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Tom bren

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Moving into the world has benefits for individuals. The transition into the world isn??™t always easy and there are challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome before your transition into the world can be smooth. Your transition into the world can be influenced by others actions. In JC burkes novel ??? The Story of Tom Brennan??™ and my chosen text the ABC Documentary ??? Oasis??™ the characters transition into the world is tough. The Story of Tom Brennan by J.

C. Burke starts with a fatal car accident. A young driver who??™s had too much to drink goes too fast and in an instant two of his friends is dead and his cousin is left with permanent spinal injuries.

Tom Brennan is a seventeen year old boy whose life changes when his older brother, Daniel, kills two people and paralyses another. The family then moves from Mumbilli to the town Coghill. In the novel ??? Tom Brennan??™ Toms transition into the world is challenged with obstacles that he has to overcome to aid in his transition.

??? Pushing the car down the hill??? Down, down we glided???- the use of repetition adds to the emotions of going ??? down??™ the Brennan??™s aren??™t happy as they are leaving there beloved Mumbilli behind and what once was there life. Tom??™s transition into the world is due to his brother Daniels actions and his whole family has to deal with the consequences. In the ABC documentary ??? Oasis??™ Tommy suffers from a drinking addiction much the same as Daniel in ??? Tom Brennan??™. We are introduced by a close up shot of Tommy, who??™s face is bloody and bruised and he states that he was ??? drunk and couldn??™t control it??? and wants a way out of the ??? lifestyle??? that he is living day in and day out.

Daniel is described as an ??? accident waiting to happen??? in contrast to Tommy also.

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