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Comparative analysis of csr activities of psus

The 1 MT phases of Bhilai and Rourkela Steel Plants were completed by the end of December 1961. The 1 MT phase of Durgapur Steel Plant was completed in January 1962 after commissioning of the Wheel and Axle plant.

Being when you’re are facing a change is

Something that helped me accept that I needed a job change wasidentifying the pro's and cons. Lewin'smodels suggest that this first step is essential in order to accept a change.

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When hisnobel prize in 1954 shortly after

Lastly Linus was a known peace activistand protested weapons of mass destruction, and as a result, he won the Nobel Peace prize. Linus not only assisted in the discovery of DNA, but also won aNobel prize in chemistry.

Underdetermination and holism

Undeterminism and Holism A critical look at the problem of undeterminism shows that it is not right to dismiss the problem of undeterminism as a mere case of philosophical doubt. This fact from the history of the growth of science shows us that the issue that the problem of undeterminism of scientific theories raises is →

Chief problems in defining postmodernism

In the Oxford Dictionary, postmodernism be described as ' a late 20th -century style and concept in the arts, architecture, and criticism, which represents a departure from modernism and is characterized by the self-conscious use of earlier styles and conventions, a mixing of different artistic styles and media, and a general distrust of theories'. The →

Dos and don’ts (public speaking) essay sample

Do not apologize No need to apologize when you give a speech or tell the audience that you are nervous. Do not Fumble Pay attention to what you are doing with your hands.

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Determination float from upstream direction. get a stop

Now calculate the discharge incubic feet per second & multiplying the Velocity by the cross-sectional area of the stream.0. A staff gauge havingnumerically labeled divided in lines to take the measurement of water easily the depth & stream flow.

The original football

The Origins of Football The most popular sport in the world is football. Football in Egypt Egypt was first to play the game of football and competition was not the key point.

Dawn social justice group

They also believe that woman with disabilities: have the right to access the services and supports available to all woman; have needs which are different from those of men with disabilities; know best what their needs are; have a right to freedom of choice in all aspects of their live; and can be proud of →

Advertising ethics case study

Advertising ethicsis a branch of business ethics that is aimed at the reduction of deceptive elements in marketing. When one researches a case about ethics in advertising, he should explain the definition of this term and think about the cause and effect of this problem.

Descriptive essay: why i love south africa

I know that as a Saffa I am being subjective but then again, I have seen the aspects that visitors to the country do not usually see and I still love the place, warts and all. Like so many of my countrymen, I had to learn to embrace difference but now I never want to →

The case of the unhealthy hospital essay sample

For example, some of the drivers in the US healthcare system are very different to that of Australia. Organisation, Structure and Written Presentation 7 Clear, logical and evident structure to the organisation and presentation of the discussion in the paper.

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Tristan gonzales

The first person that comes to mind when I hear the word integrity is Nick Carraway from the movie and the novel " the Great Gatsby'. Nick Carraway as a narrator is honest and reliable because he explains all the Judgments from characters in general and is unbiased in doing so, he presents original plots →


Dear Perspective It is clear that you are interested in taking Economics 220 and what this letter hopes to accomplish is identify why I likedthis course what I have learned, highlight some of my experience working on an integrated final project as well as some shortcomings of the course. In this regard you are going →

Founder of boeing

Boeing was the founder of The Boeing Company founded in 1916 in Seattle, Washington. William E.began building floatplanes near Seattle, Washington and built up the Boeing Airplane Company in 1916 in Boeing is the world's most successful and oldest existing aerospace company.

Privacy and new technology

The law governing the handling the rights of an individual to his or her information clearly states the way the information should be handled. The agency or company should be accountable if the information is used on other ways and leads to inconveniencies on the side of the individual.b.

Theories of learning chp 10 gestalt theory

In psychology, field theory assumes that behavior or cognitive processes are a function of many variables that exist simultaneously, and a change in any one of them changes the effect of all the others. Relational theoryThe contention of the Gestalt psychologists that organism should learn principles or relationships and not specific responses to specific stimuli.

Cancun, mexico as a good vacation place

Although the temperature of the city is warm, it is cooled by breeze that circulates in the area.2. There are several restaurants in the city where tourists can enjoy the sights and the food of Cancun.1.

Wendell phillip speech

Wendell Phillips, a white American abolitionist, used the power of language to his advantage to collaborate an influential speech filled with praises and moving words for the former slave, Haitian general, Toussaint-Louverture. His words reveal an unmistakable abolitionist fervor that screams to Americans to allow African Americans to serve in the military and open their →

Government managing the economy

GOVERNMENT MANAGEMENT OF THE ECONOMY The government plays a vital role in the management of the economy through a number of strategies that focus on economic stability. D, & Libecap, G.D.

Dual process theories of reasoning and judgment

In response to Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory precluding such concepts as d by the text as, " No matter how small the probability of a new terrorist attack on the 11th day of the ninth month of the year may be, for example, many people will nevertheless refrain from flying on that specific day. They believe that →

Why did the colonists want independence from england

In addition to this, the long distance between the king and the colonies caused little link between the rulers and the subjects. They ruled them the way they wanted and not in collaboration.


BRAND The brand of Vionnet has a long history, which started in1912 with the creation of the fashion house by Madeleine Vionnet. Despite the entire couture industry is directed toward meeting the desires of those customers who can afford luxury clothes, in terms of affordability, the creative director of Vionnet and its owner Goga Ashkenazi →

In the world of paleontology

This essay will help a beginner to learn about the profession by giving a bit of detail that includes further information about paleontology, information about the dig sites/how the operate, and the schools that allow the study in paleontology. A paleontologist will uncover and study the fossils that they retrieve, they also travel the world →

Satire essay- standardized testing

And when we ask why the response is always, " Well it will not be on the test this year". What more could we hope for from the future of this nation?

A painful case: james duffy lives a predictable life

James Duffy lived in Chapelizod because he wished to live as far as possibly from the city" Throughout the story James's life stays consistent, just the way he wishes. He is constantly aware of his daily routines, making for no unpredictable moments in his life." His room still bore witness of the orderliness of his →

Important of money management as a college student essay sample

They can invest their money in the bank that will have money earning a specified amount of interest. As a College Student, they have to spending their money wisely to lead a successful life.

Nietzsce and the internalization of man essay sample

Nietzsche dismissing punishment as the origin of bad conscience is based on the ideals of a society transitioning from a simplistic, nomadic and barbaric way of life, to a more serene one, with beliefs of settlements and communities. Nietzsche finds the development of bad conscious in its earliest forms of tribes and settlements, society would →

The livelihood as an adult. prostitution cannot be

The present Act also casts an obligation on the person who inherit the property of the aged parents or relatives, to maintain such aged parents or relative and also make a provision for setting up at old age homes for providing maintenance to the indigent older parents. A similar obligation is cast on the relatives →

Social networking pages of various types and forms.

Social networks are virtual communities that empower their users Sharing ideas and interests, as well as making new friends and Social networks sites are a prominent media phenomenon today, attracting a large number of people from society, especially young people, as the most influential group in societies with the energy and change they have. These →

The usps

Answer 2 With USPS promoting diversity by conducting a great number of programs and events, and the composition of the company's workforce reflecting more and more diversity over the years, the major threat could be that of ethnocentrism, which might lead the women and minorities into believing that they are being favored over the whites, →

Relational database summary

The DB'S handles the link between the physical and logical views of the data.A. A schema describes the logical structure of a database.B.

Legendary badminton players

He was famous for his jump and he contributed very much in altering the sport and introducing it to the whole world. He was the most famous player in his time and is still remembered.

Common process units found in a refinery summarised

Desalter unit washes out salt from the crude oil before it enters the atmospheric distillation unit. Naphtha hydrotreater unit uses hydrogen to desulfurize naphtha from atmospheric distillation.

Case study/mis in action essay sample

If the data center requires an unusually high amount of power and hence cooling, this requirement limits what is available for the remainder of the space. What are the business benefits and cost of these solutions? a.

Activity i enjoy essay sample

The reason why I have selected this activity is because it contributes to strengthen the relationship with my girlfriend, sharing and enjoying together an important portion of my few spare times, since my job is very time consuming being " up in the air all the time". When I am on the beach playing with →

Environmental factors

On the other hand, punishers are environmental responses that weaken the behavior and decrease the probability of the behavior being repeated. The most commonly used technique is the reinforcement of desired behavior.

Degradation in the culture of capitalism

What can be done to reduce or prevent the rising incidence of infection The globalization of capitalism has contributed to the spread of infectious diseases in a number of significant ways. To help combat these problems and control the spread of disease there needs to be an international effort towards monitoring, recognizing, vaccinating, and controlling →

The like small children, hopping and jumping like

The next thing I like is the beauty of Nature. If and when I want peace of the mind, I go to nature and talk to her.

The chrysalids: uncle axle character sketch

You also learn that David sees his Uncle as a friend and a role model rather then just a relative."...because he was Uncle Axel and my best friend among the grown-ups." You also get the sense that David almost feels as if his Uncle is the only supportive, understanding, logical, and open- minded member in →

For due to the heat people become

This season brings bright and longer days, which exposes the beauty of nature, the grasses are green, flowers bloom and myriad birds and animals return to the melted and blossoming fields. This has been and is still the most celebrated aspect of this season.

The american war of independence

Union policy over slavery changed throughout the course of the war because of internal rifts between the Northern and Southern states, which were in a tight competition for political power. The Chesapeake colonies of the upper South, particularly in Virginia and Maryland, were among the primary drivers of the Southern economy.

The things they carried by tim obrien

Therefore, the most effective realization of the work may be that it is a collection of individual stories with a beginning, middle, and end, distributed in different chapters which can be successfully organized under the label of a novel, as the individual chapters form a united whole in the overall effect. To conclude, The Things →

Toyota production system and case study toyota

Toyota has had Issues managing ethics and public relations effectively In the US and It may take some time or the us market to go back to previous volumes due to the company's history In responding to issues with vehicles. He should be the one talking about and marketing the commitment to quality over quantity.

Environmental testing

Therefore, the fungus is not in the same genus with the two bacteria because they have marked differences in their microscopic view. Well, the grouping of living organisms in their speecies and genus can only be achieved through microscopic and macroscopic views in a laboratory.

Calder vs. jones essay

Jones In the case of Calder V. The case, Calder V.

Differences between laptop and netbook

A laptop includes a battery for portable power and a touchpad instead of a mouse for input. In short, the difference between laptop and netbook is a netbook is smaller, lighter, cheaper and simpler.

What yemen thinks should be done about syria

One of the consummate historical occurrences is the ouster of the former president, Saleh and the swearing-in of Hadi after numerous riots and unrest. It is important since it transformed the Yemeni government for the better of its economy and welfare of the citizens.

Community visit experience: st davids medical station

The health stations are as follows: the Snug Corner Medical Station, the New Hampshire Medical Station, the Happy Hill Medical Station, and the Mt. The medical doctors from the district come in everyday from the health center to assist with the patients' care.

Introduction trends in business technology which have

How business used to go about business yesterday is not as the same as today and neither do we have the luxury to assume that the future will be as the same as today. From that rationale, the creation of value and satisfaction, which consumers demand end up pushing companies to develop strategies that govern →

Louis xiv

In 1670, Louis finally finished his memoir of the early years of his reign, which was intended to advise his first son, the Dauphin, about the secrets of effective rule. He informs the Dauphin that it is difficult to obtain honest advice from the crowd of people that work for the king.

About hotel pokhara grande

Once our new location is complete, Pavitra will become one of the finest spas in Pokhara and all of Nepal. The gym has stgate of the art equipment and well-appointed congenial staff have the expertise to guide you towrds a thorough and befitting workout.

Disease prevention questions/assignment

An effective plan of informing is by parents practicing healthy habits themselves for the population to imitate and talking to them about it, using the media to teach the population on its importance and teaching about weight control and its effects in schools.5. This is because following the advice requires sacrifice and a lot of →

Case study on bank management system

Bank management systemis the complicated software system which is aimed at the professional management of the client's activities in the bank and high-quality and quick access to the client's account. With the rapid development of the banking system, the necessity of the high-quality bank management system has become extremely relevant.

Mph 504 – epidemiology (module 2 – slp)

The advantages of the case definition are that the time, place and person have been described. The source of outbreak has been attributed to alfalfa sprouts and lettuce.

Children’s defense fund cradle to prison

Children's Defense Fund " Cradle to Prison" The essay aims to present a response and reaction to the featured Children's Defense Fund " Cradle to Prison" presentation by addressing the following: what you learned; the importance of what you learned; and what you will do with what you learned Children's Defense Fund " Cradle to →

Management of human resources class discussion wk2

Human Resource Affiliation: Human Resource The competitive market environment has completely changed the role of the Human Resource management as they have come to a realization that Human Resource must play a more strategic role in the success of an organization. The external environment refers to the social, economic, technology, environmental, political trends and development →

Adam draper to fund 30 bitcoin companies

Draper likes to think of Bitcoin as a currency that is alive, well, and also ready to be spent. He promised to the bitcoin community that the organization will support 100 bitcoin-related companies in the next 3 years.

Marketing mix in cafe coffee day assignment

INTRODUCTION COMPANY PROFILE Cafe coffee day is favorite and largest coffee shop chain in India.his coffee shop is one of the part of amalgamated bean coffee trading ltd, it is commonly known as a cafe coffee day. Coffee day is opened first cafe in 1996 on brigade road in Bangalore, and today coffee day company →

Man vs. technology

I believe the rise of Internet technology has Improved the workplace and our dally lives In very many ways. I believe the rise of Internet technology has improved the workplace and our daily lives in very many ways.

Marginal costing and absorption costing comparison

Marginal costing is also termed as variable costing, a technique of costing which includes only variable manufacturing costs, in the form of direct materials, direct labour, and variable manufacturing overheads while determining the cost per unit of a product. In the costing of product/service, a marginal costing technique considers the behavioural characteristics of costs, because →

On slave narratives and phillis wheatley

A great extent of African American history relates and documents the struggles of the African American people to overcome the oppression brought about by the forced labor system and attain the fundamental right to freedom, to liberty, and to the pursuit of the respective happiness, which every human being is entitled to, regardless of race →

Ibn battuta – one of the greatest medieval travelers

After receiving aneducationin Islamic law, Ibn Battuta set out in 1325, at the age of 21, to perform the obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca and to continue his studies in the East. He crossed the Black Sea to the Crimea in the territories of the Golden Horde and visited its khan in the Caucasus.

Individual database design paper

Data that has been destroyed or corrupted is useless within a business's data system structure." The database architecture Is the set of specifications, rule, and processes that dictate how data Is stored In a database and how data Is accessed by components of the system. For numerous users and applications of a small scale the →


Positive comments from supervisors can be listed in a section of their own and would be a tremendous selling point for you as a potential employee. We can add your achievements for the one year in your family job to the list of all other achievements and avoid the issue in a " combination resume" →

Macroeconomics homework assignment

A family buys a new refrigerator Consumption increases because a refrigerator is a good purchased by a household. Total GAP increases by the same amount.F.

Rewright this paper

Rewritten Paper on Impression Management In his book ' The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life', Ervin Goffman writes that even though the social masks which one creates are aimed at reflecting what a person admires and what he wants to be, they nevertheless contain a facet of his original true self. This, I believe, →

Tanglewood case 2: overview

Since Tanglewood has a policy of promoting internally, most of the positions that will be filled will be store associates. In order to meet Tanglewood's needs, here is the plan of action: -Tanglewood will hire 3, 995 employees to fill store associate positions.

Argument( debate/dialogue) and response paper between two person

Aristotle sees polis as a village that had reached a state of full sufficiency and one that existed for the sake of bringing good to the society and those in it. Given the fact that the king is in charge of everything, there is no political liberty in the polis, and the residents are forced →

And and spiritual truth. then there are the

Think of the work of Wilberforce and Clarkson in England and of Lloyd Garrison and Abraham Lincoln in America, whose labours led to the abolition of slavery; or John Howard and Elizabeth Fry, who exposed the horrors of the old prisons, and led the way to prison reform; or the Earl of Shaftsbury. Who devoted →

In accomplish bona fide and proceeding with happiness.

A man's qualities and the way that individual perform now and againbattle; the two are corresponding. To know where you have a position, you have tothink about your qualities, unique work method, and conduct.

Historical development of english common law assignment

This difficulty gave birth to a new kind of court, the court of equity, also known as the court of Chancery because It was the court of the king's chancellor. In American law, Blackstone work now functions as the definitive source for common law precedents prior to the existence of the United States.

A review of anthropologist on mars one case study only

Bonnet's life was so unbelievably unique because of the amazing fact that he was a full blown torture and also able to perform such great surgery. Bonnet's behavior, Sacks was invited to say with the Bennett family for months so that he could get the best understanding of how he lived his spectacular life.

Emotional courage essay

Courage: An Extended Definition The current dictionary definitions of courage are inadequate because they only include references to physical courage and omit instances of inner strength. A young fireman who rushes into a burning building to save a baby and a nineteen-year-old Vietnam soldier who leaves the safety of the rench to preserve the life →

Case study: bt retail

As a result of the prevarication, a different direction had to be adopted by the company as having continued doing things In the same way as hey previously where being done In the public sector was not going to give them a competitive advantage over their competitors. Also a programmer of change management would be →


If a school starts to limit the number of activities that they maintain the students would not have as many opportunities to try some of the things they like. However, keeping the activities we have and adding more activities would give every student the chance to be in a sport.

Conflicts being a college student

Patrice Williams November 12, 2013 Conflicts of A College Student The daily life of a college student is filled with many conflicts. Having everyday issues such as these can cause stress on the mind of a student that he or she does not need while attending college.

The chemistry of chloroform flashcard

Oxidation of chloroform by oxygen In the air can generate phosgene, COCOA, which was used as a chemical weapon during World War l. It is used as a feedstock to make trinitrotoluene a key intermediate in the manufacture of the non-stick polymer Teflon.

Introduction to christology assignment

Daniel R Mitchell, Professor Introduction to Christology Contemporary Issues in Christological Method Overview Christ and History The Search Christology from Above vs.from Below The Person or Work of Christ, Which is Prior? Kahler 1 Distinguished Historie and Geschichte 2 Contrasted " Jesus" of Historie and the " Christ" of Geschichte.IV.

Dependency theory

Al Murrah is the people Cole focused on, they are a small society that resided in the heart of the desert in the country of Saudi Arabia. The rich and powerful Saudi government then recruited Al Murrah males into the national guards work and then the leader of the Al Murrah, as known as the →

Teacher collaborationcommunication

In an interview with a K-12 teacher at Richwoods, several insights were drawn out about teacher collaboration and this include activities usually teacher engage with that fosters collaboration, the benefits teachers, the direct impacts of collaboration to students, ways how to create collaboration and how school administrators plan as well as implement programs which heightened →

James garfield: black suffrage essay sample

The right that provoked the greatest controversy, especially in the North, concerned black male suffrage. They feared that ratification of the 15th Amendment would automatically create some 170, 000 loyal black Republican voters in the North and West.

Los angeles against the mountains by john mcpee

These methods sometimes are effective and can redirect the flow to prevent the damage to the property but then again, one can never be sure how long they will last with the uncertainty associated with the momentum of the debris flow. Such measures are effective only to the point where it can guarantee that it →

Money and family in ‘a raisin to the sun’ by lorraine hansberry

In accepting the offer for their home, Walter essentially degraded his family by agreeing with the white neighbor that he and his black family were not suitable to live in this ' improved' neighborhood, thus preferring a short term financial boost over the reputation and integrity of both his race and his loved ones. The →

An act of kindness

I was surprised to see that why the child of my age is begging instead of wearing a school uniform and books in the hand. Then I came back to the child with my father and gave the money to him so that he could buy a school uniform and books.

Shipper manufacturing

The purpose of this case Is to see the changes In manufacturing that are associated with the change In the company's long term strategy. In order for the objectives to be completed, eliminating flaws is necessary while still keeping the products at a high quality standard.

And club, with various departments for amuse­ment,

And very popular debating societies exist in various places quite apart from schools and colleges, like the mock " parliament" at Calcutta, which is conducted on the model of the procedure of the House of Commons, and to which many of the leading citizens of the town belong. And many a public speaker has learnt →

Mutual mistakes in contract law

In contractual law, a mutual mistake is: " Where a mistake of both parties at the time of contract was made as to a basic assumption on which the contract was made has a material effect on the agreed exchange of performances, the contract is voidable by the adversely affected party unless he bears the →

Monsters: mythology and states crime rates assignment

Some people think monsters are far more deadly and dangerous than monsters within people but monsters within people cause terrible things to happen to innocent people and monsters are mythical compared to monsters within us, which are very much a reality. While monsters of our world can only harm someone physically.' ' The monsters within →

Hoffman discount drugs, inc essay

The second alternatives of transfer ownership with guarantee that Excello would purchase equipment with ten year useful life as the sale implies that Excello would have to recognize a liability to Data System in the amount of the revenue. Meaning to say, first Excello needs to transfer the ownership to Data System for the revenue →

Cold war dbq assignment

In addition, when Germany was broken up among the four countries of France, Great Britain, the United States of America, and the Soviet union, the Soviet Union had the most land Of all. The majority of the responsibility for the Cold War lies in the hands Of the Soviet Union, and only minimally the United →

President lincolns second inaugural address

Delivered on March 4, 1865, Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address abounds in the use of the rhetorical and stylistic elements which catch the attention of the ears as well as the minds of the listeners. In short, President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address is a spectacular example of how a powerful speech adorned with rhetorical and stylistic →

Case study on garbage disposal

The garbage disposal unit is mainly placed on the kitchen below the sink and it is used to grind the wastes and bring good to the natural environment. The wastes are generally stored in landfills and with the run of time the products of the food wastes' disintegration produce the carbon dioxide which increases the →