and childhood they deserve. Children are forced to work in unsafe factories to make these products, and unknowingly, countries are depriving the children of their childhood.

Macbeth – polanski’s version and bogdanov’s version essay

The theme of the supernatural occurs very prominently in Polanski's version but is not as prominent in Bogdanov's version, and the element of Macbeth himself is presented in both versions of Macbeth, but they are presented differently as you will see. The setting of this scene is a major factor in giving the interpretation, which →

Assessment of expenditure control and prescriptive appropriateness of biological drugs in autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory bowel disease

The purpose of this study is to compare the requirements of biological drugs for the mentioned diseases, monitor accurately spending of these drugs with a high cost and check constantly the appropriateness prescriptive with the adoption of the regional tab for the prescription from the centers of reference having the requirements of the law. The →

Important factors for antimicrobial activity biology essay

Important factors for antimicrobic activity are size of the inoculants, metabolic province of micro-organism, pH, temperature, and continuance of interaction, concentration of the inhibitor and presence of interfering substance. Initially the zone of suppression method was carried out to measure the sensitiveness of the being were selected for finding of MIC.

Oppression and opportunity: the fish

If the fish attempts to escape from the hook, the pain is extreme, and the chance of escaping the hook becomes unlikely. The fish's gills were " fresh and crisp with blood/that can cut so badly" showing the fish could be hurt from the process of reeling the fish in.

Media and the kargil war essay

After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, there had been a long period with relatively few direct armed conflicts involving the military forces of the two neighbors notwithstanding the efforts of both nations to control the Siachen Glacier by establishing military outposts on the surrounding mountains ridges and the resulting military skirmishes in the 1980s During →

Evaluating the breeze as educational tool in e-learning

Literature Review Information Technology as Educational Tools The above condition strengthens the importance of current education system to understand the needs of current and future workplaces in order to customize their syllabus so that they meet the needs of employers. Therefore, Fiorina implies the urge of becoming learning organization in which information exchange exists in →

The likeliness of being different

Among the many things that have been engraved in my mind about the subject, the idea that everything is due to our genes and environment fascinates me the most. One of the things that differ between older people and younger people is the number of people in their lives.

Research paper on leukemia health and social care essay

Even though, the household in the United States made a petition to in-migration services to let my uncles parents to come to the United States to see their boy. Chronic Leukemia: In the beginning phases of the disease, the leukaemia cells can still make the occupation for normal white blood cells.

Marketing mix kinder bueno marketing essay

Kinder Bueno is one of the best-sellers of the company and at the heart of ferrero success. The aim of this report is to evaluate the marketing strategy of Kinder Bueno.

Describe the potential tension between maintaining an individuals confidentiality

If you have concerns that a child is being abused it is our job to disclose this information to the designated/manager of the setting unless you think by disclosing the information will put the child/young person in further danger. If the child/young person confides in us we cannot promise to keep it a secret because →

Transtheoretical model (ttm) to promote exercise in overweight women

There were two hypotheses in the study, first was that the TTM-based education and follow-up would enable the women in the experimental group to progress in their stages of exercise behavior change. The education and exercise brochures given to the women in the experimental group were also given to the women in the control group →

The stroke rehabilitation ward for men through the accident and emergency after a fall at home.

Musa's notes stated that there was a multidisciplinary team meeting held at the first week of his admission and the occupational therapist comes to the ward every other day to see him and when he is having a wash she tells the nurse to encourage him have a grip of the sponge in his right →


In the process of store business like LPG, there are lots of things that the owner should consider, the plan on how to merchandize, the tight competition with the other store, the status of the economy and the kinds of approaches on how to gather customers. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The proposed system helps the →

Reflective writing for learning disability nurse

The act of revisiting the individual reflection pieces to present the current summary essay allowed for not only intellectually experiencing what I wrote, but it also allowed me to re-experience each situation and gain a new appreciation for the patients I worked with, the teams I took part in, the pros and cons of each →

Compound light microscope parts and functions

Comparing to electron and compound light microscope the electron microscope use electron been and the light microscope use the visible light. The illuminator takes place in the base of the compound light microscope.

Editorial: novel therapeutic targets and emerging treatments for fibrosis

The first article in this Research Topic therefore discusses the role of intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors in determining both susceptibility to injury and rate of progression, using chronic kidney disease as an example. The role of epigenetic mechanisms in this process is emphasized here and in a study of histone marks in experimental kidney →

Sephora: an analysis

Sephora is a combination of " sephos", which is Greek for " beauty" and theGreekform ofTzipporah , which means " bird" inHebrew, and was the name of the wife ofMosesin theBook of Exodus.[ citation needed ] The Sephora logo is a vertically elongated flame against a black background. Sephora's move to close the stores in →

Compare & contrats: lineman terms

The work habits of contract linemen and Georgia Power Company linemen play a large part in the decision of which group will be the best to complete the job. One of the major similarities between a contractor and a Georgia Power lineman is that they both have to follow rules and regulations from the Occupational →

Cpk case college essay

CPK is pursuing a disciplined growth strategy that, to be successful, depends on the ability and the ability of franchisees and licensees to open new restaurants and to operate these new restaurants on a profitable basis. Threats * Restaurant sales are susceptible to timing of weather, holidays and other special events * Nestl 's opinion →