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Biblical ethicsassignment assignment

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For example, marijuana is a drug, it affects the brain and then its functions on thinking, and the memory. So what I think is that our society is ready to legalize that drug, making rules and laws to control the use of it. Because marijuana can be used as medicine but if it is used in excess it becomes dangerous that is exactly the same what happens with others products as alcohol and tobacco. How I always say: “ Everything in excess is bad”. For example if somebody eats a lot or it doesn’t eat well is bad, so one has to learn how to control it and use it in a good way.

It will be good to legalize it because t could save more lives in the Drug War, and saving lives is more important than everything else. In Mexico and in other countries there exist a war with Drug Cartels. Those Cartels are the ones who transport marijuana and other drugs into the United States. They are trying to control the entire country, NAS are causing the death of many innocent lives. First of all it is necessary to understand what marijuana is, well marijuana or also called “ cannabis”, is a mixture of dried leaves, stems, and flowers of the cannabis sati plant. The mixture can be of different colors as green, brown, and gray.

Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used in the United States. The psychoactive chemical is delta-9-tetrahedron; cannibal TECH”, that chemical produces stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogen effects. Now, we could find the answer through the experts or scientists and also in the Bible to see what Jesus says if is right or wrong. But Jesus doesn’t say a lot of use marijuana or drugs, but it says about drink alcohol a lot, that it can determine as the same as drug. “ Jesus condemns drunkenness because it weighs down the heart and make inattentive to the coming of the Lord” (Luke 21: 34)1.

This scripture can be used to prove that we should go against getting stoned or high (those terms are used when somebody abuse of any drug), and also explains that using marijuana will make us less approachable to carrying put God’s plan for our lives. But what don’t understand is that what happens if somebody needs marijuana as a medicine? Because that is the main reason of why the government and some people want to legalize it, the marijuana is a plant that helps to prevent serious pain, An example is an Old man that is in his last days and he has a several pain in his bones o the marijuana can be used to prevent and calm the pain.

Also is a great medicine for being 100% natural with any chemical. 2 Nowadays, more than 60 U. S. , and International organizations are supporting by doctors to legalize marijuana to access it as a medicine under a physician’s supervision. For ethical reasons, the people put the marijuana in the same category of other drugs as morphine, and cocaine, but those drugs are most dangerous because can cause deaths. But it is because they don’t know enough about marijuana. There is an investigation made it for scientists that prove marijuana is far less ungenerous than alcohol, and tobacco. 0, 000 people die per year just from alcohol poisoning, and more than 400, 000 deaths per each year for tobacco smoking, those drugs are causing so many issues as the most common as cancer. And if we compare them, marijuana is nontoxic because it doesn’t has any synthetic chemical, and cannot cause death by overdose. Also Jesus says to be merciful, and that prisons and drug wars is not the solution of any problem, so we have to end the wars because any creature that God has created is good, switched for freedom for those who don’t deserve it.

And That is the season of why I agree to legalize marijuana, my ethical opinion is to save lives and ends the drug wars, because the wars are not the solutions, and while the marijuana is legalized, the drug cartels will still making illicit business and it will be continue with the massacre of innocent people. “ The Spirit of Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim freedom for the captives And release from darkness for the prisoners. (Isaiah 61: 1 )3 One time heard on the news about a Rev. Named John Jackson who is leading Trinity Ignited Church Of Christ, which he was in agreement to legalize marijuana, but what he said is what I think in other words. “ l don’t think God cares about that (marijuana). Just to let them know, our God is too big to be concerned about somebody smoking a joint, smoking a cigarette or even drinking a glass of beer”.

One of the reasons Of why I agree to legalize it, is because there are wars in Countries as Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela caused by drug cartels, and they are killing so many innocent people, they sell marijuana to the Americans, and here is where they get the money, and weapons, so I prefer to legalize marijuana for medical reasons and then the drug cartels are going to lose their control business and power to stop that horrible war that many of Americans don’t even know about it. Then, there is an institution called Public Religion Research Institute (PRI), is nonprofit organization dedicated to research at the crossing of religions, values, and in public life. And its mission is to help the people to understand better the general public debates. So what the PRI says shows in its weapon that a majority Of Americans support the legalization of use of marijuana.

The recently American Value Survey shows a majority to 51 % of Americans in favor of marijuana legalization, and the 49% are opposed. 5 Also different groups Of religions have distinct views on this debate as the white evangelical protestant got 29%, then 48% of Catholics are in favor marijuana legalization. So clarity the Purl’s research found that a majority of all Americans favor legalization of marijuana.

This information is being changing every year because the generation is changing, the new generation is voting to be more agree than the old generation to equalize marijuana, because now the amount of people who smokes marijuana in their life is increasing and they are realizing that is not as bad as is known. Marijuana could be control it as other states are doing right now, just for medical reasons, and it will change the life of many American people. Interview Well, I interviewed to Jorge Lopez who is my friend from High School, and decided to interviewed him because he had a good experience about this subject.

So He told me that he is in disagree to legalized marijuana because when he was in High school lot of his friends got in trouble for being smoking marijuana in classrooms, bathrooms, he also said that sometimes there were inspections days, so during in those days the police brought dogs to smell hidden drugs. During that period of his life, he experimented that marijuana affected to good, and responsible people, and made them to do bad decisions in their life. Jorge doesn’t wants to legalized marijuana because he thinks, if the law is approved more will be got into the addiction.

He wants a good for everyone in his or her future without drugs, because he said hat wars, fights, and violence is caused by drugs, and marijuana is a drug as called cocaine and morphine because every substance that change the organism of the body is call a drug. “ One day was in a high School party and while he was talking with his friend suddenly somebody came into the house screaming out bad words, then it started to push people with no reason, and his friend caught the person because he saw them that they were smoking marijuana in a bedroom”.

Jorge Lopez. Then he explained to me that he is sad for that people who are into the addiction of drugs, because they are ruining their lives for non-reason. Now he is studying career in a great university, and his friends who were in drugs are now struggling to get any job because they need money for more drugs or food, they lost everything and if they are going to still doing it, well their future will be worst.

But also I had experiences with other friends when I was in high school, 3 years ago came to Lignite States to be safe of the drug war in Mexico, so now I was being in a new country, new language, and new school. In that time I wasn’t ready to take my last year of high school because didn’t know any English but started to try to t, so what it helped me a lot was that I started to make Americans friends, Now I started to speak more with other people, they started to invite me to parties, and to hang out with them.

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