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Prepare a memo to the judge.the honorable levon warner.advocating for the drug treatment court in lieu of incarceration. as

The ultimate goal of a drug treatment court is to see those convicted of drug possession completely drug-free. In addition to helping people rebuild their lives and become active members of society, a drug treatment court has the advantage of saving the state many millions of dollars each year.

Conflict management and negotiation

Task, relationship and process are the three sources of conflict in a workplace, Conflict Management from Stanford, Video and Mack, R. According to Greer, L, Conflict Management from Stanford Video, task conflicts are the most productive form of conflict, and can occur over organizational policies and procedures, or the method or means of completing a →

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A rational argument against the existence of god philosophy essay

Most affirmations of the existence of god are posited in explanation of the mysteries involved in the nature and origin of our universe and of human life. The burden of proof lies in our material world and it is irrational to believe that god must necessarily exist in the absence of a better answer.

Product on its knees financial wise. it should

Some of the risks that the company should try to avoid may originate from the design of the product, problems in production or failure to inform the public of the consequences of the usage of the products: marketing defects. In particular, the company should be interested in the terms of the contract and the legal →

Axel and literature that originated in the

Romanticism is a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the 18th century. I believe that we as humans, have a connection to the outdoors and Nature in such a way that is inexplicable.

Gender and race discrimination

Racism is a belief in human beings that, one person is superior to another due to the color of the skin and other physical attributes. Racism was more visible in 19th century, when Africans and Asians were tortured and degraded because of the color of the skin and physical attributes.

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The cowardice of popularity: johnny’s character

Prior to the Vietnam War, Johnny conformed to agree with his classmates within the Academy, leaving the questioning to Owen and The Voice." I did, or tried to do, everything Owen did", said Johnny, dependent on Owen to be outspoken due to his inability to use language and speak well. While working in a church →

Resourcing talent analysis essay

Factors that affect an organisations approach to attracting talent For an organisation to attract talent successfully, as part of the talent planning policy it needs to identify and assess what factors affect its approach to attracting talent. Factors that affect an organisations approach to recruitment and selection As part of its recruitment and selection policy, →

First time in church

Every time the priest or the person finished the reading, people said " The word of the Lord." People kept repeating what the priest was saying until he started to read the Gospel. I was not actually sure that the songs were in English because I did not understand what the crowd was saying although →

Electronic and digital media industry paper assignment

Technology plays a very important role in electronic and digital media since the adoption of the color television in 1960 by the riveter entertainment businesses. The article will give historical and contemporary roles of media in society and describe how the chemical and electronic technology of photography, recording, and remission has advanced from the initial →

Parkian hexad vs the cia triad essay

" Is the Parkerian Hexad superior to the CIA Triad in describing the framework necessary for information systems security? " Yes, the Parkerian Hexad is superior to the CIA Triad because it is an updated approach that expands on the original three elements of the CIA Triad. Confidentiality is defined by the CNSS as " →

Applied statistics in business and economics ch 1

Which is not a goal of the ethical data analyst? Which of the following statements is not true?

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In the 48 continental states, there are 5, 500 gray wolves and 100 red wolves today, states Wolf.Org. According to the National Wildlife Federation, habitat loss and overexploitation are major threats to wolves.

Multidomestic strategy for pinewood tractors

The needs and services of the customers are to be fulfilled to capture the market. Some groups of persons who are categorized in the primary market are considered as premium customers and their needs to be explored.

Ginsberg’s howl: a barbaric yawp

It is not a surprise that Allen Ginsberg aligned himself with Walt Whitman in his poem " Howl," as the title page to his book of the same name reads, " Unscrew the locks from the doors! / Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!". However, the use of these lines as a preface to →

The impact of the american culture to canadian cultural values

This study aims to uncover the predicament of the Canadian culture in relation to being associated to the American Culture. More so, identifying the extent or scope of the American influence in the society, politics, economy and the arts of Canada will measure the impact that it brought forth in the Canadian culture.

Vic’torrie turner

Marijuana appears to have a sedative effect, and it may reduce somewhat the intensity of angry feelings and probability of interpersonal aggressive behavior. Marijuana could cause one to avoid an issue and fall back on the drug instead of work out their problems.

An spanish american war history essay

This paper discusses about the war between Spain and United States and the summaries the causes of Spanish and American war. Spanish- American War Summary of Spanish- American war The Spanish-American war was a conflict between America and Spain in 1898 effectively due to the intervention of US in the ongoing Cuban War of Independence.

Capital structure – determinants & trends in banking sector

The capital structure and the quantum of capital held by the bank indicate the ability to the function of credit creation, which is the prime activity of any Bank. Therefore, a firm's capital structure is described as the capital mix of both equity and debt capital in financing its assets.

Candles: paraffin wax candle essay

Results of the tests showed that the candle made from 100 percent paraffin wax had the lowest melting rate, lowest amount of melted candle, and a light intensity of 100 candelas. The other preparations ranked according to the proportion of used cooking oil in the candle, with the 50: 50 preparation performing least comparably with →

Contract risk and opportunities

If, in this case, C-S and Span had been more specific in the offer and C-S in the demands, many of the disputes could have been avoided. C-S? s bigger e-CRM order is in the pipeline, and chances of Span getting the order hinge on the performance of this contract.

Key principles on user design

There should be no more information presented to the user than is necessary to complete the current task, because each item of irrelevant information adds complexity to the dialogue. Most of all, error messages should be phrased so as to avoid blaming the user.

Big love

The love between a man and woman, the love between women, " the love between families", love of religion, etc. The Hendricksons', the family on the show, was the ideal American family.

Education and perception: then and now

I plan to study the various major history events that have taken place in the country and all over the world as well as the background factors that played a role in the development and outcome of these events. The reason behind this is that I have come to realize that everything happens for a →

The effect of concentration of vegeren on clotting times

The mammary glands secrete milk and the chemical stimulus to do so is the hormone oxytocin produced in the pituitary gland. The production of milk in the mammary glands is stimulated by the lactogenic hormone, which is also produced in the pituitary gland when the female gives birth.

Understanding the context of learning disabilities

This provides the opportunity for those with learning disabilities to achieve while enhancing their confidence and self-esteem. For the families of those who have intellectual difficulties, it is vital for them to be aware of the cause of the disability.

Breakfest at tiffanys

By subjecting the characters of Joe Bell, Mag Wildwood, Rusty Trawler, Jose Yberra-Jaegar, and Fred and Doc Golightly into analysis, the readers will see how every one of them has contributed to the story of the heroin Holly Golightly as seen by the character's constant but sometimes uninvited companion, the narrator. The man Holly was →

Explain means they will listen to the

The Supreme Court of the US has a huge influence on justice policy making; therefore this also has an enormous impact on the criminal justice system. The Supreme Court has the power to interpret the law.

According this act to do or authorise the

According to Section 14 of the Copyright Act, 1957, ' Copyright' means the exclusive right subject to the provisions of this Act to do or authorise the doing of the any of the following act in respect of a work or any substantial part thereof, namely: In the case of a literary, dramatic or musical →

A piece of my heart

A Piece of My Heart The play A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro focuses on the events of the Vietnamese war and the role of women in the war as well as the overall effects of the war on the women. However, it is assumed that the Vietnamese war surpassed the expectations of →

In defense of prejudice essay

Prejudice refers to prejudgment i.e.making a decision about a case before getting to know the reality of the situation of the case. According to the popular view, science is a reason against prejudice and open mindedness, yet the ugly truth of the situation is that scientist is biased.

The nurd complex

Upon purification and characterization of the NuRD complex, it was found that it possesses both nucleosome remodeling and histone deacetylase activities, with the ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling coupled to the histone tail deacetylation function. CHD/ Mi-2 proteins function as ATPase enzymes where they catalyze the hydrolysis of ATP and the resultant energy is utilized by the →

Interview paper

THE FINAL FINDINGS: The interview was very effective in getting an idea into the world of real estate. He has been working as a financial advisor for the past 7 years and is known as one of the best in this field.

Shayla smith

The owners, Owen and Dolly Jones, who own and operate the campground, do not have any security on the premises because they are a ' mom and pop' operation, and the campers all come back year after year. Mary is a single mother, and Shayla's father is not really in the picture and provides no →

The extinction of the dinosaurs

Much of the evidence now suggests that a 5 to 15kilometer wide bolide hit in the vicinity of the Yucatan Peninsula, forming the Chicxulub Crater and started the mass extinction. The one thing I would disagree with is the fact that scientists have found out that dinosaurs have died out over a long period of →

Things fall apart: outside vs. inside

But because of his wealth and prestige, not to mention the fact that he denied feeling any emotion, he very rarely deeply felt the effects of these common tribulations, prompting him to misuse those he loved the most in the belief that he was improving them. As a result, he could not truly understand the →

Currently israel controls palestinian water, what rights does israel have to manage water crucially needed or the palestinian people

Despite Israel owning the land the water comes from, water is a negotiating tool to stop conflict in the region, howbeit ineffective. Israel has recently reconfirmed its intention to implement the decision of the Local Israeli Assembly for Organization and Building to give a piece of land from the Hadera area to build a desalination →

The biblical foundation for evangelism theology religion essay

He promised His followers the empowerment of the Holy Spirit who would enable them to boldly proclaim the everlasting good news of salvation, through Jesus Christ, to the entire world. Beyond all rationale they were compelled with the responsibility to tell the world of what Jesus had done." With the blessing and assurance of salvation →

Chaos organization and disaster management

The book scrutinizes the disaster behaviors of the Israelis, since the Gulf War and beyond the social structures, which hold back the response to disaster and the performance of disaster management organizations. The book also discloses the gap that exists between the organizational perception of disaster and the victim, and demonstrates the influence the wider →

Free essay on marine news

According to Haun who is a reporter for the magazine, this has been one of the issues in the priority list for National Transportation Safety Board. The magazine has made it its objective to ensure that all their subscribers get the right information and on time that might help them make the right decisions in →

“up in the air”

The main theme of the movie " Up in the Air" is the examination of philosophy. The movie follows the traditional three ct structures in rather a clever way." Up in the air" is a movie about Ryan Bingham who is constantly on the move and working hard not to be tied down by the →

Fate the hero and santiago the victim

Is it the respectable Cristo Bedoya, who runs all over town at the end of the story in a futile attempt to warn Santiago of the planned murder? From Santiago's ominous dream, to having missed and overlooked crucial warnings of his death until the very end, Santiago Nasar is trapped in a web woven by →

An environmental analysis of russia economics essay

Social The population of the Russia is decreasing day by day due to the increase in number of diseases and act of violence's in the country. The relative inexperience of judges and courts in interpreting legislation.

Rizal defined essay

He recalled the incident that led him to dedicate his life and work to his country, and to his early dreams of a happy and free Philippines. Faith, he remembered, inspired and impelled him to take on the self-imposed mission of working for his country's redemption, faith in his fellowmen, faith in his country, faith →

Economic boost of under-developed states

Under-developed states are characterized by a dual economy in which a small quota of the society enjoys a consumer lifestyle among a vast majority of the society who wallow in the cancer that is poverty. The globalization efforts have opened a corridor for the under-developed states to exchange of goods and services at the international →

Science, philosophy and society

From my point of view, we are absolutely live in the matrix, and the life is not real that we live. So if we think carefully and logically, we can admit that the life we live in is not real.

Robbie’s resentment

Much of his time spent fighting in the war is also spent fighting with himself; he is unable to escape the constant fantasies of his potential life at home and the " what ifs" of his relationship with Cecilia. This hatred is the foundation of Atonement's overarching theme of resentment; Briony's inability to confess and →

Desdemona: a martyr or a fool

Due to this Desdemona missed her husband so much and expressed the sexual desire to her husband so strongly that she wanted to go with the army just to be with him. Desdemona died in the last scene of the play due to the abuses of her husband.

Commentary: sorbitol treatment extends lifespan and induces the osmotic stress response in caenorhabditis elegans

A commentary on Sorbitol treatment extends lifespan and induces the osmotic stress response in Caenorhabditis elegans by Chandler-Brown, D, Choi, H, Park, S, Ocampo, B. 00316 It has recently been reported in this journal that exposure of Caenorhabditis elegans to osmotic stress, induced by sorbitol and trehalose, provokes lifespan extension which appears to be dependent →

Clinical method plan: conservation

When a child is able to master the conservation tasks, he or she will be able to understand and explain why things stay the same regardless of the changes in its form. For the mass task I will have two equal balls of play dough and flatten one down to see if Abe would be →

Nature of god

In particular, the character of God in the story of the creation, the fall of man and in the story of Noah, will be the main focus for deciphering God's nature. With the creation of Adam and Eve, another nature of God is revealed.

Intrnational financial accounting standards

SAAB intends to limit such choice of accounting treatments 1 Develop, in the public interest, a single set of high quality understandable and enforceable global accounting standards that require high quality transparent and capable information in financial statements and other financial reporting to help the participants in the various capital markets of the world and →

Unit exercises non esw essay

2 Demonstrate how to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals & describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication Think of the different ways of finding out about the most effective way of communicating with the people you have identified in LO 1.1. Complete the table below indicating: the →

The trivialization of an already trivial word: an analytical exploration of the authorial message of the play the bald soprano.

In his ' anti-play' The Bald Soprano, Ionesco was able to make a profound comment on modern and postmodern society by dint of his employment of one-dimensional characters, the trivialization of time, and the banalization of society's expectations for one's behavior. The final tool that Ionesco utilizes to mock his contemporaries, is banalization, and in →

Video game

Statement of the Problem The study will be done to find out the reasons students get addicted to computer games by answering the following questions: 1)What games are the students addicted to? The number of students in HCA getting addicted to computer games are growing.

Black elk versus sherman alexie

In the memoir, " Superman and Me", by Sherman Alexie, the Native American Alexie tells the story of how he learned to read on a reservation. In the memoir, " Black Elk Speaks", Black Elk tells the story of his childhood, and his experience of living through the Wounded Knee Massacre.

Labour government suffer assignment

The problem was that to help ease the issue, Wilson would have to devalue the pound so that the Auk's exports would be cheaper and therefore more competitive in price. This was quite a radical change due to the diversities and prejudices of the British public.

The reader; critical study

How and why is a social group represented In a particular way? " How could it be a comfort that the pain I went through because of my love for Hanna was In a way, the fate of my generation, a German fate..." This quote from Bernhard Schlock's The Reader Illustrates how and why two →

Engaging in international trade

for example Japan is advance in the field of consumer electronics so countries like USA directly purchase goods from them and also learn about the new technology is being discovered on the other side of the world. For example in India Reliance petroleum industries get the resources in UAE & USA use the Indians manpower →

1-3 com

Digital literacyinvolves having a current knowledge and understanding of computers, mobile devices, the Internet, and related technologies computeris an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory scanneris a light-sensing input device that converts printed text and images into a form the computer can process output deviceis any hardware component →

Building a moon base

Another mystery of the moon is the chemical properties of the moon. Building a base on the moon could get people closer to it and maybe drill into the interior with a drill permanently installed to the base on the moon But even more important are the features of the moon.

Third sex: third generation essay

The feminine male, the masculine female and the hermaphrodite all were considered important members of the society and had their distinctive roles in the society.E.g.hey often became priests and healers. As part of this gender and sexual politics to control the sexual behavior of masculine male, the third sex's sexual need for women was ' →

Finding forrester review essay

Faced with a dilemma of self preservation and the preservation of William Forester's identity, the elm quickly reached It's climax. All in all, the film did a great Job of exemplifying the ongoing social issue of discrimination and stereotyping, without taking away it's connection to reality.

Fiscal policy lags

Fiscal Policy Lags Management of the National Economy In the United States there are only a few avenues available to the government for management of the economy. Fiscal policy, on the other hand, is open to the purview of the legislative and executive branches of government.

Required volunteering

The whole idea of having to work for free just cannot go by without complaints in this society, therefore it should not be mandated. Nobody should have to take the time out of their lives to do work that they will not benefit from.

The junto club: ben franklin

This is because debaters in this school of thought hold the view that the Title IX really came as an Act that was going to open up the educational system to an era of fairness and open participation. What this means to the educational system is that the Act came in as a way of →

Demonstrating personal philosophy of nursing education

The purpose of this paper is to describe my philosophy of nursing education in terms of the role of educator and learner, evidence-based practice in nursing education and useful teaching strategies. Students employ a variety of learning styles and have diverse educational needs and come to the learning experience with a variety of perspectives, expectations, →

Personal health assessment essay sample

Upon completion of the Self Assessment pertaining to the six dimensions of health the results have revealed there are three dimensions that I am strongest in and three dimensions that I need to improve on. I need to improve on Environmental Health, Intellectual Health, and Physical Health.

Baltic and international maritime council (bimco)

The main objective of BIMCO is to act on behalf of its global membership to endorse higher standards as well as development and promotion of fair and equitable international shipping policy. The association provides one of the most comprehensive sources of practical shipping information and a wide variety of advisory and consulting services to its →

Procter and gamble europe: vizir launch essay

Procter and Gamble Europe is wedged between two business strategies, the European approach to launching and marketing Vizir a laundry and cleaning product and the aggressive German business approach to selling the product as it has been successful in capturing the market through the years. Either way, P&G Europe is at a losing position, such →

Marriott case hbs

Issue In this assignment, we are asked to compute the WACC of Marriott Corporation and each of the company's three divisions. Marriott CorporationBusiness Lines 1Beta of Debt Computed using correlation between S&P500 returns and HG Corp Bonds, s.d.of the S&P500 and s.d.of the HG Corp Bonds Same 2Risk-Free RateEstimated to be equal to 10y US →

Victoria chemicals

The transport division is responsible for overseeing movement of all raw, intermediate, and finished materials throughout the company and if the depreciation cost is included in the analysis it would artificially inflate profit for that division. Secondly, the proposal of this project is to increase production of Polypropylene and modifying the Merseyside plant would certainly →

Wireless technology proposal

In addition to the iPad, our team chose to incorporate the Blackberry phone as a wireless mobile device as well. Some of the latest additions to our wireless devices are such as the cell phone and I-pad.

Mentor interview

Since my father's passing I feel like I have a special connection to him when I sing and listen to music. I told him how much I enjoyed his show and told him about what I wanted to do in the music industry, he gave me a little of advice and told me to add →

Tapescript role play in business meetings

I would expect everyone to attend, and to be on time - that's not the case at the moment as you know. You do not think he is a suitable person to manage the sales team.

Chuck’s wagon case study essay

This paper first aims to briefly introduce Chuck's Wagon business, operations and performance, then to discuss the main problems the company faces, followed by a set of recommendations on how to face the issues and improve the company, its operations and performance.i. Lack of DataThe key problem and foundation of most of the subsequent problems →

Effects of risperidone in children with autism

5 mg/day researchers want to know the question what the overall effect the drug has the on cognitive performance of children ages of 5-17 years old, diagnosed with autism and that suffer from irritable behavior. A total of 38 children between the ages of 5-17 years of age were a part of the sample group, →

Plot summary of wilson rawls’ where the red fern grows

Billy, his father, his grandpa, and his pups headed off for 2 days to the campground. The next night Billy and his opponent went out for a tiebreaker.

Medication safety

Drug and medication safety form critical aspects of patient safety and have received great attention in the US in the recent past for the purpose of effective medical management. In defining safety, the report has it that it is the inverse of harm and explains that drug toxicity determine safety; the less the level of →

Business levelbrief assignment

Malcolm Arnold Academy your two businesses should vary in size a description of the types of your businesses a description of the purpose of your businesses, including the aims and objectives of our organizations a description of the ownership of your businesses. With: a description of the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of your →

Virtues of a perfect bride essay sample

Mary Ann Kohli Eng 101 October 11, 2001 Virtues of a Perfect Bride In Dandin's " The Perfect Bride," Saktikumara is searching for patience, creativity and a good sense of other virtues in a wife along with her beauty. Through out the story the girl proves that she has all the wifely virtues along with →

A vindication of the rights of woman

Mary Wollstonecraft, " pioneer of feminist thought" in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman was the first to bring the subordinate attitude that society had towards women into the open, arguing that women were men's intellectual equals and therefore affirming a woman's right to a full education." A profound conviction that the neglected education →

Safety with guns

But the correct answer is since the correct thing to do would be to stop firing, point the gun in a safe direction, and call or wait for the range officer to give further orders and if needed clarify as to why someone else gave the order. The correct answer to the question is since →

Mindfulness practice in my life

I plan to maintain the practice of mindfulness in life since it is very helpful. I have also leant to deal with different situations in life such that I am in control of whatever I would be doing.

Shifting courses essay

There are many reasons why students are not happy with their courses, and the first reason could be because these students do not really know what they want to do or be in life yet. But because these students who let their parents pick out the course for them or those who picked a course →

Chapter as follows: Ø boiling chamber Ø test

Following point were kept in mind during the design of the setup: Thevolume of the boiling chamber should be kept small to prevent the setup frombeing too large. The refluxcondenser is fixed at the top of the boiling in an opening in the top plate ofthe boiling chamber.

The china job in campos beverages

Supposing that Michael does not want to move to China, would he be willing to stay with Lafleur Would he like to try out other opportunities in New York Karen and Michael need to have a discussion on what they think is important. Besides, he can negotiate with Pierre to ensure that he would have →


It will show ways of how the approaches understand the person and also what the psychological distress is experienced by the individuals. Person centred and psychodynamic counsellors, both have one main aim to help people develop in a positive way and to move forwards, however the methods they use to reach this goal varies Psychodynamic →

Editorial: dna damage and inflammation under stress

In this Research Topic we had contributions relative to the above field and groups working in all of the above areas and model organisms linking DNA damage, inflammatory and innate immune response, and a variety of systemic effects associated with the above phenomena. Specifically, in the review article of Spanou et al.the role of genetic →

Variables and distribution questions

This is a sample because a random sample of 150 local restaurants is selected from all local restaurants in the area.3. This is a parameter because 15 of the students who dropped the class are from all students who had taken the first exam.4.

Rappiccini’s daughter

Giovanni, the central male character of the story, is the second figure to serve as a poisoner to Beatrice. After his fears are confirmed that Beatrice is poisonous, and not the woman he dreamed her to be, he informs her of the antidote which she readily takes.

Three cups of tea

Along with education and patience, Greg Mortenson comes to the conclusion that it does not take much to change a society for the better. The experiences had and lessons learned by Greg Mortenson are things that a person can only hope to have in a life time.

Richard the third essay

In Shakespeare's ' King Richard III', human condition is shown throughout the play through the words of the characters, but most noticeable is through antagonist Richard and how he is power-hungry, also Shakespeare's need to perpetuate the Tudor Myth. While in ' Looking for Richard' Al Pacino's 1996 docu-drama human condition is shown through Al →

Research proposal on target population and purpose for the design report

As shown on the brochure the electronic waste not only affects the environment but also impact negatively on the human health damaging the various tissues of the human body. The consumers of electronic devices should recycle the e-waste to reduce their negative impact on the human health as well as the environment.

Ceo’s and foreign policy

In this same way, formalized relationships of ritual representation are dissimilar and experienced very differently from a long-cultivated relationship, based on guanxi, between the President and a CEO. He feels that companies are affected by war and acts of invasion, and that therefore they should be consulted before the government acts in such a manner.

Video games: the finest form of art

Being immersive, intellectual, and interactive, video games can be regarded as the best form of art being the ultimate combination of the arts. When played, even from the start of the opening scene the character appeal and smooth animated graphics beckon the awestruck player into the whimsical world of the plumber, princess, and mushrooms.