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I believe in engineering

The experience also improved mycommunicationskills and my ability to work as part of a team. I will also contribute to university life beyond the lecture hall and have the capacity to excel.

Lucent technologies case task

According to the information provided in the case revealing, the current assets in 2003 was 49. Some additional financial information that investors and creditors would need in order to make investing and lending decisions for Lucent Technologies would be the company's financial statements.

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Working with groups

In the group, I learned that I have pre-set beliefs and values that surface in the group discussions. The positive way that followers in the group responded to my thoughts and ideas made me the person who would empower others that made the group function better.

Patrick henry’s speech to the virginia convention

The following statements are what type of rhetorical devices?" The war is inevitable and let it come! President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope.

Analytical reflection analysis

A medical malpractice suit arises when harm is caused to the patient by the carelessness and neglect of the doctor and staff. A lawyer who fails to disclose any material that their client has the right to know, is breaching their relationship.

Narrative essay: success story

She would seen the inside of the hospital mental ward by the time she was four, and was put in charge of her mother's medication during outpatient recovery before she was nine. Meghan was mature beyond her years by the time she was eleven, but she grew up too quickly, gaining habits that she was →

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Allpied behavioral analysis assignment

In Cameron case his intelligence may not be affected however, his working memory that is the basic component of intelligence is the one being affected. A cognitive behavioral therapy may assist the Cameron to manage his impulsive behavior, focusing in encouraging and rewarding appropriate behavior.

American improvement in the conduct of military operations in europe

Explain the nature of American improvement in the conduct of military operations in Europe Ever since the First and Second World Wars, the United States have made such remarkable improvements in the conduct of military operations in Europe that today it has become the unchallenged global military power. The authors observe that the American drive →

Translating strategic plans into operational plans

Strategic plans or long term objectives are the big picture of the future created by many colors and shades including strength or potential of the firm, the aspiration of the firm and the opportunities provided by the external environment. It is advisable to see the operational plan under the frame work of the long term →

School budget cuts

This affects the future because the students are the future. So by schools cutting all this they are also cutting out a better future for the students.

The the soul losing their way home

It is notable amongst the Hmong as they believe it can help with healing and health of the sick person, usually, Hmong's would go to the medical centers and find out by the doctor what the person really has sometimes they would prefer shamans. When a an individual is really sick the Hmong interpret it →

Lincoln electric

The power and responsibilities associated with the management of the organization converge from the workers upward toward the president or executives of the company, so that the workers are at the lowest stratum and the president or the managing executives at the highest stratum. Since the total profit is shared among the workers based on →

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Lagaan directed by ashutosh gowariker

In a mocking mood, Captain Russell threw a challenge to the farmers, that if they can defeat the British soldier's team in the game of cricket, they will not have to pay any Lagaan. But, Elizabeth Russell, the better half of Captain Russell somehow develops a soft corner for the villagers and their issues and →

Parcc, partnership against readiness for college and careers

During the test the folders on the home screen of the computer started to change to funny sayings. This is to long for an internet based test even with the writing portion of the test.

The secrets of a very long life essay

Even so, doctors, scientists, and public health specialists often travel to these regions to solve the mystery of a long, healthy life; in this way, the experts hope to bring to the modern world the secrets of longevity. In addition, the population does not seem to have the stress of fast city work and recreation; →

How does perseverance help salva essay

A detail from the text to support this is on chapter 2, page 9, it states, " As Salsa walked, the same thoughts kept going through his head in rhythm with his steps. The final way that family plays a big role is because of his uncle again.


Millimeters of mercury is the measure used to represent blood pressure readings; and the normal blood pressure reading in adults is found to be 120/80mmHg. In case of hypertension, treatment is provided to reduce blood pressure and thereby to avoid higher risk of complications.

Boe economists take on bitcoin

The Bank of England's Economists Take on Bitcoin Bitcoin is a virtual currency with immense potential but what effects does it have on the United Kingdom's economy? While the digital currency will perhaps never prove harmful to the economy, it is believed that the innovation of technology will offer interesting possibilities.

Summary of literature

Not a series of gig-lamps" surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the endthe lady of shalott, Tennyson" four gray walls and four gray towers".the lady of shalott, Tennysona mirror- sees " shadows of the world" my last duchess, Robert BrowningHe caused her to demise " he gave commands/ then all smiles stopped together" →

Faraday’s law lab report essay sample

B is the magnetic field at the location of the coil. A is the cross sectional area of the coil, and is the angle between the field and the area A.

Virtue, duty, utility and/or/as feminist ethics

Six months ago, Audrey got her dream job with a highly reputable international organization, and she is required to travel a lot in the three years she will be working for the organization. Audrey critically thinks about the women she has condemned over the years and realizes that though abortion is bad, it is equally →

Digital ethics assignment

This is how the how the computer is able to record what is typed through social media or if it is being saved on a device. CIThere are ways around this to allow friends and family to keep you memory alive, unfortunately this has to be done willing In on the individuals behalf through a →

Existential crisis

We learn and execute the Pythagorean Theorem because of its cultivating power an intimacy with the Pythagorean Theorem is not the end goal but rather, a tool in the work of sculpting minds. Perhaps an understanding of Socrates and Shakespeare will not equate to money in the bank.

Rudi gassner case study essay

The objectives to be met are 1 ) achievement of targeted adjusted earnings per share or the " EPS Target " for the particular region realization of a objective sales revenue growth in local currency of the region or the country where the operations area being carried out. This is also known as the " →

What the bill of rights means to me? essay sample

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the Constitution. I like to be able to express myself through words and writing and the first amendment allows me to do that.

Solar wind

As the earth swims through the resultant solar spray, Matthaeus notes that it would catch some of the particles of the solar wind in its magnetic field leading to the creation of its magnetosphere. The solar wind's plasma, travelling as far as 100 AU, much farther than the orbit of Pluto would carry along with →

Reflection paper on bilingualism, american style (will fax chapter)

Half of the country's population growth in the 1990's came from non-English speaking immigrants or their children, and while such groups traditionally have held onto their cultural and language differences while living in America, now we are seeing that more and more of them feel the need to take on English as the functional language →

Lab: preparation of esters essay

We labeled the four test tubes A to D and placed them in the test tube rack. Into the appropriate test tubes, we poured the correct amount of an alcohol and added a carboxylic acid as indicated in the table below.

Macbeth deception

When King Duncan realizes that he was betrayed by the past Thane of Cawdor, he says, " There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face: He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust." This means that Duncan used to trust the Thane of Cawdor with his eyes closed but →

Qualitative data of informal interviews

The first step in carrying out a qualitative analysis of informal or semi-structured interview data is to read carefully the transcripts while making notations in the margins. In case one is not using a computer software package for analysis, it would be easier to insert line numbers onto every page of the transcripts to help →

My high school experience

In my case, I saw my high school life as a time for understanding my peers and using the knowledge that I gained to help me chart my path in life. I did not feel that I was at par with my classmates in the economic aspect of life which is why I did my →

What is bartletts definition of latin europe and frankish europe

In the particular excerpt from Bartlett's book that I have assigned to you, Bartlett argues for the importance of colonization as a key theme in the High Middle Ages and provides an outline sketch of the expansion of the Roman Catholic Church. Likely trained as a Priest himself, Fulcher of Chartres was one of the →

An inconvenient truth summary 3

The entire film is presented in the context of a lecture hall in a university, which gives the audience a sense of seriousness. Gore makes a profusion of projections which startle the audience with the effect of alerting them to the crisis.

Causes of resistance to change

Answer 2 Observable aspects of the organizational culture can be defined as a set of code of conduct for the individuals or groups operating under the broader umbrella of organizational values, beliefs and its mission and vision statement." The observable level of culture, and consists of behavior patterns and outward manifestations of culture: perquisites provided →

The not as bright as before and perhaps

Not that I was a stranger to the situation, but simply seeing and being reminded of the harsh realities in this world is appalling enough. I also came to realize that a lot of times we dont really know the blessings that we have and just take these for granted.

Accrual accounting concepts

It has been indicated that adjustments are made to valuation of inventory or they are done in the form of assessment by the companies regarding the proportion of accounts receivables which they expect not to collect and therefore is recorded as bad debts. Such companies could therefore be considered as the ones which are involved →

Patriot act, pros and cons

The Patriot Act was signed into law by President Bush in response to the tragedy of the events of 9/11. This report explains the issues that warranted this law, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the Patriot Act of 2001.

Journal 5

Journal 5 For discussion or group purposes, the best seating pattern was face-to-face because it was easy to pick up on the body language of the other person. On the other hand, the worst seating pattern was side-by-side because the only way to see the other person was to turn sideways.

Chemical reaction stoichiometry

The objectives of this experiment is to establish and determine the stoichiometry of the precipitation chemical reaction involving calcium nitrate 2) and sodium phosphate as the reactants that will form the precipitate calcium phosphate 2) at the end. The experiment will also determine any physical and chemical changes such as electrical conductivity and temperature that →

Management (how to be an efficient leader)

Running Head: ASSIGNMENT Assignment in APA Style by Question In order to be an efficient leader, a manager in the business organization should posses the three essential management skills identified by Robert Katz namely conceptual, technical, and human skills. Conceptual skill is the ability of the manager to view the company as a whole as →

The irony in “the lottery” assignment

In this lottery it is not what they win but it is what is lost Point views, situations, and the title are all ironic to the story ' The Lottery.' The point of view in ' The Lottery' is ironic to the outcome. The title of the story ' The Lottery" is ironic.

Civil engineers essay

Consider myself a very engaging person and that will improve my networking in the business world. I am the type of person that if I set my mind to something, I can do it.

Positive psychology analysis

If you are a negative person, you must first become familiar with why you are negative and must be willing to change that in order to live the life of positivity. Positive psychology is a way of life that teaches you not how to ignore negative situations and experiences but how to cope and overcome →

In class assignment

Chicago Public Schools incorporates a wide variety of schools, the four main types being district schools, selective schools, magnet schools and charter schools. I think that these charter schools should limit the number of students they expel and suspend.

Shrinking the u.s. – one body at a time

Perhaps, the government and school systems could be more involved in educating students and parents, and help them to practice healthier lifestyle habits. School systems and government should become more involved in combating obesity, and could make some changes in order to reduce the growing trend.

Foreign language requirements in us high schools

In 1981, studies showed that the scores of students who had taken only two years of foreign language were on average 51 points higher in verbal and 54 points higher in math than those who had taken no foreign language. This is shown above in the verbal scores of the SAT for students who have →

What is meant by international business ethics

While business ethics emerged as a field in the 1970s, international business ethics did not emerge until the late 1990s, looking back on the international developments of that decade. Ethical issues arising out of international business transactions; e.g.bioprospecting and biopiracy in the pharmaceutical industry; the fair trade movement; transfer pricing.

Impact of capital structure on financial performance of real estate firms listed in chinese stock exchange

Many firms within the industry are owned by the government and the capital structure of listed firms is operated by listed organisations, which utilise a culture of collectivism in making capital structure decision. Methodology The study is a descriptive research design that explores the capital structure of companies listed in the Chinese stock exchange in →

Reading response # 3

In order to argue whether there is really a clash of civilization as suggested by Huntington or the reaction is just Muslim or Arab Phobia, it is important to understand the roots of this conflict and how this difference emerged. The current arrogance against Muslims and Arabs therefore is part of that perception that Arabs →

A judge is a person who is given the task

He is the arbiter who is given the authority to evaluate the facts and issues of a case and to thereafter render a decision based on jurisprudence, the law, the Constitution and other acceptable sources. The people bring the case before the court that he represents, in hopes of obtaining a decision that is reflective →

Leadership when chance occurs the effects

Leadership is necessarily utilization of skills, force and knowledge in order to bring about a change in the way, mood or orientation of a matter or set of matters." A leader is a person who has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen". One →

Discussion board questions 1

Power, as Russett, Starr, and Kinsella defined, is the ability to have an impact on the behaviour of other actors, mainly to affect the opportunities available to others and their willingness to select specific courses of actions. Non-governmental organizations are another kind of non-state actor and they seem to have relatively less impact on involving →

Bill to law at malaysia

When a Bill is introduced to MPs in the parliament, it is called the First Reading. The title of the Bill is read out and copies of it are copied out, no debate takes place, but there will be a vote on whether the House wishes to consider the Bill further.

Constitutional law: pam v. state x

According to Ranjan, " The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America...filed suit in the District Court of Maine". From a purely procedural context of the case, the court should not base whether the prior authorization of these drugs a function of part of State X's program is legal or not.

Pre optometry

My participation here provided me with the opportunity for the development of leadership and service, and this stimulated my interest to become an Optometrist in order to exercise the leadership and services skills obtain from my participation. I have a 2-year experience in the Optometrist field which has increased my aptitude and motivation.

Martin luther king jr usages of pathos, ethos and logos

He is the heart and the emotion of the protest. His speech is considered one of the best speeches of this century and he made great usage of all three methods of persuasion.

A leaflet on bullying essay

The Target audience for my leaflet will be the bullied person, I have chosen to target the bullied person as they will need help on what to do, how to do it, and who to go to for help if they are bullied. As this will stay in the mind of my readers.* A logo- →

Worst job you ever had

The good pay was the major attraction and I was congratulating myself in landing the job. Since I had already resigned from my previous job, I was in no position to refuse it at that stage as I needed the money for my rent and food.

Miss minnie pennypincher essay

Add the GE Millennium MG imaging machine to the list of resources at the hospital. Assistance in making a strategy for the implementation of the GE Millennium MG imaging machine.B.

707 heater 707 hydro spa rain shower rail

The need of the hour is to have equipment that will not just heat the water, but does that quickly and without any ruckus. The brand offers a range of water heaters that heat water effortlessly, and are durable, reliable and sustainable.

The difference between a figurative and a literal analogy

The two types of analogies are Literal Analogy and Figurative analogy. If the purpose is to give logical reasoning and sound conclusion, Literal Analogy is better.

I one must be watchful of such people,

I find the disgusting and a waste of time. I dislike going to Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh, for shopping especially with mother and sister but I do enjoy going to the Malls and do window shopping I dislike teachers, who think they are always right, those, who start yelling at you, at the drop →

Space weather assignment

When something electric is happening in space to Earth, bright lights of various colors are able to be seen near the north and south poles. These bright waves of light across the sky are visible signs of " magnetic mayhem" that is going on in our atmosphere that can be seen on Earth.

Narrative about a fictional town named mcminden

Town Of McMinden The sociological perspective is a broad aspect of the of sociology. The concept of sociological perspective is being followed generally in the town as it is followed everywhere in the world.

Pmi analysis

Negative Aspects One of the negative aspects about the presentation is that at the start of the presentation, Mick Mountz does not identify who he is; he only mentions what he is speaking about. A negative attribute of the presentation is that Mick Mountz only points out the advantages of using robots in a massive →

Borohydride reduction

The chemical process studied in this lab was reduction, the process of reducing the number of bonds to oxygen and increasing the number of bonds to hydrogen. A decent percentage of the original sample was lost throughout the reduction process of vanillin to vanillyl alcohol.

Anne frank’s diary

Anne Frank is correct, as everyone does have some sense of good in their heart, and that people will do good for something. And it relates to Anne's claim because she says " in spite of everything, and the vegetable man did all that he can to help.

Mars global explorer

Approach There have been a host of significant discoveries in the past that have reflected on the idea of existence of life on Mars. In the light of the above evidences, this report will try to further work on the possibilities of existence of life on Mars.

Smoking and liberty

During the decades where the majority smoked, people were desensitised to the smells and the potential health risks of smoking. And this has been demonstrated by the significant decrease in the number of people smoking on a regular basis.

Are you more spiritual than religious

In the context of spirituality, a man is said to regard a personal relationship with God in a level that far exceeds obedience to the established set of laws in religion. By being spiritual, I am motivated to go by the natural course of acting righteously because I have confidence in knowing that a loving →

Advantages of working women essay sample

But the humanity has evolved in a male-centered, patriarchal society; men were always the main suppliers of food and money, and women were always the ones who had a duty to look after the fire and children. The women are always late, especially when they come from work, and not all of the men are →

My trip

The next day, we will go to the Basilique Notre-Dame. The next day, we will go to the Mont Royal.

Advantages of married lilife

13 May, Advantages of married life: Marriage is one of the most important institutions which lay the basis of society. Married life is the solution to most of the problems of the contemporary society that include but are not limited to depression, dreadful diseases and infections acquired through sex with strangers, and sufferings of single →

The good daughter essay

Though my parents and my expectations from me are not much different but it is like my duty now to fulfill their expectations even at the cost of my own ambitions. Due to the expectations of her parents, she could not become what she wanted to be.

When sets rules of global trade that benefit

When you buy a cup of coffee in Starbucks every morning to keep you awake through the day, do you ever think of the origins of these coffee beans? We do not see the coffee bean farmers praying for the weather to be kind.

Health care system and the lifestyle of the americans

Sociology According to functionalist theorists, both race and ethni has a functional relationship and combination of both of these concepts lead to the creation of a harmonious society and for the creations of a society it is necessary to assimilate both the racial and ethnic minorities. On the other hand the Pluralism rule of politics →

Merits and demerits of a cashless economy

One of the primary benefits of a cashless economy is there will not be as many currency notes in circulation. One of the top concerns is that there are not too many people who are educated on how a cashless economy works.

What values exemplify a wayland baptist university student

Wayland Baptist of What values exemplify a Wayland Baptist At Wayland Baptist University, students are taught a number of values that exemplify what the university stands for. I will also share the positive teachings I have learned at Wayland Baptist University with others in the community so that they can learn how to relate with →

Sleep deprivation & classical conditioning assignment

The independent variable in this experiment is sleep, and the dependent variable is cognitive ability. In the second part of this experiment the subjects would be exposed to a 24-hour period of sleep deprivation.

Website verification

Whilst, the user brings in to use the semantic mark-up in the Web pages so as to formulate the rules and regulations which must hold on the data present in the site, we have proposed a system tool for the verification of Web pages which allows the user to describe rules and limitations in a →

Design matrix

Allowing customers to have a decision in what the store does help to build a greater sense of loyalty. Understanding that the market has hundreds of pairs of shoes on the market already, they need to be versatile and durable.

A doll’s house: advantages and limitations of dramatic forms essay

The play illustrates the story of the Helmers family, introducing the role and purpose of each character. Moreover the play shows the advantages and limitations of the dramatic form.

Why is cheating wrong?

Cheating is unfair to you. When others hear about your cheating, their opinion of you will be compromised.

Mandatory arbitration

The best state that I would report my case to is Kansas in a court that enjoys the jurisdiction on this matter. This is due to the fact that I only play a passive role which is signing to an already drafted agreement.

Media and freedom of speech and expression assignment

Also, Article 19 of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, guarantees right to freedom of expression as, " Everyone has right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes the right to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through our media and regardless of frontiers." A day →

Bank lending

In addition, for his savings and investments, there is a wide range of accounts such as Savings Account Plus that allows him to enjoy higher interest rates on his savings, and a Term deposit Account with a guaranteed rate for his savings. Mortgage is one of the products, which is a lengthy commitment that Mr.

My purpose in pursuing a graduate degree

Beginning with this word of thought that is I think the most important key to success I have learned from my life, I realized that I can do everything that I really intend to do. The factors that have been a point in my life which made me go ahead were I think my dedication, →

Mysticism in hinduism

The supreme reality of Brahman is the foundation of the world. Brahman is in the world and if the world of experience were illusory and did not relate to Brahman, love, wisdom and asceticism could not prepare us to the sublime life.

Why people get married

In Homogamy chooses a mate who's personal and group characteristics that are similar to our own. With heterogamy it may refer to a marriage between two individuals that differ in a certain criterion, and is contrasted with homogamy for a marriage or union between partners that match according to that criterion.

Boston massacre propaganda

Although they were quite justified in doing so, the townspeople of Boston severely over exaggerated the events of that day in order to gain public sympathy and pit more colonists against the British regime. In this regard, the colonists used The Boston Massacre to encourage the spread of outrage among the colonies against the British.

How the theme of conformity is explored in peter weir’s assignment

The theme of conformity is introduced In the very opening scenes of the film. He wants them to understand that there is more to life than obeying the orders of others, and In this way the film deals with Weir's common theme also explored in Witness and Galileo; the quest for personal freedom, and the →

Constitutional advance in kuwait :

The events leading to the realization of a new constitution in Kuwait are many, different, and challenging. In the process of drafting the new constitution, the Sabah family tried to sabotage the realization of a new constitution.

Home wrok 2

Therefore, stock B will be included in portfolio since B has higher alpha than A.iii Both will be included in the actively managed portfolio depending on the number of stocks that are needed to achieve full diversification.2.a.calculation of the Treynor measure This measure relates the rate of return earned above the risk free rate to →

Heros: comparing gilgamesh and enkidu

It is easy to tell at the beginning of the story that Enkidu is going to be a hero. It takes a little bit longer for the reader to warm up to the idea of Gilgamesh becoming a hero.

Midnight in the garden of good and evil archetypal project

Once the tour was finished, Berendt decided he would like to stay longer in the grand town of Savannah, and booked a room in the second floor of a carriage house. Joe describes the aspects of Emma's life to Berendt and he is throughly pleased to listen.

Corrigendum: genome sequencing and comparative analysis of three hanseniaspora uvarum indigenous wine strains reveal remarkable biotechnological potential

A Corrigendum on Genome Sequencing and Comparative Analysis of Three Hanseniaspora uvarum Indigenous Wine Strains Reveal Remarkable Biotechnological Potential by Guaragnella, N, Chiara, M, Capece, A, Romano, P, Pietrafesa, R, Siesto, G, et al. 10: 3133.doi: 10.