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The state of oregon

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Oregon is a state situated in the Northwest Pacific region. The state borders Idaho to the east, Nevada in the southeast, California to the south, and Washington to the north. Different sources have differently described the origin of the term Oregon.

However, the factual derivation of the term is from a French name le fleuve d’ouragan that meansHurricane River. Oregon is the 27th most populous and 9th most extensive state in United States (Frye & Atwood, 1921). Its capital is Salem. The state’s flag is navy blue with golden symbols lettered in the middle. The lettered symbol is a shield surrounded with 33 stars. The 33 stars symbolize Oregon’s admission as the 33rd state.

In addition, the shild is part of the state’s seal and has 1859 printed below it, which is the year Oregon was admitted as a state. The state’s bird is the western meadowlark. It was chosen by tallying polls made in 1927. Their motto is “ she flies with her own wings”. Oregon is known for its diverse landscape that includes the Pacific Coastline, Cascade Mountain Range, Dense Evergreen Forests, The Great Basin, High Desert, Volcanoes, and its numerous waterfalls. Mount Hood is the highest point with 3429m above sea level.

In terms of agricultural products, I must say that Oregon is among the most productive regions in United States. It is among the four leading hazelnut growing regions in the world, and produces 95 percent of United Statee’s domestic hazelnuts (Heine, 2007). Politics, on the other hand, have played a vital role in the growth of Oregon. This is in terms of economic growth and development of infrastructure in the country (Oregon, 1898). With individuals such as Herbert Hoover and William Clark, it is evident that Oregon had a critical role in the World Wars, and in development of United States.

Oregon is also known to be the home of two professional basketballs teams; the Portland Trail Blazers and Portland Timbers. From the above analysis, it is evident that the state of Oregon is enriched with culture. Its cultural characteristics are profoundly influenced by its surroundings.

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