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A mystery note

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The first few notes of the alarm clock prised open Amber’s eyes and she stumbled out of bed, standing on an up-ended plug as she did so. She didn’t have time for the pain; she had a Spanish test first thing and with a bit of luck she’d be able to catch the early bus to school so she could fit in a bit of revision before class. The floorboards creaked under her feet as she got changed. Everything here seemed to creak, the place was a wreck and she couldn’t wait ’till she was old enough and more importantly have enoughmoneyto move out but that was unlikely.

Amber’s life had fallen apart bit by bit since the day she was born. Apparently her mum was put into a permanent coma after a car crash on her way to the hospital. Amber supposedly was a twin but something happened to her sister and that’s how she ended up here, in an orphanage that looked like it was going to fall apart the minute another no-hoper walked through it’s doors.

” Get up Chloe,” Amber said, Shaking her roommate vigorously in attempt to wake her up.

” I’ll get up, just five more minutes,” Chloe murmured sleepily but Amber had to leave in a minute and she knew Chloe would probably never get up so she grabbed the covers and chucked them to the other side of the room. Satisfied, she grabbed her bag and the watch she got two weeks ago from Chloe for her fifteenth birthday and set off for school.

Amber managed to squeeze in a few minutes of revision before the test but It wasn’t exactly easy getting folders out because the wind had picked up and by the time she’d got to the classroom her usually neat black hair looked like something from ‘Jeepers Creepers.’

The test took the best part of two hours – too long, thought Amber. She was relieved when the bell finally run and she practically sprinted out before Seniorita Belanto remembered about the homework due today.

” Amber!” She nearly had a heart attack when the powerful voice of her manly P. E. teacher, Mrs Stevenson came booming at her.

” Yes, Mr… I mean, Mrs Stevenson?” Amber said cheekily, wondering why the sudden need for her P. E. teacher to come rushing after her like an overweight lion.

” Some guy passed a note onto me to give to you,” She grunted.

She threw the piece of paper but Amber missed it and she had to crawl about the floor dodging numerous people who thought walking backwards as fun as walking normally.

” Gotcha!” Amber shouted a little too loudly as everyone in the corridor stared at her on her hands and knees. She opened the piece of paper and read:

Thanks a bunch for your help. I owe you one,

Jay Connors

” What the…?” She said. She looked around for Mrs Stevenson but she’d already been absorbed by the crowd. There must’ve been a mistake, she hadn’t helped someone, had she?

After school she decided to walk home and on the way she asked a few people from school if they knew who Jay Connors was.

” Who?” Most of them said, but she hit the bonus when she asked the new kid in her Maths class.

” You didn’t think to ask me first, did you?” He replied, grinning. Amber looked puzzlingly at him but then he explained.

” I’m Matthew Connors, Jay’s brother,” he grinned. Amber realised then that she’d been stupid; who better to ask than the only person in school with the same surname as the mysterious Jay?

” If your looking for Jay he’ll be indoors by now.”

He pressed the traffic lights button and the green man showed a few seconds later. Amber stood were she had been for the past few minutes looking like an idiot. What now? Did he expect her to follow him?

Matthew looked back, ” Come on then, what you waiting for?”

Apparently Jay had been in a car crash yesterday and his car was a total wreck so he couldn’t go to his work today. Amber was amazed at how he managed to cram every tiny detail into a space of two minutes. By the time they got there Amber seemed to know everything about Jay. They rang the doorbell and Jay answered.

” Hey Matt, Alex! Nice to see you again.” He said

” Alex? I’m not… I’m Amber.” This conversation was getting to be one of the most confusing of her life.

” What…” Jay began but Matt butted in.

” This is Amber, she’s in my class.”

Jay looked like someone had just put one of Einstein’s maths problems in front of him. Just then someone was walking along the pavement and Jay and Matt both looked stunned.

” Alex…”

Amber turned around and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was like she was looking in the mirror. It was her. Alex turned round and saw Amber, shock exploded on her face. Five minutes later Amber had forgot the shock because after a brief discussion with Alex, hope suddenly came into Amber sight. Was this her twin? Could this be possible? Could her mum be alive? She was, she had to be.

” Alex, dinners out.” a figure emerged from a house but at the same time Amber heard a rumble and a huge shadow cast over her, all of the hope that had build up inside her was shattered as flight 755 rapidly lost altitude. In a split-second the world had turned black and she only caught one glimpse of her mother’s face.

That was the first and last time she ever saw it.

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