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American corrections: the important source

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The important source of correctional law according to my instructor she acknowledged that the bill of rights is very important basically that’s not only a source it’s a big one for our correction system throughout the United States (Bartollas, 2002). The prisoners from our system rights are strictly limited and rights that fall under the bill of rights in addition to the bill of rights must be important to them and restore to prisoners. And not all of them they keep contact to courts and due process of the law (Goldmeier, 2011).

According to my instructor the main source of correctional law would be the internal grievance mechanism here are examples of grievances that is ordinary plus when inmates files grievance starting with they claim for an early release and did not receive it. They charge that the correction guard issue disciplinary ticket rudely. The complain regards to that the work or assignments were not right. The claims that offender was classified incorrect. The charges to property was lost and confiscated.

Here is frequent corrective procedures create treacherous disturbances, disobey of orders, destroy property, possessing hazardous smuggled goods, and engage in sexual misbehavior. According to my instructor she stated the grievance procedure and the effects this goes with question one also member of grievance board is drawn from inside the prison, the offender can appeal the decision regards to appealing to private citizens on board correctional manager. The offender has the precise right to present evident and the witness plus the right to be present at hearing.

The duty of grievance process would be develop a better prison management, decrease the offender irritation, and aid them in rehabilitation. Decease number of cases offenders takes toward court plus brings justice to prisons what in my opinion is make the prison safe free from harm’s way and show prisoners some respect and treat them right or their won’t be no action taken against them (Goldmeier, 2011). Now I will explain the amendment that is important to prisoners and the ones from the constitution that protect offender’s rights.

The prisoner right I do believe my instructor stated they are the 1st amendment the prisoner have the freedom of speech so times this is abandoned by courts sometimes the prisoner dialogue might cause an institutional or a disturbance (Bartollas, 2002). The right to religion is another one and courts apply this such as the Buddhist and in the sixties jail employees allow the Black Muslim minister to carry out service and to allow the Muslim prisoners to access Koran and extra religious materials (Bartollas, 2002).

Next the offenders has the 4th amendment right which consist regarding unlawful search and seizure plus if the correction officer that doesn’t like a prisoner for any reason this offender done nothing bad the correction decide suspects that there is equipment in the offender cell plus the correction officer do a shake down and tear everything up and find nothing that is unlawful search and seizure and there’s no rightful this why the correction officer is striking the offender back (Goldmeier, 2011).

Next we have the 6th amendment the offender have the right to a fair trial by the jury and speedy trial last public trial. The offender has the right to a defense lawyer and the right to see the witnesses. Next according to my instructor she stated the 7th amendment offenders can get trial by jury and preserve the right of trial by jury in civil case. Next is the eighth amendment excessive bail is not necessary. Excessive fines forced plus no brutal and strange punishment inflict.

These amendment I believe that protect inmates who are in prisoner next I will address constitutional amendments that shield the prisoners’ rights starting with the 5th amendment and 14th amendment plus 4th amendment of our constitution that promise citizen admission to the lawful procedure plus shield against government intrusion for the duration of that process. Like other people, incarcerated individuals has constitutional rights to appeal the government for redress of grievances, as well as reasonable right of right of entry to courts and fair discipline procedures within prison surroundings.

The 5th amendment grants due process plus shield against twice jeopardy and right for a prisoner to be free from self incrimination therefore no person shall be held for a capital (P. J. , 2006). Next is the 14th amendment equal protection of the law for the prisoner and right to disciplinary hearing (Bartollas, 2002). The major issue to the legality of correction programs according to my instructor she stated that and article does not relate to that inmate who had and hearing disability and treated him bad.

My uncle who is a warden told me about the issue about legality of correction programs he told me this sometimes people who disable in prison the correction officers make them work hard and put pressure on them plus they give the disable inmates double the task. My uncle states more issues of correction programs they also limit their recreational activity he told me that is an issue by giving them little bit of time for activities and free time (warden), 2011).

Some inmates who are short like five feet they give them the big task to do why because they are trying to work them hard and my uncle who is the warden told me that are issues within the correctional facility. He told me the other issues that inside correction programs inmates cannot engage in conversations because they have to follow the rules and regulations so conversations is prohibited plus that’s another issue when inmates are in work training programs (warden), 2011). I feel that incarcerated individuals should be allowed a recreational program here is why?

To keep offenders beneficially busy and reduce idleness. To give for physical and social well being of offenders. To inspire and help offenders at this point adopting healthy daily lifestyle traits through involvement in physical fitness and health learning curriculum. To decrease the need for prisoner medical treatment and to develop social and interpersonal skills. Yes I do feel that incarcerated individuals should read books because some prisoners might tend to get bored or be trapped in fear behind the slammer forever. I also feel they should get television why?

Because to the news and current events some prisoners may need television for those services because my uncle told me that prisoners need television in order to not get bored and frustrated TV can be the key that prevent boringness. The prisoners might need these elements that can make the time fly instead of being in the cell feeling alone and fright. I belief that cruel and unusual punishment I would state out would be if the correction officer use of excessive force towards the prisoners in a mean way or going over the edge and violate his rights if the correction officer bend the rules.

Physical abuse of prisoners is a major issue of punishment whipping prisoners with leather strap belts. Taking away of prisoner freedom for instance recreational activities that might be a problem but prison officials do. Plus putting the prisoner in solitary confinement that’s disgusting in addition to that courts said the unusual part about that when offenders denude or expose to the winter cold plus deprive of such supplies of hygiene as soap and toilet paper (Bartollas, 2002).

I feel that some prisoners should get medical care because if they are sick who’s going to help them. I feel that they should get the best of care as possible without no care some prisoners who are sick can spread germs and diseases to other inmates and infecting them with these disgusting colds and sore throats remembers it’s very good that all prisoners get checked out once a year to make sure they are healthy and fine.

I also want to state that some incarcerated individuals should get medical care here is another reason some prisoners might have diabetes or blood glucose without treatment they can most likely die. I belief that there should be restrictions because some individuals have AIDS in prison and officials and physicians should always proceed with caution when treating an offender with aids or giving them their medication because some inmates are drug uses that can be a hazardous threat to prison officials.

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