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Descriptive statistical processes

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Descriptive Statistical Processes al Affiliation Descriptive statistical processes can be used in determining the relationship between the variables being investigated through the formulated research question. This is basically because the quantitative data obtained from the survey can be grouped and easily analyzed using the various descriptive statistical processes. It summarizes the collected data and makes it more meaningful (Todd, 2007). Moreover, it helps in clearly showing the common patterns, trends and relationships in the data. It is however worth noting the when used in research, Descriptive statistical methods do not allow for the making of conclusions beyond the data that has being analyzed. It merely shows the existing patterns without providing an avenue for testing the formulated hypothesis. In short, they simply describe the data which has-been collected form the sample population.
Descriptive statistics can be useful in answering the formulated research question in two ways. First, it gives basic information on variables in the data sets obtained from the sample population. In the study being done on crime scene staging, the relationship between various factors which in one way or the other contribute to the practice can be investigated. The second way in which it will be helpful in addressing the research question is by providing an avenue through which the data collected can be summarized. There are a wide range of factors which affect or contribute to crime scene staging and criminal acts. Through research, these factor can be determined. After the data has been collected Descriptive statistical processes can be used to summarize the information to make it more meaningful and comprehensible. Some of the ways through which this can be done is by measuring the spread and the central tendencies. The central tendencies will show the factor which appears to have the greatest influence on the issue which is being investigated (Earl, 2009).
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