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Did british policies lead to the partition of india?

This essay will explore the British policies implemented in India in a period of political consciousness and how it could have led to the partition as well as the roles of Jinnah, the Muslim League, Gandhi and the National Congress. The British once favoured the National Congress and they were given more power; however, ' β†’

The green environment society environmental sciences essay

To succeed in implementing the green building concept into the new block construction, we have made a lot of effort in finding out the suitable architectural structure, the idea of conserving energy, and other alternatives in hope to reduce the energy wasted and the pollution created. The result is, a new building with some key β†’

Brief background of waitrose

Waitrose aims to merge the ease of a superstore with the expertise and facility of a specialist shop. The aim of Waitrose is " to offer the ease of a superstore with the expertise and facility of a high-quality food shop".

Analysis and marketing plan for thomas cook

Furthermore, the company also acts as an intermediary between the suppliers and the agents to provide the ability to design holidays/travel for their customers. In order to encounter this successfully, it is imperative for the company to be cognizant of the level of satisfaction of its existing customers, the nature of their dissatisfaction and the β†’

Malta us relations in the 20th century history essay

Having the largest fleet in the Mediterranean during the Cold War, the Americans paid close attention to Malta's position and were in fact ' active' in the defence agreements Malta signed with the UK[2]. Considering that by the 1950s America was increasingly taking over the UK role in the Mediterranean[10], this ultimatum could have meant β†’

Is free trade responsible or a lie?

Free trade may not always have a negative impact on the poor countries of the globe as argued by Bhagwati & Jagdish in their seminal work that trade may help in the reduction of poverty to those poor regions of the globe and may help in the economic development of the country helping to maximize β†’

The vocabulary of horror essay sample

For the survivor it may still be a reality he or she awakes to with a cold sweat; they hear the word and hear the screams and taunts and smell the synagogues burning. We hear the word and think of the countless sacrifices made, the countless moments of charity and love in the face of β†’

America land of hypocrats

Statement of the Problem In a ripe age of modernity amidst an age of sex scandals and political maneuvers and machinations, we are faced with the question over an understanding of human sexuality as a human nature and an acceptance of natural responses to consensual sexual behavior regardless of gender and identity. Purpose of the β†’

Leadership and corruption challenge for africa politics essay

Corruption is evident in all parts of the globe and becomes a norm if it is a mode of behavior tolerated and accepted or if the chances of being caught and subjected to severe punishment are minimal. In a nutshell, corruption is a conscious and deliberate diversion of resources from the satisfaction of general interest β†’

Malnutrition and nutrition programs in malaysia

While the burden of undernutrition among children and chronic energy deficiency in adults continue to be major nutritional concerns in many parts of Asia, the burden of overweight and obesity is becoming increasingly widespread in the region. The main objective of SSFP is to improve the health and nutritional status of children, especially those from β†’

Development of sustainable high-end fashion

As a result of this you have to be innovative to partake in this industry; being fashion forward and thinking of the ' trends' to come; I have chosen this area as this best suit me; I am able to gain different skills from every part of the process which I will be translating throughout β†’

Recommendations report for the monsanto company analysis of social responsibility

Despite Monsanto's advances in biotechnology, corporate social programs and alliances the company has done little to change consumer opinions of the company and the acceptance of the GMOs. Monsanto has come up with this program to overcome these challenges and to meet the growing demand of food.

Darfur conflict

In a country whose axis of identity is most often said to run North/South, the residents of Darfur personify a complex of identity that cannot be reduced to the polarity of Northerners and Southerners. While the political cleavages have thus been present for some time in Darfur, the scale of the conflict post-2003 has been β†’

Essay on developing corporate culture

Culture is the path to the success of the organization. The guide to the organizational values is mission and vision statement of that organization.

From legendary textiles to fibre art cultural studies essay

Textile Art today deals with transformations such as the magic of metamorphosis, where the imaginary of the mind and the skilfulness of the hands unite to create a rich textile universe filled with tradition, innovation, creativity and modernity. Later on, this plaited disk became the emblem of the village flag, and so the horsehair became β†’

Does division labour encourage or discourage social cohesion

Some economists like Karl Marx were of view that the specialization of labour that is attained as the result of labour division diminishes the efficiency of labour The concept of social cohesion is a complicated phenomenon of sociology. Social cohesion is the force or factor that brings the people of the society close to each β†’

Cost benefit analysis

The function of the analyst is to provide relevant information about the degree and distribution of the benefits and costs to the decision-maker, and potentially to lend to informed public sentiment and argument. The universe without the undertaking is non the same as the universe before the undertaking; for illustration, in the absence of a β†’

Introduction and established toyoda automatic loom company

Before the establishment of the company, Japanese armies relied on imported trucks, and as a result of depression that affected the world and the country at the same time, resources to import trucks became scarce. Accompanying Toyota's introduction of new designs in the marketing is the company's well-established and known reputation that, on wider global β†’

For which sectors of society and culture are

In fact, this type of theodicy is one of the biggest drivers ofsecularization, which is the process by which sectors of society and cultureare removed from the domination of religious institutions and symbols. In fact, the experience requires a different sort of rationality to understand, one that is invisible and incomprehensible to " normal" rationality; β†’

Sleep derivation effects on shifts workers

Causes of Sleep Deprivation One of the significant causes of sleep deprivation among shift workers is the behavioral cause where some of these workers choose not to sleep. The Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation Firstly, sleep deprivation results to headaches and the general body fatigue.

Impacts of the 2003 iraq war

Perhaps because we are still so near the beginning of the war and because the operation continues to this moment, it is difficult to gauge the relative success of the war efforts themselves and as regards the broader " war on terror". All of this is supportive of the difficult task ahead of scholars regarding β†’

Transportation policy of southern california shuttle service research papers examples

The transportation policy is supposed to determine the access of people to all locations in California and the mobility of people and goods. The design of California bus service is to;- Meet the needs of people in their requirements and considerations of public transportation.- Utilize intelligent transportation technologies,- And finally to increase the operational efficiency.

Education in freedom writers

Both teachers and students believe that the students are hopeless and that attempts to teach them using the formal curriculum is an exercise in futility. Instead of serving as a springboard for the students to self-actualize and escape the bonds of the " matrix of domination" by challenging them to achieve high standards, it instead β†’

Third world debt: causes and solutions

It also suggests some of the solutions that can be employed in reducing the external debt of the third world countries in Africa. The initial debt of third world countries arose from the unjust transfer of the debts of their colonizing countries.

Assignments: education and learners assignment

The form and content of the examination paper for both the October/November examination and the supplementary examination in January are exactly the same. In short, OBEY emphasizes not what the teacher wants to achieve, but rather on what the learner should be able to know, to understand, to do and to become.

Suicide as a public health issue

Keywords: Suicide, mental health, causes and methods of suicide, Pakistan Introduction Suicide is a catastrophic and perplexing event and a serious public health problem worldwide. Deplorably, in Pakistan, there is lack of awareness in regard to a variety of neurological and psychiatric diseases, which are the ground root and the basic reason to cause harm β†’

Raising attainment for learning difficulty pupils

Central to the proceeding, and one of the cornerstones of the strategy for raising the attainment of pupils with learning difficulties is ' inclusion'. Deponio and Macintyre state that teachers must resist teaching to pupils in the manner in that they learn as "...this may not suit the learning styles of children with specific learning β†’

A commentary on isaiah

Much of the verse is written in the style of a vision, detailing message to the people of Judea. The genre of the book is mainly of a prophetic nature, with a mixture of oracles, prophesies and reports of the situation in Judah; however it does deviate from this, most notably in chapter 13, where β†’

The internet, ethics and morality assignment

Many of the issues facing the U.S.and the world, such as those related to race or gender, for example, are also issues on the Internet. Just as the ability to read and write and freely communicate gives power to communicate gives power to citizens that protects them from the powers of the state, the ability β†’

Case analysis insubordination assignment

She had heard form committee members that George was difficult to communicate with and frequently did not attend the meetings. Still, Ellen was aware of how both the staff and volunteers comprised a group that had been together for years and that it would be difficult for George to be accepted immediately.

Graded unit development stage essay

The purpose of the undertaking was excessively: To take the development of making the house corner.within the child-minding scene To resource a house corner installation in my childminding puting The methods were completed by questioning child-minder's and giving parents questionnaires to acquire their sentiments on function drama and the house corner. PurposesWithin the ranked unit β†’

Half past two and hide and seek essay

In ' Half Past Two' we see the child not able to " click" the " language" of the clock, hence being in a world of timelessness, while the child in Scannell's poem is oblivious to the fact that his friends have left him alone in a cruel joke. This is shown in the way β†’

The visitor by tom mccarthy history essay

New York City is one of the biggest cities in the United States of which has the most amounts of immigrants residing at. Most of the Japanese that were held in the camps were US citizens and they had to spend up to four years imprisoned trying to rebuild their lives.

The roles of the nervous system biology essay

Sensory receptors of the nervous system are useful for the extraction of information from the environment and sending it to the central nervous system. The peripheral nervous system sends information processed in the central nervous system to the glands and muscles of the body.

Business structure and design on joe coulombe’s

Joe Coulombs also pays great attention to the responsibility of every employees, he changes It, and In stark contrast with how to manage employees at other companies hat he have allowed employees In each store to make their own decisions for personal customer service without the consent of the managers, it helps their employees develop β†’

Original was established in the early 1970s, the

It's for the same reasons that EUROCOM had a policy of great investments in the modernization of its facilities in the research and development ventures and expansion of its international networks. The transformation was not an easy job but the goals of the change were; To increase productivity of the company To increase sensitivity to β†’

Hbr cases solved

The page created a sensation among the students, became a source of fun, a lot of rumors and a way to kill a routine of studying. Their mission is to reach the best possible relationship with the client and thanks to the groups of consultants, which create a really effective teams, they want to work β†’

Treatment of an alcoholic essay

Treatment of alcoholism has to have a framework that guides the physician, or the physician has to know the necessary steps based on the knowledge he/she has about alcohol treatment, to help the alcoholic out of the problem. In treatment of alcoholic addicts in the grieving stage in order to recover, counselors or the physicians β†’

Qualitites for authentic leadership

On choosing the following readings because four of them helped to meet a current workplace challenge and understanding of cultural and diversity leadership and to have a vision for future leadership skill. Therefore, The Spirit of Maori Leadership organised around the identification of three key questions, which inquiries into the attributes of good leadership, the β†’

The decay of white men and women slaveholders

For instance, the Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad was celebrated as a liberating expose of the twentieth century between the cultures of the empire and the civilising process that it had had on the cultures of the colonised. But in the depictions of the native, primitive people of the Congo, who lay beyond β†’

Eng 201

False True or False: The key to writing a strong research paper is making the information your own. False True or False: Telltale sign of passive voice is that it usually requires a form of the verb to be.

A life on a page

While the novels Jane Eyre and Candide are in no manner outright autobiographies, they are extremely similar in that the experiences and beliefs of Bronte and Voltaire serve to characterize Jane and Candide. Through Candide, Voltaire analyzes the problem of evil in the world, and depicts the woes heaped upon it in the name of β†’

The impact of armed conflict in nigeria

In 2001, a major crisis occurred in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State in the northern part of Nigeria, leading to the destruction of properties and loss of lives. They subsequently demanded that the government put the necessary infrastructure in place to improve on the protection of women and children.

Impact of the internet on the macro-environment

The technological environment The technological environment is of significant importance in the context of e-business. Review the impact of the internet on the five forces industry framework and explain how it works Porter proposes a five forces framework, which outlines the main factors determining a firm's ability to capture the value it creates.

Techniques to isolate bacterial colonies | experiment

Since distinct and well-isolated colonies were not found from the spread plate and pour plate techniques, selection of distinct and clear colonies of all three types of bacteria were made from the streak plate and observed under the microscope. As for Gram negative bacteria, the alcohol wash opens the pores of the peptidoglycan layer and β†’

Measurement techniques in dentistry health and social care essay

The skiding callipers were held parallel to the occlusal and vestibular surfaces of the Crown to mensurate the mesiodistal crown diameter of a tooth. The tips of the calliper were placed on a specific landmark and the measurings were taken by reading the distance from the swayer on the calliper.

The mystery of family: human truths and personal bonds in β€˜the brothers karamazov’

He does not ever tell us what to believe, but this massive work by Dostoevsky does put us in a very uncomfortable place as it pushes us to consider the messiness, the sheer earthiness of a son's relationship to his father, and of all the unspoken griefs and problems that, in this case at least, β†’

The empowerment of civil society by using technology media essay

Moreover, due to the advancement of information technology civil activists can keep in touch with supporters and campaigners effectively and effortlessly.[2] Wikileaks is a website which describes itself as an ' activist organisation' or in other words the ' intelligence agency of the people'.[3]Wikileaks is an international non-profit organisation that works for transparency and publishes β†’

Making and managing change at fedex

The most considerable of all the above is the human factor because people matter the most in managing change in organization. On the other end, there is a positive side of change, where he effects of change are important to the survival of the organization.

Effects of vitamin b12 and omega 3 on ngf, vegf and hif-1

Therefore, the current study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of maternal vitamin B 12 and omega-3 fatty acids given either individually or together on the levels of NGF, VEGF and HIF-1 alpha in the pup brain at birth. The procedures carried out in the present animal study were approved by Institutional Animal Ethics Committee β†’

Possible prize

This could lead to Solero spending extra in the short term on the market research and to a certain extent the time taken to 'control and review' the objective which could have cost them sales in comparison to if a marketing campaign had gone out straight after the objective was made. But in the long-term β†’

Reflective essay: stroke patient

This was my first experience to nurse a stroke patient and therefore was very interested to know about the disease and how to make an assessment on patients in this situation. Patients whose nutritional status as in the case of Doris affects the ability of the body to fight infection and therefore a broad risk β†’

Ikea strategies issues solutions

Sustainable issue for the use of resources IKEA objectives is to reduce its usage of water by using wastewater treatment plan and aim to bring down to landfill waste to 0. This is compounded by the unenthusiastic effect on marketing of continued stress on economic situation in its major European market and also the adverse β†’

Employer’s obligations for employee health and safety

Safe System of Work This obligation is twofold whereby the employer must, firstly, tell the employees of the location of safety equipment [5] and secondly, the employer has the right to assume that the employee possesses a degree of common sense with the result that there is no obligation to warn of dangers that are β†’

Strategic flexibility in interpersonal relationships.

The way to communicate with someone who tends towards being emotional is not to meet it with the same level of emotion but rather to step back and try to diffuse the situation by giving the person a chance to vent and then thinking before responding. If I was trying to speak to someone who β†’

How national debt affects your wallet assignment

People need to be aware of where our taxes are going and start to realize that they are the ones making this country the way It Is. The reason being is because that we are so far in debt to the point where soon the value of the dollar will go down and these investors β†’

Proposal for academic programme of youth development work essay

In March 2010, the Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre initiated treatments with the University of Guyana, the University of the West Indies, and other duly accredited third establishments to research the possibilities for offering undergraduate and post alumnus degree preparation in young person development. Initial treatment centered on the acknowledgment of a young person worker β†’

A study of the character of lydgate in george eliot’s middlemarch

I believe, and I hope this paper will show, that Lydgate is an idealist who, unlike the protagonist of the book, Dorothea, is too much of a realist to be able to give in to one of the most material aspects of the real world money. He gives in to the reality of money as β†’

The extreme right and the french right wing politics essay

The question about the role of the state in the field of private property and social security has become the central element of the opposition between right and left for a long time.[I] France has had a saturated political life for the last few decades, but one of the most important events was the 2007 β†’

Brand equity of ipl teams marketing essay

Purpose - The purpose of this research paper is to develop an instrument for the measurement of Brand equity of teams participating in the Indian Premier League. Influence of Family and Friends One of the attributes considered for the construction of the scale for measurement of Brand Equity of IPL teams is the influence of β†’

Policy of land acquisition in india economics essay

When the state takes up land based on eminent domain the major economic problem that arises is that it contradicts the notion of property as a source of individual autonomy with the power of state to regulate use and disposition of property. It has been argued that ' the history of eminent domain in India β†’

Myself college essay

You: *burn* what? oh~ do you think you are great enough? oh damn you Kai Kai: im not THINK im great, but i AM great. You: Btch pls i hate you Kai: i hate you more -,- Baekhyun: can both of you stop fighting! im sick of it.

We can do it

The pertinent fea-ture of this kind of production function is this: The " marginal produc-tivity" of education, which is a function of the inputs and the current technology, can remain positive forever even if the technology is sta-tionary. 4 The 4 This is done in a paper by Phelps which develops a Golden Rule of β†’


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Integrated resorts management the star city in sydney tourism essay

Between the 1970s to 2004, the Singapore government cabinet has three times refused the motion to open casinos, the first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew even once publicly said: " If you want to open casinos in Singapore, across my body!" But as the world changes, lee kuan yew and Singapore government also had to β†’

Trapped in wonderland

By grounding the narrative in the eyes and imagination of Alice, who is just beginning to be inculcated with lessons and physically removing her from the temporal world, Carroll adjusts the conditions of his adult world to explore if childhood presents the only opportunity or the " key" to the access the imagination. He creates β†’

Ethical marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry

The goal of this study is to asses the importance of ethical marketing strategies of pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan. The extent to which pharmaceutical companies promote the merits of their products and relevant clinical trails provide to doctors are not studied in Pakistan.

Anti-social behaviour orders | analysis

The main aims of the community are to reduce the number of youngsters from entering the criminal system, to improve attendance of the identified groups at school and to minimize the factors that would help someone lead to an offensive behavior. The scale of the problem Of all the problems which most affect neighborhoods up β†’

The operation of british petroleum commerce essay

The report assesses the operations of British Petroleum to establish to which degree the operations of BP are in line with related management theory. The final section of the project is a conclusion that summarises the main themes highlighted in the work, noting its achievements and limitations and sets the stage for future research.

How ethnic identity mediates acculturation stress depending

Migration was also linked in complex ways to class, gender, generation, * ethnicity and other social factors, which were embodied in positions in home and host * communities, and in work and domestic relationships, all of which might be * transformed in the course of the migratory process. Although acculturation was a neutral term in β†’

Similarities between iranian and malaysian culture religion essay

From Cordoba to Delhi, from Sarajevo to the Niger, the mosque or house of prayer is the outstanding symbol of Islam, the focus of worship, and contemplation, the meeting place of man with man, and of man with God. In the grander mosques the south ivan, leading into the sanctuary, and sometimes also the north β†’

Phoenician society: seafaring and maritime knowledge

There is also some evidence that the Phoenicians may have even reached some of the Atlantic islands such as the Azores and Canaries.[24] Ultimately, it was the rise in Greek power in the east, the barrier of the Atlantic in the west and the rise of Rome that bought an end to Phoenician power.[25] In β†’

What evidence exists to demonstrate

More than thirty years have passed since the American military withdrew from Vietnam, and in that time, the war has continued to permeate the cultural, and political landscape of America, impacting all subsequent war reporting and shaping the way in which the Government and the people of the country view the media's role within society. β†’

Introduction to management statistics finance essay

Laspeyres Price Index = qo pn qo poStep one: q05 p05 q05 p05 + + + + = 190+198+378190+198+378= 766766 = 1 100 = 100Step two: q05 p06 q05 p05= + + + + = 198+203. Paasche Price Index = qn pn qn poStep one: q05 p05 q05 p05 + + + + = 190+198+378190+198+378= β†’

Communication and persuation

Several seminal publications stand out as works broadening the scope and recognizing the importance of communication in the organizing process, and in using the term " organizational communication". To what extent does the one-way rule of direction affect the efficiency of communication in the organization, in addition to the morale and motivation of subordinates?

Quaker oats company.

The vastness of the country and the barrenness of the western hinterland have important implications for defense strategy. The Yangtze, the longest in China and even in Asia, is the third-longest in the world.

How does the play challenge or

Both are confirming to the traditional notions of the ' breadwinner' and ' housewife' role where the main role of the woman's life was expected to be that of a housewife and mother, having dinner ready on the table, looking after the children and answering to her husband, while he went out to work to β†’

Pet therapy for hospitalized patients

The outcome the researchers are looking for is increased patient satisfaction and decreased physical and psychosocial effects as a result of the pet therapy. There are many benefits of implementing pet therapy as a complementary therapy for patients that are in the hospital.

Trends and concepts of startups

To open a new business that is the exact clone of the original ones, focusing on the business model, targeted customers, pricing and products in most cases is a fascinating kind of investment. While to Guy Kawasaki, the chief evangelist of Apple and advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google, it is the product β†’

Enquiry approach for rivers fieldwork

The cross sectional area is the depth of the river multiplied by the width of the river at the same point. The cross sectional and the velocity are used to calculate the discharge of the river.

Exploration of beliefs as a early childhood teacher

As a guardian it is also my responsibility is to nurture and promote the growth of the child as a whole in a safe/trusting environment. It relates to the importance of family in the health and well being of a person.

Factors affecting pakistan’s literacy rate

The gap between the rich and the poor countries on these measures is large, and the distribution of this most basic form of human capital within the poor countries also seems to be more inequitable. The factor which affects our education is " FE*PA", which means that the education of the child is depend on β†’

The economic arguments for gambling

But the government has actually got rid of betting & gaming duty to be replaced with a tax on the profits of gaming companies.[1] Just like any other business in a capitalist society, the gambling industry is driven by the principles of supply and demand. A review of the gambling literature in the economic and β†’

Competition in india’s textile industry

One of the earliest to come into existence in India, it accounts for 14% of the total Industrial production, contributes to nearly 30% of the total exports and is the second largest employment generator after agriculture. The key objectives of the research are identified as following: to identify the factors that have increased competition in β†’

Definitions by scholars on corporate culture

The strength of culture can be referred to the extent to which members of an organization embrace the values of the culture. Does culture push members to behave in ways that are counter to the formal mission and goals of the organization by culture moving the organization in the right direction?

Reading gandhi- delhi university assignment

As we celebrate a hundred years of his acknowledged magnum opus Hind Swarm, It Is time to reflect on the Importance of both the text and the context of this renowned work. The text consists of twenty short chapters, cast In the form of a dialogue between Gandhi who Is called the ' editor' and β†’

Certificate in teaching in the lifelong learning sector essay sample

The two types of assessment which I use are internal and external and the concepts of assessment which are commonly used in my teaching environment are Norm referencing, criterion referencing, formative and summative assessment. Peer and self assessment Throughout the PTLLS and CTLLS course I have been impressed by the use of peer assessment and β†’

The empirical formula of magnesium oxide essay sample

057g Absolute uncertainties of the mass of magnesium, magnesium oxide and oxygen Due to subtraction was employed, to calculate the net mass of magnesium and magnesium oxide, the absolute uncertainties were added.E.g, the absolute uncertainty of magnesium = = 0. 002g The mass of oxygen was reached by subtracting the mass of magnesium from the β†’

Japanese invasion of malaysia

Japan also had become the leader in the revolution of economic through the great empowerments in the development of industrial after the successful of Industrial Power Plan during the Meiji Dynasty era in 1867-1912. The sanction of resources supply by the United States to Japan after the invasion of China in Sino Japan War in β†’

Management of curriculum currently delivered within learning sector

The intent of this essay is to discourse the direction of the course of study which is presently delivered within the Lifelong acquisition sector. A self appraisal should take in to account the positions of the scholars, employers, contractors and other partnerships.

Geostrategic of syria during the conflicts

If it seemed to hampering enough the foreign policy decision making of Syria to be finished, the only explanation can only be seen in the study of where the state directs its power and the geographic focus of the state's foreign policy. The region's geopolitics, as has been shown in the previous paper, is the β†’

Christianity vs. materialism

The result of this whole process finds the materialist scoffing at the concept of giving to God, and buying the headphones so he can add to his pleasure, in the here and now, so he can win because he has more " toys". This type of heart is what God is looking for in His β†’

Portfolio assignment

The practical issue in this research is to determine the characteristics of the nine creative concepts in the selected advertisements from the two. The Chevrolet advertisement appeals to the adventurous man through the use of the picture of the camping and climbing gear in the car.

Financial analysis of adidas

In 2000 Adidas Company received the title of " Advertiser of the year" and was presented with the prestigious Clio Award in New York. In 2008, the AG's debt to equity ratio is 1.8.

Indigenous or aboriginal deaths in custody in australia

Using other articles and research materials, the paper takes into account then deaths of prisoners in prisons and police custodies, which indicate some of the issues which relate to Aboriginal reaction to the system of criminal justice, more particularly in exercise of appropriate duty of care and more specifically in the reduction of the criminalization β†’