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Prevention of incisional hernias after open abdomen treatment

The high burden of comorbidities and the severe illness of these patients may also lead to the prolongation of open abdomen therapy and more difficulties to finally close the abdominal cavity. In general, the prevention of incisional hernia can be achieved using a state-of-the-art suturing technique with an SL: WL ratio of 4: 1 or β†’

From mental health to mental wealth in athletes: looking back and moving forward

Against the increased prominence of the mental health challenges associated with elite sport in particular, is much unchartered territory in which conceptions of mental health are widely contested, interventions to promote mental health should have a solid evidence-base, and there should be a better match between the priorities perceived by stakeholders and those of the β†’

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Conservatism leads to better lives theology religion essay

The best way to restore their hope for the future and to heal our country is by making opportunity a reality for them and everyone. In an 1822 letter, Thomas Jefferson wrote: " I look to the diffusion of light and education as the resource to be relied on for ameliorating the condition, promoting the β†’

Fundamentals of social identity and social justice: considering social identity within cbpr with marginalized populations

According to McAllister et al, there are five tenets to CBPR: the formation of the researcher-community partnership prior to the research, sufficient support for the community partners, a commitment to research that is applied within communities, developing empirical research designs, and shared ownership of the project data between the researchers and the community members. One β†’

Future group big bazaar marketing essay

Some of the most popular retail chains of India like Pantaloons, Big Bazaar , Food Bazaar and Central Brand Factory, Planet Sports, ALL, Top 10 and Star and Sitara are managed by Future group. Home building and home improvement products and services are also led through the group's formats, like the Home Town, Collection i β†’

Is tribology approaching its golden age? grand challenges in engineering education and tribological research

The availability of a subject is strongly associated with its complexity, and the complexity of the mechanics and physics of interfaces is notoriously high. The difference between them is in the availability of models used to describe them: For the basics of mechanics of materials students only need proficiency in analysis of one variable and β†’

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Balance between work and professional life

As the time changes continuously, it is very difficult to maintain the balance between the work and the personal life. This is a factor that is observed to be very important in balancing the work and life of employees.

African modern management practice and indigenous knowledge systems

Article 8 of the Convention of Biological Diversity has contributed to ensuring that indigenous knowledge be part of the sustainable development and biodiversity conservation discourse by requiring signatories to: " respect, preserve and maintain knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional life-styles relevant for the conservation and sustainable use of biological β†’

Alopecia areata: causes, types and symptoms

Ikeda classified alopecia areata into four types including the common type, the atopic type, the autoimmune type and the prehypertensive type The course of the disease is unpredictable and the response to treatment is variable. The present study is being undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of intralesional triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of alopecia areata β†’

The central governor model of exercise regulation teaches us precious little about the nature of mental fatigue and self-control failure

The principal claim of the central governor model is that the brain dynamically and subconsciously regulates physical exertion by afferent inputs from the body, thereby allowing for the completion of a given task in a safe manner. An attractive feature of the central governor model is that it is thought to incorporate information about bodily β†’

Shock advertising: effects on students

This is known as ' the process of norm violation' Dahl, 2003, p268) The main goals of this dissertation are to evaluate these norms and how they are processed by students in relation to attitudes and behaviour through being exposed to shock advertising. This can be compared to Ontology which is involved in the ' β†’

Educational trip essay sample

Yukihiro Mimura took over as the new president of DASH together with his vision for the company, " to become the number one engineering company in the Philippines". Through the years the Shipbuilding Division has gained its reputation as the company's pride in the field of competitive ship engineering and design.

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The anti-smoking media campaign among adolescents

The reasons for the campaigns are to highlight the dangers of smoking in terms of health and to reduce the amount smoked and potential smokers in the community. The main idea of the settlement is to educate non-smokers about the effects of smoking and the harm of its chemicals.

Nike essay

44mDue to the deficiency information of market value of debt.we could utilize the book value for computation: Market value of debt = Current part of long-run debt + Notes collectible + Long-term debt = $ 5. 19 %2 ) Cost of Debt: We can cipher the current output to adulthood of the Nike's bond to β†’

Identify different types of cost that an organization would incur

The modern environment to managing a company specifies that productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are important for the success of the organization and also for the survival among the competitors in the business field. And the value of output is the defined quality of output by the organization.

Closing the gap in educational attainment

In order to link poverty with educational achievement and attainment gaps, a background to poverty and social inclusion within education will be outlined followed by the first part of the analysis which will look at the historical overview of inclusive education, current policy and guidance and its impact on minority groups; the second part of β†’

This supermarket retail branch is in the top five in australia

Very frequently employees ' actions are considered to be the cause of hapless quality of service, however, the cause could besides be in the system and in the procedures, which are direction duties. Variations in the procedure that may impact the quality of the terminal service can be detected and corrected, therefore cut downing waste β†’

Why science is difficult to learn

This essay will highlight some of the barriers to learning science and address why the idea is held that science is difficult to learn; it will then progress to identify some strategies which could be used in order to lower these barriers and make science more accessible. It is clear from the analysis of these β†’

The role of the entrepreneur

Thurik and Wennekers identified up to thirteen roles that the entrepreneur can be responsible for: The person who assumes the risk associated with uncertainty The supplier of financial capital An innovator A decision maker An industrial leader A manager An organiser and coordinator of economic resources The owner of an enterprise An employer of factors β†’

Swing bridge general earlier bridge

72 meters, See Figure 2.scscsc.bmp Figure 2 first swing bridge The existing Swing Bridge was built after the First Swing Bridge by a year in 1909; it's the third crossing bridge over the river Esk within the Habour zone of heart of Whitby. This type of bridge that moves in order to allows the ships β†’

Learning summative quiz

To make sure the students imitate this person's prosocial behaviors, the teacher should pick a guest who: the children think is different from them.the children think is similar to them.the children think is kind of average but works hard.the children think is boring.the conditioned response. The nausea from the chemotherapy is: the conditioned response.the unconditioned β†’

The road traffic crash data system in kenya

Some of the key reasons for the importance of the transport sector include, but are not limited to: facilitating mobility of people and goods and is key to safe and cost effective access to jobs and public services/facilities opening up regions for development and is key to regional and city competitiveness speed, cost, and capabilities β†’

The soviet command economy economics essay

Due to the communist nature of the USSR, a command economy was essential, and was based on the theory that it would create employment for people, and the products and money produced would go directly to the centralized government.[3]During the period between 1966 and mid 1970's the Soviet economy appeared to be one of the β†’

China: the ancient civilization

Of the ancient civilizations, it seems that the Chinese were the most curious, and most driven to enhance the quality of life. Paper was considered one of the greatest inventions of Ancient China because of the position it had with exchanges between the East and the West.

Kkk college essay

It has been observed that the author of the Shakespeare plays displays a considerable sympathy and familiarity with the practices and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.i The intent here is to show a link between this English Catholic leader and the writer of the drama, Twelfth Night, as revealed by allusions to Edmund Campion β†’

Regulation of the egfr pathway by hsp90 is involved in the pathogenesis of cushing’s disease

This mutant interfered with the interaction between USP8 and the 14-3-3 motif, resulting in the reduction of the degradation of epidermal growth factor receptors. Therefore, ACTH-secreting adenomas with a USP8 mutation displayed higher expression of the EGFR, and increased mRNA transcription of proopiomelanocortin, which is the precursor of ACTH.

Children in residential care and their educational achievement education essay

Since in the majority of cases children in residential care seem to fall back in their academic formation, we propose to study the possibility of providing free supplementary education to the children residing in child-care institutions. At this point, the staff in residential homes should not limit the lives of these children just to the β†’

Understanding the media and celebrity cultures

' Celebrity' can be regarded as the subsequence of the cultural penetration of capitalist commercialism, as well as is the residual products resulted from the rising of popular cultural industry in the 20th century. To the conception of consumer culture, there are a lot of versions Chinese economist Lezhong Wang has defined consumer culture as β†’

International financial services cluster in london and uk economics essay

It was the world's first industrialised country and the world's foremost power during the 19th and early 20th centuries, but the economic cost of two world wars and the decline of its empire in the latter half of the 20th century diminished its leading role in global affairs. It is a Member State of the β†’

Exploring marketing strategy of culinary tourism development assignment

It is essential to connect the resources with the strategies of tourism development, maximizing the multiplier effect of culinary tourism, and enhance the competitiveness of the nation's culinary tourism development. It is evident that culinary tourism has great influence on the tourism development; therefore, this study has three main purposes: to explore the relationship between β†’

Race class gender essay sample

The fact is, people everyday are being turned down for jobs and opportunities not because of what they are or are not capable of or what they do or do not know, but because of what they are and where they came from. In my opinion, discriminating against minorities in the housing market is the β†’

Partnered dancing to improve mobility for people with parkinson’s disease

To date, dopamine-replacement therapy is the first choice of treatment to lessen the impact of motor and non-motor symptoms, however DRT does not prevent progressive disabilities and does not change the course of the disease. The structure of music may aid in synchronization with the rhythm compared to the isochronous beat of a metronome.

Analysing the political cleavages in post communist europe politics essay

The debates around these issues has turned to accounting for the formation and variation in cleavages by reference to factors such as long-standing cultural legacies, forms of communist rule and modes of transition from it, the effects of social structure and individual social experience in the post-communist period, and the impact of institutions and party β†’

Appeals in charity advertisements psychology essay

A primary reason why we focus on the construct of the beneficiaries' social identity in this research is that one of the two different motivations for charitable behaviors is likely to play a dominant role, depending on who the beneficiaries are. We predict that sympathy for the beneficiaries drives donations when the beneficiaries belong to β†’

Attitudes towards gambling behaviour psychology essay

What is interesting about the results of this survey is that more people saw gambling to be a ' foolish and dangerous' and to be ' harmful to families and communities', however, the majority of participants were against the prohibition of gambling. Gaming machines allow the player to participate in a computerised game of chance β†’

Raised cecal veillonella (firmicutes)/s 24-7 (bacteriodetes) may not cause salt-sensitive hypertension

The greatest fermentor in the human body is the post-esophageal gut; the anaerobic environment is capable of producing an environment where gases may be formed, both in the foregut, through the small intestines, and in the hindgut, with the gradient of bioreactor activity increasing in that order. Rather, the polygenic deregulation of smooth muscles functions β†’

Different power factor correction engineering essay

Also, the harmonic generation prediction of ideal power electronic systems is discussed at the end of this section The power factor is the ratio of the real power to the apparent power [5] and gives a measure of AC supply utilization on how efficient that the energy is supplied and can be converted into effective β†’

Facebook business structure analysis

Limited partners can be defines as a partner that have a shares in the partnership but they not liable for the parts of managing the business. In economic theory, the top objectives of a business, is to maximize the profits of the company and to increased the value of the shareholders.

Concept of relationship marketing marketing essay

According to Kotlet et al relationship marketing is the process of creating, maintaining and enhancing strong, value-laden relationships with customers and other stakeholders IKEA is also active in establishing and maintaining a beneficial relationship with the communities by adopting ' corporate citizen' values and approaches. Using face-to face interaction with key community groups such as β†’

The road to tnr: examining trap-neuter-return through the lens of our evolving ethics

This shift from an anthropocentric ethic to a zoocentric ethic is, in part, the result of a growing body of research demonstrating cognition, emotion, and sentience in animals once assumed to be " unfeeling" and relegated to the lower rungs of the now-obsolete " evolutionary ladder". In 2007, a year before Robertson's review was published, β†’

Setting up a joint venture in china

This critical study will be carried by tempting to achieve the following objectives: Identify the motives and determinants of FDI, focusing on market-seeking joint-ventures in China Identify the environmental regulations that facilitate or slow JVs down in China Identify the barriers to JVs in China and the main causes of failure Identify the key success β†’

Rites of passage of the spartan youth

The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of rites of passage in the socialization of Spartan youth. It is concluded that the Spartans incorporated a system of rites of passage in their educational programme with the aim to achieving the greatest levels of socialization of their youth, both boys and girls, the β†’

Literature review on compensation and benefits

Here, the overview of the relationship between the compensation and benefits and the job satisfaction among the university staff will be discussed in the well-manner. The objectives of this study are as following: To explore the influence of compensation and benefits towards job satisfaction among University staff To examines the awareness of the importance of β†’

Condition of india before arrival of british history essay

In 1765, The East India Company received the right of " Diwani" in Bengal, they were able to control the trade, and they prevent textile owner to sell their goods to Dutch and French. The British also moved to rearrange the proportions of native to European soldiers present in India.

Federalism and the perspectives of democracy politics essay

In countries in which different nations live with their various features the development of democracy, politics and economy reflex in their political life, so that respecting nations and ethnics' rights is included in the constitutional law. With respect to relative and classic democracy in which the will of majority is dominant, however, sovereignty is in β†’

Theory of economics in the film industry

For the vulgar Marxist in us all, Hollywood's enslavement to the profit system means that all its products can do is blindly reproduce the dominant ideology of bourgeois capitalism".[2] In its simplest form it is possible to split Hollywood into two significant camps; the business of making movies and the production of film. Nearly ninety β†’

Study into english courseware for slow learners

As there is not much of courseware developed for slow learners, the product of the project will significantly bring the learning process for the slow learners into new level and brighten the hope for them to learn like normal kids. The result of the study then will be analyzed to develop and enhancing cognitive skills β†’

Developing management skills by david a whetten circumstances

Concurrently with the growing of our company, I have also experienced a remarkable period of my career life, promoting through the rank of an assistant and surveyor to the Deputy Manager of this team. With the guidance of theories I learnt from the Managing Organizational Behavior class, and marking our company's Earthquake as a watershed, β†’

Occupational stress and coping: age and gender differences

Hence, this literature review contributes to the understanding of occupational stress and coping mechanisms by first reviewing the concept of stress, its causes and consequences, and established models within the literature that attempt to explain the relationships among individuals, environmental characteristics, and stress. Models of Occupational Stress The Demand-Control Model of Occupational Stress Developed by β†’

A study in tribal areas of jharkhand marketing essay

Jharkhand shares its border with the states of Bihar to the north, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the west, Orissa to the south, and West Bengal to the east of 28, 833 sq mi. Some of the other major cities and industrial centres are Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Sindri, Deoghar, Hazaribagh and Gumla Given the miniral β†’

Minorities in the criminal justice system criminology essay

The importance of recognizing the fundamental concepts of issues in the Canadian criminal justice system is critical in the illustration of justice to minorities predominately Blacks and Aboriginal. On the earlier years, whites have always had the upper hand in contrast to blacks, this has implicitly continued by examining the members of the criminal justice β†’

Information methods assignment

Information Gathering In order to understand the requirements of the proposed system we have perused the documentation supplied which outlines the current available data to be implemented into the system. The core of the data capture requirements are the Attraction and Accommodation entities however to provide meaningful and relevant search options a number of other β†’

The relevance of coaching and mentoring

Yet despite their current status, many of us are unclear what coaching and mentoring really involves, and where and when they work.[6] This assignment is about the understanding of the basic concepts of coaching and mentoring, the basic definitions of these two terms, what is the difference among the concepts and processes of coaching and β†’

Factors which affect peoples travel patterns tourism essay

It can also be deducted that the primary determinants of car ownership in a home include the size of the household, income, and the number of workers per household. Another indicator of the surrounding environment tothe base location is related to the mixing of land use as this is assumed to affect the physical separation β†’

Part gender discrimination plays in career development sociology essay

From the aspect of career development in maternity returners in the UK legal profession especially in the area of promotion, the present literature suggests an incomplete attempt to identify and resolve the barriers women face in career development in the workplace. Although there appeared to be an increase in the proportion of women in the β†’

Contributions of systemic ideas to psychological therapeutic practice

To just treat the child in the above example, could serve to reinforce the erroneous view that the problem was residing in the child rather than tackling the causes, which could lie within the family system. As mentioned above seeing the problems as residing in the family system rather than the individual was the ground-breaking β†’

School council importance of student voice

Firstly the students must be consulted about the School-wide issues Like revising school mission statements, system of rewards and sanctions, revising school rules, what qualities are needed in a new teacher, and how to get the school council to work well the contribution of pupils as researchers. A school council is a group of students β†’

Famous fertilizer used in malaysia

According to the Fertilizer Industry Association of Malaysia stated that, the usage of chemical fertilizer is used in Malaysia in most of the plantation, plantation owners prefer the chemical fertilizer is the first choice of fertilizer. Tenkorang and Lowenberg-Deboer, Rahim written The demand of fertilizer in global and Malaysia and Harnandez and Torero given the β†’

Study into english courseware for slow learners

As there is non much of courseware developed for slow scholars, the merchandise of the undertaking will significantly convey the acquisition procedure for the slow scholars into new degree and lighten up the hope for them to larn like normal childs. The consequence of the survey so will be analyzed to develop and heightening cognitive β†’

Effective alternatives analysis in mediation: “batna/watna” analysis demystified

This article explains the concept of alternatives analysis and presents a method for conducting an analysis with parties in mediation, including many of the considerations that may affect the parties' perception and use of the analysis. The options analysis remains within the context of the negotiation with the other party and is not the same β†’

Magnetically tunable graphene-based terahertz metasurface

We postulate that when the magnetostatic field is applied perpendicularly to a patterned graphene metasurface, the resonance properties of which under the irradiation of THz waves would be apparently modulated due to the deflection of the direction of the carrier's oscillation in graphene. To achieve the evident resonance of the metamaterial, the Fermi level of β†’

Period of oscillation of a simple pendulum

This formula allows the period of a pendulum to be calculated: P = 2?* P is the period of oscillation of the pendulum.* L is the length of the pendulum.* G is the acceleration of gravity.*? has the value of 3. The shorter the pendulum is, the faster it will oscillate and visa versa the β†’

Family ministry steps in establishing a family ministry religion essay

A study was conducted in the church to research the household religion pattern among some of the purported committed households of our church and the feedback gathered revealed some serious spreads in the household ministry of the church. Identify ways that our fold can do household religion formation more cardinal to the ministries and life β†’

Smartphone market overview in india marketing essay

With the introduction of 3G in India, the smartphone market is expected to see an increase in the uptake, as consumers would adopt a smartphone to support the data-intensive applications that can be supported on a 3G network. The advantages of the Open ecosystem are expected to reduce the cost of smartphones and also create β†’

How to make a business viable and profitable in a competitive industry as well as in an informed society: a case study of wheatley park hotel

Human resource has the responsibility to coordinate all the activities within the organization and they have to ensure efficiency in productivity of the organization. This is a reduction in the quality of the hotel and the hotel has become less reliable and functional in the service it provides 2.

To kill a mocking bird continuation essay sample

Mr Gilmer then proceeded to ask Mr Ewell questions that were irrelevant to the trial to prepare Mr Ewell for further questioning then gave Mr Ewell a question requesting he presents his story as to what happened on the day of the indcident in detail. Mr Ewell was then politely asked by Mr Gilmer what β†’

Patriarchy and violence in hetrosexual relationships essay sample

In cases where abuse is repetitive and escalatory, however, the violence itself may be seen as a symptom of a greater problem; it may be a symptom of a notion of masculinity being intrinsically connected with control and violence on the male's part and that problem may continue to motivate future acts of violence against β†’

Rethinking the role of sham tms

The problems associated with the clicking sound of the TMS coil and skin stimulation were already recognized in the early days of TMS, leading to a strong awareness of the need for control conditions in TMS research. As a consequence, a sham TMS pulse produces a clicking sound that is very similar to an active β†’

Sales planning and operations business

First explained about the personal merchandising to back up the personal mix and analysis the function of the gross revenues squad within the selling scheme. The company wants to streamline the gross revenues channel and spread out the concern operations to accomplish the organisation ' s corporate aim.

Telenor mobil – security case study essay sample

This is in correlation with the theory given in this course; Turban Page 567, the reason why a DMZ is used, ' the idea behind the screened subnet is that there is no way for outside traffic to gain access to any other hosts on the internal network' The servers and program used for the β†’

Measuring weak-form market efficiency

The unrestricted model is given by: where is the log-return on stock i at time t; is the market log-return at time t; is the lagged market return; is the coefficient on the lagged market return; and is the lag which is 1, 2, 3, 4 for the daily data and 1, 2, 3 for β†’

Concepts of time and eternity

Searching for time in the past, present, and future Augustine finds that it is a fruitless act. The answer to the nature of time is to be found in Eternity.

Drama in the national curriculum education essay

Neelands noticed that the various sources of national guidance for Drama, for example the specific references to Drama in the Programs of Study for English showed a general agreement for the aims and objectives for Drama, such as: Drama as personal, social and moral education Drama as English Drama as a subject in its own β†’

Company overview: astro all asia networks

Firstly, the researcher intended to discover the success factors of Sport Marketing strategies in pay TV industry in Malaysia for the benefit of the organization that helps to overcome the barriers and undesirable outcomes by learning all about the current subscribers and potential subscribers of sports pack. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY This research is conducted β†’

Private sector participation in india’s defence production

In tune with the age old concept and belief of ' Defence Industry to be controlled only by State', the Planning Memorandum of 1945 and the Industrial Policy Resolution of 1948 and 1956 placed the munitions, aircraft and ship building industries in the public sector under the control of the Central Government. Aim of this β†’

Specific learning difficulties: dyslexia

If we pay enough attention to this definition it is clear that the greatest changes considerate on the late sixties that stress and characterized problems to complete reading process to be successful, and the new millennium, that is a interested far more than three different stages of description, the first, behavioural, which is the most β†’

A study on the effect of internet use and social capital on the academic performance assignment

107~123 A STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF INTERNET USE AND SOCIAL CAPITAL ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE* BAE YOUNG Soongsil University This study examined the condition of Internet use and social capital, as well as its effects on teenager's academic performance. The former assumes that the use of media and technology is more likely to reduce β†’

Organization buying behavior and purchasing process commerce essay

The purpose of the study is to identify Organization Buying Behavior and how internal and external factors affects the purchasing of raw material and to identify the decision making unit that influences the buying decision of the manufacturing organization. In the case of Statutory Corporations the committee comprises the whole council/board; a representative of the β†’

The significance of mergers and acquisition in india

Section 2 of Income Tax Act defines: Amalgamation in relation to companies means the merger of two or more companies to form one company in such a manner that: All the properties of the amalgamating company or companies just before the amalgamated company by virtue of amalgamation become the properties of amalgamation. All the liabilities β†’

Employee engagement on organizational citizenship behavior management essay

Regression analysis and the analysis of variance and post hoc are used to measure the results, and the results indicated that there is a significant relationship between employee engagement and organizational citizenship behavior and this relation is more strengthened when human resource information system is used in the organization. These all terms use to define β†’

Ge ultrasound case study

While the spread of ultrasound technology certainly is not the root cause of the increase in reports of female feticide, the compact, portable and relatively low-cost nature of this technology does increase the complexity of administratively overseeing and prosecuting medical practitioners, companies or other individuals who violate the PNDT Act and misuse the technology to β†’

Public sector borrowing requirements construction essay

This study has been carried with the objectives of assessing and evaluating the general perception of the concept of PPP among top administrators in the public service in Mauritius, by identifying the perceived risks of embarking on such type of projects and identifying the perceived benefits and cost of embarking on PPP projects. To identify β†’

Afghanistans transition towards a market driven economy economics essay

Investopedia defines Market Economy as " an economic system where the wellbeing of a nation should be decided by the best determinants which are the market forces, such as supply and demand and where the government intervention is to the least, limited to government playing a role as of a regulator".[1]This should not be mistaken β†’

The future of musical emotions

And indeed, research shows that the appearance of recurrent and meaningful patterns of expressive behavior in infants is not best understood wholly in terms of predetermined developmental programs, but rather as emergent properties of the dynamic interaction of a range of environmental and bodily factors. 307 Ekman, P." Biological and cultural contributions to body and β†’

The purpose of online dating

And then through the description of online dating, finding out one of the important point of interpersonal attraction on the Internet: the roles of name in online dating.A. About these online dating services, Match.com is the most popular online dating services and it was also the first online dating service in the world launched in β†’

Comparative analysis of the united states’ justification for war in response to the pearl harbor and 9/11 attacks

The Pearl Harbor Attacks and the Justification for War Used by the United States On December 7, 1941, Imperial Japan conducted an organized military attack on the Naval Station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.[1]The attacking force used marked Japanese planes, identifying their national affiliation, and the seamen at the base were caught by surprise, unprepared for β†’

Perception of cemetery location and issues environmental sciences essay

Since cemeteries in Romania are often associated with problems, the goal of this study was to explain people's perceptions of issue in relation to some cemeteries in Bucharest, Romania and how satisfied they were with the cemeteries' locations. Questionnaires were the source of information about people's perceptions regarding issues generated by cemeteries in the residential β†’

Authenticity for investigating the theory of musical cultures media essay

The aim of the study is to identify the relationship between modern music production techniques and the craft of an artist. As influenced by the aim of the study, the primary objective of this dissertation is to examine and analyse the impact that digital retuning, elastic audio and general fixing of recorded sound and the β†’

On the necessity of consciousness for sophisticated human action

In this paper, we argue against the notion of conscious thought being just the steam whistle of an engine, and for the idea that conscious thought is an important part of the inner, causal machinery instead. Conscious thoughts are distinguished from other mental processes by the fact that the person can report on them to β†’

The role of regulatory bodies

This paper is an attempt to study role of CCP with reference to its coordination with other departments and regulatory bodies in Pakistan and an effort is made to review the existing literature and evidences regarding the role of CCP in performing its activities and its establishment. The main purpose of the CCP is to β†’

Brand performance in toothpaste category marketing essay

The invention of Toothpaste in tubes has been successful and is used throughout the world. The market penetration is quite low in the toothpaste market and it is estimated to be close to 50%.

What is integrated marketing communications?

The goal of IMC is to influence or directly affect the behaviour of the selected audience. He was right, the definition and by implication the application is in the point of view of the user or perceiver.

Social science sequestered

Mapping 5 of the social science across the UK GGR programme shows that whilst the methods and the conceptual lenses applied vary, and there is some room for interpretative and critical social science, the problems to address are predominantly seen through a narrow, instrumental frame: as drivers and barriers. Yet there is also a need β†’

Analysis and appraisal of primark’s performances

Also the significant amount invested by ABF in the opening of new stores and the extension of the existing ones helped Primark to achieve a massive transformation going from being a low price-brand with tertiary locations to become the leader of the value retailing in the UK. Strategic options and decision making is central to β†’