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Production engineering sop essay

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An ambition to be a part of and to contribute to this fact changing process, a repeater urge to learn quest, a profound desire to translate conception into reality made me opportunity for a Graduate program at your prestigious university. It has been my deepest desire to be a part of this rapid burgeoning community. With due reverence to the department and University, pen down this Statement of purpose. I personally feel that there is substantial cachet to be gained by pursuing the field of Mechanical Engineering.

The diversity present in this field has attracted me and it is consistent with my enthusiasm for Mathematics and Science. It has a lot of scope as well. I have gone through the entire gist of the course and the specific areas which interested me were Manufacturing Technology, Operations Research and Industrial Management. Were the other subjects which enabled me to blend the required action whenever a problem was posed to me. I have enjoyed myself learning about the theory behind engineering applications, and have also enjoyed the experiences I have had with experimentation and research.

There is something extremely satisfying about performing an experiment oneself, analyzing the data retrieved, and interpreting the results in a meaningful way. I have the zeal to develop self inspiration and the talent to work in a consistent manner. Believe that Science and Mathematics are cohesive. By studying Mathematics, I have gained the skills which help me solve real life problems and such skills, more importantly, have been useful in the Science subjects as well. I analyze everything in depth and once I have spotted my goal, I keep on aiming for it until I succeed.

The competitive spirit within me acted as a catalyst in all my academics successes. Pursuing Engineering as my future was a natural consequence because Of my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. I have benefited from the breadth of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx College of Engineering & Research, affiliated to the Charlatan Nehru Technological university one of the most prestigious university in India. The day of my undergraduate study helped me to get sound knowledge and a firm grasps over the principles underlying the course, which gave me an edge above other students. Excelled it with first class with distinction with an aggregate of 74. 32%. The undergraduate study has given me a comprehensive exposure to a wide spectrum of courses in mechanical engineering namely, Production Technology, Metallurgy & Material Science Industrial management, Automobile engineering, Production Planning & Control, Finite Element Analysis, Operation Research, Robotics, Computer aided Design/Computer aided Manufacturing etc. Compelled me to seek extended knowledge outside the realm of my syllabus.

These not only enhanced my learning but also reflected in my excellent academic grades. I went beyond the four walls of the classroom, during my undergraduate course, visited many industries in which I underwent five week technical training at Nuclear Fuel Complex (MFC), s a Department of Atomic Energy on the study of Manufacturing Extrusion Die on CNN Lathe Machine which includes ifs casting to final Product in plant and Other applications.

Later I had undergone industrial visit at Pizza Steel Plant popularly known as Pizza Steel is the most advanced steel producer in India with the help of German and soviet technology where have learnt the process of Manufacturing of steel from its coke to final product. This provides to be a very valuable experience as it provided me with an industry exposure and a chance to showcase my technical knowledge in an industry based environment. I wanted to get closer look at the application of Mechanical Engineering.

I presented a good number of technical papers at the national level. The first competition I took part was a National level paper Presentation event conducted by NIT Rosella, as a part of ‘ INNOVATION 201 1’ and I got Merit Certification. Then participated in a ROBOTIC Work shop held at Katydid University, Wrangle and presented paper on ‘ Solar & Hybrid Vehicle’ at VAN Vagina Soothe and received a merit certification. And have also participated as a Volunteer in a prestigious Social Activity like ‘ Hydrated Literary Festival’ held in January 2014.

I have organized many technical and cultural events. All this extra-curricular activities have made me social accomplished with self-confidence, communicating skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. My major contribution towards research, leading the team in an academic oriented research main project “ Dynamic Analysis of Composite Propeller of Ship Using FEM.” The project deals with modeling and analyzing the propeller blade by using ‘ Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic’ materials, to reduce the Vibrations & Noise in the Propeller. This requires high end

Modeling software’s. The Solid model is developed in CAT IA V RI 9, Tetrahedral mesh is generated in HYPER MESH and Static & Modal Analysis is done in NANAS. The Analysis results showed that the natural frequencies Of composite propeller were more than aluminum propeller, which indicates that the operation range of frequency is higher for composite materials. My role in this project as a team leader was to provide the basic functionality which deals with Modeling and analyzing was handled by my team mates along with my participation.

The success of this project made me thirst in guest for a research in Mechanical Design Methodology, Advanced Material Technology and Design with Polymers & Composites which is the front and backbend of my application. Am confident that with my Undergrad Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industry related experience including techno-functional expertise in optimization solutions, Project Management experience, personal traits like quest for detail, inquisitiveness and desire to excel , and passion to lead teams make me a strong candidate for a Post Graduation degree in Production Management.

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