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Cyberbullying – the fight to end digital drama assignment

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The issue of Accessibility has been on the rise because of teenager’s heightened amount of access to electronic resources. Experts have concluded that accessibility can cause scars on young adults who are unable to put an end to the bullying. Some Incidents have been harmless while others have caused Issues such as emotional “ Accessibility” 387) Accessibility occurs within social networking sites like Faceable or Namespace and also with cellular phones since testing has become a trend within the youth.

Thomas Belittler, a writer for ICQ Researcher, stated “ Child advocates say a growing epidemic of the use of computers, cell phones, social-networking sites and other technology to threaten or humiliate others -?? is putting young people at risk, sometimes with deadly consequence (387). ” Accessibility issues can range from harassing texts and websites wrongly exposing a rumor about someone in a cruel matter.

Much of the bullying takes place out of school, but since school officials are responsible for students until they get to their doorstep, government officers have en attempting to create programs within school districts to fight bullying of all types. The government has also put effort Into creating laws to protect Individuals from being harassed online. Arguments have arisen that there should be a partnership to intertwine parental and school official duties so there is more effort to end the rise of accessibility.

Parents, school officials, and government officers can work together for a chance to delete digital drama. Parents have the responsibility to instruct their children about the harms of spreading vicious lies, and hurting another individual physically and emotionally. On the opposing side, if parents notice depressed behaviors from their children when they come home from school, then action can be considered before the issue the child is dealing with gets worse. Experts have expressed that parents are often unaware of what their children are doing online.

Their children often keep parents In the dark If they are bullied, because they do not want to get their phone and computer taken from them. A solution for parents would be to not allow their children to have a site, or to make en of their own and monitor their page and whom they are associating with. Parents are now being held accountable for monitoring their child’s online activity, and can be charged if they did not (392-393) Parents have options to give their children like counseling, transferring schools, and finding new hobbies for their children to engage in if they have been victims of bullying. But as Internet socializing grows, so do fears that the practice exposes the vulnerable-?? especially young people-?? to sexual predators. Some also worry that networking sites create added peer pressure or teens to engage in risky behavior, such as posting risqu?? pictures of themselves. ” (Clement, 627) Teens feel the need to live up to peer pressure around them whether It’s sexual pictures or harassing someone because of other’s actions. Parents can help Meltzer the behavior by monitoring the child’s online usage.

Parents can discover their children being exposed to predators and bullying by checking in on their children’s online sites. An option for parents would also be to inhibit future cases. One consideration parents can make is to communicate with heir children more thoroughly and allow them to engage in positive situations that will prevent bad occasions from arising. If parents were to balance their trust for their kids, because of cases where parents were completely unaware of their children having any issues; certain school shootings and suicides would not take action.

An example would be the shooters from Columbine High School. These children had journals, home videos and homemade bombs that could have been accessed if the parent’s took consideration to always check in on their kids; whether the kids are nor society kids or punk rebels. The fact of the matter is that some situations are so hidden, that they are shocking when discovered. School officials need to step up and Join the fight. In fact, states can Join an alliance to allow school officials to be able to discipline and get involved in accessibility issues. 1013) Computers at school may not allow for students to be on social networking sites, but a majority of students have social networking access on their cell phones. Experts say that off campus speech does not have any affiliation to the school because the student was to in use of any school computers and was not making those messages on campus. If the speech took place in a different area then it does not have anything to do with the school however, if there is behavior that occurs on campus then the school officials can take action against the student. 391) The school could be of assistance if students give reports to them, so they could contact parental guardians so parents could instruct punishment of their choosing. The process mentioned would give families their freedoms, but also allow them to be informed of problems and encores that their children may not be discussing. The school also can elaborate the danger of the bullying to the perpetrator by allowing them to see the potential dangers they are created. The reason school officials become involved are strictly because the bullying usually happens between students at the same institution.

At this point, “ states have been stepping up to the problem, with some 44 laws on the books, including some that allow school officials to take action against off-campus that causes disruption at school” (“ Preventing Bullying”, 1013). To help these laws go onto action, in many states, schools have instructed additional teachers to supervise the hallways during breaks and lunch to gain access to learning if someone’s in danger of bullying. The monitoring can present more hidden cases of bullying because of the gossip that is processed through the halls.

Schools are becoming more concerned for the issue because of the current increase in suicides, school shootings, and other controversies. If, schools and parents cooperated there would be a fewer amount of legal matters, since the school could provide guidance to engage the situation. Law enforcement is attempting to make an effort to stop bullying by making new laws and give donations to create programs that can assist schools in educating the students about the effects of bullying. Accessibility is a difficult task for police to discover, because of the attacks not being physical. More than 40 states have anti-bullying laws, but critics say some are unlawful or violate students’ free-speech rights. ” (1015) These laws can only be correctly in use if, the police monitor the web, so these law will fight to put an end to accessibility. Laws have been created, but officers need to find procedures that will help alert them findings of accessibility to the police. Police could get reports about student conflict from schools that could make finding accessibility crimes easier to find.

Police are not known to Jump into situations if it is a small amount of confrontation. However, if a student feels they are being threatened and are afraid of being harmed in any way physically, then the police will more likely intervene. If people are being verbally attacked, by receiving numerous harassments virtually police need to be contacted. Police realize that accessibility can cause the same amount of danger because it can cause events like school shootings.

Emotional attacks can cause the stress of having people say hateful, disrespectful rumors can make a student feel depressed and suicidal. Accessibility can be extremely self-destructive. Recently, the United States was notified that there were suicides based on the gay bashing that has been occurring happening more frequently. (1015) If the legal system, school system, and arenas banded together to form a program that worked together to put a stop to online bullying then it would make a decrease in Accessibility.

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