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Realism and liberalism

Realists place states in a position of having to observe the action of neighbors closely to effectively trying to resolve problems without regard to the moral concerns. Realists believe that the creep of morality into the international relations handicaps in a way that they fail to cope with the new conditions.

Is it true that left-handed people are smarter than right-handed people?

Why: To determine why left-handed people are more intelligent and creative than right-handed people. The studies suggest that 70 90% of the world population is right-handed, and 10% of the world population is left-handed.

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Gardner’s intelligence theory

Linguistic Intelligence is the intelligence of language or words, when you learn by writing the information down, or when you absorb information my hearing words this is all a form of Linguistic Intelligence. When you rely on self to learn, by understanding your own feelings and interest this is the Interpersonal Intelligence.

Fiction division and classification essay

These types of fiction include realistic fiction, science fiction, and historical fiction. Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the future.

Criminal justice

Washington was named after the first President of the United States, George Washington, and it is the only U.S.state named after a president.2. The state of Washington was named after the first President of the United States, George Washington, and it is the only U.S.state to be named after a president.

Has affirmative action outlived its usefulness in the workplace?

Affirmative action may be harmful because it forces employers to hire based more on race and less on qualifications. A solution to affirmative action is to apply its policies for certain institutions but not in the workplace.

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Informative essay on philosophy

When you study Philosophy, the negative thing about this Is that you do not get to know all the answers as you go through the process of learning because philosophy talks about life and life unfortunately has handed us a numerous unanswerable questions. It simply that something has the ability to be ahead of you, β†’

Pricewaterhouse coopers finance department

The clients of PwC firms all over the world select us and judge the quality of our service by the people they meet and who serve them on a day-to-day basis". Each PwC firm is dedicated to recruiting the best people, helping them develop their skills and competencies, and enabling them to realize their full β†’

Resources: ch. 1 of contemporary nutrition, ch. 2 of visualizing nutrition, week one and week two individual assignments, wileyplus, iprofile

One should ensure that they choose healthy food as a way of ensuring a healthy diet. Nutrition density is tremendously essential in the determination of the various types of food that one should feed on to attain the required level of calories.

Example of creative writing on helping even without knowing how

So I asked him to give me the tools he primarily uses to fix whatever it is under the car. Later, I knew he became more assured that I can help him a lot in the situation.

Goals of education

Therefore the many educated people form the kernel of society the more it is prone to advance. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the significance of education.

Chic case study

In spite of being the highly successful organization in the field of providing health services and health insurance; CHIC felt the necessity of new medical guidelines to assist the physicians in providing better services to patients and lowering the costs of action. The development of teams within the organization and providing benefits for the extra β†’

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Case study on bailment

There are three main types of bailment which are divided according to the characteristic of benefit: the first one is the type of bailment, which offers benefit for both the bailor and the bailee; the second type is the benefit exclusively for the bailor and finally, the third one is the benefit for the bailee. β†’

Under population, not overpopulation

Considering the growing trend of diseases like HIV and Cancer, increasing deaths through crimes and the rising lack of interest amongst the younger generation to bind oneself in the bond of marriage, a time may come when the population growth of the US, similar to some European Countries, would become negative. A greater demand for β†’


With only this stilted knowledge, it is only natural that the result is unfair treatment of the culture. Indeed, there are so many divisions that art is one of the only things that can tie us together.

Nineteenth century: the beginning of modern europe

The opening of the two major canals opened up the colonies to the ideas of the social contract philosophers and these triggered the colonies to seek independence from the mother country. Moreover, the nineteenth century was also the start where women asserted their right s to suffrage and many privileges that only men held in β†’

Academy awards ceremony

For a while, three awards were presented: Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Story, and Best Story and Screenplay- confusing categorizations that speak to the tortured distinctions made by the Writers Guild when determining authorship. Writers and their audiences see a difference between the art of creating characters, situations and dialogue out of whole cloth and β†’

Sigmund freud

He was the first person to come up with the field of psychoanalysis as well as one of the first to start the development of the field of traumatology. Many of the fields of psychology did not exist yet, meaning that the psychology of that period was highly related to the biology and physiology which β†’

One point away from perfection

It's true that we have gotten used to the idea that we want to do well in school it's been drilled in our brains, so that even if our parents are not forcing us, we still have an instinct to get competitive and want the best grades in class. A lot of times, it's hard β†’

Music of the baroque period assignment

The exposition is where the composer " exposes" the themes of the music which are the first subject group and the second subject group. The development is the section of the music where the composer builds on the themes that were introduced in the exposition.

Development study

Development Study: Research Proposal " Development Study: Research Proposal" The research study that will be the focus of my Master's Thesis in Development Study will be tentatively titled " The impact of Ebola crisis on distribution and effectiveness of financial Aid in the West African countries". The world around is changing in a myriad of β†’


When you splice a piece of DNA with a restriction enzyme, and want to insert the new gene, the " glue" that holds the two pieces together are the complementary bases, or sticky ends. Ex: genetically modified crops, transgenic cows that produce different milk, mice with different genes Question #6: Why is it essential that β†’

Planning and organization

Organizing: Unfortunately the current leadership in an effort to save money has not implemented planning as my company has in the past which encompasses testing, product piloting, as well as reviewing representative and customer feedback to ensure that the current rollout will in fact meet the return on investment that the product manager anticipates. An β†’

What if i have a time machine

In your own life, would you try to stop a marriage? Would you travel back in time to assassinate Hitler to stop the Holocaust?

Approval sheet

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education is hereby presented and recommended for pre-oral examination.Ms. D, for her unconditional and priceless guidance, patience and encouragement, and for sacrificing her health for the improvement of this manuscript.

Case study on basf

BASF is known to be the largest chemical company in the world and the choice of its production is enormous. The activity of the company started in the second half of the 19th century with the massive development of the chemical industry.

Business ethics caseassignment assignment

The plant, located in Paducah, Kentucky kept records on plutonium contamination but never informed the workers of the plant of the potential health risks. The federal government has maintained that the amounts of exposure were too small for the workers health to have been at risk, but the workers now maintain that even if their β†’

I chose to study mechanical engineering

One reason why I chose to become a mechanical engineer is to be my own boss in the future. Also it will draw investors to my country, which is one of the reasons I have to choose to study in a developed country.

Article review: system development life cycle

In the article, Angel Tate summarizes the System Development, and the purpose of the System Development Life Cycle is to identify information thattechnologyneeds from a business but also to help meet the business needs. The SDLC is an organized system that is designed to create an information system to meet specific needs of an organization.

Perceived health promotion practice of nurses in saudi arabia essay sample

Facts Sheet: Perceived Health Promotion Practice of Nurses in Saudi Arabia The purpose of this report was to investigate the perceived health promotion practice of staff nurses in Saudi Arabia. Policy-makers in Saudi Arabia need to consider providing appropriate training programs for nurses to introduce the wider concept of their health promotion role.

Comentancy goal essay

I will respond quickly and calmly to prevent children from hurting each other in the classroom. I will the children become aware of their feelings and those of others by talking about their feelings with each other.

Business logic

Software Development: Software development is the process of transforming business requirements to into piece of code called Software. Conduct the preliminary analysis: in this step, you need to find out the organization's objectives and the nature and scope of the problem under study.

Kimberly-clark case study

It also enables both the supplier and the retailer optimize the existing supply chain, bring down the inventory costs and levels and also helps to maximize the overall profit. Customer orientation of the logistics provider: The value the relationship is directly related to the ability of the provider to understand the needs of the hiring β†’

Cultural differences in marketing and advertising assignment

Firstly I would like to outline what I think marketing is; to me marketing is the act of doing a series of actions to make a product look attractive to one or more targeted audiences so that they will go out and purchase the product. The same thing applies to symbols, in Hinduism the swastika β†’

Relationships between critical thinking and ethics assignment

There are steps to take in regards to thinking critically, and they should follow as listed in order to make a rational decision; step one; being able to identify what is being said. Step six occurs once you have understood and analyzed what is said or written, and the reason offered to support it.

Comparative public administration assignment

It is believed that through Comparative Public Administration hypotheses, generalizations, models and theories can be constructed which can collectively help in the scientific study of Public Administration.The. Old orthodoxy of principles of administration is not considered valid anymore and therefore now it is believed that generalizations relating to administrative structures and behavior emerging nations and β†’

Cjus 340 research question

To be included in the presentation are the numerous recommendations that the participants will have given in response to questions that seek their opinion on the way forward on the issue of victimless crimes. For instance, the consent of all participants will be sought and the implication of their participation made quite clear to them.

Yulk leadership model

The reciprocal relationship between the variable and the leader behavior illustrates the Path-Goal Theory developed by Robert House." The path-goal theory assumes that leaders adapt their behavior and style to fit the characteristics of the followers and the environment in which they work," These two types of variables not only affect the leader behavior but β†’

Interco case

The business climate in 1988 was questioned; cheap imports hurting the profitability of the Apparel group in the US, due to less consumer spending the retail group had to deal with decreasing profits. Still, the company is concerned that their stock is undervalued due the bad performance of the apparel group.

Section money had been recovered from the

Section 394 provides severe punishment when hurt is inflicted while committing robbery or attempt to commit robbery while under Section 390, the offender need not actually cause hurt to constitute the offence of robbery to be punished under Section 392. The offence under Section 394 is cognizable and warrant should, ordinarily, issue in the first β†’

Gender stereotype

In Alice Munroe's " Boys and Girls", the protagonist began to realize society's views of her when her father introduced her to a salesman, while she was working outside as his " new hired hand", but the salesman replied " I thought it was only a girl". We are considered the weaker gender, we are β†’

Health law and regulations paper

The purpose of this paper is to discuss a health news situation affecting the health care system and evaluate the effect of organizational structure and governance, culture, and social responsibility. In January 2012, Jimenez pleads guilty to counts of committing conspiracy of health care fraud and frauding the United States in receiving illegal health care β†’

A voyage to america

The south had an agriculturally sustaining economy that made a majority of the profit off the growth and sale of cash crops. In addition, depending on the governor of the territory, land was given for Englishmen to develop in exchange for a percentage of the profit that was made from the sales of crops.

According can be effective guerilla marketing tools

Khan, in his case study, conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with school principals/administrators in 16 private schools found on Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. In Khan's case study, the student's number in the school ranges from 245 to 2091.

Hermeneutics and philosophers

Today we prefer to call " exegesis" to that of the biblical text analysis intended to discover what the author meant to his contemporaries, and " hermeneutics" to which the same text tells us today in a different context and in a comprehensible modern man. Therefore, say that the reflection can only be understood as β†’


Control is established with the use of friendly voices, the use of Disney images to ensure more visitors and the use of Disney characters to entice children. The control is seen through physical coercion and threats to be deprived of the pleasures of the facility.

Engineering ej

It Is also Important for a company to monitor all the transactions and 140 Bernard, Deal Cruz, Jiao, CIO and Gonzales establishments, the inventory of materials is done manually in such a way that an employee writes down the information of different materials every time it is transferred in and out of the room. It β†’

The camp david accords

The second agreement: A Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel led to the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces and 4500 civilians from Sinai. Egypt was to allow passage through the Suez Canal and other waterways to Israel.

Diffusion of a liquid.

To test the rate of diffusion a drop of dark food coloring was added to a glass of tap water and it was timed to see how long it took for the drop to reach the bottom of the glass. To figure the rate of diffusion, divide the distance which was 13 cm by the β†’

Microbiology assignment

Magellan hypothesized that the bacteria were moving in response to oxygen generated by the photo synthetically active chloroplasts in the algae. The bacteria accumulated in the regions of red and blue light, showing that these wavelengths of light generated the most photosynthetic activity.

Should students be required to read huck finn?

Many of the people argue that this book is not appropriate for students to be reading because of the language, racism, and slavery that is portrayed in the book. Students can learn from the kindness of Huck by showing them that whites and blacks can be friends and do not have to rule over each β†’

Sleep and its importance

Sleep and its importance Introduction Sleep is important to our body as food and water, though most of us do not consider it to be essential. LIGHT SLEEP: the 1st stage is true sleep lasting from 10 to 25 minutes, where the eye movement stops, and heart rates slowly, body temperature reduces, 3.

Psychology chapter 7 principles of learning

classical conditioningIvan Pavlov's method of conditioning, in which associations are made between a natural stimulus and a learned, neutral stimulusstimulusanything that elicits a response ONPSYCHOLOGY CHAPTER 7 PRINCIPLES OF LEARNING SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Nowresponsea reaction to a stimulusunconditioned stimulusa stimulus that automatically elicits a response, as meat causes salivationunconditioned responsean automatic response to β†’

How to make case study

A Means to an End: Project Management for Business Goals Some companies need to be sold on the benefits of implementing project management for business reasons, and this would be a general instance of making the case for project management as an In-house process. Decision-makers must be convinced of the value of project management for β†’

Helping pauline face her sister death

In the case of Pauline it will be very difficult in the beginning for an existential therapist to argue with her the meaning of life when it is the reason that aggravates Pauline's situation. Next is to encourage her to face death by preparing well for it and telling her the advantage that life is β†’

Marketing and business tools assignment

Business tools like strategies and customer services tools Like software, plans and policies if used properly for the Santa would help undertaking the formal marketing, auditing and planning. Auditing tools like software tools and business packages should always be a source of support to undertake more formal strategies to be made, more complex analysis to β†’


The procedure I had took in this situation was that I asked the children to step away from the puddle on the floor and I informed one other staff about what I had seen and asked if they can keep an eye on children while I went to go and get a mop or a β†’

Evidence for evolution includes assignment

Through artificial selection we have clearly demonstrated the ability to alter species of plants and animals in a short period of time. If the genotypes of both parents in a genetic cross are known, Mender's laws can be used to determine the distribution of phenolphthalein's for the population of offspring.

Harmonic hearing case analysis essay

The strengths and draws of debt financing Burns and Irvine can maintain 100% ownership of this company using debt financing. It needs deeper analysis to decide the optimal weight of debt and equity financing.

Emergency nursing essay

Immediate care priorities: Caring for a multiple injured patient should have a primary assessment such as; assessing airway patent of the patient if it needs suctioning or insertion of oropharyngeal airway, assessing breathing pattern by noting the character and symmetry of chest wall, assessing circulation to normalize the cardiac rhythm of the client, and assessing β†’

This i believe

In his eagerness to make her feel the best, he gave up everything he had - devoted himself completely to her and took care of her even if it meant going completely out of his way. How he wished he could erase this part of his life.

How might a utilitarian assess the moral of the ford motor companys decision

The fundamental determinant of the appropriatenessof an action that is undertaken by any party, according to the principle of Utilitarianism, is based on the fact that an action is good, if it gives an individual happiness. Therefore, while assessing whether an action undertaken by an individual is right, the vital aspect is to see how β†’

Trade issues between developed and developing nations

Trade Problems 1 Trade Issues between Developed and Developing Nations Friday, January 22, 2010 Trade Problems 2 There are trade problems that exist for a less developed nation when trading with a more developed nation. Most of the inventory problems have to do with thefoodsecurity and livelihood of the people.

Are humans unique

The PBS documentary titled " Ape Genius" delves in to the dynamics of the genetic relationship between human beings and apes that also forms the basis of the theory that human beings had in fact evolved from apes. The researchers discuss the theory of the ' Triangle', which is a term used to refer to β†’

Fascism which is held in such high regards.

Fascism is a philosophy or a system of government the advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with an ideology of aggressive nationalism. When the power is in the firm grip of the ruler, the government will be used to control the population β†’

Case study on conflict

Every conflict is the result of egoism, because every problem can be solved easily with the help of a compromise. A case study is a concrete problem on a definite conflict, so one has to read a lot on the topic and even devote time to interviewing the person who has experienced conflicts.

When detailed chart of his disease and other

When I entered the hospital through a big hall I found that there were a large number of rooms on the left and the right. In the corridors of the hospital there was a great bustle and activity.

Victim typology

They are 1) Primary Victimization-person or faction selects a specific individual or specific type of victim to mark for persecution 2) Secondary Victimization- victims are not personal objectives for the actor 3) Tertiary Victimization-the general public is the injured party 4) Mutual Victimization-when a crime has multiple perpetrators, one criminal victimizes another and 55) No β†’

Causes and effects le of learning english language

English is the most widely spoken native language in the world, and in terms of sheer number of speakers, it is the most spoken official language in the world people. Another cause to communicate with other people from different countries that because sometimes when we travel to some countries such as England, people speak only β†’

Oration about environment

Oil is an expensive trade good.but it is the life-blood of developing states in their pursuit for comfort in life. Is not it abashing that our state which is rich in fossil fuel underneath.is once more being threatened by power deficit.the timing of which is projected to be on the 2010 election twenty-four hours?

The universal dna

They should be allowed to access information that ill be helpful for identification of the suspect and the location of the Information. The other information that should be accessed is the information on the person criminal record.

Jackson of how prehistoric cave painters β€˜signed’

Jackson Pollock uses the concept of Brownian Motion in his works if art. The painting, NUMBER 1, 1950, is currently both my favorite Jackson Pollock work of art and one of my most favorite works of art.

Case study on panic disorder

A perfect case study can be completed with the assistance of the Internet, because the student is able to find a free example case study on panic disorder CBT there written by the experienced writer. It is a plus to use a free sample case study on panic disorder with agoraphobia and recognize the most β†’

Arabidopsis 2010 and beyondβ€”big science with a small weed

After the completion of the Arabidopsis genome sequence in the year 2000, a coordinated multinational effort was launched to " determine the function of every gene in Arabidopsis" by the year 2010. While the ambitious goal of determining the function of every Arabidopsis gene has not yet been fully achieved, the Arabidopsis genome is now β†’

Fkm students time spent on surfing net per day

So, the longer the students spend on the internet, the less time they have for studying or doing assignment. Moreover, much research has shown that if students spend more time surfing on the internet, the more melancholic they get.

Greek gods in mount olympus

Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and the Titan Leto. He was the son of Zeus and Maia.

No one

You do not matter so much that when the teacher calls out in class and asks everyone who is not their today no one tells him/her that you are not there, because they never knew you were there to begin with. Because she is no one and if you are talking to no one it β†’

During [4]. for example in the united states,

Such groups of microorganisms can reside longperiod of time on hands of health care workers unless effective methods of handhygiene is applied 1-3. It is estimated that in developed countries, 5 to 10% of patients admitted toacute care hospitals 3, 4 and 4.

Appraisal and synthesis of the study

If the endpoint were relevant to the health of patients or populations, well defined and measured The relevant conditions of the patients were all detailed in the study of population inclusion and exclusion criteria. The endpoints are relevant to the health of the patients and the statistical analysis will clearly define and measure the outcomes.7.

The red tent, by anita diamant

The Red Tent depicts the story of Dinah, which is one of the key references found in the Holy Bible book of Chapter 34, " The Genesis". One of the most essential themes that are explicitly emphasized upon is the fact of that she is engrossed in all her memories.

System analysis and design proposal

The study will also benefit the future researcher and IT education, they will have an overview on how a loan management system works, they can explore even more Target User/Beneficiaries: Client and Member of SAFE Sofa's existing system is mainly for the client and member's loan status, updates on every loan record depends on the β†’

Case study- consumer behaviour

The article through the conversation tries to bring to the fore the positive and the negative impact of excessive spending and how it has changed the Nay people, in a country with deep cultural roots live. The article talks about the contribution of excessive spending to the country.


In the front of the city, you can see one large pyramid that is much bigger than the other ones sticking out from the rest of the city. Since the mural depicts Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs capital city, and if you knew that the Aztec civilization arose in the 15th century, you could assume that the β†’

A blend of tradition and the contemporary

Traditional Lebanese music incorporates instruments such as the oud, the derbake and the ney. Her style is incorporating the traditional Lebanese music with and infusion of Western culture.

World history honors essay sample

Do you believe the Bastille was stormed to set prisoners free, because it was a symbol of oppression, or was it the first step to overthrow the French Monarchy? II. The French Revolution gave rise of the idea of a national holiday.

Human behavior in organization narrative

Human behavior in an organization determines the quality of work, progress and success of the organization. It's the workforce or rather the human resources of an organization who develop ideas, create new products and services and then deliver them to the markets.

Social change and modernization

The four types of social movements are in no particular order are as followed: the first one would be alternative social movement, second the redemptive social movement, third the reformative social movement, and the fourth is the revolutionary social movement. I believe one of the key features of the alternative social movement is that it's β†’

“don’t eat fortune cookies”

What would Lewis consider to be the mysterious aspect of his career? Lewis would consider luck to be the mysterious aspect of his career.

7-3 response to p. kimble

Despite several legal hurdles that have always presented the medical fraternity an upper hand against the owners of the tissues in court-determined cases so far, the push for collaborative patenting seems to be gaining ground by the day. Contrasting this in the face of the judgments passed on the tissue ownership and patenting cases, you β†’

Cognitive dissonance (social and cultural contexts of behavior)

On that basis, Professor Pausch is not actually in a state of cognitive dissonance as he states in lecture. In conclusion, it can be said that Professor Pausch was able to reduce cognitive dissonance, by being capable to reduce the dissonant cognition.

In memoriam by tennyson

The poem truly draws out the painful state of the poet caused with the death of his friend and the various political situations existed during the 19th century. Some critics are of the opinion that the poem exposes Tennyson's struggle with the Victorians' growing awareness of another sort of past, especially the vast expanse of β†’


This is an example of income reclassification, Abuse of foreign tax credits Most likely abuse of foreign tax credit included the following; assets generating income stream that is subjected to foreign withholding tax. This is subjected to the following condition; the maximum tax credit payable must not exceed the amount of tax that would be β†’

The winners walk by nancy ruth patterson essay

He is totally confident that with the help of his dog he can win in the dog show. This is the story by Nancy Ruth Patterson that details the inner turmoil of a boy, his meeting with the dog and how he beats the obstacles and emerges victorious in the end.

Rho(d) immune globulin (rhogam) essay sample

The new mother needs to be advised that it is protocol to be administered RhoGAM if she is Rh-negative and is found not to be sensitized to anti-D antibodies. The healthcare team must follow agency protocol for Rh blood testing for the mother to be and baby at time of delivery, and also must find β†’

Situational analysis essay

Questionable evaluation procedure, this refers to the intended decision to promote a foreman which only concern is the quantity of the production and notably underestimate the importance of quality. Problems with Machines Lack of maintenance, this refers to the usage of a machine not originally designed for the job and the absence of preventive maintenance β†’