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The nixon doctrine of 1969

Vietnamization was a U.S.policy during the Vietnam War which gave the South Vietnamese government ultimate responsibility for the war to allow for the withdrawal of American troops. In an attempt to remove the United States from the war in Vietnam, Nixon sought to turn the actual fighting of the war over to the South Vietnamese.

Indigenous knowledge and scientific knowledge

While ' Indigenous Knowledge' is sometimes seen as completely different to ' Scientific Knowledge', the two are able to complement each other in order to provide a broader understanding of the world.' Scientific Knowledge' is knowledge which is obtained through applying process of the scientific method to things in the world around us in order →

The body shop case

To determine the EFN, we subtracted the value of the Total Assets from the sum of Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity. The cash flow is determined by Operations, investing and financing activities of the company.

Musculinity and drinking

The abstract is clearly stated and includes the necessary things to include in an abstract such as the subjects and locale of the study, design of the study, the results, and the conclusion.9. The method and results has more centrality as the author was able to connect the method used which is ethnographic fieldwork to →

Apple’s alliances/cooperative projects

Even with the roll of the pod and pad, the revolutionary products by Apple to enter the music and digital library markets, its competitors are usingGoogle' s Android platform andAmazonAMP, for example, as a means of competing against these innovative and " cool" products. They try to appeal to the Apple family and make it →

Presentation of conflict in hard times

In the chapter ' Men and Masters' Stephen is called to ' the red brick castle of the giant Bounderby' Again the reference to the man made ' brick' symbolises how Mr. The consequences of this conflict are shown in Book 2 where Louisa finds herself in a loveless marriage to the ' boisterous Bounderby', →

My first and last love essay

She believed that she was in love with Nathan, but she guess she was still too shy to admit that she like an ugly, fat boy. She knows that her best friend was in love with her crush, and she lied to her best friend.

Meg whitman at ebay essay

Meg Whitman at eBay Group Case Analysis Upon being hired as the Chief Executive Officer of eBay, Meg Whitman came into a new, developing company on the brink of explosive growth.eBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as an online, equal access, person-to-person trading community based on principles of mutual honesty and respect. Recognizing →

Health and wellness

Although health and wellness are keys in living a long life, a lot of people are ill, have unhealthy habits, are obese, and are out of shape. If you are obese a good way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease is to put yourself on a well-balanced diet, and an effective exercise plan.

Overview of mauritian tourism industry tourism essay

Therefore, this sector is considered to be the key element in the overall development of the island and it has earned a reputation of excellent service in this industry. 2%The tourism industry which contributed to only 4% of the national GDP in the early 1990s has grown over the years to become a major pillar →

Pirates of the new world

She was a true pirate of the Caribbean. She was one of the first women to fight for the equality between men and women.

Business research: ikea

Research also needs to have limits of cost applied, these means that the research will most likely increase in cost both in terms of time and cash as the value of the decision for which the research is needed increases. After the research is complete, analysis of the results follows and the results are then →

Determining training effectiveness

Making use of available literature, acase studyrelated to the topic, and with the aid of content analysis, the study aims to find the most appropriate methods of determining training effectiveness. The accessibility to information and the limitations of the study will be summarized subsequently and the proposal will end with a timescale for the completion →

The post office

By 1660 control of " The Post" had passed from the monarch to Parliament with the creation of the post of Postmaster General. The responsibility for the day to day management passed from the Postmaster General to the board of the newly constituted corporation, although the new Minister for Posts and Telecommunications still retained control →

Harrison’s “national trust” and the corruption of the upper classes

Harrison is demonstrating the infinite greed of the upper class, further revealed through the enjambment in the first stanza, which also shows the opening words " bottomless pits" to be indicative of aristocratic indulgence." National Trust" accentuates the corruption of the upper class through this class's ignorance of suffering in the working classes. In particular, →


Ultimately, it will become impossible for the brain to give directions to the rest of the body without sleep; the brain needs time to rest. How much sleep do we need to get that good grade on a test the next morning?

Brighter sunnyday

Of all the movies that I have seen, only " A brighter Summer Day" was the longest hours film of them all, a very large project for the Chinese-language film. The story was also a mixture of Yang's youth which can be seen in the film though there is a little variation from the original.

Free to be, you and me

The use of the word " myth" already raises the attention of the reader to find the misconception. As she " checked the edge of the knife-blade" the reader becomes aware of the danger in doing this.

Autocratic system of government assignment

A totalitarian political party seeks to control not only all economic and political matters but the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the people, eliminating the distinction between state and society. The ultimate goal of a totalitarian government is to establish a " perfect" society in the eyes of the political party.

”the mysterious stranger” by mark twain essay sample

Number 44 states that everything in the universe is a dream, a creation of the human imagination: " Nothing exists; all is a dream. August's newly acquired knowledge on the world helps to expand his mind and understand the world beyond his village The reader should be aware that all of the events of the →

Confidentiality and information essay sample

Information should only be used for the use it was intended, it must not be given to anyone else without consent from the person the information belongs to unless there is a legitimate reason for the sharing of information like the prevention of a crime or abuse. It would be necessary to breach confidentiality in →

Motives for america’s invasion of iraq

Bush's regime told the international community that there was urgent need to invade Iraq in order to oust Saddam Hussein's despotic leadership from power and thus pave way for the entrenchment of democracy in Iraq which is a prerequisite to international peace and security especially in this era of terrorism. Analysts were therefore left unconvinced →

Akiko and post-traumatic stress disorder

Keller explores not only the past experiences of Akiko the mother, a Korean refugee of World War II who is forced to work at an internment camp as a " comfort woman" to Japanese soldiers, but also the damaging psychological effects including the onset of what appears to be post-traumatic stress disorder - that these →

Explain how rational organisational design business essay

This type of design often has one member of staff, usually the manager, in control of the majority of other employees; the hierarchy design resembling a pyramid, showing the manager has a large span of control. This span of control " shifts all responsibility for the organisation of work from the worker to the manager" →

Barter system essay

It can be a shell, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic image on it, but the value that people place on it has nothing to do with the physical value of the money. Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods →

Marilynne robinson’s essay “darwinism” essay

She spends some time discussing the relationship between Creationism and Darwinism; she attacks the way a Nietzschean ethic of selfishness has become respectable in the world; she also discusses the problems of the ideologies of Sigmund Freud. Creationism, according to Migliore, is " also know as ' creation science'" and that is " opposes the →

What must be done to protect new zealand’s wildlife

In New Zealand we are facing challenges of our own when it comes to protecting and conserving our native species. And this needs collective effort from each and every one of us to protect our native species-the government, NGOs and citizens.in my essay I will be emphasising on what we can do as individuals to →

The presidency trouble with trump’s ideology

Although the conspiracy was introduced in the 2008 presidential election, Trump brought it up during the re-election and Lee argues that he uses it, as a jumping-off platform to launch his presidential candidacy. Without a doubt, the President has taken advantage of the position that the people of the U.S.entrusted him with.

Ancient chinese contributions: row planting essay sample

Paper currency was first introduced by the Chinese and the earliest documentation of this invention is in the 800 BC. One of the Ancient Chinese inventions I could not live without would have to be paper.

Modernism in american literature

What made The Lost Generation of writers so markedly different was that they were experiencing the shift themselves, they were a part of the change, they were trying to make sense of a new life in a new world, and they wrote about that struggle. He also wrote with stark realism and a deep appreciation →

A rewrite of antigone

During the argument, it seemed that the power of Creon's legitimacy was shrinking as Antigone questioned him on topics from the burial to the qualities of a king that Creon did not meet. Antigone:[steps up to Creon's face] You actually think I am afraid of you, huh do not you?

A room with a view and the birth of venus essay sample

Another key parallel between the two novels is the use of the main female protagonist to aid George and the Painter in recovering from the effects of melancholy. She is able to explain to the Painter her own experience with melancholy in the form of what could be compared to as a sermon.

Novel ”the chosen” by chaim potok essay sample essay

The baseball game comes to an terminal when Reuven is fliping a ball to Danny and comes back at Reuven and it hits him in the oculus and shatters his spectacless. Following the first event.the following state of affairs that happens in Danny and Reuven's friendly relationship is Reb Saunders accepting Danny and his friend →

Informative essay on hpv

According to researchers, " vaccines for the Human Papillomavirus are available to protect against the two types of HPV" that cause about 80% of genital warts. The types targeted are HPV 6, HPV 11, HPV 16 and HPV 18, which cause ninety percent of the genital warts and are the leading causes of cervical cancer.

Localized value proposition analysis for toyota

In addition, the company can obtain the support of local government for the contribution to local economies and industrial development, which is also beneficial for local selling. It is necessary for a firm to consider carefully about the factors of localization strategy.

Cinematography in groundhog day essay

A cardinal scheme to the success of the movie is the combination of effectual duologue and cinematic techniques that reflect the phases of self-fulfillment in the narrative. Reflecting on the subject that." its pick.non opportunity.that determines your destiny".this suggests that Connor's perceived high quality over his state of affairs and the other characters of the →

Analysis of folk psychology philosophy essay

Lead by Churchland, the counter argument of the eliminative materialist is that folk psychology is useless to today's world and should be eliminated because it only gets in the way. This argument and others like it is the core of its relation to the philosophy of mind.

Crohns disease and modulen ibd

Both the ' effectiveness of exclusive EN therapy as primary therapy to induce remission in Crohn's disease' as well as ' the efficacy of EN for the maintenance of remission in Crohn's disease' are recently evaluated. In contrary, it is indicated that the effectiveness of EN diverges between adults and children; two pediatric trials with →

Victims of domestic violence criminology essay

Though the victims and their children are the ones experiencing the abuse; they are not the only ones who suffer the effects of the abuse- Society also suffers with them. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/205000445? accountid= 34899 CARL EVE, C.R.' Justice system must fight for the rights of domestic violence victims'.

Adolescent rites of passage

Central Idea: Adolescent rites of passage have marked the passage of children into adulthood around the world, and elements of those rituals are being used in modern American society. Transition)To begin, let's look at some of the different rites of passage from around the world that show traditional coming-of-age ceremonies in other cultures that are →

From determinism to cognitive theory

Beginning at the sea of determinism and crossing the plains of evolution, through the jungle of experimental psychology to find the path leading to the oasis of explanation of behaviorism where after a short rest, the trail winds around the curve of cognitive theory ending at a fork in the road. The Sea of Determinism →

Article analysis: philippine public administration

As such, the article focuses on the role of government and its scope in an effort to answer the fundamental question concerning the existence of a " Philippine" Public Administration. The author argues that the main objective of the politics of civil government is to serve the general welfare of the community, which is far →

Environmental issues of coal mining

The various impacts of mining on environment and their mitigation measures are as follows: Impact of Mining on Air Quality Air pollution in mines is mainly due to the fugitive emissions of particulate matter and gases including methane, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monooxide. All these activities are major sources of noise & →

Analytical essay

At the palace, one of the soldiers who had arrived is talking to another person while sitting next to another man clad in a black cloak and green clothes holding a scepter like object pointing another man in a green cloak and black clothes who points the scroll. For instance, the tapestry indicates the image →

Imagination vs. reality: “the poems of our climate” and “the snow man”

Through the use of natural imagery and contemplative language in his two poems, " The Poems of Our Climate" and " The Snow Man," the intricate and convoluted dualism of human existence becomes graspable. The intricate duality of the physical and the metaphysical is portrayed in " The Poems of Our Climate".

Debeers case study/pov

Though DeBeers essentially pioneered the entirecultureand reputation of the diamond, the legwork was already done for emerging and junior companies trying to get in on the train of success and profit that DeBeers had trekked alone on for nearly a century. For example, we will turn to what the present economies of countries where DeBeers →

Market efficiency of the london stock exchange

Market Efficiency of the London Stock Exchange Introduction The London Stock Exchange is in the top-6 most powerful stock exchange of the world and historically its roots started in XVI. The Mechanisms of the effectiveness of the London Stock Exchange were developed in order to attract new companies on to its markets.

Effects of the exxon valdez oil spill engineering essay

In this paper I want to discuss the history of oil drilling, the effects of the Exxon Valdez on the Alaskan coastline, the impact of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and discuss some alternative source of energy. The diversity of the shoreline made the migration of the oil easy.

Annotated bibliography: effect of exercise on motor skills and cognition of pre-adolescents

Could exercise and activity levels of children affect not only obesity risk and general health, but also development of motor skills and cognitive function? Adaptation and Retention of a Perceptual-Motor Task in Children: Effects of a Single Bout of Intense Endurance Exercise.

Europeans attitude change towards africans

They were able to realize their rights and the need to fight for them, so they formed unions through which they could raise their grievances to the colonialists in order to be valued as equal to them. Another thing that contributed to the change of attitude was the impact of the world wars whereby both →

History of abnormal psychology assignment

This paper endeavors to examine and illustrate the unique and extensive history of the discipline of psychology that has made such a great impact in the understanding of mental development, cognition deficiency, disorders, and ailments. In other words, the correlation of abnormal psychology and psychosocial model relates to Erickson's theory of psychosocial development and the →

A comparison of arkady and bazarov, from turgenevs fathers and sons essay

His home-coming is at once liberating, as he can revert to old habits and enjoys old pleasures such as ' falling asleep under the quilt worked by loving hands those of his old nurse', but also frustrating: ' he had but lately been a child and returned to a place where everyone is accustomed to →

Antigone the protagonists

The widely held view is that Creon and Antigone represent the " Will of man" and " Will of God" as opposing forces. It gets to the stage where Creon orders that Antigone be brought out and killed in front of Haemon.

Law revision

Soon afterwards, Percival discovered that prior to and during the negotiations for the sale of his shares, another person was negotiating with the board for the purchase of the whole company and was offering various prices for shares, all of which exceeded the price paid to Percival. E is not subject to fiduciary obligations because →

Socrates and aristophanes

Aristophanes' play, The Clouds, is a social commentary condemning the ways in which the rise of sophistry, philosophy, and new science in Athens led to a degradation of traditional Athenian customs. Aristophanes argues that these new intellectual movements serve to destroy the traditional customs of Athenian life, corrupting the youth and subverting the honest and →

Sufism: how did sufism affect islam and the world? essay

This knowledge integrates Islam and ancient doctrine that resembles elements of Greek Philosophy, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism that are part of the Sufi path to God-realization A cornerstone of mysticism is that true knowledge of God is achieved directly and not through an intermediary like a prophet, saint or priest. Sufis extend this, believing that all →

Mad about plaid

As for brand image, maintaining the class, thus the quality, is more important than running the risk of a complete closure and a shutdown of business. At the end of the day, it is vital for a firm to maximise profits this is how a business operates.

American corrections: the important source

The prisoners from our system rights are strictly limited and rights that fall under the bill of rights in addition to the bill of rights must be important to them and restore to prisoners. Next is the 14th amendment equal protection of the law for the prisoner and right to disciplinary hearing.

Invasion of privacy law essay sample

Shari'ah protects a person's right for privacy; disclosure of secrets is prohibited, unless the person agrees or it is public interest. Conclusion Having the absolute privacy is a myth however most countries have a law to protect the right of privacy.

New economic policy failure

The peasants were the basis of the people, or the proletariat according to Carl Marx, and Lenin deemed it necessary to start with the lowest class to ensure that everyone grasps the new ideals that he was going to impose. It almost seemed as if the main goal of the policy at the time was →

Human sexuality

This article in my opinion did a good job at relaying information about sexual addiction from all sides of sexual addiction; the side that agrees it is a problem, the side that doesn? t see it as a problem, and the people that suffer from sexual addiction. It would also be a useful article for →

Review of jaipur blue pottery handicraft history essay

Usage of traditional colors on the blue pottery articles such as blue, white and yellow is favorable seen. The blue pottery items are painted with a brush made of squirrel's hair for fine detail and precision.

Auditory stimuli and dichotic listening essay sample

A consensus was met among the team due to a lot of similarities amongst the members of the team. Dividing attention When it comes to dividing attention, it seems that the members of the group agree that working in a team is beneficial as it allows the work to be broken down so that there →

Benjamin franklin’s statement

This paper review aims to give an examination about the concept that rising up as soon as possible from the moment we woke up is really a good attitude that every individual should have or whether this concept only adds up to the misery and burden that they feel. The concept of rising up immediately →

Life insurance

It was the trend in China then to lure US pilots with lucrative pay because of the increased need for pilots due to the fast expansion of the Asian airlines. Though the source did not confirm the whereabouts of the passengers and the pilot, my mother was requested to report to my father's workstation for →

Federalism and separation of power

With cognisance to the American democratic structure, the constitution provides for separation of powers by stipulating the functions of the various arms of government and also the jurisdiction of the different tiers of government, whereby the executive cannot meddle in the affairs of the legislature and vice-versa. The first stage of the bill is the →

Cyberbullying – the fight to end digital drama assignment

Much of the bullying takes place out of school, but since school officials are responsible for students until they get to their doorstep, government officers have en attempting to create programs within school districts to fight bullying of all types. The school also can elaborate the danger of the bullying to the perpetrator by allowing →

Practical to become aware of values

Chanvi Singh Type your answer here 1. The aim of the practical The aim of the practical was to become aware of one’s own values and see how they help strengthen or cause hindrances in a client- therapist relationship and to deal with value conflicts. 2. The materials used Values...

The power of ideas essay sample

Some of the confusion surrounding a clear definition of existentialism is because the diversity of positions associated with the philosophy makes it impossible to define precisely. The history of philosophy is marked by refutations and revisions of earlier ideas, and the historical development of Continental philosophy's existentialism and phenomenology is no different.

Chapter 4 – primary research findings

For this reason, each question will be analyzed, each under the specific theme it addresses, and a further discussion of the analyzed questions given in relation to the literature review in the discussion section Remarks: From this point forward, the CEO and the Vice President are the used names to represent Firm A and →

Paul ehrlich’s time bomb book review

In the book " The Population Bomb" by Paul Ehrlich written in 1968 he states that he prefers theenvironmentover man-kind, to make a balance between the population, the environment and the carrying capacity through population control: " one billion is the number of humans that Ehrlich says he would find acceptable". He also argued that →

Editorial: microbial exopolysaccharides: from genes to applications

In the series of articles presented in this book, the authors provide an overview of the different fields involved in microbial EPS production, characterization, and applications. The review of Schmid et al.gives a comprehensive overview of the different biosynthetic pathways known for bacterial EPS-producers and compares in detail the different kinds of EPS.

Religion, media, and nationality in mahfouz’s “the thief and the dogs”

The motifs of the media and religion in their various forms act as these contrasting influences in Said's life which makes him feel trapped and gives him hope respectively; through such storytelling, it appears that Mahfouz is highlighting the role of religion and media for the people living in the post-revolutionary Egypt of 1952. It →

Idi amins reign of terror history essay

As cited by Michael and Michael, in the article " Idi Amin, Murderous and Erratic Ruler of Uganda in the 70's, Dies in Exile Sometime" suggested that later in 1971 Amin's continuous slaughter and Obote's desire to restore his power led Obote to start guerilla warfare against Amin. Their deaths encouraged several of Amin's ministers →

Critical appraisal of quantitative research article

Year of publication: 1994 The title of the article: Drug administration errors: a study into the factors underlying the occurrence and reporting of drug errors in a district general hospital. How does the title of the research accurately describe what the study is about?

Vascular aging: facts and factors

Such as the idea proposed by Ming et al.and discussed by Cau and Tostes, which suggests that targeting mTORC1-S6K1 signaling could be a promising therapeutic modality to retard the aging process and treat cardiovascular disease in the elderly. Chantler and Lakatta elegantly describe the concept of arterial ventricular coupling and provide valuable information on how →

The effects of an invasion of personal space in a public setting assignment

The Effects of an Invasion of Personal Space in a Public Setting Social norms are a part of any culture. About five times in each of the first two settings I walked up next to a person and left a socially acceptable amount of space between myself and the subject.

Cognitive dissonace

The next topic for discussion focuses on the definition of the consonant and dissonance cognitions, and their use in cognitive dissonance. Festinger states that when a person holds an opinion or attitude on a matter of importance and is exposed to a communication that supports a contrary opinion, the result is cognitive dissonance and the →

Accounting standards board

This has in the past nine years seen the accounting policy making suggesting a complete overhaul in the way financial statements are reported and a convergence between he Use's generally accepted accounting principles and the International Financial Reporting Standards. History of the Relationship between FAST and SAAB US Financial Accounting Standards Board is a board →

‘sleepy hollow’ and ‘edward scissor hands’ essay

Narrative, the plot/story, is important in both films as it helps explain the movie and helps you to follow the film, genre however is different it is the category the film belongs to for example horror or sci-fi. All the backing music tends to be parallel and matching with the genre of the films, all →

Marketing segmentation for rental business assignment

In terms of the second target market, that of more affluent consumers made cautious by the recession, Warner and Laurence note that the number of such customers is also growing, although, in the refrigerator market, there is no research dedicated to capturing the risk aversion of wealthy consumers. In light of these facts, the time →

How does malvolio connect to disguise and deceit in act 2 scene 5?

In the beginning of this scene we see that Malvolio is playing a role in the same way Olivia and Orsino were earlier in the play. This is the last aspect of deception that connects to Malvolio in Act II Scene VI.

New hire communication worksheet

The purpose of the message the HR employee is tasked to write is to orient new hires to the company cuture process, procedres and general information. The purpose of the message is to introduce the new hires to this unique way of doing things by the company.2.

Bloody sunday essay sample

This march was very important on the movement towards the Irish getting their civil rights and it ended with making them feel like they did not have any rights at all from the actions of the British army. Even though the results of Bloody Sunday were not good I feel that it was a positive →

Editorial: factors underpinning and influencing drivers’ aberrant behaviors across the life course

Such characteristics can be either stable, or variable, i.e, dependent on the state of the individual, and in turn, they interact with contextual aspects that is, the social environment, such as the presence of passengers, or the physical environment, including the type of road, and the condition of the vehicle. Finally, a third set of →

Tough love essay

The truth is that the love of a good parent always goes beyond the wants of a child no matter how old they are and it is always tough. What makes love tough when it comes to our children is that we always love them over and beyond the needs and wants of ourselves.

Synthesis of 7.7 – dichlorobicyclo heptane – phase transfer catalysis essay

The mechanism of action of the above mentioned PTC is described in the text along with the mechanism for the addition of a dichlorocarbene. It was necessary to stir the reaction intensely to ensure that the organic and aqueous layer in the reaction flask is well mixed, hence promoting mass transfer of the OH ion →

Love at first sight essay sample

The " thesis statement," which is the answer to the question:" Which one of the three earthly loves has shaped and continues to shape human behavior?" Briefly introduce the scholarly basis of your argument, which this paper intends to prove. Briefly state what the church can do to educate the world about the power of →

Medication: the health of america

The plan requires a group of employees; a group that is responsible for the statistical data of the number and location of elderly and their homes and another group responsible for distributing the devices to the houses. The benefits of the lifefone lie in its importance in reminding elderly to take their medication as well →

Advantages ; disadvantages of a paperless office essay

4 Objectives of the Study The primary aim of the research is to find out whether the paperless office is more efficient for an organization to adapt. 1 Introduction In this chapter, the researcher will investigate the advantages of the paperless office and how it can be implemented in an organization.

The modern city in the latin-american context

Beginning with Cronos, and the role of Mexico City in particular as a vehicle for the themes the film deals with, the contextual aspects behind del Toro's work is paramount to an understanding of the vampirism and the general sense of a moral decay throughout it. As a result, Bu uel's film appears to be →

Free essay on utopia in philosophy and literature

In consideration of the problems of society and the state, he relied on his favorite theory of ideas and ideals." Ideal state" is a community of farmers, artisans, producing everything needed for sustaining life of citizens, soldiers guarding the safety and philosophers governors that implement wise and fair administration of the state. All contents of →

The nature of bad faith

Thus, The Flies depicts several examples of bad and good faith, which Sartre embodies in most of the characters and situations of his play. New York: Vintage Books, 1989.

The failures of formal writing narrative essay

This paragraph is the introduction because this is a formal piece of writing, and in formal pieces of writing, the first paragraph is always the introduction. The intellectual advantage of creative writing is in its encouragement of consideration and pure thought, and the creation of a product not based on the findings of statisticians, but →

Islamic art

The Dome of the Rock is one of the most significant buildings of all the Islamic art. In the first series of the three palaces such as the Alhambra, Topkai and Palace complex, the videos reveal out the surviving residents of the Spain, Turkey and Iran.

Window into the ingenuity of f scott fitzgerald essay sample

Scott Fitzgerald following closely along these lines, places arguably the most important event in Gatsby's life in such a appropriate place in the novel that he is able to further develop the theme of the novel and also simultaneously allow his readers to better understand the intricacies of the character of Jay Gatsby. Up to →