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Analysis of the case lisa benton essay

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As this instance portrays the jobs faced by Lisa Benton in her company Houseworld it someway besides accented on certain features of human behaviour like possessiveness. fright of losing place. future concerns sing patterned advance & A ; obstructions associated with that patterned advance. Lisa Benton was frustrated and dissatisfied about her occupation in Houseworld where she started by a deficiency of duty. and hapless relationships with her foreman. Linton. a co-worker Scoville and late with the reveal of her negative public presentation reappraisal. Since she is non accepted by her squad she felt that while holding non adequate duty and room for her executing she didn’t prosper in this company. She besides non went through the selling preparation which most attracted her to this company at the beginning. Benton was concern of her calling in Houseworld and was believing of naming her former supervisor Kingston. of Right-Away Stores. whom she had antecedently turned down an appealing offer.

There are three major relationships. with Linton. Scoville and Vernon. that shaped up Benton’s current fortunes. If Benton had trade with them with different ways. it may take to some different consequence. Because of policy of the Home Care Division. the recruiting pattern emphasized enrolling MBAs from top-notch schools for entry-level selling places. This determination makes it hard for Linton. besides Scoville to be promoted as they thought that they were non holding an MBA grade which might be a drawback for them and therefore raisings their negative attitudes toward MBAs. Unfortunately. this had led to Benton’s troubles in doing good feeling on Linton. Unlike the old friendly and enthusiastic welcome in her interview. Benton received an opposite responses which did non carry through her emotional demands and reduced her motive in her section.

Because of her disfavor to Benton. Linton seemed to disregard Benton’s ability on intent and did non delegate disputing undertakings to Benton. Linton finally failed Benton by presuming that Benton’s undertaking adulthood was low and blocked her development of her adept power. However. Benton did a great occupation when she was in her full-time internship at Right-Away ; she had qualified occupation accomplishments to develop her expertness. But she failed to make this due to her daunting conversations with Linton and Scoville. Lisa job is that she does non lend plenty due to some hinderances created by her workmates. Lisa chose to maintain silent when she had chances to talk. But she have to stand up for herself und portion her ideas with the others so they can see she seek everything to acquire involved. She truly needs to lend! It all comes down to squads. teamwork. single and group determinations.

Linton uses traditional first line supervisory methods that block Lisa. Using Linton’s legitimate every bit good as her obliging power base is non appropriate for Lisa. Besides. Linton’s behaviour blocked Lisa’s development of her adept power. There are several times when Lisa had inquiries. but Linton refused to reply her right off. On the other manus. Scoville used his place to inquire Lisa make some “ gopher” undertakings and didn’t attention about whether Lisa was busy at her ain occupation or non. Besides his negative attitude toward Lisa’s background. Scoville’s personality made him less acceptable to most of his co-workers.

Due to Lisa’s personality. she can develop her information power with her good equal relationships. But Lisa failed to reassign the information power that she gained from her equals to her relationship with Vernon. Vernon seemed to be a sensible individual to listen to Lisa’s jobs between Linton and Scoville. He agreed that Lisa had adequate occupation accomplishments when Lisa did a good occupation on one of import memo. Because he knew Lisa’s occupation ability. he didn’t think Lisa should make a secretary’s occupation since she was hired as an adjunct merchandise director.

He was. unlike Linton and Scoville. willing to promote Lisa to develop her adept power in the organisation. She should state Vernon the truth and the job that she truly experienced. As Vernon is a top director. so he can non understand every item in organisation. But this item may be the ground that decreases productiveness. He needs to entree this information.


Since Lisa has strong information power & A ; good relationship with other coworkers. Vernon opened a communicating channel to Lisa alternatively of curtailing her information power. However. Lisa did non take advantage of this opportunity which she should be. She has to show the jobs with Scoville & A ; Linton which were the chief ground for Lisa’s dissatisfaction with the company. Lisa should besides workout to stress her importance in this organisation and lessening dependance on this organisation.

Besides Lisa thought she is in a scholar procedure. she didn’t express her sentiments when they had meetings. This behaviour made her foreman. Linton. think that Lisa lacked assurance. and she didn’t feel that Lisa truly had strong occupation accomplishments. Lisa should hold expressed her intelligent sentiments. By making so. although Linton blocked her development Lisa still could hold developed her adept power over Linton bit by bit.

On the other manus. Lisa should maintain her good relationship with her equals and utilize this to her advantage. Scoville didn’t get along with other people good in this organisation so he seldom got others’ aid. Lisa could seek to be a “ buffer” between Scoville and other equals. If Lisa encouraged others to give him a manus. Scoville would recognize that Lisa had a wages power which would give him some benefits. If Lisa can reflect on her jobs. she can assist Vernon cover with the morale job. and she besides can work out her ain jobs.

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