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Uniform crime reports

SOCIOLOGY ESSAY al Affiliation: Due Uniform crime reports is a program by of various organizations in the society such as students of criminal justice , media and law enforcement teams to compile statistics of crime and reporting. This is then used by various parties in seeking valuable information about law enforcement challenges. In relation to stalkers, in order to accord protection from unwanted attention from stalkers and also having heads up towards stalking three types of security measure worth being implemented such as making a report to the relevant authorities in instances of breached privacy. Also increase in awareness about our environment and relationship not only at our family residential but also at work or school for the kids (Richards, L. 2007). Finally, protecting one’s own privacy through limiting other people access to our personal information and fostering personal protection such as proper locking of the house and passwords for cell phones and computers are also security measures against stalkers.
Among the three special populations include children and adolescents who are majority of victims in family abuse especially due to their high vulnerability. Secondly are the older adults and women who are pregnant or postpartum who require attention due to their health and are abused through denial of liberty to choice or decision due to their condition.
The rule of the thumb derives estimations through experience among those who understand their trade so well to use scientific methods of measurements. Among sociologist constant contact with human relations and interactions in the society accords them expertise in concluding and interpreting human behavior.
Family violence constitutes all acts of physical harm, threats or any behavior by a family member that is driven at coercing or controlling another family member a(Richards, L. 2007). Exposure of children to violent behavior or inappropriate acts at home either by seeing or even hearing constitutes also family violence alongside child abuse. Many children are exposed to family violence mainly through overhearing or visualizing allegations on death or physical harm threatens within the family (Croft, J. 2007). In addition children also see assaults and property damage in the house that also identify family violence (Wallace, H. 2005). These acts of violence within the family though are highly under reported despite being such a grievous offence due to being denied and also overlooked more so when it is psychological.
Teddy as a result of the abuse from his father suffered severe consequences that included serious neglect of the emotional and psychological welfare by the parent. The child was also unlawfully deprived his liberty to keep in touch with his friends. The father restricted Teddys social interaction with his peers who served as his confidants offering him belonging he could not get from his home. Other consequences that Teddy be expected include physical assault and derogatory taunts from his father daily. Teddys peer group was very significant for its members though instilling a value of belonging and affiliation to a crowd. The peer group establishes friendship networks that provide emotional support to the members though cultivating a sense of belonging. Furthermore the peer group was significant in shaping the behaviors of the young boys that created the co-existence in their adventure. The boys were highly esteemed about their positions in the peer-group and strived to deliver excellence in their roles in the group in order to maintain their positions within it.
The young pre-adolescent boys undergo the universal group process starting with the forming of the group. This is the process of seeking trust and establishing bonds in a group. For example the young boys through seeking confidentiality and trust through deepened feelings are able to establish a bond amongst them. Secondly, the running of the group that concentrates on having sessions and activities as a group. In the film, the young boys set out to an adventure of seeking the body in this process. Thirdly, there is caring which is seen in the act of meeting the shared responsibility of the group. In the film the young boys throughout their adventure share in the success of their mission. Finally is the linking process which is the managing of group transition periodically. In the film the boys are able to ensure continuity of their adventure to realize success of their mission.
Zetta Putter means that as human beings, lack of ability to impact changes in another individuals life is the main cause of lack of actualization of our self. I agree because the sociologist regards human interactions as a platform on establishment of new personality through social interactions.
Wallace and Roberson elaborate theories of etiology of partner abuse as loss of control. This theory stipulates that violence occurs in the family due to the perpetrators loss of control for example due to alcohol use (Wallace, H. 2005). Another theory is that women suffer from learned helplessness. Due to repeated abuse against women they become unwilling to resist or take action against the perpetrator. Lastly is the family theory model where both partners contribute to family violence. This model justifies the abusive response basing it on the action of the victim. For example a womans action to defend herself from assault ending up in abuse of the partner is a justified action done in self defense (Croft, J. 2007). The victim will be the perpetrator of the partner abuse.
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