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“these parables are still relevant today” essay

I think this for the simple fact that we just have to look at the Christian people today and see how a lot of them do follow the teaching of the parables. A lot of people may argue that some people would not be willing to do this and so the parables would not have →

Professional development and employability skills in childcare sector

The ability to set boundaries for the children and manage behaviour appropriately, ensuring the safety of the other children will maintain the smooth running of the setting and maintain relationships. Being able to recognise and respond to a child's individual interests and support these with a stimulating and challenging environment ensures that the practitioner is →

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An exploration of globalisation and its influence upon

In 1960, Mcluhan introduced into the analysis of culture and the mass media the phrase: " the global village." In order to describe how in his view, the world was shrinking as a result of new technologies of communication. In the same period, changes in the global economy, notably the growth of multinational companies, the →

Targeting nutrient retrieval by francisella tularensis

To meet the demands for high levels of amino acids for its robust growth in the host cell cytosol, F.tularensis triggers the host macroautophagy degradation machinery, which is required for optimal intracellular bacterial growth. It would be interesting to identify the bacterial factor responsible for triggering host autophagy, as this would constitute a promising potential →

Social aspect of personality essay

However, many contemporary psychologists agree on the following definition: Personality is that pattern of characteristic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguishes one person from another and that persists over time and situations.[7] Trait theories[edit]According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, personality traits are " enduring patterns of perceiving, relating to, →

Hawthorne contribution to organisational management business essay

Organisational behaviour can be termed as " the field of study concerned with the actions of people at work in an organisation" The term " Hawthorne" is a term used within several behavioural management theories and is originally derived from the western electric company's large factory complex named Hawthorne works. The forth theory concerns the →

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Building services engineering science construction essay

A good understanding of the carbon footprint and its effect on the environment should enable designers to understand the importance of selecting the most suitable system to fit the purpose of proposed building, a definition for carbon footprint according to British Petroleum " the carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to →


Midterm Study Guide Communication Studies 334 * There will be 35 questions * The following chapters will be covered on the exam: 1, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13 * 27 multiple choice questions, 8 true/false Here are some areas that you should focus on: * Communication and shared meaning; signs and symbols; ambiguity * Defining →

Commentary: switching to the rubber hand

The present study by Yeh and colleagues examines the relationship between executive functions like attention shifts and the experience of the rubber hand illusion, i.e, they investigate the role of top-down processes in the perception of the illusion. The referral of touch reflects the experience of a fusion of the visual and tactile stimuli, and →

Polyprod: organisational problems and solutions

Due to the size of an organization, the number of employees, the various beliefs and personalities, missions and visions, creating change can be very challenging and difficult. If nothing is done from the three listed, PolyProd can experience a great impact on revenue and profits which comes from the expansion of the manufacturing and distribution →

Cold war technology and atomic hysteria

The Korean War is a time in which he was all in favor of using the atomic bomb. The public was taken to be the subjects in some of these secretive experiments.

One price dealership

The current vision of the world involves the increasing wish that people to buy cars in similar ways as they buy other goods i.e.paying the price tag on the car rather than huggling with the sales attendant on the price of the car. Political factors that will affect the opportunity include the degree at which →

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How to handle your feelings: anger as an antagonist in the ramayana

However, the most painful results that Kaikeyi has to suffer is the denial of her son Bharata and the death of her husband Dasaratha. Rama is also a role model in his ability to prevent himself from falling into the hands of grief.

Review of mckenna, puritan origins of american patriotism

The practice and experience of real spirituality means to transcend the borders of reason and enter the heaven of freedom and bliss. But, if Winthrop was to resurrect from the grave and taken on a tour, he would not believe that it is the America of his dream in the 1630s.

Editorial: forces in biology – cell and developmental mechanobiology and its implications in disease

In the past three decades, the authoritative concept that " phenotype can dominate over genotype" by Mina Bissell and others have further underscored the overarching role of tissue and cellular mechanisms in health and disease. Oliveira Silva et al.describe the molecular interactions and transport in the osteochondral interface and discuss the potential of using contrast →

Literature review of electric vehicle technology

5 The parts of a permanent magnet motor cutaway In terms of efficiency of PM motors, it is high in operating region because the constant magnet field which eliminates many of the ERR losses of the induction motor. Compared to the combustion energy, the design and placement of electric motors is relatively flexible.

Apple a day

Most important of all is keeping calories in check, so you can avoid weight gain, which makes exercise a key partner to a healthy diet" As for keeping the weight off, avoid the elevator and take the stairs. The first step is making sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis →

Role developing countries world trade a liberal perspective economics essay

Even though it is argued by many scholars that modern values are not always better than traditional values and that the development of LDCs cannot just repeat the path of DCs because of factors like globalization and multinational corporations, orthodox liberals continue to assert the weight of domestic factors in LDCs hindering.[2] As we said →

A critical examination of cultural influences in the film bend it like beckham

It is interesting that Chadha.the Indian-born author.manager and manufacturer of the movie.chooses to analyze the societal concepts environing the deductions of a women's football squad in England. It is besides seen that the Western civilization as a whole participates in the disaffection of the squad as a consequence of unfeminine associations.

Future of media in north korea assignment

As a result, the freedom of media in North Korea in the foreseeable future seems impossible with such lack of fervor and interest in the search for the ' truth' by the public mass. When North Korea's first Prime Minister and President, Kim Il-sung, first introduced the idea of combining Marxism and Confucianism, known as →

Large scale labor surplus at ford management essay

Ford organization failed in the process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of human resources so that the Ford organization can meet their objectives. Plus, factors such as inadequate marketing facilities such as less promotion of the product affected the sell and purchase of the company resulting to loss a lots of →

Current ethical issue of abortion

The primary precepts proposed where: The continuation of the species through procreation The education of children The desire to live in society The worship of God The preservation of the self These precepts are considered in natural moral law to be the most basic aspirations of all humans. A possible course of action would be →

Organizational buying behaviour

Furthermore, the industrial and institutional buying usually involves many people in decision process with complex interactions among people and among individuals and organizational goals, as an outcome of the vast area of prior research, proceeded the characterization of the industrial buying behaviour divided into three major aspects: The Buying Process, The buying Centre and Factors →

Ovid and dante: the power of imagery

In Metamorphoses, Ovid attempts the great task of recounting the history of the world, from its creation to the death of Julius Caesar. Dante, like Ovid, aims to create vivid imagery in order to convince the reader that the world of Inferno is genuine.

Feed r or farm it out

If Lars decides to invest around $6 million more in research and development, it is highly risky as the company's survival depends largely on the success of the launch of Ray's new product into the market.b. B)Evaluation Criteria 1)Impact on the R department in RLK Ray may have adverse reactions to the idea of collaborating →

Push pull factors influencing international education essay

In the push theoretical account, it illustrates that the degree of wealth in one economic system, the universe position of the underdeveloped state, the grade of the importance of the instruction in place state, and the instruction handiness all play of import functions on the demand for international instruction. In the pull theoretical account, the →

Living like weasels critical essay

To furthermore provide evidence that there is no connection between autism and vaccines, in the case of Mead v. Both sides of the debate have many convincing and shocking facts, but in the end, it comes down to who you personally agree with more, and which research that you find is the most credible and →

Astrology: science or superstition essay

The most damning piece of evidence that astrologers have is the sheer believability and the fact that so many people will attest that it is accurate to their lives or personalities. Astrology is just as it is defined by the dictionary, merely a form of divination.

Case of ruth essay

This struggle is between the portion of her that wants to alter and the other portion of her that clings to old forms that were one time necessary and have helped her maintain mental stableness all her life. An of import hint to her self-concept is the position she has to her organic structure and →

Impact of elevated probnp on clinical outcomes

It was designed to assess the clinical and technical outcomes of patients who underwent non-cardiac vascular surgery and to compare these outcomes in patients with elevated plasma NT-proBNP to patients that did not have elevated NT-proBNP. Both parametric and non-Parametric testing was used to assed the impact of elevated NT-proBNP on outcomes.

Prerogative power: john locke’s dangerous yet obligatory concession

Locke's system of governance struggles to prove how the prerogative of the executive branch can abide by the values of justice and equality supposedly mandated by the Law of Nature and the social contract. When the obtuse citizens eventually apprehend the wrongful actions of the executive, the people will consider " the tendency of the →

A concise history of the middle east

It achieves this through the defining of its numerous dimensions of study such as understanding the development of early civilization, the early cultural practices which were in used in times of the past generations. While writers have a clear knowledge of the wide history dimension such having the insight of the early government or ruling →

Global corporate governance standards: pros and cons

It is the responsible of Board of Directors to governance their companies and work on the behalf on stakeholders in their companies. As it is developed from convergence of corporate best practice and global legal system, top management likely to take legal loopholes once they familiar with the standards of corporate governance in order to →

Translational issues with the development of cognition enhancing drugs

00146 Franco and Cedazo-Minguez, in their review, raised the issue that animal models have a poor predictability with respect to drug development in the field of Alzheimer's disease. We recently conducted a study in which we tested the effects of a PDE5 inhibitor in enriched and standard housed animals.

Empty calories of junk food lab essay sample

Assume the density of the water is 1g/mL and record the mass of the water in the data table.4. Take the temperature of the water and put it in the data table.5.

The essential characteristics of public goods economics essay

The provision of public goods is a topic that has been often discussed and yet the theory of public choice, the economic analysis to these choices and actions of individuals is still somewhat argued. The second one is non-rivalry which is when a good benefits all, including those who do not contribute to the actual →

Development of orally dissolving films

The other aims that may be classified as either ripple or secondary include description of the positive outcome of the use of ODFs, outlining the practicality of the process under scrutiny, description of the stems I involved, and exploring the necessary budget of the entire process. Moreover, the inherent stability of the platform has also →

Causes for world war one

As a result German society was beginning to politically shift as mass urbanisation began with many flocking to cities to work, where there were greater inequalities between the growing working class in the cities and the rural aristocrats in the countryside. The German government and the Kaiser saw the SPD as a dangerous threat and →

St barnabas cathedral nottingham – roman catholic

The Sanctuary is probably the most important area in the Cathedral, the sanctuary at St Barnabas is in the centre from where the spire is above. The Altar is situated in the sanctuary, it is probably the most prominent object in the sanctuary and is the holy table on which the sacrifice of Mass is →

Issue of institutional racism within universities

The former type of racism occurs when White cultural biases and values are perceived as " superior" to the cultural norms and values of People of Color. This research paper focuses on documented racial tensions and discrimination noted throughout various colleges and universities within the country and concludes that universities are not immune to the →

Realism and ibsen’s a doll’s house essay

Ibsen wants his audience to see that by demeaning Nora, Torvald is trying to get her to mold to the role of a submissive wife who will listen to her husband as if her were her father. Torvald wants Nora to know that he is the one " on top" in the relationship; he is →

The optimist’s daughter

For Fay, home is in the town of Madrid, where her extendedfamilylikely meets the same needs for Fay as the house does for Laurel. It seems to lack all the charm and warmth of Laurel's hometown of Mount Salus, yet for Fay it is nonetheless her home.

Cadbury competitive advantage strategies

Besides that, Cadbury Schweppes brought in nearly 100 managers from divisions around the world to Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City for a two week workshop to refine the model and build commitment to the deal and the planned synergy numbers. Besides that, there is a added value behind the team, whereby a team →

Allstate – college essay

Alstate's Diversity Index is an online survey used to measure employees' perception of how well the organization is meeting the desires of its stakeholders, customers and employees. Allstate Diversity Index is an online survey used to measure employees' perception of how well the organization is meeting the desires of its stakeholders, customers and employees.

Unit 4 equality and diversity

Using one of the methods you outlined in Question 1, describe the range of services and agencies that exist within your local community to support diversity. Closely allied to this commitment, was the need for empowering these communities through effective learning and development and the delivery of wanted information to the right people, at the →

Hard rock cafe’s expansion | analysis

At a fast pace of urbanise and an increase in numbers of people living in the central of Hanoi capital, the demand of shopping in retail from youth become popular whereas there is a lack of supply for this. As it is shown in the year 2010, the speed of growth in retail trade in →

Ah 213 olds 7

The Democrats felt superior to African Americans and did not want them to have equal rights while the Radical Republicans wanted to eliminate the power of the former slaveholders, give African Americans full citizenship and the right to vote. The Democrats were in turn supposed to respect the civil rights of African Americans and Hayes' →

Gender imbalance and the consequences essay sample

There is a clear gender imbalance at the university not only in number, but in practice which places the men above the women, and the woman do not question the culture, but instead accept it and embrace it. For example, the men are the ones who always choose which girls and boys to invite to →

Outline the key principles of natural law

Natural law is humans with a natural sense and the discovery of reason. Human law is some sort of man-made law with the natural law supplied by the government to the societies, and divine law is the specially revealed law in the scriptures.

In the devil’s snare book report

Elliot examines the history of early modern Spain from the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand, to the reformation of the Spanish government by the first member of the Bourbon dynasty. These included the consolidation of monarchical power in Castile, the financing of the Columbus expedition, the establishment of the New World empire →

Perfection era

The individuals that were empowered by the democratic ideas in the great awakening women and African Americans were the ones that were important as well to this movement. In opinion the politics of this time was due in part to the spreading of their ideas.

Relationship between education and social justice

It refers to the unequal distribution of resources among the community and uneven dissemination of opportunities, rewards and chances for improving the quality of life. There is a visible difference of government funding and educational grants for the school districts of the lower class as compared to the school districts of a higher class.

Spin doctors of ancient greece

Since the first principles Tory was all about the motives and interests of intellectual of the 6th and 5th centuries BC, Sophists were positively included as part of the intellectual position of the 5th century. These Plat's imaginary conversations make a range of valid uncertainties about the political and moral principle implication of the activities →

Racial inequality in employment

One employer said "[according to] the energy that they put into their job and trying to be as productive as possible, I would have to put the white native-born at the high end and the Hispanic in the middle and the blacks at the bottom". 2003, doi: 10.

Pharmacology learning objectives chapters 1-9

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of prescription drugs-To obtain prescription drugs, a patient must receive a written order from a health care practitioner with legal authority -Patient must be examined by a physician NP or PA -Be given a specific diagnosis -Practitioner can maximize therapy by ordering the correct for the pt's condition and by →

Causes and effects of heart failure

This happen because blood supply is insufficient, therefore, the heart will work harder to meet the body requirement Reduced ability to exercise: Because the body feels tired especially the legs and arms as a result of less blood supply to these areas which mean oxygen level in the body is low, you will be less →

Everyday use analysis

Dee sees this information as beneficial to her image of coming from a poor oppressed black family and probably imagines herself sharing the story with friends when she is asked about the quilts. However, by the end of the story, she has only proved herself to be a phony who is desperate to have family →

Informative essay on lebron james

They win the hard-fought game by nailing the buzzer-beater; this is just one of the 17 game-winning shots that LeBron James has made in his short, eight-yearcareerto give his team the lead in the final seconds of the game. LeBron James, overcoming extremepovertyin his earlychildhood, has always been viewed as one of the greatest basketball →

Editorial: the oral microbiome in an ecological perspective

The role of indigenous microbiome in maintaining oral health has been addressed by Kumar and Mason, where the interaction of the microbiome and the host receives the attention. In this direction, Rosier and colleagues present a comprehensive and helpful review on the historical hypotheses that have attempted to explain the development of oral diseases.

Self-disclosure, gender, and communication assignment

D, and Patrick Fanning, Self-disclosure is composed of four elements: Open Self, Blind Self, Hidden Self and Unknown Self Self disclosure can be seen as a strategy of taking the hidden self to the open self or sharing information about you with others which they never knew about you. Developing Close Relationships," Self disclosure can →

Concept of ‘matter’ in home and city space security

The material culture is a source of knowledge to study the past and present of the different societies, for all the knowledge that is transmitted has a trace. Matter and the Social world are connected in the notion of co-production for the first time, the axis of sociological explanation is no longer put into the →

Challenges faced in service recovery paradox business essay

Unfortunately the services provided to the customers can never be perfect, the failure can be due to unprompted employee actions, failure to respond to specific customer needs or also due to core service facilities.hence the companies try their best to reduce the mistakes from repeating again and in satisfying the customers needs. In this theory →


Philosophy, Ideology, and Theory 1Running head: Compare and Contrast Philosophy, Ideology, and TheoryCompare and Contrast Philosophy, Ideology, and TheoryLinda RobinsonGrand Canyon UniversityPhilosophy, Ideology, and Theory 2Compare and Contrast Philosophy, Ideology, and TheoryEveryone from our past and present have had vested interest in education; and some wits have claimed that teaching is the second oldest profession. →

Development of premature coronary health and social care essay

In combination, this evidence unequivocally suggests that an individual's life style and health behaviors present a high relevance to the prevention of CVD, which is of extreme importance worldwide from both a medical and financial perspectivePhysical activity and physical fitness, are extremely important, for minimizing chronic disease effects, and there is an ever increasing attention →

Dicyclohexylamine c12h23n structure

0 C Molar Refractivity 57.1 0. 0 C Index of Refraction: 1.

Evolution of sex and deterministic mutation assignment

The answer to the problem of sex may be related to one or all of these hypotheses, and the maintenance of sex in each taxa may be accomplished by different means. The success of Muller's ratchet at least gives some evidence that the removal of deleterious mutations is a good evolutionary reason for the maintenance →

American culture and politics

Blood politics: race, culture, and identity in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. A genteel endeavor: American culture and politics in the gilded age.

Ethical conflicts in international business

One of the valid and required method is to make greater in the cross cultural solutions to international business is communication and interaction with in company and between companies, between organisations and clients and between co-workers. One of the main cause is to lead the cross cultural conflicts in the business is language and communication →

Problems of life as four noble truths philosophy essay

They Following the example of the Buddha and consider that the goal of life is to develop sympathy for all living creators without any perception and to work for their happiness, their good and peace and to enlarge wisdom leading to the understanding of Ultimate Truth. The Four Noble Truths In his first preachment after →

Editorial: insulin and the brain

Editorial on the Research Topic Insulin and The Brain The role of insulin in the brain has been suggested in the late 1950's based on experiments showing that insulin was able to increase glucose uptake in spinal cord tissue, in several brain regions such as the choroid plexus the pineal gland, and in the pituitary. →

Work–life balance: striking the right chords for harmony

As a mother of two young children and a fellow in pediatric critical care, I was often asked the question: " how do you do it?" I certainly liked to think that I was balancing work and life appropriately. It is said that life is in the details, and in the daily grind, I was →

Introduction its formation, ccnv was primarily concerned

Despite being a community-based group, the tenacity of the CCNV gained popularity and attracted the attention of the federal government, which was forced to act on the issues raised by the group. Unlike in the past, this protest march organized by the CCNV brought the reality of the homeless people closer to the country's leadership →

Family assignment

S 93-16-3 Whenever the court awards custody of a minor child to one of the parents of the child or terminating the parental rights of one of the parents of a minor child, or whenever one of the parents of a minor child dies, either parent of the child's parents may petition the court in →

Feminist movement 1960s

In the First Wave of Feminism, the movement started from the 18th century which lasted in the beginning of the 20th century. The Second Wave of Women's Movement which is also known as Feminist Movement or the Liberation movement of women in the USA began during the early years of 1960s and lasted throughout the →

Study of social problems

The objectivist definition of a social problem is perhaps more common sense because it " suggests that the essence of social problems lies in objective social conditions and that some conditions are problems. Another flaw in considering social problems to be the result of objective conditions of harm is that " the objective conditions that →

Tracks: the life and times of the nanapush essay

Tracks: The Life and Times of the Nanapush" We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall". The novel is told in the voice of the elder Nanapush and a " half-breed" named Pauline.

How does the royle family challenge the conventions in a sitcom essay sample

In the more traditional sitcoms such as ' Friends', ' Happy days' and ' only fools and horses' the theme tunes are upbeat and cheery and their lyrics relate to either the title or the theme of the show. The one sound effect that most conventional sitcoms use but is not used in ' The →


Though currently suffering its greatest decline since the 1940s, with its three most prominent national units of the era: the United Clans of America, the Invisible Empire Knights of the KKK and the Knights of the KKK, either defunct or factionalized, America's oldest hate group, the codes of the Ku Klux Klan continues to operate →

Chapter the most abundant filamentous fungi. for

This technique was done to reduce the cell concentration of thefungi systematically so that the number of colonies of the fungi will not be toocrowded in one plate. The comparisonin micromorphology of Penicillium species was made based on their branching ofconidiophore, and the shape of the ornamentation of the conidia.

Ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity philosophy essay

Ethics, Integrity, Leader Ethics are a set of moral and just principles that serve as a deep guiding sense of what is right, fair and proper while Integrity is part of this principle, defined as the quality that makes people trust the leader. Compromise of integrity can lead to followers behaving or acting in disregard →

History about the global village politics essay

The decision to opt for forgetting every roots, history, identities and beliefs in favour of adopting a new culture, regardless if it really is for the good or bad for the world no one would know as the global citizens would not be able to tell as they do not have any basis to compare →

8 essential growth-hacking tools to build your business

I myself was initially intimidated by the concept when I first heard of it, but at the end of the day, it's really just a process of experimentation: coming up with an idea, testing it, tracking it and analyzing the results, then working to make it more effective. Example of a Qualaroo survey Cost: $63 →

Global warming argumentative paper assignment

One of the largest contributors to the increase in global temperature in the past century has been the ever expanding population. That being said, it is the belief of this writer that the pro-global warming theory is more valid than the anti-global warming theory.

Baskin robbins marketing report assignment

The segment of teenagers and pre-teens account for 35% of the market and the 25% market sector is of the people aged 35 and above which shows a spike in the middle aged group grading ice cream. The satisfaction level of the people who had tried Basking Robbins was very high and for some, it →

Conceptualizing naval helicopter landing gear engineering essay

Hard Landing Condition: The acceleration plot for normal landing condition for the design option-1 is shown below: Fig. Crush Landing Condition: The acceleration plot for normal landing condition for the design option-1 is shown below: Fig.

Principles and applications of polymerase chain reaction

At the point when the reaction is done, the proportion of cross section DNA that is not in the domain of interest will not have vacillated. The denaturation is the segment of the two strands of DNA, obtained by raising the temperature.

The relationship between dr iannis and his daughter pelagia

We can see that Pelagia plays the part of mother by tending to her father's needs as well as the house work, this is shown in the quotation " Pelagia, who had been carefully spooning the coffee grounds out of that morning's cups so that they could be used again." Where as Dr Iannis takes →

Functional polymorphisms of xenobiotics metabolizing enzymes—a research topic

Functional polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes and their impact on the therapy of breast cancer. Functional polymorphisms in xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes and their impact on the therapy of breast cancer.

Motorola strategy analysis

The company's current financial position is acceptable since the split the company experienced resulted in an improvement in the financial growth. In addition, the company has its share of opportunities.

Worldview analysis (judaism)

Judaism and Christianity share some commonalities in that both worldviews believe in the monotheistic God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the inspiration, authority, and inerrancy of the Hebrew Scriptures. Both worldviews also believe in Creation and the coming of a Messiah.

The history of the organisational dynamics business essay

It is an important factor that makes employees present work in the best way possible." A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve" As mentioned in the case, HS Engineering has announced the closure of two sites of the business. In the Maslow's hierarchy of needs love and belonging is mentioned as one →

Interracial marriage in shakespeare’s othello

Othello.the Black Moor with physical and cultural difference in the province of Venice has risen to the place of the ground forces general through his punctilious and painstaking difficult work.Iago.the barbarous scoundrel has developed an antipathy towards Othello because of his Moresque background and it is intensified when Cassio is promoted to the place of →

Life changing experience

He believed I was his friend, but I had forgotten that he was mine. I had to live with the unbearable that I was directly responsible for his death.

Respiratory variability during nava ventilation in children: authors’ reply

Mhanna appropriately underlines the difficulty to draw definitive conclusions based on our study design, in particular, because of the post hoc nature of the analysis and the slight differences between the mechanically ventilated group and the control group. Impact of ventilatory modes on the breathing variability in mechanically ventilated infants: a commentary.

Editorial: physics of porous media

Editorial on the Research Topic Physics of Porous Media The physics of porous media is, when taking a broad view, the physics of multinary mixtures of immiscible solid and fluid constituents. This Research Topic attempts to present a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in some of the domains that constitute the physics of porous media.

Activation of tlr7 and innate immunity as an efficient method against covid-19 pandemic: imiquimod as a potential therapy

IQ is able to modify the immune response, by inducing the expression and production of a number of cytokines. IQ, by activating innate immunity is able to indirectly stimulate and activate the cellular arm of the immune response and the production of the T-helper type 1 cytokine IFN.